The Mentalist RECAP 1/5/14: Season 6 Episode 11 “White Lines”

The Mentalist RECAP 1/5/14: Season 6 Episode 11 “White Lines”

Tonight on CBS THE MENTALIST finally returns after the mid-season break with a new episode called “White Lines.”  On tonight’s show Patrick Jane will decide only to help them if Lisbon’s allowed to work with him.  Did you watch last season six’s episode 9? If you want to get caught up before tonight’s new episode, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you!

On last episode before the break the FBI sought assistance from Jane when a computer programmer vanished, but Jane will only help them if Lisbon was allowed to work on the case alongside him.  It’s a whole new world for Patrick Jane – and for the FBI.

On tonight’s show the FBI is tasked with finding the killer of several DEA agents, and Jane goes on a date with a beautiful woman associated with the case.

Guest cast on tonight’s episode: Emily Swallow (Kim Fischer), Joe Adler (Jason Wylie), Brianna Brown (Krystal Markham), Mark Adair-Rios (Francisco “Paco” Perez), Sterling K. Brown (DEA Agent Higgins), Gareth Williams (DEA Supervising Agent Maloney), A.J. Tannen (Mike), Brian Konowal (Dale), Michael Charles Vaccaro (Coroner), Sammy Busby (Corpus Christi PD Officer), Curtis Taylor (Krystal’s Bodyman) and Sylvia Brindis (Cocktail Waitress).

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 6 episode 11 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist.  Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

RECAP: Patrick walks into the HQ and tells Kim that he wants to have a couch, he says that Abbot said he could have a couch, she keeps telling him he can’t; though it he’s not allowed to have a couch in the room he’s standing in. Patrick talks to Kim and keeps on bugging about her not admitting to seeing a shrink, because he can tell that she’s seen a shrink. It then cuts to Teresa, Cho, Kim and Patrick at the scene of a crime; they’re thinking about what could of happened in the room all of them except Patrick. Patrick notices a mirror on the wall and asks why it’s so high up on the wall. Kim is talking to members of the FBI with Patrick; they’re going over the Gulf Coast Ring and the gang that runs drugs. They believe that Mr. X is an intelligent business man and he’ll be difficult to deal with. Patrick says it’s odd that they find that Mr. X is disciplined, because he believes that Mr. X is the opposite for shooting five DEA agents. They’re briefed on Paco who’s got ties to the Colombian drug cartel. Patrick notices another picture and asks for who’s in it, the FBI agents tell him about the man; but Patrick was actually asking about the women and wants to meet her. Cho and Teresa are heading out, they get into a van; Cho says asks if Teresa watched the video because he noticed that there was the sound of an engine along with the guns going off. Patrick and Kim find Crystal, Kim asks her about the DEA agents that were shot; Patrick stands quite while Kim goes on more about how Richie who they thought was her boyfriend is dead. Crystal says he was just a friend and had known nothing of his gangster life, Patrick asks Crystal for her number. Patrick is one smooth guy and scores a number from the beautiful Crystal. Crystal says she’s never dated a cop before, Patrick says that he’s willing to talk more about himself with her over dinner. Crystal writes her number and gives it to Patrick. Kim asks if Patrick asked her out, Patrick says he did. Kim says she’s surprised because she never thought that Crystal was Patrick’s type. Turns out that Patrick asked her out actually because she is her type; Patrick ends the conversation about his upcoming date and asks if they’re going anywhere. Teresa and Cho found the car they were looking for, Patrick arrives with Kim at the warehouse along with them. Patrick calls Crystal and leaves a message asking if she’d like to meet for dinner tonight. Patrick waits at the car, while Cho, Teresa and Kim go into the warehouse making sure it’s clear. Cho found three dead bodies at the back of the warehouse, he tells Kim to come and see along with Patrick. Patrick receives a call from crystal and talks to her about dinner tonight; he makes plans for eight o’ clock and will be picking her up.

Turns out the three men who were killed had their necks slit and were shot in the head, Patrick wants to leave because he’s got some plans. Cho finds a phone and it has made several calls to an unknown number; turns out it’s connected to Paco. Patrick, Teresa and Kim are back into talking with FBI agents, they believe that Perez is the guy they’re looking for Kim asks if there’s any info on him; but it turns out there’s not much. Patrick is now at his date with Crystal, Crystal asks if Patrick is going to tell her who he is; though Patrick says that it was only a sales pitch. Patrick says that he knows there’s a Crystal that she doesn’t let anyone see and he wants to meet that Crystal. Crystal says he’s pretty good for a guy who’s been out of the game for a while, Crystal asks about his wedding ring; but he dodges the question. Kim finds Teresa at a bar, Teresa asks Kim about Patrick’s date. Two guys buy Kim and Teresa a drink at the bar; it looks like Kim and Teresa aren’t too thrilled about the idea. The two guys try to hit on them, but after finding out their part of the FBI they leave pretty quickly. Kim gives Teresa her FBI badge and congratulates her, Teresa is happy to be an official FBI. Patrick tells Crystal about his story; Crystal feels sympathy for what Patrick’s been through, Patrick tells Crystal that he’s trying to move on now. Crystal asks if the investigation of his is important to him, he says it is; she then says she can help. Crystal is now being interrogated with Cho and Kim, Crystal talks about Paco’s condo he owns on the beach; they ask if she knows any more, but she doesn’t. Crystal wants to know if she’s safe, they reassure her that she’ll be fine. Kim and Teresa arrive to meet up with Cho at the condo; looks like Perez left in a hurry. They missed him by a couple of minutes. Patrick drives Crystal back to her place; she thanks him for the ride and asks her if he can walk her to the door. Crystal says not this time, but maybe next time he can; Patrick says that he’ll call Crystal tomorrow; she gets out of the car and walks into her house. Crystal walks in and finds Paco in her living room; she asks why he’s in her house. Paco believes that Crystal sent the FBI to his condo, Crystal tries to play dumb; but Paco doesn’t buy it. Paco threatens Crystal, but Crystal is one tough woman and seems to be in charge of things. Crystal asks Paco why she’d talk to the FBI; Paco doesn’t want her to take him out because it’ll apparently complicate things. Crystal says that the FBI think Paco killed the five DEA agents. Crystal says that if she wanted to kill Paco he’d already be dead. Crystal pulls out her gun and shoots Paco’s bodyguard. Patrick find his sofa in HQ, he’s pleased to see how it looks; he sits down on his rightful throne and seems to enjoy it. Patrick lies down on the sofa and calls Crystal; she picks up and is surprised that he called. Patrick wants to see Crystal tomorrow and asks if she’s free, she says that she’ll be free sometime mid-day. They confirm their date, and then hang up.

Kim walks in and tells Teresa that they’re still looking for Perez, Patrick interrupts them and asks Teresa and Kim which shirt he should wear on his date; they help him out and then Patrick thanks Kim for the couch. Teresa and Kim talk about his date tonight and say she’s not even his type and they both wonder what is his type. Teresa wants to know how they figured out where the two security cameras were in the first place. Patrick calls and asks Crystal if their still on for the night, she asks him if he’s okay with coming to her house tonight. Crystal has a man put Paco into the trunk of a car. Teresa asks the FBI agent if someone told the killers of the five DEA agents where the cameras were. Crystal says that Paco should have thought things through and been smarter, she calls the police and tells the address of where Paco is located at. Crystal shoots Paco in the head and walks away. A man sets up for Paco’s death too look like a suicide and leaves at the end. The cops arrive at the house, and the man who was with Teresa shoots at them to make it look like Paco shot at them. The cops walk in and find Paco dead on the ground. Cho looks at Paco then at the window, he walks outside and looks at the open window from the outside. Cho then walks towards the tree and looks through the window to see if he could have gotten a clear shot from their; looks like Cho knows what really went down. Cho calls Kim and tells her about it and says that Perez wasn’t a lone. Teresa finds footage of Crystal who was looking into the video camera. Patrick arrives at Crystal’s house with flowers, she tells him to take a seat. Crystal takes out some wine in the kitchen, Patrick gets a call and hangs up instantly. Teresa and Kim are trying to rush and help Patrick.

Crystal takes Patrick to a boat, Patrick plays surprised by the fact her friend lets her use a boat; Patrick gets on the boat with Crystal. Crystal goes into the cabin and gets the wine out of her bag, she asks about the investigation; she asks about Paco and he tells her he’s dead. Crystal then says that with Paco dead he should be going back to Texas soon, Patrick says that she’s what’s keeping him here. Crystal wants Patrick’s investigation to go on longer so they can get to know each other. Patrick tells her more about his investigation; he believes that this Mr. X is actually a man that’s able to shun all attention to him; he then tells her that he believes that Mr. X is in fact a woman. Crystal goes to her purse and takes out a gun; she asks Patrick who this woman is. Patrick then says you, she looks at him surprised. Patrick says that Crystal is smart enough to pull it off. Crystal then asks where she went wrong if she is Mr. X, Patrick says that she did it flawlessly and there were no mistake. Crystal then says that she didn’t have Paco killed, she shot her himself. Crystal takes out her gun and Patrick isn’t afraid at all, he then says that the FBI has listened into everything they’ve said because he had the phone on the entire conversation. Patrick tells the phone that the police will be arriving now, but the chopper arrives a little late. The chopper finds Crystal and tells her to drop her weapon which she does do so, Patrick jumped in the water as soon as it showed up. Patrick is sitting on a bench with a blanket freezing from the cold water, Teresa and Kim show up and say that it would have went better if he mentioned his plan to them; Patrick then asks Cho if he thinks he did the right thing, but Cho is with Teresa and Kim and says that Patrick needs to work on his people skills more. Cho, Teresa and Kim walk away; Patrick slowly follows behind them mumbling how they could have said good job for solving the case.

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  4. […] On tonight’s episode, Jane and the FBI investigate the murder of a high tech cartographer who may have unearthed a spy ring before his death. Meanwhile, Rigsby and Van Pelt find themselves on the trail of an alarming conspiracy. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it and want to catch up, you can read our full recap RIGHT HERE!! […]