Stalker “Phobia” Recap: Season 1 Episode 4

Stalker “Phobia” Recap: Season 1 Episode 4

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday October 22, season 1 episode 4 called, “Phobia.” On tonight’s episode a stalker preys on victims’ phobias. Meanwhile, Beth’s friend begins seeing someone who has ties to Beth.

On the last episode, when a bride was shot by a sniper during her wedding ceremony, Jack and Beth were called in to determine if her stalker had come back to haunt her. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Beth and Jack investigate an attack by a stalker who preys on his victims’ phobias. Meanwhile, Beth learns a friend is seeing someone who, unbeknownst to both women, has ties to her.

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A woman is ending a date and thanks the guy for dinner. He kisses her but she tells the guy Zack she didn’t feel sparks at dinner. She tells him she’s sorry and he says they should go inside and see what happens. She walks away and he gets angry. She goes inside and locks the door. She calls a friend and leaves a message telling her she can’t set her up again. She says the guy was a total loser. She kicks off her shoes and goes to turn the shower on. She undresses and steps into the stall.

She comes out dressed for bed and then notices her light is off and flicks the switch but there is no bulb in the lamp that was on earlier. She checks another and finds the same thing. She grabs a flashlight but the batteries are gone so it won’t work. She finds all the light bulbs in the drawer and then turns to see another light go out. She asks who’s there.

There’s a guy who says – lights out – he’s in night vision goggles. He knocks her down and she panics but he tells her it’s just the dark. He watches her flail around helplessly until she pulls down a curtain and busts open a window and crawls out through the broken glass. She runs out into the street crying and is almost run down by a passing car.

Beth is leading a self-defense class for women and tells them they need to learn to use the man’s size and momentum against them. She takes down a big guy. On the way out, she gets a call and says she’s on her way. She gets a creepy feeling and looks around but fails to see Perry lurking in his car and watching her from a distance.

She comes into TAU and Jack tells her Kristin, the girl that was attacked, is there. She says she thought she was being stalked, but never filed a report. Kristin tells them she thought the guy was going to rape and kill her. She says he had moved the furniture so that she was lost in her own house in the dark. She’s crying and then stops and says he was taunting her saying it was just the dark.

Jack asks if anything stood out and she says she saw a small red light. Beth thinks he was filming her. Kristin says for the past couple of months she has felt eyes on her. She says one night, her bathroom window was open and another time her front door was open. She says nothing was missing so she didn’t call the cops but says a couple of nights ago, her underwear drawer had been rifled.

Beth asks if she knows who it could be and she says she had a bad date and the guy was peeved she wouldn’t let him in her house. She says her friend set her up and she says he saw her on her friend’s Facebook page and asked her to hook them up. Jack asks if she’s afraid of the dark and she says she is. He asks if it’s common knowledge and she says probably so. Beth tells her not to let anyone else drive her home.

Ben says Zack has a history of public drunkenness. He says the guy didn’t show up for work and is MIA. Beth orders a warrant on his phone records. Ben is short with Jack and he asks if the guy was up for his job but Beth says no, he just doesn’t like him. They head to the crime scene and Jack theorizes the guy masturbated while she was terrified.

He says his MO isn’t to kill but to terrify. They wonder if he keeps the films for later. Jack does a walk through of how it could have gone down. He says while she showered, the guy tampered with the lights. Beth says he gave her a false sense of security before he attacked. Beth wonders if it’s an ex, a coworker or friend. He asks what’s the thing she’s most scared of and who knows it.

Jack says guarded people keep things to themselves. He asks if she thinks Kristin is secretive or forthcoming. She says most people keep their phobias secret. Ben calls and says Zack’s cell phone is in the vacant house next door. He thinks the guy is waiting on her. They go over to check it out, guns drawn. Beth sees a car in the garage and heads inside.

She sees nothing in the car then creeps to the back and sees his keys on the trunk. She chirps the alarm then opens the trunk and finds Zack. She touches him and his eyes open. He startles her. Jack is there and tells the unis to call for an ambulance. At the hospital, somewhat recovered, Zack tells them he heard something in her side yard and saw a guy by her window.

He says he didn’t see his face and then chased the guy who jabbed him with a needle. He says he told him – you’re not going to ruin my night – before he passed out. Beth asks if anyone watched them at dinner and he says people stared because she’s pretty but no one in particular. He asks if Kristin is okay then says he hopes they get the guy.

Jack wonders why he left the keys there so Zack would be found. Janice tells them Zack was in his way but he didn’t want to hurt him. Jack says they should talk to Kristin again. Janice says she’s afraid of the dark and Jack stares at her overlong. We see a guy on a call about the stock market while he watches the video of Kristin scrambling in the dark.

He also watches video of another woman he’s targeted. Kristin is shocked that Zack almost died because of her. She says she’s a teacher and a good person and wants to know why this is happening. Jack asks what grade she teaches and she says fourth. He says she’s not telling them the truth because she’s protecting her reputation. He rattles off the classic signs of dishonesty.

Beth tells her if she’s not honest with them, more people will get hurt. Kristin says it’s hard to meet a nice guy in LA. She says she signed up for a dating web site – – she says it’s more of a hook-up site and she closed the account about the time she started getting stalked. She says she’s sorry and she made a mistake and Jack tells her she was just lonely and now she learned a lesson.

They get the login to her account to check her profile under the name Bad Teacher. Jack says he wishes they had teachers like that while he was in school. Ben says he has narrowed it to three. One she had a one nighter with a guy who texted her 30 times. There was another guy she did a threesome with who was angry and another she met at a hotel but left because he was into bondage.

Beth is at Tracy’s where she’s telling her about her young, new love interest who’s a struggling artist named Brody. She says he’s so cute but just 22. Beth laughs and says she can’t judge. Tracy says there’s a freedom with him because it’s light. Beth asks how he was in bed and Tracy says she doesn’t know but then admits it’s hot. Tracy tells her she needs to give it a go too and Beth says she will one day.

Beth says she doesn’t want to talk about it and says tonight is about her and her cradle robbing ways. Laura is on her computer talking to a friend on the phone looking at her dating site profile. She hears a noise and goes to check. She finds a knick knack on the floor and picks it up. We see a snake on her bookshelf and another on her floor and another slithers out of her bathtub.

He goes to get into bed and slides under the covers. We see movement under her sheets and then she screams. Her floor is covered in snakes. She screams and screams and the perv is there videotaping the whole thing. He’s all in dark wearing a mask so she can’t see anything and her terror is controlling her even though none of the snakes seem to be attacking.

Beth and Jack are on scene at the house later. He tells her that Laura is still upset. There were 32 snakes, no bites, because they were not venomous. Jack says the guy brought bleach and scrubbed his semen stain away. Jack says the guy had to know her schedule and Beth says this acceleration of stalking is in line with serial killer behavior.

Beth thinks he already has his next victim picked out and already has it planned out. Laura asks Beth why they didn’t help when she reported someone had been in her house a couple of weeks ago. Beth says she’s sorry and that it was misfiled as a breaking and entering. Laura describes what happened and says she saw him filming her. Beth asks if she knows who it could have been.

Beth tells her the other victim looked like her and she asks if she’s on the same dating site. She says she’s on Laura asks if he’ll come back and Beth says she thinks he got what he wanted. They check their profiles looking for commonalities. One posted her phobia in her profile and the other mentioned it in her post. They decide to cross check the reject list and see if there are any that both turned away.

Perry and Tracy are in bed having sex. She tells him she has to get back to work and says he makes her feel both naughty and guilty. He asks her about a photo of a guy and she says it’s her brother. He points at a photo of Beth and asks about her. She says she met her when she first moved to LA and she helped her out of a jam. He asks what kind of a jam but she says he doesn’t get to know all her secrets.

She relents and tells him she had trouble with her fiance. She says something didn’t feel right and she broke it off but he went crazy and tried to kill her. Perry acts shocked and she says he didn’t kill her because of the bad ass cop. She says Beth sent him away and they’ve been best friends ever since. He says he likes her already. Tracy says Beth herself went through something similar. Perry stares at photos of the two of them.

Janice found a guy – Chris Powell – who was sending messages from libraries and he has a motorcycle. – they found a bit of motorcycle grease at the crime scene. He was charged with rape a few years before but it never went to trial and the rape victim looks like the other two girls. Beth says to get an arrest warrant for him. Jack asks if he was on other dating sites and he is but is using other names.

Beth says they need to get to the next victim before he does. We see Chris looking in the mirror saying he has to come clean – he says his name is really Chris, not Brad. He has a woman duct taped up. He tells her that her profile picture doesn’t do her justice. He sets up a video camera on a tripod as she cries, sitting bound on the edge of a tub.

Ben says the guy’s house is vacant. Jack asks what the genesis of is and they find out where the original victim is – she changed her name. They head to talk to her and she insists they show badges before she lets them in. Beth tells her they need to talk to her about Chris Powell. She lets them in, closes the door and arms her security system. She tells them he could have followed them there.

Jack says he’s been terrorizing other women and Beth asks to tell them about the relationship. She says please. The woman says she dated him five years ago and he pressured her to have sex but she was a virgin and was scared. She says it’s called genophobia. She says she broke up with him and he stalked her, broke in and threatened people she dated. She says he kidnapped and raped her.

He took her into an abandoned office building his dad home. She says he told her that he was doing it to help her conquer his fear. She says his family has money and so he was able to talk because his lawyer knew all the tricks. She says she changed her hair, name and moved but he found her four months ago. She says he’s scared of heights so she moved into a high rise.

Beth asks for her help and the woman says she may know where she is. Jack says he thinks Chris went back to the abandoned building to see if he’s there. They come in, guns out and creep through a large space of abandoned cubicles. They see one desk with a light on and Jack waves her over. We see screens with the other tapes including the third victim who is in a tub.

Beth says it’s a live feed. They wonder where it is. Chris creeps up on them silently and just before he attacks, Beth turns and takes him down. She turns to Jack and says – you’re welcome. Beth calls in to Ben who is working on tracing the live feed. He says the water is creeping up and she’s weighted down. Ben says they have about 45 minutes.

Beth sits down in front of Chris and says they have him on a bunch of crimes and says he’s looking at life in prison. She asks where the girl is. He tells Beth the first stage of drowning is delicious. He describes it in sadistic detail. Jack grabs him up and says it’s time to take a walk. He tells Beth they’re going to try it his way and he takes the guy out to the roof.

The guy freaks and Jack presses him out and says he’s going to tell everyone he was despondent and jumped. He tells him it sucks to be scared, doesn’t it. The guy caves and gives the address. Laura slips under the water choking. Cops bust in and grab her out. Janice does CPR on her and she revives her. The girl spits out water and starts crying. Janice holds her.

Jack comes to see Beth at the office and says the team is going out for drinks but she says she can’t. He asks if she has a fun phobia and she says that’s not it. She tells him to tell her what he’s afraid of. He says he’s afraid that he’s going to keep making the same mistakes. She asks which ones and he tells her it’s her turn and calls her tough girl. Beth says she’s afraid of people really knowing her.

She says she doesn’t like this conversation and this is as far as it goes. He asks what happened to her but she clams up. He says it’s a start and leaves. Beth goes back to her paperwork. Jack goes down and meets up with Janice. She says it was a good day and he agrees. They get on the elevator. He asks if she wants to go for a drink. She reminds him he said drinks are never just drinks.

The rape victim opens her door to Beth who tells her they just made things right. Jack tells Janice he needs to clean up. He grabs the photos of his ex off the wall and tells her he hasn’t had time to furnish. She asks where he sleeps and he says he has a bad. He offers bourbon and she agrees.

Perry is on the phone with a hacker who says Beth Davis has no birth records and didn’t exist before she went to the academy. He tells her to keep looking. Jack has Janice up against the wall and they are kissing roughly and striping each other. Perry has all sorts of creepy comic style sketches of Beth.

Her slapping him, her stepping on his hand. He has one of him kissing her while they lie on a bed and then another of him choking her on the bed. The camera pans out and we see a giant wall of creepy sketches of her along with photos he’s taken.