The 100 Recap – Clarke vs Anya: Season 2 Episode 4 “Many Happy Returns”

The 100 Recap - Clarke vs Anya: Season 2 Episode 4 "Many Happy Returns"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Wednesday November 5, season 2 episode 3 called “Many Happy Returns.” On tonight’s episode, Clarke [Eliza Taylor] is betrayed by someone she trusted. Meanwhile, Bellamy [Bob Morley], Finn [Thomas McDonell] and Murphy (Richard Harmon) race to save a stranger; and tensions rise between Raven [Lindsey Morgan] and Wick (Steve Talley).

On the last episode when Clarke discovered a horrifying project being carried out in Mount Weather’s medical ward, she joined forces with an unlikely ally. After Abby confessed to committing a crime, Kane issued an order to have her brutally punished. Meanwhile, Monty warned a distracted Jasper that Clarke could be in trouble, and Octavia continued to fight for Lincoln. Thomas McDonell, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan and Isaiah Washington also starred. Dean White directed the episode written by Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you  missed it we hae a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “after being betrayed by someone she thought she could trust, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) takes matters into her own hands and proves she’s not going down without a flight. Bellamy (Bob Morley), Finn (Thomas McDonell) and Murphy (guest star Richard Harmon) race against time to save a stranger. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Wick (guest star Steve Talley) while working together, and an unexpected reunion occurs. “

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 4 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The sun shines on a blistering desert canyon. A Grounder of some sort drags a cart along looking for loot and sees a lump in the sand. The boy ventures down to investigate. He sees what looks like a person face down in the sand. He sets down her cart and pulls the cover off. It’s Jaha. He nudges him with his foot and then checks to see if he’s alive. He digs in his pocket and pulls out the chess piece. He comes to and grabs for the piece. The boy lets it go and he grabs it then passes out again. He seems unsure what to do about him.

Clarke and Anya walk for hours and Anya says she’s taking her to tell the Commander what the Mountain Men are doing. Clarke says they should unite since they both want the same thing. They hear noise and realize the Mountain Men have found them. They take off at a run. Bellamy, Finn and Murphy run in the woods. Finn tells Bellamy he had to kill the guy but Bellamy says he’s not himself and calls him a loose cannon. They hear a noise and then notice flies swarming on bodies. These are ark people.

There are a dozen, maybe more dead. They see part of an ark, crashed into a mountainous area and Murphy says it was a rough landing. Bellamy says they can’t help those people and that they have to go but then they hear a noise. They call to someone on the cliff edge. It’s Mel and Stirling says they have to help her. Finn says they don’t have time to help her but then Murphy says to hold on. Stirling is already over the cliff to help Mel.

They have an electric fence live around the main camp and they tell everyone it’s hot. Raven’s boss comes for her and sees her working on her physical therapy and slapping at her bad leg. He says she’s cleared for work and asks about her leg. She says it’s not a factor. He tells her to build a radio beacon so they can see if there are other ark stations with survivors. He tells her to get to engineering and get started. She goes.

Jaha wakes and sees the chess piece. He grabs it up and then the boy is there and speaks to him. He has a knife and he thinks the boy is going to hurt him but he cuts into a tuber and it provides him liquid. He thanks him and asks his name. He points to him and the boy says Zoran. He says he’s Thelonius. He struggles and then says Theelo. His parents come in and panic that he’s brought Jaha there. Zoran says he’s from the sky. His mom speaks English and says strangers aren’t welcome.

Anya drags Clarke along and tells her she’s too loud and smells like the Mountain Men. They hear more men coming and scramble to lower ground further away. Anya stops her by a stream and splatters her with mud. She tells her she needs to cover herself. They both get all muddy. Stirling works his way down to Mel who clings to the rock face. Murphy says Bellamy has given the kid one too many motivational speeches and he tells him to shut it.

Stirling makes it to her and she takes his hand. He pulls over to her but then she looses her footing. She clings to a branch. The slip knot on the climbing rope comes loose and Stirling falls to a horrible death on the rocks below. Bellamy tells Mel to hold on. He tells her to focus on him and be strong. Finn says they are out of rope and Bellamy says the others may be dead already but they know they can save Mel. Finn asks how and Bellamy says to scour the wreckage for items to make a rope. They scramble.

Jaha wakes and says he thought he wasn’t welcome but the woman says Zoran’s father said he could stay. He asks where he is and she says it’s the dead zone on the way to the city of light. She says her name is Sienna and hands him a paste of squashed bugs to eat. He sighs and scoops one up that’s still wiggling and pops it in his mouth. She says that’s good and he thanks her. He asks about the city of light and she says if they can find it, it will be their home.

Zoran comes in and Jaha is startled by his face – one half is badly disfigured and he reacts badly. The boy says he has found more food but then runs out at Jaha’s reaction. Sienna says they are used to the hatred but Jaha says there is no hate. Jaha asks if it’s radiation but she says hate. She says usually when a child like that is born, they leave it out for nature to take back. She says it’s their way but she couldn’t do it to her child. She says they left home so he could live.

Raven comes to the engineering lab and finds Wick. He calls her a wrench monkey and she asks if he’s still coming up with designs the rest of them have to fix. She says she has to build a beacon and he tells her he made schematics. She takes a look and he has a support device for her leg. She says it’s a piece of crap and says she can get around just fine. She curses him as an engineer and he her as a mechanic.

Anya and Clarke hide high up and Anya blames her for them following. Clarke says she thinks she has a tracker and tells Anya they have to remove it. Clarke wants a sterile knife but Anya uses her teeth and rips it out. She says she won’t be taken back there again. The guys have belt a makeshift rope and they lower Bellamy down to Mel. He makes it to her and tells her to put her arms around him. He promises she’ll be safe and she grabs for him and holds on tight.

He calls for them to pull her up and Murphy calls down to her not to worry. They pull them up. Raven tells Wick some changes she’s making to his design. He’s not pleased and says it won’t work but she proposes another fix. She says if it’s not working, he’s doing it wrong. She hobbles on her crutches and he tells her to try the brace. She says his brace sucks and refuses to try it. She has to climb up a high tower and puts on her welding gear and starts to climb but her bum leg is causing problems.

She is frustrated with her mobility problems and realizes she can’t make it up. She lowers herself back down and Wick says they can go think it through but she tells him to leave her alone and hobbles away. The guys work to drag Mel and Bellamy back up when they almost lose their grip on the rope. They struggle to regain control and save them. Grounders start shooting at them from the trees. They fire back as they dodge spears and arrows.

They tell Bellamy he has to cut her loose as Monroe takes a spear hit to the leg. They hear the horn sound that signals poison fog and they tell him to cut her loose. He won’t and they finally get them to the top. Mel thanks them. It was Murphy that anchored them by putting the seat belt around himself. Bellamy says they have to hide from the fog but Octavia is there. She had a horn and blew it to drive the Grounders away. She and Bellamy hug it out.

Raven sits staring glumly out the window and Wick tells her she’s bringing him down. He says he asked for her to work on the beacon since she’s the best they’ve got. He tells her to stop as she tries to walk away. He says she has a first rate mind and tells her to use it to work around her leg. She asks how and he tells her she can let her friends help for starters. She looks at the brace he made her and sighs. She goes over to try it on as he watches.

She puts it on and tightens all the straps then stands. It’s awkward but she can walk without the crutches. She smiles and he asks what do you know. He says it holds and she says it’s an offense to mechanics everywhere. He sucks some helium in and does a funny voice and that gives her inspiration on how to fix the beacon.

Jaha calls to Zoran who hides behind a face scarf. He calls the boy over again and says please and the boy walks over. Jaha tells him he doesn’t need to wear it for him and he pulls it off shyly. Sienna watches them. Jaha hands the boy the chess piece and checks with his mom before he accepts it. Jaha tells him it’s from a chess game and says he taught his son when he was his age. Sienna asks where his son is now and he says he’s dead. He says he put his people first and it cost him his son. Jaha smiles at the boy.

Anya drags Clarke along further and Clarke tells her to let her bandage her wound before it gets infected. Clarke stabs her in the neck with a knock out dart she had on her. Clarke says she can find her way from here and that Anya is the prisoner now. She binds the Grounder girl. Jaha is working on a chess board when Zoran runs in and says he must go. He points out some riders on the ridge and hands him a scope. He asks who they are and Zoran says they must have seen him fall and are coming for him.

Jaha worries the riders will hurt them but Zoran says to go and they can hurt themselves. Octavia treats Monroe’s leg wound and then has to tell them Lincoln is dead. Bellamy says he’s sorry. She says they have to go before the Grounders return. They have the map and Finn heads off to try and find the others. Murphy follows him and says he can’t go back because they’ll just lock him up. Bellamy tosses him the gun and Octavia is surprised. He tells Murphy to watch Finn’s back and the two jog off.

Bellamy tells Octavia he can’t get them home without her and she agrees. They head out the other way. Clarke drags Anya through the forest on a makeshift litter. She gets back to the original base they had to blow up to defeat the Grounders. She sees a message with her name on it but it’s not legible. Anya wakes and they come to blows. Clarke tries to get her to stop but she won’t. Clarke throws dirt in her eyes and says she doesn’t want to kill her.

Anya says then she’ll die and stabs at Clarke. The fight gets even more brutal. Anya runs at her and tackles her and holds a knife to her chest. She goes to stab her but Clarke grabs her arm where she bit the trackers out. She flips her over and beats the girl in the face until she’s done. She grabs the knife but then sees a glittering balloon. She decides not to stab her and stares up at her. Anya tells her she fought well and Clarke asks if she’s seen it.

She says he lied – her people are out there. It’s the balloon to life the radio beacon that Raven and Wick built. At the HQ camp, Wick tells Raven it was a good idea. He tells her she’s arrogant enough to be an engineer. Sinclair comes up and Byrne says it’s a target and shoots it down without warning. Wick says they fell from space in an ark and says the Grounder knows they’re there. Byrne chews them out for incompetence and calls more guards to the wall.

Jaha sees the riders and Zoran begs his mom to make him run. Sienna says that if he runs, they’ll hurt them. Zoran is upset to see his father brought the stranger there to take Jaha away but Jaha tells him it’s okay. He waits calmly. Sienna says there is a bounty on sky people. She says they had to have the horse to reach the city of light. Jaha says you have to what you must to survive. He gets it. He tells him he hopes they find their new home and goes to surrender himself.

He holds his hands up to show he’s giving himself up and walks over to the stranger. Zoran’s family watch as the rider clubs Jaha to knock him out. Zoran cries and they pull him back inside the tent so he can’t see what happens. Clarke and Anya make it to HQ camp. Anya asks how many there are and Clarke says she hopes a lot. She unties Anya’s hands and tells her she’s letting her go. She says she’s not weak, but isn’t like her. She says they will need their technology and the Grounder’s knowledge of the world to beat the Mt Weather people.

She asks Anya if her people will cooperate. Anya says she can get an audience. They claps arms and Clarke asks her to please hurry. She heads off at a slow walk but is gunned down. Clarke is shot too. She tries to revive Anya but she says in her native language that her fight is over. Soldiers run out to capture Clarke and smash her in the face as they call back that they have two Grounders down.