Taylor Swift the Neighbor From Hell? – Find Out Why So Many People Are Angry With Her!

Taylor Swift the Neighbor From Hell? - Find Out Why So Many People Are Angry With Her!

Taylor Swift has gained something of a reputation of being the ex-girlfriend from hell. At this point no one wants to have deal with a possible break-up from her simply out of fear. She is that girl, but is she an even worse neighbor? It starting to look like her exes aren’t the only people with room for complaint. Her neighbors up in Rhode Island seem to think she’s nothing more than an entitled young woman bent on destroying the seashore.

It all came about when Taylor reportedly ordered a construction team to build her a sea wall. A sea wall is when you create an artificial harbor as in surrounding yourself within a picturesque barrier.  It’s basically a fence yet it sounds prettier when use the hoity toity term sea wall. Moving on, to create this sea wall the construction team has been taking massive boulders from the nearby sea in order to build the fence and well that does create a lot of noise not to mention I’m pretty sure anything pulled from the sea was someone’s natural habitat. So with all respect, looking at the situation in that context,  Taylor does appear to be nuisance.

“One giant machine, part crane, was lifting big appliance-size boulders up out of the ocean with its mechanical claw and moving them,” fumed one resident. “With all the earth movers working, you might think they were building a landing strip or a mall.” (Alloy Entertainment)

Why should people who’ve lived in the area suddenly have to face loud construction noises? They’ve been there for years while Taylor has recently moved into the area. And then there’s the other side where it could be said Taylor does need  a sea wall out of safety concerns. She is a popular singer and she’s probably got her own share of stalkers and general crazies. Still this high profile person moved into a quiet neighborhood instead of a gated community or into a condo.  She had other options and chose to create drama. Sorry, but it kind of sound familiar!

  • elharbeson

    Who ever wrote this story should be fired 5 days ago when even the reporter who started this UNTRUE story apologized to Mrs. Swift.

    • Michel92

      You are right! The story is totally untrue. Can’t believe this site is running the 10 day oldcuntrue story.

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  • Lillian Freeman

    This is the dumbest article I’ve read in a while. A sea wall looks nothing like a fence and has nothing to do with security. It’s a defence wall made of large boulders; Taylor’s house is on a cliff face and she obviously doesn’t want her house to fall into the sea because of coastal erosion.

    The sea wall has been there for nearly 100 years. Taylor has just hired people to removed unsafe rocks and to return boulders that were pushed into shallow waters back to the coastline. She has all the permits required and was in fact asked by the state’s environmental agency to move the boulders in the shallow sea back to the wall.

    The columnist who complained about this has since retracted his story and published an apology to Swift.

    In addition, the Providence Journal has published an article praising Taylor for cleaning up the coastline and for pumping $2 million into the local construction industry.

    Do some research next time.

    • Michel92

      I should read other comments before I write my own. Whoops. But you explained better than I did in my post!!

  • Michel92

    Kristene Francis! Yes, YOU! The newspaper writer who started this lie/false story wrote a public apology to Taylor Swift alreay. Do you do ANY RESEARCH??? Obviously not.

    Is it TOO MuCH, Kristene, to simply do a Taylor Swift search, then scan through the articles to see that the writer apologized? Or even today, The Providence Journal writes an extremely nice article about Taylor. And expresses the hope that busy bodies put away their binoculars and leave her loan. As it says–Taylor simply rebuilt the pre-existing seawall–boulders were put in their proper place–they plucked none from the ocean, they bought extra as needed.
    Kristene–Swift has received apologies for the misleading article. All she did was legal, and she has simply restoried things to their historic condition. She is now receiving apologies, kind and apologetic articles.
    But wait! Why am I writing the details you didn’t bother to get! Coke on, Kristene. ONE SEARCH!! Maybe YOU should write an apology, too? One moretime, a gossip site making up a story based a ten day old story.
    Get honest, Kristene. How disgusting, just defame someone, you think that’s ok?