The Biggest Loser RECAP 1/21/14: Season 15 Episode 13

The Biggest Loser RECAP 1/21/14: Season 15 Episode 13

THE BIGGEST LOSER returns to NBC tonight with a new episode and it is makeover night.  On tonight’s show fashion guru Tim Gunn and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves guest star in “Fan Favorite” makeover episode.  Did you watch the last episode before the hiatus?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last episode the contestants were off on the adventure of a lifetime, headed to Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, where they trained like champions and got to meet some incredible Olympic athletes. Dolvett introduced the players to Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno, who talked about his own “Second Chance” – this season’s theme – and worked out with the contestants inside the spectacular Olympic Oval arena. Then the contestants competed in the sport of curling, after an introduction to USA Curling team members Jessica Schultz, Debbie McCormick and Anne Swisshelm. The fun continued at the base of the bobsled track, where words of motivation from USA Bobsled Team members Lolo Jones and Jazmine Fenlator got the remaining seven players fired up about the fast-paced sport. But for this week’s challenge, they did not race down the track. Instead, they ran more than a mile up the bobsled track, a challenge made far more difficult by the elevation of over 7,000 feet.

On tonight’s episode it’s one of the most eagerly-anticipated episodes of “The Biggest Loser” season — the makeover episode! The fun begins with fashion expert Tim Gunn, who works his magic helping the contestants select stylish new outfits to flatter their new slimmer selves. Then celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, whose clients have included Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Lady Ga Ga and Eva Longoria, crafts incredible new looks for each of the remaining seven contestants, leading to amazing and dramatic transformations. Then they are whisked away to enjoy a special night out and heartwarming, emotional reunions with loved ones flown in to celebrate their big day. Later, it’s back to reality and the ranch, where two players fall under the red line at the weigh-in and are eliminated, revealing the final five contestants of the season.

The Biggest Loser season 15 episode 13 airs at 8PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us!  Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!

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This time on the Biggest Loser it’s make over week for the contestants, the contestants each talk about how they’re excited for makeover week, that their proud to have made it this far into the competition. While their speaking it shows flashbacks of the contestants working hard and them talking about what they wanted a second chance for.

The contestants will be meeting their friends and family as the new them, it’s going to completely change their lives. Now its twelve hours earlier before the meet up with their family, Chelsea is excited to have made it this far. They each walk in to meet Tim Gunn and Ken Pavis, who will help them with they’re makeover, they are the best of the best at this.

Tim talks about how this season is about a second chance, Ken wants to give them a makeover and have them be open minded for the entire time. The contestants are going to start with clothing with Tim Gunn, Tanya is up first, and Tim wants to make sure that he doesn’t make the person into his personal dress up doll; he wants to collaborate with the people. Tanya finds something she liked to wear, she tries it on and looks in the mirror, she then begins to tear up because of how much progress she can see she’s made throughout her journey.

Tanya is so proud of herself, because she sees new confident women in herself, she tries on more clothes and talks about how she’s never focused on herself that this was a first time for her. Tim asks Bobby about who he is, he talks about an attorney and that he had problems with suits and how he ruined several suits before. Bobby wants to be at a size where he doesn’t need to worry about where he shops and if they’ll have a big enough size for him.

Tim is proud of how Bobby a fellow gay man has done. Tim is talking to Rachel and if she has anything she wants to wear, or her dream dress. She tells Tim about her dress she wore in Germany, she’s nervous to try on this sparkly black dress, because of how big she used to be. Rachel steps out of the changing room and Tim is blown away.

Now it’s showing where Jay is, currently he’s at a 185 pounds looking healthier than ever. When he put on all his weight before he had to give up riding horses, it prevents him from doing what he loved. Jay for the first time in two years he’s going to go rope, he feels better than he’s ever felt in twenty five years. It’s back to Rachel with Tim, Rachel looks at herself in the mirror and begins to cry, she’s so shocked with how she looks.

Marie is talking to Tim about how her second chance is to become a mom, she tells him about what she used to wear. Tim wants her to wear something girly this time. Marie goes in to the dressing room, she comes out and she’s very happy with the progress she’s made, her husband has never seen her at this size and she can’t wait for him to see her now. Chelsea goes into the changing room next, she comes out looking great. She begins to tear up, because of how she never liked looking in the mirror before, being so thin and making it this far makes her feels amazing.

Tim says that he has to hold back his emotions when he’s with the Biggest Loser contestants, because of how they react after looking in the mirror. Jennifer walks in to meet Tim, she talks about how she would never go to a boutique like this because of how there would of never have been plus sizes for who she was before. This Jennifer’s second chance at life, to enjoy life. Now David is up next, he’s half the man he used to be in proportion but is twice the man he was before. Tim says that they are an extraordinary group of people, now Tim is going to send the contestants to Ken to give them a new haircut and more.

The ladies arrive at Ken Paves hair salon; he wants to give their hair a second chance. Kevin gives Tanya the first cut in her hair and the others also; he’s going to be transforming them into someone new with these haircuts. Jennifer wants to be unrecognizable when she meets with her family, to shock them all. Ken asks David what he was doing with the beard; David said that it was a goal setter for him, that he wouldn’t shave the beard until he lost 100 pounds or made it to makeover week.

David shaves off a part of his beard, embarking on his new journey. Ken talks to Marie, she’s a little nervous. Ken wants to give Marie a short haircut, something that’ll bring out her smile. Marie is worried about she might look like a boy with short hair; Ken says that he wants her to be brave and strong enough to be open to a shorter haircut. Ken is proud to be a part of the Biggest Loser, because he loves to help people with their transformation.

Ken wants to cut Marie’s hair short, to get her over all of insecurities. She will need to just trust Ken and the decision they make. The contestants are about to meet their family members, they talk about how it feels like a dream come true. Rachel is up first to meet her family and friends she arrives and Allie is stunned by Rachel saying she looks amazing. Rachel’s mom and dad arrive; they’re completely shocked by how much she’s changed. They think she looks fabulous, Rachel talks that with this make over week it’s made her realize how much progress she’s made at the Biggest Loser. She says that this was the journey she’s always wanted, Rachel’s father says that he’s proud of his daughter with what she’s done. Rachel takes her mom and dad down to the reception area.

Bobby is up next Allie says that Bobby looks awesome, Bobby’s family appears. Bobby’s father is very proud of his son and what he’s done; Bobby says that his relationship with his parents has changed ever since coming to the Biggest Loser. Now Jennifer is up next, her family appears and they’re surprised by how great she looks. Her family is completely speechless. Hannah, Jennifer’s daughter believes that her mom can go further in this competition and win it. Up next is Marie, she’s very nervous with this.

Marie arrives with her transformation, looking good, she’s happy with the makeover that it makes her look like a completely different person. Marie’s husband arrives and he’s completely shocked, he says that he couldn’t recognize her at first. He’s amazed with what she’s done with herself. Chelsea is up next to meet her family. Her brother appears and they’re both shocked, he was working in Korea and she looks so much more different compared from before. Tanya is up next, she talks to Allie how this experience has taught her to love herself. Her family arrives and they’re surprised by how different Tanya looks. Tanya’s son talks about how this journey was something she needed, that today she looks like a happier person. David is going to be seeing his family next, looking completely different, I didn’t even recognize him for a second there.

David’s family appear, they’re shocked by how different he looks, his entire family starts to cry as they hug him. Mackenzie is very proud of her father, that this is life changing for them. His wife Is also very proud of him also. David says that all the time he was away and the sacrifices he’s made was completely worth it. David will never forget this moment in his life. The Biggest Loser contestants are now talking to their families, David talks about how his promise with his first life will now be able to be completed. Chelsea’s brother came to represent the entire family, Chelsea talks about her journey and how it’s changed as a person. Her brother Brad, says that it means the world to see her so happy.

Rachel is excited to see her mom and dad together now, because they divorced. Her mom talks about how she looks so much happy and that it’s easy to tell. Rachel tells her father about how she got to work out at the Utah Olympic Stadium, she then talks about how she thought she disappointed her father by not swimming. He reassures her that he’s proud of her and wouldn’t feel disappointed in her, he never knew she was hiding those emotions.

Taylor, Jennifer’s daughter is excited and can’t wait for her mom to help her with her journey when she comes home. Jennifer talks to her family how she never taught them how to eat right, and that she can’t wait to show them how much she’s learned. Pat her husband says that the last time she’s ever seen her looking this great was at their wedding. Allie makes a toast to the seven remaining contestants, and their second chance to a greater life. Rachel says that this night is the best night of her life, because she’s realized who she is and gets to share it with her family and the other contestants. David tells his family that he’ll now be able to keep the promise he made, being with his family is a great reward.

Today it’s time for the contestants to get back to reality; the trainers are completely shocked with how much their contestants have changed. Bob couldn’t recognize David when he showed up in the gym. It’s time for the last chance workout, they need to work their asses off in order to stay in the competition and win. All of the contestants want to finish their journey on the show all the way to the end. David’s told him that they want him to finish the competition strong, so he’s ready to give it his all to win this.

Dolvette has been helping Jennifer’s daughter Taylor with weight loss, she’s lost 16 pounds on her own. Tanya says that one of her driving forces is being saved by Dolvette, because she wants to make sure he doesn’t regret seeing her. Chelsea talks to Jillian about her father and how he became an alcoholic and everything, she’s realized that she was capable of putting herself. Jillian says that when Chelsea can accept that her dad’s uncontrollable, and that she can control herself she will soar. Chelsea is glad that she’s been able to shed off all those years of weight.

The contestants are now preparing for tonight’s weigh in, after tonight there is only one week till the end of the ranch. Now there’s going to be two people that will go under the red line and they’ll both be eliminated, this is worrying the contestants. This is an important weigh in for them for it will determine who will be the final five. Bob speaks about how makeover week causes’ people to have low numbers. Bobby is up first, from 254 pounds he is now currently at 248 pounds.

Tanya is up next to step on the scale, she doesn’t want to be under the red line. From 196 pounds she is now currently at 192 pounds. Chelsea is u next, from 168 pounds she is now currently at 164 pounds. Rachel is up now, from 155 pounds she is now currently at 151 pounds. Marie is up next from 178 pounds she is now currently at 175 pounds. Jennifer is now up on the scale from 189 pounds she is now currently at 185 pounds. Marie is eliminated from the competition. David is the last to get up on the scale from 266 pounds he is now currently at 259 pounds.

Tonight Tanya and Marie will be going home; David will be joining the other four contestants being a part of the final five. David then talks about how he wants this so bad, that he wants to compete in the triathlon and change his life. Tanya thanks everyone for they’ve all changed their lives; she says that this isn’t the end of her journey. Marie talks about how amazing this journey has been that this was a great opportunity for her and she can’t wait to get home and live a glorious life.