Survivor Recap Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur, Drew Christy Eliminated: Season 29 Episode 4 “We’re a Hot Mess”

Survivor Recap Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur, Drew Christy Eliminated: Season 29 Episode 4 “We’re a Hot Mess”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor airs with an all new Wednesday October 15, season 29 episode 4 called, “We’re a Hot Mess.” On tonight’s episode one castaway contemplates throwing an immunity challenge to rid their tribe of a weak player.

On the last episode, a showdown pitted father against son and put their relationship to the test. Meanwhile, former MLB player John Rocker was confronted about his controversial past during a combative Immunity Challenge. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode one castaway contemplates throwing an Immunity Challenge to rid their tribe of the weaker players. However, their thirst for power could result in a shocking blindside.

Tonight’s season 29 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor.

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At Coyopa on night eight, the tribe comes back from council and discuss their #Survivor big move. Baylor is happy that John got voted out over her but does admit that he was the biggest and strongest. She thinks he had a bad attitude and that him being gone will help. They also explain to Dale why they didn’t loop him in. Dale knows if they lose again, he’s likely toast.

Over at Hunahpu on day nine, the tribe wakes and Natalie finds the lost flint by the fire. Drew is upset that they found it and had to sacrifice their fishing gear to get another. He says he’s literally starving death. Kelley says Drew is lazy and all he does is complain about the fishing gear. She says it’s gone. Drew says it’s hard to eat what a hundred pound girl is living on. He says without them, they would be nothing.

It’s time for the Exile Island and reward challenge. Jeff asks Julie what she thinks about John being gone. She says she had to create a shell if he was going to play that way and says she had to play her own. Drew tries to make a trade with Jeff for part of the fishing gear they lost. The rest of the tribe says they have nothing to do with this. He asks Jeff for a spear or a net. Jeff says there is no return policy and tells him it’s not happening.

For the challenge they have to use grappling hooks to retrieve bags of balls then catapult the balls into baskets. The reward is a choice of comfort items or campfire food including sausage, popcorn and s’mores. They rock, paper, scissor and Hunahpu puts up and it’s Jon versus Jaclyn. Jaclyn gets one bag right away. Jon falls short. Kelley’s dad starts taunting Jon. Jaclyn gets her second bag. Jon snags a bag finally.

Jaclyn barely misses on her third and Jon grabs his second – he’s catching up. Jon pulls ahead grabbing his third bag. Jon starts to untie his bags and Jaclyn falls short again. Jon takes aim and jumps onto his catapult and his first ball goes too far but he sinks the second. Jaclyn finally gets her third bag as Jon sinks a second basket. Jaclyn jumps and it bounces in and out. Jon sinks his third. Jaclyn finally sinks one.

Jon sinks another and he’s got one left – the hardest. Jaclyn gets another. Jon misses on his last one. Jaclyn sinks another. Jon misses again. Jaclyn ties it up and they each have the hardest left. Jon misses again. Jaclyn just misses too. Jon loses his ball and Jaclyn misses again. Jon takes aim and finally sinks the final one. Hunahpu wins again. The #BloodVsWater challenge sends Jaclyn to Exile Island.

Jon says it’s hard to send his GF but says she can handle it. She says she’s afraid it’s going to rain and there’s no shelter but says he respects her. Jon says she can take care of herself and that’s why they have a great relationship. Drew says he wants to go and Jon says he pulls his weight unless he’s napping and the others laugh. Drew and Jaclyn get the map to Exile and head out.

Jeff tells Hunahpu they’ve dominated these and asks if they want long term protection or short term gratification in the snacks. They choose the comfort items, grab them up and head out. Jeff tells Coyopa he has nothing for them and sends them off. Alec wonders if they’ll be the first tribe in survivor history to have an unbroken losing streak.

On day nine at Hunahpu, Jon says sending Jaclyn to Exile was tough but says she’ll be all right. He says he trusts Drew but worries that he’ll be lazy and have his GF collecting the firewood. They also talk about John being voted out and Julie says it’s tough to see that he’s gone. She says he’s the love of her life but things like this happen all the time since people tend to pre-judge him. She says she just has to get back in the game.

Over at #ExileIsland, Drew complains that it’s hot and there’s no shelter. They get their messages and he shares the clue with Jaclyn about the idol. He’s happy to have a clue and to be out there with a hot chick. He tells her he’s a ladies man and he checks her out when she bends over. He says that he’s not out looking for love, he’s playing the game. He tells Jaclyn he and Jon are the strongest but that he’s worried about the girls voting them out.

Jaclyn says his brother Alec already told her Drew was a ladies man. She wants to try and collaborate with him. She says they can’t lose again and Drew tells her there are snakes on his team they need to get rid of and offers to throw the challenge. Over at Hunahpu, they try out the hammock while a monkey watches. Keith heads off to try and find the idol using his Exile clue. He digs around for a while and thinks someone already found it.

Keith tells the others he got a clue and looked for it. He says he thinks Jeremy has an idol since he got the same clue at Exile. Reed runs and tells Jeremy that Keith is saying he has the idol. He asks who he told and he says the girls. Jeremy is annoyed that he broke some sort of firefighter oath. He says Keith should have come directly to him and then goes to complain to the girls. He says Keith is a rat and he wants him gone.

Keith goes looking again for the idol thinking he may have been looking in the wrong spot and, sure enough, he’s got a #ImmunityIdol. He says it jumped out and scared him. He says he won’t tell anyone he has the idol because it will put a target on his back. He says it’s best if everyone thinks Jeremy has the idol.

Day 20 at Coyopa. Alec grabs tree mail and they call Wes over. He complains that Baylor snatched it from him and says that doesn’t happen to him. He snatches it back from her. She’s annoyed and thinks he’s being immature. The mail says swim, run, jump and dive and a precision throw can keep you alive. Baylor rereads it at Josh’s request. Alec rants and says Baylor acts like things should be given to her. He says Drew is the same way but he doesn’t have to put up with it from her.

Alec criticizes everything she does then he talks about how as kids, his dad wouldn’t even wake Drew up to do chores because he knew he would half ass it. Alec says they need to work up a David can beat Goliath attitude. It’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge. Drew and Jaclyn motor up from Exile. Drew is still set on the notion of blowing the challenge and says you have to do what you have to do.

Jeff explains the challenge. One swims out and brings back a ring. You collect four rings then those have to be thrown onto posts. The first to finish wins immunity. They have to sit three out. Kelley, Jon and Jeremy sit out for Hunahpu to make it even and they’re ready to get started. Baylor and Missy face off for the first grab. Baylor is ahead of her mom and rapidly unties her knots to get her ring.

Missy is hot on her heels but Baylor makes it back and Jaclyn hops in the water. Reed takes Missy’s place and he’s a speedy dude. This ring is further out and they both nab them. He’s slightly ahead of Jaclyn. Natalie and Alec are next up to face off. Natalie is there and has a her ring and Reed catches up. They are dead even again. Alec pulls ahead.

Wes and Keith now face off. It’s father versus son for the last ring. Wes has his ring and is headed back. He is leagues ahead of his dead. Coyopa is ahead and is already tossing their rings. Hunahpu now has theirs and Drew is tossing and looks to be deliberately missing. Coyopa scores one. Drew misses again is going very slow but he finally scores one. Coyopa has two rings there.

Drew misses again. Coyopa scores another. Jeff says Drew is singlehandedly losing it for his tribe. Dale lands the last one and Coyopa finally wins one. Drew tells his tribe – sorry. Jeff hands over the immunity idol and tells Coyopa to enjoy their night off. He tells Hunahpu someone will be voted out tonight. Drew admits that he blew the challenge. He says he’s the kingpin of his tribe and that if he doesn’t want to win, the tribe won’t win. He wants to vote out some of the rats.

Hunahpu heads back and Drew says he’s usually a better thrower. He wonders if they know he threw the challenge but says he can care less. He calls himself a bad ass and a manipulator of this game. He tells the others that going into the merge, individuals will outnumber couples. They discuss voting out Julie. Jon has an eye on her and says she doesn’t help out around camp, doesn’t help in challenges and her loved one is gone.

Drew interrupts and says she’s not the one to vote out now. He says it’s Kelley, done deal. Drew says there’s no way Julie will beat them. He says Kelley is low key, observant and has never missed an episode of Survivor. He says it’s his mission to get her out. Jeremy starts lobbying to vote Keith out. Drew tells him he’s overlooking the mastermind Kelley.

He thinks Drew is being ridiculous and says Kelley isn’t doing anything. Jeremy says he doesn’t have his back and Drew says he’s being too emotional. Natalie goes to Missy and says that Drew is worried the girls are going to go after the guys. They agree it’s stupid but he’s still convinced there’s a girl-girl alliance. Missy says maybe they should get rid of Drew. Natalie says he’s annoying and it would be great to get rid of him.

Drew is pushing the guys again to take Kelley out and then says all the bitches will have to come to them. Kelley is within earshot and hears at all. She thinks he’s threatened by her as a strong female. She says she thinks people are over his I’m the king attitude. Natalie goes to Jeremy to ask him to vote for Drew. He agrees he’s a moron but says it’s a big move.

Then Drew goes to Missy and says in front of her and Jon that Kelley needs to go. They are splintered. Drew says everyone has their own opinion. Jeremy is getting more annoyed with him and is now wondering whether it’s the right time to take Drew out. It’s time for #TribalCouncil and they get their torches for the first time tonight. Jeff reminds them that fire represents life – when it’s gone, so are you.

Jeff asks Julie about relationships. She says Jon and Drew are getting along and run around like five year olds. Missy says they have a lot of chiefs and not a lot of Indians. He asks how many are selfish and she says half. Drew says everyone has been playing nice until they lost and says now they have to really play the game. Jeff asks how he got demolished by a guy old enough to be his granddad. Drew throws the swimmers under the bus then says he did the best he could.

Jeremy says Keith came back from Exile and told everyone he had an idol. He asks why Keith did that. Keith says he looked for it and assumed Jeremy had it. He asks why he didn’t come to him and Keith says it doesn’t happen that way in this game. Jeremy says they had an alliance. Keith says an alliance is more than two people and Jeremy says they could have added others in a sub-alliance.

Keith says he didn’t betray him. Natalie tells Keith he was pitting others against Jeremy. Drew says everyone had their own opinion on who to vote out. He says he heard Julie and Keith’s name and says they need to get the bad energy out. Kelley says the question is who is the bad seed. Natalie says Drew thinks there’s an all-girl alliance brewing and Jeff tells Drew they don’t have the numbers.

Jon says he never got a grasp of any strategy. He says he’s confused about what name he should be writing down. Natalie tells Jeff they’re a hot mess. Jeff calls for the vote. Drew stares at Julie’s curvy rear as she goes to vote. He’s such a perv… We don’t see anyone’s votes and then Jeff goes to tally the votes. He comes back and calls for a hidden immunity idol. Keith sits tight.

Jeff reads the votes: Julie, Kelley, Drew, Keith, Julie, Drew, Drew and then Jeff announces it’s Drew. Hilarious. A #blindside that would never have happened if Drew hadn’t thrown the challenge. What an idiot! I love it. Jeff wonders if this was a brilliant tribal or absolute chaos and says only time will tell. Drew says he knew all along the girls wanted him out and says they did a good job getting him out because he would have beat them. Moron! So glad to see him gone.