Supernatural RECAP 4/15/14: Season 9 Episode 18 “Meta Fiction”

Supernatural RECAP 4/15/14: Season 9 Episode 18 “Meta Fiction”

SUPERNATURAL continues tonight on the CW with a brand new episode called“Meta Fiction.”  On it Metatron tries to get Castiel to join forces with him. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture Gadreel.

On last episode Dean struggled with the after effects of the Mark of Cain. Meanwhile, Sam heard about a case where straight-laced people were turning into violent murderers. Sam suspected possession and suggested to Dean that they investigate, but Dean told him to go without him. While interviewing the local townsfolk, Sam met an elderly woman named Julia, who told him the Men of Letters came to town in 1958. Josie told Sam the story of a young man named Henry Winchester and his female companion, Josie Sands. While Sam was away, Crowley tested Dean. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) attempts to get Castiel (Misha Collins) to join forces with him. Still furious with Metatron, Castiel (Misha Collins) refuses, which sets a surprising plan in motion. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) capture Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett). Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode?

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Classical music plays and Metatron types. It’s like the opening to  Masterpiece Theater. He asks what makes a story work – plot, characters, subtext – and who gives the story meaning – the writer or you. He says tonight he will tell a little story and let you decide. The screen says “Metatron.” Backstory – Metatron is a bookworm that loves stories and was once God’s scribe before he decided to play God himself.

Dean is in the shower. He gets out and stares at himself in the mirror and the mark of Cain on his arm. Sam takes a call from Carlos about demon activity. Dean comes in and Sam says there are a dozen demons cases but no sign of Abaddon. Dean says they need to keep digging. He rubs the mark but tells Sam he’s fine. They get to work.

Kastiel sees bloody handprints on a door and opens it and goes in. There is a body there in a heap and then he turns and sees many more and a glowing mark on the far wall that fades to blood red. He approaches it and snaps a photo with his phone. He touches it and a woman tries to stab him. He knocks her down and she begs him not to hurt her. He asks her name and she says Hannah.

She’s bloodied and one eye is shut. She says she doesn’t know what happened but it sounded familiar and she followed a tone and found the people there. She says an angel made them an offer to join Metatron and that one day they could return to heaven. She says some joined him and the rest that refused were slaughtered. Kas says he’s sorry for her loss and touches her and heals her. She asks if he’s Kastiel and asks if he’s going to lead them against Metatron. He says he’s no leader but will find him and make him pay. She begs him to let him help. He calls Sam and Dean and tells them Gadriel is working with Metatron.

Kas sends them a photo of the symbol that attracted all the angels. He says it’s like an angel siren and was made from fairy bones and griffon parts. They’ve never seen it but agree to research it. Kas asks Dean how he is and he says fine and returns the question. Kas says he misses his wings. Sam finds the symbol in crime scene reports in Utah. He says they were in mostly industrial areas and says Gadriel is heading north. There are two cities and they each agree to take one.

Dean remembers they worked a witch case in Ogden and that a kid there helped them. At a head shop, a guy in black comes in asking for griffon feathers. The stoner at the coutner says it’s not Diagon Alley. The guy takes off his hood and says he saw the hunter marks at the door and says he knows he has it. Gadriel says humans never cease to amaze me. He asks if he has fairy bones from any realm and he asks what the hell he’s hunting and he says “family.”

Kas sees a flicker of lights as he’s packing up then a porn ad shows up on the TV. He tries to turn it off but it won’t shut down. He says it’s inappropriate. The ad is for Casa Erotica. A guy is on screen and asks if Kas remembers him. He says Gabriel and then the angel is there in the room with him and says he needs his help.

Kas says he thought Gabriel was dead and he says he faked it. He asks Gabriel where he’s been and he says in hiding in the safest place in the universe – heaven. He tells Kas that he dropped, hid and watched Downton Abbey  but then Metatron sent minions looking for him because he’s an archangel. He says he’s been on the run but then someone started playing his song – the horn of Gabriel. Metatron dug it up and started blowing it so he came out of hiding. Kas asks why and he says there is safety in numbers but says Gadriel is using it, not Metatron. Gabriel says he wants him to join the band on the kill Metatron tour.

Sam and Dean come to the hunter shop to find it eerily dark. They grab flashlights and investigate. They see the open box of feathers and then the dead proprietor with his eyes gouged out. Dean says they have to find Gadriel. Kas calls Dean and Gabriel snatches the phone and says it’s the guy who died for their sins. He says he and Kas are rolling toward the bunker – this is all in a message.

Kas asks what he saw in heaven and he says raining angels, biblical chaos, Abbadon and Crowley duking it out and more. Gabriel says most angels can’t handle free will because they are sheep. He says he and Kas are different – they are rebels – one with a cause, one without. Kas says he’s just a soldier and Gabriel says – bitch, please. Kas asks why he’s doing this and Gabriel says he’s tired of running and is ready to lead. Kas says they need a leader and he’s happy it will be Gabriel.

Gabriel says they’re low on gas and they pull into a station. Gabriel is sniffing the junk food with glee. A car pulls in and Gabriel says the minions of Metatron are here. They lock the doors.

Gadriel sees Sam poking around. Sam calls Kas and leaves another message saying they need help. Gadriel comes toward him and then Dean calls Gadriel a douche bag and drops a lighter and encircles him in flames. Sam asks if he remembers him.

Gabriel tells Kas that he has enough juice to save him from Metatron’s minions. Kas doesn’t like it but Gabriel says he has to escape and go be the leader. He says he was meant to be the leader and won’t fail. They hug it out and Gabriel tells him to go. Kas notices that the hole in his jacket is gone and asks Gabriel if any of it was real and says he’s no longer in the hotel. Kas puts his knife through him and it goes straight through.

Gabriel (or whoever he is) is playing mind tricks. He snaps his fingers and the minions are gone. Gabriel tells him to just hear Metatron out. He says he’s trying to help him. Kas asks how and Gabriel says he didn’t read the whole script. He tells him it was good to see him and Kas asks if he’s dead. He snaps his fingers and Kas is bond and gagged in Metatron’s study where he’s typing. He asks him “what makes a story work?” So at the beginning, that’s who he was talking to about story.

Sam and Dean have Gadriel bound and they ask how long he’s been working for Metatron. Gadrield says Sam can’t make him talk because he’s been inside him and it reeks of shame and weakness. Sam hits him but Dean stops him.

Metatron tells Kas he wanted to tell him a story. He stops the music and says that was his plan. He pulls a string off his jacket and says this was where it failed. He quotes Sherlock Holmes but Kas has no clue. He says he’s been around forever and should have picked up a book now and then. Metatron touches his head and gives him every book, movie and TV show he’s ever seen. He asks if he understands now and he recognizes a quote Metatron used.

Metatron says the first rule of writer’s club is that you always steal from the best. Second rule is that every hero needs a villain. He says he told Gadriel to let one live – Hannah – to tell the tale of the slaughter. Kas asks if it’s true and he can bring angels back to heaven and Metatron says no spoilers. He tells Kas he’s supposed to lead the angels and he says he sees not but he did his homework. He holds up one of the books about the Winchesters.

He says Kas needed to be taught a lesson and no one does it better than Gabriel so he typed this up. Metatron tells Kas that he’s not the hero – he’s the villain and that he, Metatron, is the hero.

The brothers can’t figure out where Kas is but his GPS shows him in the same town. Dean tells Sam he has to go find Kas while Dean takes care of Gadriel because Sam is too close to it and is going to go Liam Neeson on his ass. Dean comes back and Gadriel asks if he’s the nice cop and Dean says he doesn’t care if he talks – he just wants revenge for what he did to Sam and Kevin.

Metatron tells Kas that he liked him – that he was the only angel with spunk. He says he left him human hoping he would live happily ever after. Metatron tells him to lead the dumb angels against him. He says they will follow him and all die but promises to save Kas. He says no. Metatron says he’s going to make him do the hard pitch. He asks Kas about the stolen grace inside him and Kas says it’s fine. Metatron says it’s burning out and will burn him out. Metatron offers him a permanent recharge.

A woman interrupts and says she has news about Gadriel. Dean is torturing him and Gadriel cries out in pain. He slices him with his knife and Dean tells him to come clean and he’ll kill him quick. Gadriel tells Dean that he’s not invincible. He tells Dean that he’s been in Sam’s head and that he would never trade his life for Dean’s. Dean says that Sam has told him all that and worse.

Gadriel says Sam thinks Dean has daddy issues and can’t be alone because he’s a sad, needy, coward. Dean hits him and Gadriel keeps on prodding Dean who stops just short of killing him. Gadriel tells him to kill him and Dean says he’d like that and that’s what he wants. Dean says that Gadriel wants to die and says he’s going to leave him there to rot in his chains. Dean walks out.

Sam pulls up at Kas’ hotel. He pulls his gun and approaches door number seven. Dean goes to wash up in the bathroom. Sam looks around and sees maps and notes on the wall. Dean stares at himself in the mirror. He washes his hands and then splashes his face. Sam sees six missed calls from Dean on Kas’ phone. He turns and sees Metatron and says that he is there to swap Gadriel for Kas. Sam agrees to an even trade. Dean looks at the mark of Cain on his arm and walks out of the bathroom. He forgets his phone as Sam calls.

Sam comes back and finds Dean with bloody knuckles slumped against the wall. He says he’s been calling him. Dean says Gadriel wouldn’t talk and wanted to die. Sam says that they have to trade Gadriel for Kas with Metatron. Dean says they can’t trust him but Sam says they should make the trade for the purpose of trapping Metatron.

They go to meet him and Metatron is late but then he’s there. He says he was just waiting for them to finish setting up the trap. He stands in a specific spot and asks if that’s his mark. Dean drops his lighter and an angel circle flames around him. Metatron plays in pain for a moment then laughs and warms his hands on the holy fire. He asks if they brought smores then blows out the circle.

Dean pulls his knife and he slams them against the car. He erases the seal trapping Gadriel in the trunk and releases him then gives them Kas. Dean asks why he’s doing it and Metatron says because he can. He says they cannot beat him but it will be fun watching them try. He reminds Kas that he gave them a chance then waves and takes off with Gadriel and the minions.

Dean asks Kas what the hell is going on and he says Metatron is playing god and they say he’s already got God-like powers with the blowing out holy fire and all that. Sam asks how they can stop him and Sam asks Dean if he wants to sneak onto the Death Star. Kas says he’s on board and they are shocked that he got the Death Star reference but he doesn’t understand how it relates to heaven.

He tells Dean there’s something different about him and yanks up his sleeve. He sees the mark and asks what he’s done. He says it’s a means to an end. They tell him to call when he needs them and Kas tells Sam to keep an eye on him. They head out.

Gadriel comes into Metatron’s study and tells him the door to home is safe. He asks how the play turned out and Metatron says not like how he planned but he can tweak it. He says that was God’s mistake – going with the first draft. Gadriel asks if the Winchesters getting him was part of the plan and Metatron says it was a good twist. He says he sets up interesting characters and see where they lead and sometimes they surprise you. Metatron says he knows the ending and as long as everyone plays their part, they’ll get there. Gadriel leaves and Metatron starts another record playing.

Sam studies Dean as his brother drives. Dean stares ahead. Kas works on his notes and plans. Then he rips everything down off the walls. Metatron types and smiles. Kas starts over with a new plan. The brothers drive on as the sun rises. Kas sits and looks at the angel siren he dews on the wall. He opens the door and there are a ton of angels there, Hannah included, ready to follow him. Metatron types on about what Kas will do with his army. He adds “to be continued” and pulls the paper out.