The Mentalist RECAP 5/18/14: Season 6 Episode 22 “Blue Bird”

The Mentalist RECAP 5/18/14: Season 6 Episode 22 “Blue Bird”

Tonight on CBS THE MENTALIST returns with a brand new episode. On tonight’s episode called, “Blue Bird” In the sixth-season finale, a new lead in a cold case surfaces, forcing Lisbon to postpone her plans to relocate, and this delay allows Jane to examine his feelings for her and decide how to proceed.

On last week’s episode with time running out to save the victims of a kidnapping ring before they are transported overseas, Jane and Lisbon zeroed in on the criminal enterprise’s mastermind. Meanwhile, Lisbon decided if she will move to D.C. with Agent Pike.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode A new lead in a cold case requires Lisbon to delay her plans to leave for Washington, D.C. with Agent Pike, giving Jane time to finally come to terms with his feelings for her and decide on a course of action.

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 6 Finale is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist. Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

RECAP: Cho says that Patrick is very chipper today even though Teresa is going to D.C., Patrick says she won’t be leaving; but Cho tells him that she will be leaving. Patrick and Cho are at a crime scene, they find a man named Tyler who’s dead in a pool with a knife in his back. Though they’re looking at the body, Patrick asks if Cho is telling the truth about Teresa; Cho says it’s a done deal. Patrick says he won’t believe until she tells him it, they then go to speak to the housemates of the victim. Patrick is looking around the room and asks who found Tyler’s body, a girl puts up her hand and says she did; turns out that her and Colt go running. Patrick asks if they have any playing cards, a girl tells Patrick to check the first drawer of a dresser. Patrick has the cards and puts them on the table, he then talks to Cho about Teresa leaving, saying that she has only ten days until she leaves. Patrick says that they need to go, not for the case, but because of Teresa. Cho asks about the case, Patrick says that all the housemates were in on it. Saying that while playing cards Tyler got angry due to using steroids, he was beating up the housemate named Barry and every one tried to help him and ended up killing him by drowning him into the small pool in the back.

Patrick arrives at HQ, he asks when Teresa is leaving; she says tomorrow. Teresa mentions that it’s something that she needs to do and that it was hard to tell Patrick about it, Patrick says he’s happy for her and that she deserves this. Abbot tells everyone to gather up, Agent Shultz was sent a memo. It turns out that someone is going to start killing people. Greta was murdered years ago in Florida, she was found in a burnt up car. There’s no proof if this letter is from the same murderer again, turns out that all leaves and transfers are canceled until this person is caught. Cho and Kim are asked to get a team together to stop this person, Abbot asks if Patrick has anything on the code and he responds with no. Abbot asks Patrick to meet with him in his office, Patrick says to Teresa that it’ll be there last case and it should be a cheery one before he meets with Abbot. Patrick gets into the office and sits down, Abbot says Patrick is acting weird; that he’s acting cool about stuff he can’t be cool with. Abbot asks if there is anything he wants to tell him, Patrick says no. Now they are in Miami, they begin with renting cars and then drive up the DeJorio residence. Patrick is looking at the scenery from the window, a man Jon DeJorio meets up with Teresa and Patrick to talk about his last wife who was murdered; he introduces his new wife and Ted his attorney. Patrick says that they received a letter from the killer and that he’s going to kill again, Patrick shows the letter to them. Patrick doesn’t believe that Jon killed his wife, Christie his daughter is beckoned by Patrick to come over. Patrick believes the letter wasn’t written by the killer, but by someone who knows who the killer is. Patrick says that this letter is meant to scare the killer, to make him worried about the cops being on his trail again. Jon says that Wes Baxter is the murderer because he was always stalking her, Patrick asks Christie about Wes and her opinion on him; she says he didn’t kill mom. Christie gets upset with her father because he’s being a jerk, Megan her step mom tries to scold her for being rude; but it backs fire when Christie calls her a witch. Patrick and Teresa leave, they’re going to talk to Wes Baxter. Teresa thinks the daughter wrote the letter, Patrick says it’s a great idea and it could be her; he asks what the code could mean. Cho and Kim are walking up to a house, Cho rings the door bell and sees two people doing yoga; knowing they’re out back. Cho and Kim go out to the back instead, they’re trying to talk to a woman named Monica. She was Gretta’s business partner, Monica says that her and Greta were friends in college and both love interior design. Their firm started to take off once she died, but it hasn’t been the same without her. Kim asks if Greta expressed any fears or anything like that, turns out Greta had an affair with someone because she felt real love from that person. Teresa is trying to hear Cho, but Patrick has the radio to loud. He turns it down when Teresa asks, Patrick and Teresa find out that Greta had an affair. They are now talking to Wes Baxter, Patrick says that Wes wasn’t behind the murder. Teresa says that he’s a suspect because he was stalking her, turns out that Wes wasn’t spying on her, but on Christie. Wes admits to it, that he was watching Christie because he was in love with her and was a stupid kid. Wes says it was because of the three age year gap between them that made it weird, Patrick asks him about the code, but Wes doesn’t know anything about it. Patrick and Teresa get back into the car and leave, Patrick wants to go to the beach and take a little walk since their here. Patrick and Teresa end up going to the beach, they’re walking along the beach trying to solve the code sine Teresa thought they were wasting time. Teresa finds out that the code follows the dewy decimal system, they find out the code stands for Bird Blue Hotel. There is a Blue Bird lodge. Teresa ends up cracking the case herself, Patrick says that if she called to go back to D.C. Abbot could send her to D.C. instantly; but Teresa doesn’t want to go now that they’ve got a lead with the case.

Patrick and Teresa arrive at Blue Bird, they enter and Patrick gets a suite for them; he then tells the woman behind the desk that if someone calls for Greta that they should be sent to Patrick’s room without being told he’s there and to send them there. Teresa enters her suite and finds a dress on her bed, she calls Patrick and tells him it’s too much. Patrick says its fine since it’ll be there last case, he tells her he’ll see her at dinner and hangs up. Patrick gets a call right away and from Cho and Abbot they’re at the lobby. Patrick, Abbot and Cho go to eat and Teresa comes down looking beautiful in a dress. She asks a woman about taking the bathrobe home for her boyfriend, she finds out it’s included with the suite as complementary along with finding out that Patrick booked the suite a week ago. Patrick wrote the code and letter to fish out the killer, Teresa gets upset and throws a drink in his face. Patrick goes to her room and apologizes for doing what he did saying that he doesn’t want her to leave, Teresa says that Patrick is selfish and that he used a woman’s murder to do this all. Teresa says that he’s twisted up in his own dishonesty and doesn’t know how to act as a decent human being. Patrick says he’s really sorry, Teresa says if he is, that he should go away and leave her alone. Patrick ends up leaving, he goes to his own suite. Teresa calls Pike getting in the cab saying that if the offer still stands that they should get married and that she’s heading to D.C. Pike says it’s going to be great talking about it all, while Teresa isn’t listening looking back.

Abbot tells Cho how Patrick lied to his face and bought it, Cho hopes Patrick and Teresa fixed things with each other. Cho says that Patrick has done many things like this before, but he hasn’t seen Teresa get this angry. Teresa is at the airport waiting, Patrick is in his suite watching an ocean on T.V. he’s about to take a drink until someone barges into his door Randolph the lawyer. Randolph the lawyer was the secret lover, and has a gun in his hand; he solved the clue in the letter to kill the man who wrote the letter. Patrick asks for him to lower the gun, Patrick says he wrote the letter not the killer; but that the killer will show up. Patrick offers him a drink since they’ll be waiting, but it turns out that Wes has appeared with a gun; Wes is surprised, it turns out that Wes isn’t the killer, but was here to stop him also. Patrick offers them both drinks to wait for the killer. Randolph talks about his love with Greta, he mentions about ending the affair because of the scandal and that it could ruin his business. Randolph hates his decision because he was a coward. Patrick sits there thinking, he decides he needs to go to the airport. Monica arrives now with a gun at Patrick, they ask about the letter; Monica notices Randolph and Wes. Patrick says he’s a cop to Monica, the don’t believe him; but Monica and her friend find out that Patrick is a cop and that it can’t be him. Patrick sent a text to Abbot that says SOZ, which was meant to be SOS. Patrick tells Monica and her friend that no one is calling them killers and that no one can prove anything. Patrick tells them to walk away and let their lawyers deal with the problem ,Wes hold his gun and tells them to put their hands up along with Randolph. Before Cho and Abbot arrived at the door they hear shots fired, turns out that they didn’t kill each other. Patrick asks to get the airport, Patrick shows them that Monica and her friend are the bad guys; Wes and Randolph are good. He then runs off to get to the airport.

Patrick is rushing to the airport, tries to call Teresa, but she doesn’t answer; he leaves a message for her to call him if she gets his call. Patrick runs into the airport as Teresa gets on her flight, he begins sprinting to her flight. Patrick says that he needs to be let through saying he’s FBI, he forgot his I.D. at the Blue Bird. Instead Patrick leaves and goes to the gate on the side and climbs over it. When he jumps over he hurts his foot, he tells the plane to wait for him, he goes up and knocks on the door of the plane. The stewardess opens the door for him, he gets into the plane and looks around for Teresa he finds her. Patrick tells her that he has something he needs to say, he tells her that he acts the way he does because of his past. He tells her he loves her, Patrick says it scares him and that it’s the truth of what he feels. Teresa says it’s too late, Patrick understands and is happy alone to be able to say that. Teresa cries and is feeling very embarrassed. Abbot and Kim need to get Patrick out of custody at the airport, Patrick is sitting down alone thinking; he hears the door open behind him and it turns out to be Teresa. Teresa says that it’s another pickle he’s got himself in, Patrick says he’s gotten into worse. Patrick says she didn’t go to D.C., Teresa asks if he told the truth and meant what he said. Patrick says he did mean everything, turns out that Teresa felt the same way. Patrick asks about Pike, she says he’ll understand. Teresa wants Patrick to say what he said again, instead Patrick goes the extra mile and kisses her instead.

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    I have few things to add. Jane in love and Lisbon in love =perfection. Then poor sweet Cho although is FBI he looks in a way innocent cause he just didn’t get it. Then Abbot a darling dear angel who ‘s got the message and does his best in the name of love. But I also liked Pike I have to admit that he’s simple straight forward honest person. To me in real life he would get the girl.