Teen Wolf Recap 8/11/14: Season 4 Episode 8 “Time of Death”

Teen Wolf Recap 8/11/14: Season 4 Episode 8 “Time of Death”

Tonight on MTV, TEEN WOLF returns with the seventh episode in its fourth season called “Time of Death.” On tonight’s episode, Scott carries out a dangerous plan. Meanwhile, Malia confronts her past.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the fourth season of Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama and to some extent based on the Teen Wolf 1985 film of the same name.

On last week’s episode of Teen Wolf, the school was overtaken by a mysterious outbreak. Also, we met another assassin who was trying to cross names off the Dead Pool, the hit list of supernatural creatures put out by the mysterious Benefactor. The new assassin was called The Chemist. Malia and Stiles also hit a rough patch. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, well, don’t worry, we have a full and detailed recap for you right here.

On tonight’s episode, Scott embarks on a dangerous plan to draw out The Benefactor; Malia confronts her past.

Tonight’s episode is going to be really interesting. You’re not going to want to miss even a minute! We will be live blogging TEEN WOLF on MTV beginning at 10 PM EST. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode below.


Stiles is sleeping beside Malia. They cuddle closer together and fight about sleeping positions. Turns out she’s not actually there.

Scott’s dad says he needs to return to San Francisco to do some paperwork. Before leaving, he says that he had to murder The Chemist, that it was justifiable. Scott asks how he deals with murder. Agent McCall also says that he’d like to “be in the know” when he returns, as Scott and the gang always seem to cope well with the strange happenings in Beacon Hills surprisingly well, and he’s ready to understand what’s going on with them.

Meanwhile, Scott, Liam, Stiles, and Kira come up with a way to “trick” the Benefactor into revealing himself.

In the hospital, a patient comes in coding. The doctor pronounces him dead. Next, we see that the person is Scott.

Braeden is spending the night at Derek’s. She goes over to him and asks why his big wound isn’t healing.

Next, we see Melissa break down after learning her son has “died.”

Then, we see a flashback to what’s really going on: Kira (with the help of her mother’s knowledge) has slowed Scott’s heart to a beat so slow he appears dead.

In the morgue, Melissa joins the gang, including Kira’s mom. Melissa says she hates this plan. “He looks dead,” she says. Kira’s mom places Melissa’s hand on Scott’s chest to let her feel his subtle — but there — heartbeat. Kira’s mom says that this heart rate is enough to keep an Alpha alive for 45 minutes. Any longer in this state and he’ll die.

Stiles and Mr. Argent attempt to contact the Benefactor, who wants visual confirmation of Scott’s body. Mr. Argent tells him to come collect the body himself — but the Benefactor seems to be a bit hard headed. Argent tells him, via the instant messaging system, that he’ll come find him if he doesn’t abide by his rules.

Derek reveals to Braeden that he’s losing his powers.

Mr. Argent helps the gang setup security cameras in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Scott appears to wake up in the school, but he’s clearly dreaming — or trapped in some nightmarish state after being put in this death-like coma.

Malia looks through the Hale vault. She gets a phone call from Stiles but chooses to ignore his call. She breaks into one of the safes and finds a folder labeled “Malia Tate Adoption Records.” Peter walks in and says, “I’ve gotta buy a better safe.” He tells her that she can’t leave with those documents . . . but he allows her to read them.

Melissa and Mrs. Y keep watch in the car in the parking lot. Melissa wonders aloud why they, as parents, are allowing their children to fight these kind of fights. Mrs. Y says that they allow it because, if they don’t, then they are, in a way, asking their children to run away and hide from the evils in the world.

One of the cameras on the computers shorts out. Kira and Liam go to the roof to investigate.

Meanwhile, Lydia is at the lake house trying to discover her strange connection — if there is one — to Meredith. Someone sneaks up on her in the boat house. Turns out it’s her mother. Lydia’s mom is worried about her and says that she’d like to know what’s going on with her — and that, if she can, she’d like to help. Lydia gives in and shows her mother the photo of Meredith. “Do you know her?” Lydia asks. “Meredith Walker?” her mother says. The surprise in her voice is apparent, leading us to believe that she definitely knows something about Meredith’s path . . . maybe even her existence as a banshee (?)

Scott is still trapped in his nightmare land.

Kira and Liam arrive on the roof. They run into a berserker; the power has been cut to the entire hospital. Kira draws her sword.

Mr. Argent goes through the hospital. He bumps into Stiles, who says that the power has been lost everywhere.

Meanwhile, Braeden teaches Derek how to use a gun. But they don’t get far into their lessons before they start making out.

Malia looks through the adoption file but says there’s no information in there that tells her anything. Peter, after revealing that he paid a lot of money to get his hands on that information, says that the problem with only hearing one side of a story is that you “only get one side.” He must know something else and seems to be offering to tell her more.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Liam attempts to fight the berserker. He’s knocked out. Next, Kira, trying to fight it as well, is also knocked out — she’s punched in the face very, very, very hard.

Kira’s dazed but eventually shaken awake by Liam.

Mrs. Y and Melissa go through the hospital looking for the kids. Stiles, Kira, and Liam have abandoned their posts. Obviously.

Stiles is in the morgue trying to phone Mr. Argent. Mr. Argent is thrown into the morgue. He shouts, “Stiles, run!” But before he can react, Kate walks in.

Kate wants Scott’s body — but she won’t tell Chris and Stiles why. Though she does say that she’s not the Benefactor.

Peter says that he might know who Malia’s mother is: She supposedly goes by an alias…The Desert Wolf. He tries to convince her that he’s not the villain in this situation and that, even though his name isn’t on the dead pool, he’s not the Benefactor. He says he’s trying to do “a kindness” to prove to her that he’s telling her the truth. He wants to find her mother just as much as anyone because his sister, Talia, stole the memory from him before she died.

Kate and Chris face off. He tries to talk her down. He tells her to leave, to let them fulfill their plan, and to take the berserkers along with her. She seems to agree.

Meanwhile, at the lake house, Lydia’s mother reveals that her grandmother died in Eichen House — she was there because she supposedly “heard voices.” Next, she reveals that her grandmother wanted her to spread her ashes across the lake once she turned 18. Lydia’s mother says that now is as good a time as any, given the fact that she’ll be 18 in a couple weeks. When Lydia opens the urn filled with the ashes, she says that these aren’t her grandmother’s ashes. “It’s mountain ash,” she says. “It’s all made out of mountain ash,” She looks around at the lake house structures.

Scott is still struggling in his nightmare. In it, he’s seen killing Liam with The Mute’s tomahawk.

Kira brings him back.

Mrs. Y is badly injured.

Kate runs down into the sewers where she meets up with Peter. “You were right,” she says to him, “he’s still alive.” Peter says, “Thank God.”

After his hook up with Braeden, Derek gets up and checks out Braeden’s table of guns.

In Kira’s room, Scott says that, even though they might not have seen the Benefactor, it might’ve worked . . . what type of person do they know of who can sense death even without visual confirmation. A banshee.

Meanwhile, at the lake house, Lydia is given a note. Lydia’s mother says that this was the last thing she ever wrote down but it’s all “nonsense.”

“Are you sure grandma is dead?” Lydia asks. She looks down at the note . . . it’s code . . . just like the dead pool.


Or could this note possibly be a prediction made by her grandmother all those years ago — a final piece of the puzzle?

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