Survivor Blood vs Water Recap – Dale Sent Home: Season 29 Episode 6 “Make Some Magic Happen”

Survivor Blood vs Water Recap - Dale Sent Home: Season 29 Episode 6 “Make Some Magic Happen”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur airs with an all new Wednesday October 29, season 29 episode 6 called, “Make Some Magic Happen.” On tonight’s episode another castaway is voted out of the game.

On the last episode, after a surprising tribe swap, the game got complicated when one castaway was stranded on a tribe with three pairs of loved ones. Meanwhile, the other tribe was forced to negotiate for their next meal as a result of mismanaged portion control. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode in a rare move, a very hungry Hunahpu tribe makes a desperate trade for rice. Meanwhile, one castaway on the Coyopa tribe concocts a plan to use a fake idol to try and insure their safety.

Tonight’s season 29 episode 6 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 29 of Survivor. Who will be sent home?

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On #Survivor, the Coyopa tribe heads back after tribal and Dale is still upset that his daughter Kelley was voted out but he’s not ready to give up yet. Dale thinks he’s on the chopping block next and is ready to make a big move to protect himself. Dale shows Jon a fake idol he’s made and tells him he won’t be going home next time. Jon says this could ruin their plan and it scares him. Over at Hunahpu, they wonder what Jeff is going to take from them in exchange for the bag of rice. Jeremy thinks they can suck it up and wait for a reward challenge. He says this is mind-boggling to him.

Jeff shows up carrying a nice big bag of rice and asks then to gather round. Julie tells him she’s scared of what’s about to go down. Natalie shows Jeff how low their supplies are – just a handful left. He says he can only think of one other time when a tribe needed more rice and it wasn’t from overeating. Reed says there were too many cooks in the kitchen and several dominant personalities pushed the agenda of eating more. Josh says it’s hard to come and see they have no food when they were conserving their food over at Coyopa.

Jeff says they have needed more help at 14 days than any other tribe ever and reminds them they lost the fishing gear because of the flint. Jeff says the extra food they ate probably helped them win challenges. Jeff offers enough rice to last the rest of the game and says they have to give up all the comfort items, the hatchet, hammer, the extra flint and the pot. They will have a machete, pot and flint left. He says they will be starting over. They hand over all the stuff to get the rice. Reed says it’s all worth it but Jeremy is pissed.

Julie says this really sucks and losing the tarp is a really big deal. She’s worried about the rain and cold.  Jeff drags his huge bundle of loot away and tells them he hopes it doesn’t rain on them. It’s time for the #RewardChallenge. Jeff welcomes in the tribes and they get to see that Kelley was voted out. Julie is shocked. One person from each tribe will race through obstacles while blindfolded. They touch a mask with just their fingers then have to recreate the mask out of puzzle pieces.

The reward is giant kabobs of meat and veggies and a grill. Jeff says there is no more blood versus water so they can put up anyone they want. Reed goes for Hunahpu and Baylor for Coyopa. The challenge begins. Reed smacks his head but keeps going fast. Baylor is taking her time through the obstacles. Reed feels the puzzle and Baylor decides to get the first bag and head back. Reed dumps out his pieces then heads back for another feel.

The tribes can’t say anything to help and Jeff reminds them a huge reward is on the line. Baylor and Reed both nab their second bag. Reed is flying though and Baylor hits her head for a second time. Reed studies his pieces as Baylor heads back ahead of him. He heads back to get his third. She’s on the way back with hers and hits her head yet again. Baylor starts to work on putting her mask together. There are dummy pieces too so this is really hard.

Reed has two pieces in his mask and Baylor just one. Reed puts in a third but it doesn’t mean it’s the right piece. He puts in a fourth and Baylor adds one more. Reed keeps adding much faster than Baylor. Reed has one piece left. Missy is starting to stress out. Reed swaps a piece out and then asks Jeff if he has it. Reed has it and Hunahpu wins. He starts crying as they cheer him. Reed tells Jeff he’s thrilled because he’s so hungry.

Baylor is crying too because she thinks she let her tribe down. Jeff calls Reed over and tells him Baylor is going to exile and he has to send someone with her who will likely miss out on the feast. Reed sends Julie and says it will be good for her. Natalie volunteers to go instead and says Julie has contributed a lot to the camp. Reed says if Natalie wants to go that bad he’ll let her. The ladies head out. The tribes head out back to their camps.

Missy says Baylor is in good hands with Natalie out on #ExileIsland. Over at Coyopa, Dale is fishing but can’t catch them because they’re small. He says they keep stealing his bait. Missy tells Jon that Natalie is obviously still with them and he tells her that Dale has an immunity idol. He says they can turn it around and vote Keith out. Missy worries this will wrinkle their plans. Over at Exile, Natalie says she did this to prove her loyalty to Missy and Baylor.

They get the idol clue and read it together. Natalie says getting info and bonding with Baylor is more important than the food reward. She is shoring up her alliance ahead of the merge. Over at Hunahpu, they come back with the food. They have eight kabobs and Josh is proud of his honey. Jeremy is bothered by their lovey dovey stuff. He says he and his wife would never act like that in public. They cook up the food. Alec is thrilled – he loves meat.

Jeremy is annoyed that they gave away all their stuff instead of waiting. Then the rain rolls in and they have nothing to protect them. The water comes pouring down in sheets and they all huddle together. Julie is soaked through, cold and says she’s at the breaking point. Jeremy thinks it’s ridiculous that she’s crying. He hope she doesn’t leave since he needs numbers but if she does, he wants her to go before he does and before the merge.

Next day, Jeremy gives Julie a pep talk and says it’s going to be sunny today and tells her they’re past the bad night but she says she thinks it won’t stop and she can’t handle it. Julie says she knows they are in this together and he tells her to hang until the merge. Julie says this was the hardest night of her life. Alec says this is what you sign up for with Survivor and if she can’t hang, to go home. It’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff welcomes the tribes and the girls back from Exile.

They have to race up and over a tall wall, push a big cube through posts while gathering three bags of puzzle pieces then they will solve a flag puzzle. Hunahpu sits out Julie to make the sides even. Jeremy is up and on the wall and then pulls up the others. That gets Hunahpu done fast. They grab the cube and roll it fast. Coyopa is a little ways behind. Jeremy hops up but Jon gets the bag for Coyopa first and they have a little lead.

Jeremy and Jon are head to head for the bags again and Jon gets it faster. Jeremy gets theirs stuck and is struggling. Coyopa has a good lead now. He gets it unstuck finally as Coyopa lands their last bag. Jon and Missy are working on the puzzle already while Hunahpu sends Wes up for the third bag. Jon puts the first piece up for Coyopa. Hunahpu gets the third bag and Reed and Josh are working on the puzzle.  Jeff tells Josh and Reed to pick it up as Jon hangs their third piece.

Josh and Reed put their first two pieces up and Jon realizes he got a piece wrong and has to take it back down. Coyopa messes up again and is losing their lead. Hunahpu takes the lead and keeps going. Coyopa is behind two pieces and Reed and Josh have the final piece for Hunahpu. They win immunity yet again and Coyopa will have to go back to Tribal yet again. They are devastated. Jeff hands the idol to Hunahpu and sends them back to camp.

He asks Coyopa what this means and Dale says this is hard since someone’s loved one could be going home. Jeff sends them back to camp and says he’ll see them at tribal tonight. Over at Coyopa, Keith says they can’t catch a break. Dale says them being tired is what’s getting their butts kicked. Keith is targeting Dale and is happy that he has the idol as a backup plan. Dale talks to Jon and says he doesn’t want to have to play his idol. He says if they don’t vote him out, he’ll give Jon his idol after the vote.

Jon thinks about it and Dale says they need to vote Missy out since she has the most votes in the other camp. Jon is tempted but says he needs to look at all the pieces. He goes to talk to Missy, Baylor and Jaclyn and they agree to split the votes between Dale and Keith in case he plays the idol. Then Jon and Jaclyn go to talk about what’s best for them as a couple. They discuss voting for Dale, Keith or Missy. He thinks they should align with Dale and use his idol to help their alliance.

They head off to #TribalCouncil. Dale says it’s hard to see your loved one voted out and says he hasn’t slept since Kelley was voted out. A howler monkey screams from the jungle. Baylor says you feel lost like a little kid when you’re on Exile and says it’s tough. Missy says it’s tough to hear that and she tears up. Baylor starts crying and says they always cry as a family. Baylor says knowing you have someone there for you changes the game.

Dale says tonight is different since Kelley is gone and has changed his strategy to more of a short-term thing. Jon admits he and Dale talked about how he could move forward in the game. Jaclyn says it’s nice to get a different viewpoint on things. Missy isn’t happy to hear this and says it’s disconcerting. Dale says he has to put faith in the people that just voted his daughter out. He says he’s just a lone vote. Baylor says she’s more loyal than Dale and he pulls a face.

Dale says he likes her but she needs to own up to her game. Jaclyn admits that Dale has never done anything to her and Baylor did flip on her and Jon says coming to the merge, he needs to know who he can trust long-term and says that’s what the vote is about. Jeff calls for the vote and Keith is up first. He votes for Dale. Jeff goes to count the votes. He comes back and calls for any hidden idols.

Dale looks away and Keith sits on his. The votes are – Dale, Keith, Missy, Keith, Dale, Dale. His ploy did not work and he takes his torch up to Jeff to snuff. I wonder if Keith will figure out that he has no friends in this game after they split the vote and targeted him. Next time is the merge! Can’t wait to see how this goes down. Dale says he did everything he could but it was just an uphill battle. He says he can’t wait to talk to his daughter. Dale was sent home.