Star-Crossed RECAP 3/24/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “Stabbed With a White Wench’s Black Eye”

Star-Crossed RECAP 3/24/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “Stabbed With a White Wench's Black Eye”

Tonight on the CW Star-Crossed returns for another new episode. In “Dreamers Often Lie” Emery enlists Julia’s help to distract a nosy photographer. Meanwhile, Drake plans to attend a charity ball thrown by Grayson’s parents, and Roman’s attempt to keep him out of trouble finds him caught up in a kidnapping scheme.

On last week’s episode When Gloria told the Atrian Seven they were allowed to spend some time outside their sector, Roman saw it as an opportunity to further investigate his father’s mysterious past and made a stunning discovery. Emery (Aimee Teegarden) and Grayson (Grey Damon) went out on a date, but their night was ruined after Eric (guest star Jesse Luken) called Grayson for help and ended up putting everyone in danger. Drake (Greg Finley) mistaked Taylor (Natalie Hall) for an undercover Trag, and Lukas (Titus Makin, Jr.) made his move on Sophia (Brina Palencia). Meanwhile, Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) tried to take over Drake’s mission.

On tonight’s episode when Emery (Aimee Teegarden) is confronted by a tabloid photographer (guest star Devere Jehl) with video of her talking about cyper, she enlists Julia’s (Malese Jow) help to find a replacement story for him. Meanwhile, Drake (Greg Finely) tells Roman (Matt Lanter) that Grayson’s (Grey Damon) parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks. When Grayson’s parents throw a big charity ball at their house, Drake makes plans to go, at Vega’s request, to undertake an important mission. Roman goes to the party to make sure Drake stays out of trouble, but gets caught in the middle of a kidnapping scheme. Oz Scott directed the episode written by Yolanda E. Lawrence.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting for sure and you won’t want to miss it. We’ll be recapping it right here for you as well. Tune in at 8 PM EST to the CW for the latest episode of STAR-CROSSED and in the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on this new show!

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The Red Hawks plan an attack when Zoe comes on them. She kicks their butts and then turns on the timer of the bomb they were planning on using on the Atrians. She tells them to start talking. Roman watches as a bomb goes off after an alarm sounds in the Sector. Emery goes for a job when she hears breaking news saying the bomb that went off the night before was meant to go off in the Sector and was likely the work of the Red Hawks.

Emery confronts a reporter stalking her – Matt – and he wants to know about Cyper. She tells him it’s bogus and he shows her a video he shot of her and Julia saying Cyper was real. She says they were talking about a conspiracy website, but he’s not believing it – he says he knows she and Julia both used to be sick. She tells him it’s a hoax and he’ll make himself and her and Julia into pariahs. She offers him access to info on the Atrians. He tells her she has two days to bring him a juicy story or he’s running the Cyper story.

Roman and Drake talk about the botched Red Hawk attack and Roman tells him he’s thinking like a Trag. Drake says he made a choice and Roman should too. He says the humans want to annihilate them and reminds him that his mom and Roman’s dad were taken out by humans. Roman says he won’t sit by and allow it. Drake stomps away.

The news confirms that the Red Hawks were behind the attack and Emery asks Grayson about it. He says that he knows his parents weren’t involved. He asks her about the ball the next night but she’s hesitant because of all the problems. He promises her there won’t be anything more controversial than crab dip.

Zoe tells Draketo get a message to Vega and whispers to him about Grayson’s parents. She says she used to think that Grayson was vanilla but it’s just his cover and his parents run the Red Hawks. She says the guards sang like canaries. Zoe tells Drake to meet her at the ball with Vega’s instructions. Taylor asks Zoe why she’s talking to Drake and she says she knows she likes him and feels sorry for him. Taylor says she’s so over him and Zoe tells her the inter-species thing grosses her out. She takes off.

Emery and Julia talk about the Cyper. Julia is worried if the news comes out, she’ll be experimented on. She tells Julia she has to give Matt a news story and Julia tells her to tell him the truth – that Grayson’s parents are Hatrians (i.e. Atrian haters that run the Red Hawks). Emery doesn’t want to do it and is working on another story for him.

Eric tells Grayson he’s done with the Red Hawks. He says after last night, it was just too much. He tells him Vartan is going to try and talk him out of it but Eric is firm. Grayson tells Emery that Eric has quit the Red Hawks and she’s impressed. She tells him that he always sees the good in people and she likes that. He tells her that it comes from having parents like his. Emery tells him she’ll be his date to the Charity Ball the next night. He kisses her.

Roman watches from afar and Drake catches him looking. He tells Roman that she is why he’s always defending humans. He says she’s just a friend and Drake tells him that she’s dating the son of the Red Hawk leaders. Drake assures Roman it’s the abso truth. Roman says Grayson must be hiding it from Emery but Drake says she could be a Red Hawk too. Zoe drops off Drake’s invite and Roman is surprised that he’s going. Roman wants to know if Vega is planning retribution at the ball and tells him he’s going to be Drake’s plus one.

At the ball, the press is there and so are important locals. Roman and Drake are welcomes by Montrose a councilman and he says he was just telling the Senator to donate to their scholarship funds. The Senator asks how he can improve the Sector. Turns out he didn’t want to hear it, he just wanted a quick photo with them. Ms Bennett comes by and tells them they look nice. Drake tells Roman he needs to focus less on him and more on the problem humans.

Emery comes in and Roman stares openly. Grayson’s mom notices this and snags her for a tour of the house. Snap…

Zoe waits for Drake and he gives her a ransom note. She wants them to kidnap Grayson and dump him in the woods. The ransom will be a prisoner release. Zoe is thrilled because she wants her dad back. Drake asks how they can knock Grayson out and sneak him out. She tells him to meet her at the bar in an hour.

Grayson’s mom drags Emery all through the house and shows her a photo of their family. She asks Emery if she’s close with her family and says it’s important that you stick close to “your own” during times of need. She tells her she’s glad Grayson has been spending time with her but then there is an interruption about her meeting with the Senator later but Mrs Montrose says she has a “conflict.” Hmm…

Matt is there and asks Emery if she has a story for him and she says she’ll have one soon. Emery finds Julia and she gives Emery something Lukas gave her to corrupt the video file on his tablet. Julia asks again shouldn’t she just tell him about Grayson’s parents. Emery tells her that she can tell Matt about th Red Hawk meeting that Eric is going to so he can follow and check it out. She tells Julia to find out from Eric where the meeting is but she’s scared.

Taylor is there looking good and Drake is drawn to her. She walks over and then walks right past him to flirt with a waiter. He’s not happy about that. Roman wanders around and Grayson finds him. Roman tells him that Emery deserves to know the truth about him and Grayson tells him to leave. Grayson says it’s really about Roman having the hots for Emery when he has her. Emery walks up and asks what’s going on. Roman tells her that Grayson’s parents are Red Hawk leaders and she tells him she knows. He stares at her in shock then backs away from her and leaves the room.

Emery catches up to him and is in tears. She tells him he doesn’t understand and says that Grayson isn’t a Red Hawk. She says they wouldn’t hurt him. He reminds her of the protests and all the damage the Red Hawks have done. She tells him it’s not that simple and he tells her how many Atrians would have died yesterday with the bombing and she tells him she has been fighting for all of them since they first came.

She tells him that she trusts Grayson and at least she knows where she stands with him. She says he doesn’t push her away and Roman says it kills him to walk away from her but he has to so he can keep her safe. She tells him she doesn’t need his protection and he says Atrians would kill her and he’s fighting to stop it every day. He tells her he would give her everything, but he just can’t give it now and it’s not fair to ask her to wait. He walks away.

Julia tries to talk Eric into leaving the party to go to the movies with her. He says he has something afterward and she asks for a ride. He says he’s going to the Southside and she says that’s sketchy and asks if he’s buying drugs. He tells her the name of the bar he’s going to and says it’s nowhere near where she’s going. He stomps away.

Emery tells Grayson he needs to stand up to his parents. She gets a text from Julia and walks away from him. Zoe walks up then and offers him a shot. She flirts with him and he says it’s strong. He asks what’s in it and she says something special just for him. He gets dizzy and she calls him a worthless pathetic human. She says he’s upright but empty on the inside. Taylor starts to head over and Zoe tells him to distract her. She drags Grayson out and Drake flirts with Taylor heavily. She offers him a tour of one of the eight bedrooms in the house but he blows her off after Zoe is in the clear.

Roman searches the house for Drake and then sees him helping Zoe load up Grayson. She glares up at him and gets in the car and speeds off. Roman races down but doesn’t make it in time. He sees the token they left and plays the ransom note from the Trags. He sees the list of the five prisoners they want released or else they’ll give back Grayson one piece at a time. He takes the ransom note and runs off with it.

Emery tells Grayson he can’t go to the Red Hawk meeting tonight. She tells him they’re going to take a hit tonight and tells him to trust her. He agrees and walks off. Matt finds Ms Bennett and tells her he has a story about the Atrians that would blow her mind but then Emery comes over and drags him away.

Zoe tells Drake that if Roman blows her cover, he’ll have to eliminate him. Drake tells her Roman is his friend and she tells him as a Trag, he hast he cause and that’s what’s important. They wait for the ferry to cross the water.

Emery gets into Matt’s van outside the bar and he has drone cameras everywhere. He’s thrilled that she gave him the info about the secret Red Hawk meeting. He says she may have a future in his line of work and she says she’ll pass the pulls out the magnetic device and looks for his tablet.

Roman managed to outswim them and tells them they’ve got to give Grayson back. He stands directly in front of the car. Zoe says they don’t have time for this. She guns the car right at Roman but Drake snatches the steering wheel and sends them careening off the road dangerously. Zoe screams.

Roman hauls Grayson out of the wreckage. Zoe lays out in the road. He asks Drake what they did to him and he says Zoe gave him something. Roman says that the humans would punish them. Zoe hits Drake with a gun and tells Roman to start listening or she’ll shoot Drake.

Emery knocks something over to distract Matt who gets out of the van. She uses the device on his tablet but it’s going too slow. It’s corrupting the file, but doing so at a crawl. Matt asks if the screens are coming back up and she says no. He tells her it must be something in the van and looks around. He gets the screens to come back just as the corruption completes its work. He records the meeting just as they call up Margaret Montrose. She says she’s the Grand Matriarch of the Red Hawks. Matt is floored.

She tells the group that it’s not the time to give up the fight. She says she’s there to show them who she is and that she’s not afraid. She says she knows they will protect her identity and work to destroy the Atrians. She says they are amassing more explosives and will attack the Pods as well as the market of the Sector. Matt is floored and Emery is horrified. He tells her it’s a hell of a story.

Zoe holds Roman and Drake at gunpoint. She tells Drake he betrayed and let her down and broke the Trag code. She says they both have to die. She points the gun at Drake and Roman tells her he can help her. He distracts her and Drake attacks. He wants to kill her so the Trags won’t find out what happens but Roman won’t let him. Zoe tells them they signed their own death sentences. She tells them to enjoy their times with the humans since their days are numbered. She walks away.

Roman says they have to get Grayson back and says he won’t remember anything. Drake hands Roman the gun and says he may as well go be with Emery since they’re living on borrowed time. He scoops up Grayson.

Matt brags that he got the best story of his career and bagged the hottest chick at the party. He’s bedded Ms Bennett who is getting dressed. He tells her he’s having a good day and then tells her about the Red Hawk story. She asks about the Cyper story and he says his video file was corrupted. He tells her about it and Bennett asks which girls and he tells her.

Margaret Montrose is arrested as a result of Matt’s story. Julia tells Emery it was good work because the Red Hawks were outed and they’re safe from the Cyper story. Emery tells Julia that she talked to Roman last night so she and Grayson may be done. She says Roman wants to be with her but can’t right now. She says she would rather have someday with Roman then now with Grayson or another boy. She tells Julia she hasn’t told Roman yet and Julia tells her to go meet him at the gate of the Sector. Grayson comes to the door and Julia says she’ll talk to her later and leaves.

Emery tells him she’s sorry about his mother and he tells her they lied to him and told him they didn’t know about all the violence. He says she was right and that he had to take a stand. He says his dad wanted him to be part of the press conference to spin the story but he wouldn’t do it. He tells her he doesn’t know what to do but doesn’t want to be at home. She holds his shoulder and comforts him.

Zoe tries to hitch a ride and finally gets picked up by a guy. She pulls out her dagger and hops in and tells him she doesn’t need to go too far.

Roman walks to Emery’s but before he can knock, he sees her sitting with Grayson and his head on her shoulder and her comforting him. He leaves with despair in his eyes.