The Originals Recap – Elijah Purified: “Live and Let Die” Season 2 Episode 4

The Originals Recap - Elijah Purified: “Live and Let Die” Season 2 Episode 4

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Monday October 27, season 2 episode 4 called “Live and Let Die”. Tonight Davina [Danielle Campbell] takes Mikael to her family cabin in the woods; Hayley [Phoebe Tonkin] learns that Vincent is recruiting unsuspecting teens into a werewolf army; Cami tries to understand Klaus’ deeply rooted hatred for his parents; Kaleb tries to locate the missing white oak stake and has a dangerous encounter at the cabin; Josh opens up to an unexpected ally.

On the last episode when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) received a cryptic invitation to dinner from their mother Esther, who continued to inhabit the body of Harvest girl Cassie (guest star Natalie Dreyfuss), they found themselves preparing for the worst. With the help of a new witch named Lenore (guest star Sonja Sohn), Klaus, Elijah and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) attempted to stay one step ahead of Esther, but things quickly took an unexpected turn. While Elijah found himself reluctantly teaming up with Gia (guest star Nishi Munshi), a newly-turned vampire, Hayley was faced with an enticing proposition about her new status as a Hybrid after a startling encounter with Esther. Finally, Esther revealed a shocking secret about Klaus’ childhood and unveiled her ultimate plan for her children. Charles Michael Davis also stars. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Christopher Hollier. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Knowing that it’s only a matter of time before Klaus (Joseph Morgan) comes after them, Davina (Danielle Campbell) takes Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roche) to her family cabin in the woods. When Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) gets a tip that Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood) is recruiting young, unsuspecting teenagers in order to build a werewolf army, she enlists the help of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) to rescue the group. After Cami (Leah Pipes) inadvertently lets Klaus in on Davina’s whereabouts, she tags along in an attempt to truly understand the deeply rooted hatred he has for his parents. At his mother’s urging, Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) seeks out Davina in order to locate the missing white oak stake and is caught off guard when he has a dangerous encounter at the cabin. Lastly, Josh (guest star Steven Kruger), who continues to struggle with his vampire identity, opens up to an unexpected ally.

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explore their complexities and character quirks.

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Gia focuses and catches a dart right before it stabs her between the eyes. She wins the bet. Marcel asks Josh if he has any new prospects and says he has one hopeful but hasn’t told him he’s a vamp. A body comes flying through the window and the wolves are there making threats. Marcel says they had a deal to stay out of the Quarter and mocks them for being on a witch’s leash. The wolf tells Marcel to get gone or get bit. He says it will be his only warning. The wolves roll out.

Cami says this is a city of death – fires, floods, violence done to each other. She says they’ve made life there a big party to forget they’re all doing to die. She’s with Finn who says there has to be more to her life than this. He asks if she has nothing to discuss in their session. He asks about guys and she says she’s always attracted to the wrong type. She says there was one guy with hot abs but she was a rebound and he was different.

She admits there was another unique one but says nothing ever happened there, he just got under her skin. She says he had an abusive father and manipulative mother and so he was angry and distrustful but she says under it all there was a good guy. Finn asks what happened and she says some people don’t want to be saved. Elijah comes in yelling and Hayley tells him they all have supernatural hearing and says to not be so loud.

He tells her the wolves just attacked his people and tells her to stow the sass. She says Klaus left a while ago and suggests he uses a magical device that lets you contact others. She tells him that even though his bitch mother is controlling the wolves, they are still her people and threatens him if he hurts them. Davina calls Cami who asks where she is and if she’s okay. She’s in the woods at a cabin with Mikael.

She says thing are complicated but says she’ll be back soon then hangs up. Klaus approaches Cami as she hangs up on her call on the busy street. She asks why he’s there and says not to give her his crooked smile. He asks about Davina then tells her that her little witch friend conjured up his killing psycho father. He says he listened in on her call and heard church bells and cicadas and says he knows Davina’s family owns a cabin out in the outskirts.

Cami asks what the plan is and he says she can reason with her friend to call Mikael off or he’ll take on Davina. Cami agrees to help and says let’s go. Esther chants and Kol is distracted, texting. She tells her son to focus unless he’s found Davina. He asks his mom how long she thinks Davina can resist his pretty face. She says a while apparently. Then she tells him to focus while she tries to run a locator spell. The glass bowl explode and she says Davina has blocked her spell.

Finn calls him a failure for not finding Davina and he calls him a failure for not getting info from Cami and being a dog sitter to the wolves. Esther tells Kol to get the white oak stake from Davina now. Davina approaches Mikael who asks how much longer they’ll be in hiding. She says Elijah and Klaus know about him so they have to bide their time until she unlinks her friends from Klaus. She shows Mikael the bracelet and says she magics it to stay on.

Mikael tells her magic can only fight half your battle and she tells him if he’s so tough, to teach her how to be strong. He’s intrigued. Gia and the others tell Marcel they don’t want to run and ask them to teach him to fight. Josh says they can’t learn to fight an army of super wolves in one day. Elijah shows up, runs around the room and snaps a few necks. He says – lesson one, always be on your guard.

Ollie tells Finn that the vampires got the message and should be gone. Finn calls for the recruits and Finn says tonight is a blood moon. He says their ancestors embraced the blood moon by slaying a human to activate the curse. He says these young men and women will do so tonight as their ancestors did to embrace their power and unless the warrior. Aiden says they are just kids but Finn says they can’t hide the war from their kids and says he’s either with them or against them. Finn herd the kid away.

Mikael carves on a piece of wood and he says it’s the crest of his clan. He says it reminds them they carry their honor into battle. He throws the stick at her and she stumbles catching the staff. She says it’s heavy and he says he was younger than she was when his dad first used it with him. She says his dad sounds like a jerk wad and then she tells him her mom tried to sacrifice her. He tells her not to broadcast her moves then knocks her feet out from under her.

He tells her to get up and she says she can’t. He says mastering your pain is what a warrior does. He clenches his jaw and tells her – on your feet. She forces herself to stand and he says good and says maybe she learned something. She leans on the staff in obvious pain. Klaus finds Cami drinking at a bar and he’s mad that she left him in the car to drink when he thought she was doing something productive. She tells him to tell her the truth.

She says she knows why she’s there – he wants her to hear his side. She invites him to sit and he does. She says let’s talk about why you want to kill your father. Davina takes off her shoe and cries in pain. Her ankle is all swollen and tender. She calls Kol and says she’s sorry for not calling in a while. She asks him to bring her some things and says she’ll text the address. He says he’ll be right there.

Elijah coaches Gia on fighting and says he won’t say she hits like a girl since he’s a devout feminist. She asks why she’s stuck with just him. He says fighting is like a dance with rhythm and a beat. He tells her to listen to it. She attacks and he offers a musical phrase. Then again. They dance violently and she slams him against the wall. He tells her head or heart.

He says it means nothing if you can’t make the kill. She asks what if she can’t and he says she can, to survive. He asks head or heart and she plungers her hand into his chest. Hayley comes in and see the girl up to her wrist in his chest cavity and is shocked. She says they need to talk. Aiden and Ollie are with her and she says they’re there to talk. Elijah tells him to be succinct and Aiden tells Elijah – please, I need your help.

They tell Elijah about Finn recruiting the kids. Hayley wants Marcel to sneak the kids out to the bayou. Marcel says they wolves have been fighting them for decades and asks why trust him now. Aiden says one of the kids is his little brother. Elijah says to tell them what they need. Klaus tells Cami about his mom’s plan to put them all in witch bodies. He says he can’t kill her or she’ll just body jump or if she does die, she’ll haunt him from beyond.

He says Mikael needs to die first since he has the white oak stake. She asks how he can do that unarmed and he shows her Papa Tunde’s crazy knife. He says he can take care of his parents. Cami says she gets the thousand years of hurt and says that’s what he’s fighting against. She asks what he’s fighting for. She says there is more to life than the pain they made him feel. She says beer, a good friend, doing good things are worth more.

She says he needs to see that and takes his hand. She pulls him into her arms to dance with her. He does. Cami tells him there is no real peace in revenge. He steps closer and puts his cheek by hers and then pulls back and puts his lips near her but then twirls her away from him across the room. She’s surprised. Kol shows up and says her ankle looks like someone has literally knocked her head over heels. He says he thought he would have that honor.
[9:47:09 PM] Rachel Rowan: He’s putting something smelly on her feet and he says he got it from a shaman. She stands then stumbles and he says it’s magic, not a miracle. He says she’s got some spell going on there and says he never liked dull girls but wants to know what’s going on. She asks if he trusts her and he says her sad eyes won’t fool him and says he won’t let her use him for his body but says she can hold his hand. He touches her hair and says she can tell him when she’s good and ready.

Aiden says the kids are being held within the city of the dead. He says Finn/Vincent has set up a meeting with humans resistant to their program and they surmise he’s going to let the kids kill them. Elijah wants Ollie in on the action but he’s scared of Esther. Elijah makes it clear to Ollie that this is his chance to make amends to the pack.

Kol tucks a tired Davina in bed and then snoops around the cabin and sees a candle lit room. He pushes the door open and steps inside quietly and closes the door behind him. He looks around and starts opening drawers. He finds the white oak stake and smiles. He goes to grab it but Mikael is there and calls him a liar and thief and asks why he shouldn’t kill him now. He tells Mikael he can turn off the bracelet Davina is using to control him. He says he will if he doesn’t hurt him. Mikael doesn’t seem to know it’s his son Kol.
[10:13:17 PM] Rachel Rowan: A street party is in full swing in the Quarter when the kids are led through the crowd. Aiden is with them and Gia starts a disturbance. Marcel snaps a wolf’s neck and Aiden gives the order to the others to catch him and Ollie takes off with the kids. Hayley and Josh load the kids into a secret passageway to get the kids away. Ollie marches off. Elijah waits for him and says they should be right behind him any minute now. Hayley lead the kids through the tunnel. Marcel isn’t there but Gia is.

Hayley tells them to shut up since there are werewolves everywhere. Wolves surround Ollie and Elijah and Elijah makes it clear the kids are elsewhere and says that leaves them here with him. The big wolf says they’re not looking for the kids – he says the witch wants him. Elijah says he told a good friend he would do his best to spare the lives of her people but says if he doesn’t leave now, it’s going to get awkward.

Elijah takes off his jacket and tosses it aside and tells Ollie he should leave but he stands beside Elijah and says he’s in or he’s out. Marcel and Aiden meet up with the kids. He’s happy to see his brother. They load them up into an ambulance. Aiden thanks Hayley and Marcel and Hayley says they’re all fighting to protect the ones they love. They take off with the kids and leave Aiden there.

Ollie and Elijah kick all the wolves’ asses but then Finn knocks Elijah down with a spell and throws Ollie back. Elijah grabs Finn’s neck and is about to snap it when his mom stabs him in the back literally and knocks him flat with a mega spell. He goes down and doesn’t get up.

Davina sleeps and Kol reaches out for the bracelet but then acts like he was making a grab for her phone instead. He asks who Cami is and she sees warning texts from Cami saying Klaus knows where she is. Davina and Kol sit hand sin hand casting a spell that makes them invisible to Klaus’ eyes as he shows up and peers in the window of the cabin. He stalks away and into the woods as he sees a staff impaled in the ground with his father’s clan sigil on it.

He goes back to the cabin and hurls it through the window. This breaks the window and the spell and he tells her to release his father. Mikael grabs up Kol and tells him to release him now or die. Davina is knocked out. Kol chants and the bracelet glows. Mikael steps out onto the porch and says – hello boy. He asks if Klaus is so eager to meet his end and Klaus says he’s eager to stand over his burning corpse again. Mikael says he came back from hell for this and Klaus says no need to keep him waiting.

They brawl and it’s back and forth. Mikael finally knocks him down and gos for the white oak stake. He stabs Klaus with it as Klaus stabs him with Papa Tunde’s blade. Klaus pulls out the white oak stake – he missed his heart. The blade in Mikael sinks into his belly as he screams in agony. He looks down at the still body of his father who is still breathing.

Cami runs up and asks where Davina is. She says she’s fine and should count herself lucky considering what she had planned for him. Cami is panting from hitchhiking and running and he says he’ll kill Davina if she has a heart attack. She extracts a promise that he won’t hurt Davina and he gives it. She hugs him and then looks down and asks if it’s Mikael. He says he’s alive, but in agony. Klaus says he decided to take her advice and keep him that way.

Josh gets a text from Mordorin the First, the guy he’s hot for with an address and time to meet tonight. Aiden slides into the set next to him and he says he didn’t think he was a vampire and Josh says he didn’t think he was the leader of a werewolf army. He tells Aiden he’s cuter than his pictures when he’s not murdering people and Aiden says he shouldn’t have come. Josh asks why he did and Aiden says he hoped seeing him would make him feel less alone.

Josh says maybe for tonight they could pretend things are different – that they aren’t vampire and wolf in an imploding city and can just be themselves. Aiden nods in agreement and says he’d like that. He orders a drink. Hayley tells Marcel they did it and says she’s surprised to use the us word and he reminds her she’s a vamp there. Hayley calls Gia baby vamp and says it’s a good lesson to know that things can always get worse.

Gia is worried about Elijah and says they left him but Hayley says he can take care of himself. Klaus loads his comatose, tortured dad into his SUV and closes the trunk. He comes to, gasping and reaches into the wound and drags the knife out of his body. He looks murderously angry. Elijah comes to and hears chains. He realizes he’s chained up in a crypt with candles all around. Esther is there and he asks what she wants. She says she wants them to be a family but says for that to happen, he must be purified. She leaves Elijah chained and goes.