The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/31/14: Season 2 Finale “Run to You”

The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/31/14: Season 2 Finale “Run to You”

Tonight on the CW the new show THE CARRIE DIARIES returns with a new episode called, “Run to You.”   On tonight’s episode Sebastian decides he, too, needs to come clean about something.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb), Mouse (Ellen Wong), Maggie (Katie Findlay), and Walt (Brendan Dooling) decided to go to their senior prom – at The Waldorf Astoria – together for a final hurrah. Larissa (Freema Agyeman) offered Carrie an opportunity that made her rethink her plans for the next year. Mouse learned a secret about Donna LaDonna (Chloe Bridges) that could threaten her reign as queen bee. Meanwhile, Sebastian (Austin Butler) hided a big decision from Carrie.

On tonight’s episode Larissa exposes Carrie’s secret, and Sebastian must expose his own; Maggie and Walt get the biggest surprise of their lives; Mouse and West get trapped in a situation they can’t get out of; Samantha tries to get out of New York City; Larissa and Harlan have the biggest wedding of all.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it or AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the CW’s The Carrie Diaries tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you think a prequel to Sex & The City is working?

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Carrie talks about the history of milestones as she celebrates one – namely, her graduation. She and her friends have made it out of high school and they are all thrilled. Carrie leaves for her new job in a week but her Dad is still giving her the silent treatment.

Mouse will be at Harvard, Walt at Pratt and Maggie at a local college. Mouse and her ex-BF tied for valedictorian and she’s not thrilled. Pete is there to see Maggie graduate and then Donna joins them. Mouse wishes West good luck but it’s awkward.

Tom hassles Carrie about turning down college and laments a scholarship she got that she won’t use. Dorrit asks them to stop arguing and Carrie tells him he needs to believe in her. He says he can’t because he truly feels she’s destroying her future. He leaves. Dorrit gives her a hug and says he won’t stay mad.

Carrie asks Dorrit to be nice to their Dad while she’s gone and she makes no promises. Her room is all packed up and she’s headed to the city to be a working girl. Sebastian and Carrie chat on her first day of work. She sees in the paper an article on Larissa who is being called a modern day Medici. He tells her he needs to head to California soon and she says she’ll pitch some West coast stories so they can travel there together but he knows he needs to tell her he’s moving.

Samantha is out to place a horse race bet when Elliott spots her. He admits he’s been lurking there hoping to see her. She reminds him she can’t see him since he’s still married. He says it’s more than sex with her and he’s craving her but doesn’t understand why. He says he doesn’t know what to do. She tells him to come inside and bet with her – she says it’s relaxing.

Carrie heads into work and is told to keep her head down. Larissa is packing up her office – turns out she’s been fired from the magazine. She says that Andy’s fragile ego was broken by the newspaper profile on her and she forgot to mention Andy so he let her go. Larissa says she’s going to buy and sell art, redecorate her apartment and work on her wedding. She tells Carrie that she’s jobless too and Carrie is devastated. Her Dad was proven right on day one of her new writing career!!

Carrie goes to NYU to beg for a slot and is told there’s no way she can matriculate that Fall. The admissions office says she missed the deadline by three days and they’ve made offerings to wait list people. They tell her she can plead for mercy and maybe get in by Spring. She asks what she should do for seven months and he says get a job and she explains that’s what caused the problem to start with.

Samantha shags Elliott then immediately regrets it. She admits that she’s been thinking about him too. He says he doesn’t want to let her go and she says too bad. She shakes his hand and says she hopes never to see him again. He tells her that the adrenaline rush of orgasm triggers fight or flight. She says she’s going and he tries to talk her into staying. She stares him down and goes.

Pete and Maggie snuggle at the diner before his bus goes. She says once she’s in school, they’ll only be 20 minutes apart, but he acts awkward and says they’ll figure it out in the Fall. She asks for chapstick and he tells her it’s in his pocket but she finds a girl’s phone number there.

Carrie comes home and tells Sebastian she got fired by proxy when Larissa got fired. She tells him she got the bad news from NYU too. She says she was wandering around in shock and then asks if he wants to get drunk with her. He says they should talk and he confesses that he’s been needing to talk to her about something big. She says the city has turned on her and he says that makes way for more opportunities.

Sebastian says he needs to move to Malibu to try and make his company work and says he wants to go for the Summer. He asks her to come with him for a few months. He tells her it would be an amazing adventure and would be good fodder for her writing.

Carrie tells Samantha she’s going to Malibu and Samantha volunteers to come along. She says she’s a nomad and likes to move around. Carrie says she doesn’t and Samantha says running away is in our DNA and is a safety valve. She mentions Elliott and Carrie figures out that’s why she wants to run away to Cali. She explains that they slept together and Carrie says it’s a big city. Samantha says that running away has always served her well. Samantha says she likes Elliott but it makes her feel vulnerable. Carrie says you can’t run and hide.

Tom runs into Larissa and her fiance and they tell him they’ve moved the wedding up. Larissa tells him she’s not at Interview anymore and Tom is shocked. She tells him she’s going to try and find Carrie a job after she’s done with the wedding and is surprised he didn’t know Carrie lost her job.

Maggie tells the others about the napkin and phone number and they try to figure it out. Walt says Pete seems like a great guy and Donna asks if she’s being needy. She thinks Maggie scared him off. Mouse thinks asking for the relationship to be defined is okay but the others don’t think so. They tell her to talk to Pete and find out what’s going on.

Carrie’s Dad comes to her door looking furious and she’s not happy to see him there. She tells him she’s going to Malibu for a few months. He tells her he’s done and that he doesn’t know what to say to her. He says he doesn’t support her decisions or how she’s acting. He says she made one bad decision followed by another. He asks when she’s going and she says after the wedding. He tells her they can say their good-byes then and he lets himself out.

Carrie shows up to Weaver’s for a chat.

Maggie calls the number she found in Pete’s pocket. Walt isn’t sure she’s doing the right thing. She hands the phone to Walt and he nervously takes the call. He asks how well she knows Pete and she says well but then hangs up. Maggie isn’t happy.

Carrie and Weaver sit on his stoop to talk about California. He says he needs the city to inspire him. She says she’s not a roll with the punches girl. She says she just wanted an honest opinion and can’t talk to Sebastian about it so he won’t think it’s about their relationship. She’s worried about her writing and Weaver said a zip code doesn’t drive her talent. She says he helped her with her writing and he says he’s glad she thinks well of him. She also says that since he was her first he’ll always hold a special place in her brain. He says if she decides not to go, he’s there for her.

Dorrit and Tom eat waffles for dinner and she asks how his day was. He says it’s strange because his youngest daughter is being nice and she says she promised Carrie she would. He thinks Carrie broker promises to him and Dorrit tells him that Carrie never promises him to go to college or stay close. She says that she knows how much he and Carrie have in common and that he doesn’t have that same expectation of her because they’re different, but he does for Carrie. Tom thinks about that.

Mouse and Walt get encyclopedias as their graduation gift but there’s only one set. The principal tells them to work it out. Mouse isn’t pleased.

The apartment is packed up and Carrie says it looks sad. Larissa hasn’t found a sublet yet and Carrie says she doesn’t think she’s ready to give up the place. Shane – Sebastian’s partner – says their stuff arrive and Ollie loves the beach. He asks if she’s ready and she says yes but looks at the place sadly as they go. They have to go so they’re not late for the wedding. She tells the apartment goodbye.

Larissa’s wedding is in full swing at the fab space she’s scored – it’s at an airport terminal. Sebastian is amazed. Bennett is in a weird piece of African garb because he’s giving her away and presiding over the ceremony in her father’s stead. Turns out her dad is the head of their tribe and can’t get away. He tells her that Larissa needs her and carts her off.

Tom comes over and greets Sebastian who tells him he didn’t mean to come between her and her Dad. Tom says it’s not about her and he says he knows Sebastian is chasing his dream in California. Tom says Carrie isn’t running toward something, but away and he didn’t raise her to run away from things.

Samantha chides Elliott for stalking her. She says he needs to take a hike. She tells him that her betting den is her safe space and he needs to go home to his wife. He says he left his wife because he’s in love with her and split with her. Samantha says she won’t be in an open relationship and he says he only pushed for that before because he was unhappy. He says he won’t need that now and kisses her.

Larissa and Harland’s vows are disturbingly intimate. He talks about how they joined the mile high club together. Larissa’s vows talk about how the airport takes people to and from adventures like the ones she wants to share with him. She says they’re also about coming home to loved ones and she says he’s her family and home. Sebastian looks at Carrie who is tearing up.

Mouse and West argue over who gets each encyclopedia volume. The custodian interrupts and basically tells them they’re idiots. That gives them a reality check. Mouse tells him she pushed him away being too competitive. West says he thinks her intensity is sexy. They kiss and knock over the stack of books.

Carrie finds Sebastian after the ceremony and he says he knows she’s not coming. Carrie says she wants to but just can’t. She says she belongs in the city. She says there’s nothing for her there – no job or school – she still has to stay and fight for her life. He says he knows going with him would be running away. He tells her he loves her and always will.

Sebastian takes her in his arms and she starts to cry. He tells her she’s going to be amazing and he’s going to see her by-line in a magazine and will be able to say he loved that girl. She asks why doing the right thing hurts so much and he kisses her and says he needs to go. She says he needs to make his flight and he walks away after a sweet and sad good-bye.

Carrie says to herself that maybe it feels so bad because she knows it’s a good-bye for good.

Harland tells Tom how happy he is and tells him to get over Carrie leaving New York. Harland says his son is in rehab, so he should be pleased with how well she turned out. Harland says he’s a bad, selfish parent and that Carrie is great even if she’s a little lost right now. He says he should be there for Carrie instead of criticizing her. He says that she even introduced him to Larissa and he has Carrie to thank for it.

Carrie and Larissa are dancing when Tom cuts in. He tells her when she was little, she always loved to dance with him. She says that explains her issues. He says she would put her feet on top of his and waltz around. He says it’s hard to believe that little girl is grown and leaving him. Carrie tells him she’s not going to CA. She says she knows she’s screwed up royally and won’t ask him for a dime. She says she’s going to make it and he doesn’t have to worry about her. He says he’ll always worry about her. He holds her close and they dance.

Carrie comes back to the apartment and unpacks a typewriter. Mouse and West eat breakfast at the diner. He tells her he doesn’t want the encyclopedias and she says she doesn’t either. They agree to donate them to the high school. They are having a nice good-bye.

Pete and Maggie are at the laundromat. She says he doesn’t have to act romantic with her and tells him she knows about Jess. He says he can explain. He says Jess isn’t a girl and says she works at a jewelry store and that he works with her husband. He says he was buying something for her and she demands to know what it is. He drops to one knee and pops open the box. He says he knows she’s the one for him and proposes in the middle of the fluff and fold. He says he changed the subject of the Fall because he hoped they’d be in their own place together. He asks if it’s too soon and she says yes. Then she clarifies – yes, she’ll marry him.

Carrie calls Samantha and says she’s staying and will sublet the apartment from Larissa. She asks Samantha to be her roomie and Sam says last time it didn’t work out so well. Carrie says if she stays out of her underwear drawer it will be okay. Sam says she gave up on underwear so they’re good. She agrees to split the apartment and they hug it out.

Carrie has a waitressing job and her friends are there at her establishment for a farewell drink. They all toast. It’s done!