Talking Dead Live RECAP 3/16/14: With Melissa McBride, Yvette Nicole Brown and Phil Brooks

Talking Dead Live RECAP 3/16/14: With Melissa McBride, Yvette Nicole Brown and Phil Brooks

Talking Dead returns this evening on AMC at 10PM EST and this week’s guests include Melissa McBride, Yvette Nicole Brown and Phil Brooks. Did you watch the last episode of Talking Dead? The special guests were Lauren Cohan and Sonequa Martin-Green and we recapped it right here for you so if you missed it then check it out!

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick who also hosted Talking Bad.  Chris will spend time with fans, actors, producers and tv enthusiasts, recapping tonight’s The Walking Dead episode, and taking questions and comments from viewers. Fans may continue to engage with the after-show following the on-air conclusion, online, at for more videos, weekly polls and photo galleries of the guests featured on the series.

Tonight’s episode will feature the special guests discussing the new episode, “The Grove” in detail. Will everyone finally find their way back together and also manage to find a safe spot to stay in? We’ll find out on tonight’s episode and then get to dish all of the inside details with Melissa, Yvette and Phil afterwards!

The Talking Dead begins at 10PM EST and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. AMC asks viewers to submit questions in advance so what are you the most curious about this season? Hit up the comments and tell us!

RECAP: Chris introduces Melissa McBride, Phill Brooks and Yvette Nicole Brown; Chris mentions that he went crazy watching this weeks episode. Chris asks how Scott broke the news to Melissa about what happened tonight; Melissa mentions that he was super quiet about everything and that wanted her to go through it with grace. Chris mentions that Carol makes all the hard choices for the greater good, but asks what Melissa felt Carol was thinking about her choice. Melissa says that it was so obvious that they had to do it; the baby would never had survive around Lizzy. Mentioning that Lizzy never realized that killing her own sister wasn’t a bad thing and that really cleared it up for Carol. Chris asks if Carol blamed herself; Melissa says that she understood that Lizzy had a different perspective. But the kids should know how to fight, Chris asks if it was justified to have Lizzy look at the flowers before shooting her. Yvette noticed that from the beginning the flowers always helped her feel better; Phil says that it must help knowing that Lizzy feeding the flowers now. Phil mentions that there was no way of helping Lizzy. Chris asks if it would be inhumane to just leave Lizzy on her own; Melissa then mentions that at the end when they re walking to the grove and how Mika says that is how things turn out the way they are supposed to. Carol says the same thing before she killed her; she felt like that as a mother she had to what she had to do. Chris asks if they’d forgive Carol like Tyreese did; Phil and Yvette agree that forgiveness would have been the best thing.

A fan comes up from the audience and asks Melissa if Carol was ready to die when she confessed to Tyreese; Melissa believes that Carol felt like it was the right thing to do after everything that went on. Though Carol was not expecting forgiveness; but has a feeling Carol might have jumped the table. Chris akss Melissa what gets Carol going nowadays; Melissa says it’s only survival and saving the children. Melissa says she will now protect Judith, but believes in a way that Lizzy’s death was inevitable. Yvette mentions that in a previous episode Carol mentions she fixes what needs fixing; like she is a machine that she just doesn’t seem to hold herself back from going ahead and doing the dirty work. Melissa says that Carol feels like there was nothing they could possibly do; it wont matter since she had no control over it at all. Chris asks if Tyreese and Carol should be honest about the little girls dying; Phil is sure that they won’t bring up having put down a child. Chris asks what was significant of Tyreese and Carol putting together a puzzle; Melissa says that it was the last day though the puzzle was something the kids were putting together. Melissa says that the puzzle makes Carol’s daughter Sophia in a rainbow shirt; Melissa feels like it pushed the scene much more. Chris mentions that Carol lost her kid before and that she had to put down her adopted daughter who was a monster;.

Chris asks what it was like for the kids on set; Melissa says the episode was very dark yet they had a good time filming it all. Chris asks if Mika was to pure for the world as it was; Phil says he thought she was. Though he felt that Lizzy and Mika would surely had died in this world without a doubt; walkers are dangerous and they would surely kill Lizzy at some point and the people in the world are just as dangerous so Mika would be killed. Chris asks how they two compare to Carl, Yvette mentions that Mika was very understanding and thought she would find her and Carl work together really well; she believes that Carl grew up in the apocalypse but Lizzy and Mika were kind of thrown into it. Chris asks about what they thought about the opening scene; Phil thought it might be a flash forward where people are cool with walkers and they are domesticated. Chris then asks when Carol told Lizzy to look at the flowers if Lizzy had any idea what was happening; Melissa believes she had no clue from it all. A fan online asks how Melissa keeps herself emotionally fine with all the stuff her character does; Melissa mentions that it does a lot at times but there is always a time for that.

A fan asks if Carol feels safer in a group or on her own; Melissa says that she really doesn’t know but feels like Carol trusts herself a lot and has been on her own a lot. Yvette believes that Carol was a victim and after Sophia died she changed; like it hardened her to realise she has to be stronger. Phil believes that pre-zombie apocalypse Daryl was doing nothing in his life but now in this world he is someone to rely on and important; he believes that Carol and Daryl really work. Melissa says that Carol and Daryl could be possible.

Chris then asks where the burnt walkers came from; Yvette and Phil agree that the house Beth and Daryl burnt down must be where they were. Phil says that they may all be split up, but the group is relatively close together.

Another fan comes up from the audience named Collin and asks why Tyreese could forgive Carol while Rick couldn’t; Melissa asks how Rick was pushed so far and believed that he was spending tons of time farming and that he felt a threat from Carol not realizing who she was anymore. Chris asks how Melissa feels about Rick kicking her out; Melissa says that Carol probably has no hate since she really just rolled with it. A fan calls in and asks Melissa why she thinks Carol couldn’t kill the deer at the end; Melissa says she probably didn’t have an appetite after shooting Lizzie. Melissa then says that it brings back the idea where you sometimes you have to kill but there are times where you don’t need to.

We now get a sneak peek at next weeks episode; we see Daryl in the forest with one of the people in his new group. The guy threatens him to give over the rabbit he got and tells him that some bitch got him messed up; Daryl gets his knife out of his sheeth. Chris asks if all the timelines are the same; Yvette believes some of them are different and they will all run into each other at different times. A fan asks if Carol will forgive Rick for throwing her out of the group; Phil says that she will. Yvette believes that Carol shouldn’t forgive him; Melissa believes that Carol understands what had to happen.