Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Invited To The 2014 Grammy Awards? (VIDEO)

The Grammy Awards are a respected, coveted, American tradition. They are like the Celebrity Super-Bowl. We all gather around our televisions once a year to watch our favorite super-stars get decked out and walk the red carpet, and perform our favorite songs from the past year on stage. So, who in hell invited Farrah Abraham to the 2014 Grammy Awards? Since when do D-List reality television stars, who shoot porno videos in their free time, score invites to the Grammy Awards?

It is still unclear whether Farrah Abraham scored an invite to the actual Grammy Awards Ceremony, or just the pre-parties, but she is definitely implying she will be attending. The star posted a Keek video of herself at a crowded Grammy party, and captioned it, “Grammy Weekend, Love You LA.” Then Farrah tweeted, “Count down to the Grammys 2014.” A jewelry designer even sent the reality star some custom jewelry from New York for her to flaunt around at the Grammy parties, which Farrah also took a photo of and posted on Twitter. (We are still trying to determine why Farrah Abraham wearing your designs is considered good for publicity.)

We would like to think that Farrah Abraham wasn’t actually invited to the 2014 Grammy Awards. But, she is trying really hard to make people believe she scored an invite. I don’t know about you guys, but if I see Farrah Abraham walking the Red Carpet on my TV tonight, I am changing the channel!

Do you think Farrah was actually invited to the Grammy Awards? Or, is she just trying to convince people she was important enough to score an invite? Let us know in the comments below!

4 responses to “Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Invited To The 2014 Grammy Awards? (VIDEO)”

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  2. thebutcher says:

    They don’t even award real talent. The grammys were officially a joke when jethro tull took home an award for metal. The only grammys that are worth a shit are the european grammys. They reward real talent, real musicians, not the shit that passes for music over here

  3. jen7334 says:

    Not sure if I am right about this but, just b/c Farrah went to a PRE Grammy party, does not necessarily mean she attended the Grammys, even though she tried to make it seem otherwise with the picture and caption on her twitter feed, ” Got my jewelry ready to fly for Grammy weekend”.

    I am sure that there are so many pre parties in the days coming up to the Grammys, that some would be desperate enough (such as OK magazine) to invite many z-list personalities to attend, just to have anyone with some, and I say this with a heavy heart, celeb status.

    If Farrah had actually been on the “red carpet” going into the Grammys on Sunday, I’m positive she would have posted them all over her twitter account.

    As it was, she went with Lilly Ghalichi from “Shahs of Sunset”, another reality personality (that I’ve never heard of) and many more z-list reality folk that think of themselves as celebrities, on Friday to an OK mag pre Grammy party, which is a far cry from the other star studded parties that were thrown all w/e. I’m sure Farrah was invited to this party mostly because she is OK’s biggest story “source”, since she seems to sell them her own gossip and set up photo ops when it comes to a Farrah story (not to be confused with a fairy story, lol)

    As far as I can tell, Farrah was no where near the Grammy Red Carpet on Sunday, as she would like us to believe, and where the real stars were.

    Sucks to be you Farrah, you fame whore!!!

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