The Originals Recap Premiere ‘Rebirth’: Season 2 Episode 1

The Originals Recap Premiere 'Rebirth': Season 2 Episode 1

Tonight on the CW their new fantasy drama, THE ORIGINALS returns with an all new Monday October 6, season 2 premiere episode called “Rebirth”. Tonight season 2 begins with Klaus plotting his revenge against the Guerrera werewolves and vowing to take down anyone who poses a threat to baby Hope’s existence. Meanwhile, Hayley mourns the loss of her daughter and struggles to adapt to her new hybrid status; Marcel tries to rebuild his home; Cami seeks comfort in a surprising place; and Davina tries to use Mikael against Klaus, but gets sidetracked when she meets the mysterious, yet charming Kaleb, who holds a few secrets of his own.

On the last season 1 finale, as the baby’s due date drew near, (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) embarked on a search for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), while Hayley herself was determined to do whatever it took to keep her unborn baby safe and away from the witches. Francesca (guest star Peta Sargent) took a meeting with Oliver (guest star Chase Coleman) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) to determine the future of the werewolves in New Orleans. In the aftermath of a surprising attack on Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and his vampires at the compound, Davina (Danielle Campbell) and Cami (Leah Pipes) joined resources to take down Klaus. Finally, in a desperate move to protect those most important to him, Klaus made a heartbreaking decision. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, after months of being holed up inside his compound, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) enlists the help of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in plotting his revenge against the Guerrera werewolves, and vows to take down anyone who poses a threat to baby Hope’s existence. Elijah watches helplessly as Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) spirals downward while mourning the loss of her daughter and struggling to adapt to her new hybrid status. Exiled by the Guerrera werewolves, who now control the French Quarter, Marcel is still reeling over the destruction of his vampire family, and attempts to rebuild his home with the help of Josh (guest star Steven Krueger). Elsewhere, Cami (Leah Pipes), who is attempting to regain some normalcy in her life, seeks comfort in a surprising place. Last, Davina (Danielle Campbell) continues her plan to use Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roche) against Klaus, but gets sidetracked when she meets the mysterious, yet charming Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman), who holds a few secrets of his own.

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the second season of THE ORIGINALS!

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Rebekah reads to her niece – a story about a king in a magical kingdom. We see Klaus brooding as the little girl smiles up at his sister. We see a replay of the end of last season when New Orleans came apart at the seams. We hear Rebekah talking about the king’s sorrow and we see both Klaus and Elijah in the baby’s room looking out at the dark night with a little sadness, but some determination as well. Rebekah says the king will vanquish his enemies so that the princess can live happily ever after.

Elijah looks at a property for his foundation. The Guerreras want to tear down the family but Elijah cites a historic code and says they can’t tear it down. He tells them to give Francesca his best as he politely and smugly shuts them down. Klaus tears apart a canvas then throws it across the room in a rage. Elijah comes in and teases him. Klaus is impatient for revenge and says it’s another full moon that will again steal his strength.

Elijah says he found the last of the 12 rings that steal his strength. Klaus says they’re ready to move. Elijah tells him Hayley isn’t well and says she’s like Klaus and fighting her demons alone. We see a she-wolf walking in the woods and then Hayley as a human pulling clothes off a line and dressing before she heads to the little cabin by the lake. She digs a little doll out of the rubble and looks at it sadly.

Marcel and Cammie roll around in bed but then she leaves and says she has to get back to campus. He asks to see her later and she reminds him they agreed to no strings or plans. She says Francesca has weres all over the Quarter and Marcel says he can’t believe the vampires are taking it lying down. He asks after Klaus and she says no one knows, not even him. Marcel asks why he hasn’t struck back. She says he’s in mourning and Marcel says that Klaus can mourn and murder simultaneously and it has to be something else.

Cammie tells him she saw Davina who is back in high school and told her coven to suck it. He says that’s a good girl and smiles. Cammie says maybe they should move forward instead of holding on to things they can’t change and he says maybe. Davina is buying ancient Icelandic folk music but tells the shop owner it’s for someone else. Oliver shows up and Davina is pissy with him. He tells her to take off and says things are about to get ugly.

Oliver asks if the owner is Joe Dalton and he says he is. He tells Joe that he knows he’s a vamp and tosses down an ancient photo of him. Oliver attacks and Davina shuts him down magically and tells Joe to run. Francesca is angry at Cassie about Davina stopping Oliver and she reminds her that Davina is not one of the coven so the rules don’t apply. Francesca is going stir crazy waiting on Klaus to takes his revenge. She rages and everyone leaves.

Cassie walks with Finn and tells him that Francesca will be her own undoing. Finn is in a different body than Klaus and Elijah are expecting – he’s a tall, hot black dude. And, don’t forget, Cassie isn’t Cassie – she’s Esther. So the reunited mother and son walk and Cassie tells him that his brothers won’t do so well when they come up against her (the ultimate Mommy dearest). Cammie realizes she’s being followed and tells the two to tell Francesca to leave her alone.

She tells them to get it through their thick canine skulls. She stomps away from them and heads to see Klaus. She calls out for him and hears a creepy sound. He’s right behind her. Cammie turns and he’s gone. She walks upstairs and senses him again. But she turns and he’s gone. She says she knows he’s there and says they need to talk. Elijah appears and tells her Klaus doesn’t want to talk to her and reminds her that she’s in danger coming there.

She says Marcel can help them battle the Guerreras and tells him how bad it is in the Quarter. She says that Marcel didn’t kill Klaus’ baby and he should use Klaus against the wolves like the weapon he is. He asks her to go and she does. He tells Klaus he likes her spirit and Klaus agrees that he does too. Josh brings Marcel a new group of recruits. Marcel gives them a pep talk and offers them the chance to be what they want and live forever.

Marcel grabs one of them and throws him up two stories to show his power. Josh catches him. Marcel says once they leave they will forget they were there but some will be compelled to show back up and join him. Marcel tells Josh he’s not looking for fighters but warriors. He asks the difference and then Klaus is there and says a warrior fights for what he believes in – his family.

Elijah is in his niece’s nursery brooding. He is folding up the bedding when Hayley comes in and asks what he’s doing. He says the illusion needs to be flawless so they need to put things behind them. She asks what’s next – should she and Klaus hold their heads up and say they’re ready to try again. She’s furious that Francesca is still breathing and tells him to leave her room alone – including the baby gear.

Davina comes home and finds Mikael waiting. He throws a knife at her and she reminds him he can’t hurt her. She orders him to feed from her and he takes her arm. Then she orders him to stop and he does. He holds her ring and says he wishes he could rip it from her bracelet and complete the task for which he was resurrected – to kill Klaus. She says not until she unlinks her friends from Klaus’ bloodline so they won’t die.

She says she has his wife’s spellbook and will figure it out soon. Mikael says that’s music to his ears. Klaus tells Marcel he wants to recover the 12 rings that drain his power and Marcel tells him to chop off all their hands. Klaus explains that the only stake that could kill him has gone missing. He says he has to be careful. He asks Marcel if he has it but Marcel reminds him if he kills Klaus, he’ll die too. Klaus wants to hit the wolves tonight.

Joe shows up and Marcel introduces him to the record store owner. He says he got made and Davina saved him so he can’t go back to his shop. Marcel tells him to leave town now and Joe says Guerreras won’t run him out of town. Klaus asks if he’d like to get back in the fight. Joe ask what he has in mind. Klaus says he’s been thinking about this wrong. He says the pack wants to run but asks why they have held off coming for him. Marcel says they don’t have the stake and they wonder who does. Klaus says tonight it won’t matter and they’re going on a wolf hunt.

Klaus tells Elijah his plan but Elijah says they need to know where the stake is. Klaus gets a flash and says they need to plant the right seeds. Joe goes back to his shop and finds it full of wolves. He says he just wants to get his stuff and get out of town. He asks why they would let him and he says he has info that Francesca will want. He tells Francesca they think she has the white oak stake. Cassie says that means they don’t have it.

Elijah says for this to work, Hayley and Klaus have to unite and work together. He tells her it’s their fight and asks if she’s ready for battle. She says as long as Francesca dies, she’s in. He promises her the woman’s head on a silver platter. Cassie tries to find the stake but says it’s cloaked. Francesca tells Joe to tell her more about the stake or die now. He says the priest had it, according to rumor.

Cammie is terrorized by a wolf who trashes her apartment. She caves and gives him directions on where to find it and says he needs the key which she gives him. We see Elijah outside her window and he gives her a nod. Klaus sits and Francesca explains that he’ll be at his lowest strength in the next few hours and says they need to go subdue him now while others go get the stake. Oliver asks where she will be and she says safe in her house. She reminds him she’s top dog.

She tells them to bite Elijah to weaken him and rip Hayley’s heart out. The wolves show up at the distillery and Marcel triggers the fire alarms and the sprinklers come on – ones he’s filled with wolf’s bane. They also show up, led by Oliver, at Klaus’ home. Hayley kicks one down and snatches the ring off his finer – Klaus regains a little strength. Francesca hears a noise and blood splatters her window. Elijah took out one and yanked his finger and ring off – Klaus gets more strength.

Marcel yanks off a finger and he gets stronger. Elijah waits in her yard and her personal guard comes out. They all have rings. Hayley takes out another. Klaus sits smiling as his strength returns. Wolves get arrows in the neck and then Hayley beats down Oliver and reminds him he ruined her pack and yanks off his ring. She tells him if she sees another ring, she’ll kill him.

Francesca’s door flies open and she sees Elijah standing outside. She tells the guards he can’t come in and hells her monsters suffer from hubris. He reminds her of Al Capone’s fate. He says the devil is in the details and tells her that her home is beautiful and he was glad the preservation society elected to protect it making it public domain so he can come in without invitation. He steps inside and gives her a tight little smile.

Klaus paints in his enemy’s blood and asks his brother how many rings are missing. He says just one but tells him that her guard fought valiantly but then Francesca fled. Elijah asks if he let her get away and he says not exactly. We see Hayley stop Francesca’s car and yank her out of it violently. Josh tells Marcel they got Joe and he tells the kid that Joe knew what he was getting into. He says vamps like Joe know about doing battle and sitting on the sidelines. He says he was a warrior.

Josh asks what they’re fighting for and Marcel says he’s fighting for his home then asks what Josh is fighting for. He says he has no idea and asks if it’s just about real estate. Marcel says he was born here during a shameful time and that his blood runs in the gutters. He says Klaus’ blood runs deep there too and will want to be king of the wolves. Marcel says they are fighting for the soul of the city.

A woman shows up and says she just kind of found her way there. Hayley tears about her bedroom and Elijah stops her. He asks what happened and she says she killed Francesca while she looked her in the eye and begged for her life while she tore her apart. She says she doesn’t feel better and he says that’s natural. She says it’s not natural and she doesn’t want to live like this. He reminds her how much more intense it is to be a hybrid.

She says she killed eight wolves before she got to Francesca – she says those were her own people and there was no nobility in that. She says everything has changed. She says she saw the way he used to look at her and the way he looks at her now. She says she was a mother and is now a monster. She cries and walks out past him. He hangs his head.

Davina sees signs that Joe’s is closed and Kaleb (aka Kol) is there. He introduces himself and asks about the Icelandic music. He says now it’s gone, she needs him. That’s another brother back from the dead. Klaus and Elijah discuss how to destroy the rings. Klaus is full of remorse and says he should have accepted Hayley’s pregnancy and listened to Elijah. He says his greed cost him his daughter.

Klaus tells Elijah that he chases his redemption like a man rolling a stone up a mountain. Elijah says mountains aren’t endless, but some are steep. He burns the rings and tells Klaus he needs to go grieve with Hayley. Klaus asks what he can say to her to ease her pain. Marcel and Cammie lie in bed and she tells him she’s sorry about Joe. He says it was nice to fight with Klaus instead of against him and tells her she was brave.

Cammie says she has to stop seeing him and needs to immerse herself in the human world. She gets up and dresses. Marcel looks decidedly depressed. Klaus tells Hayley it will get better and she asks when. He says over the years, he’s had his share of losses and says over time, they tend to run together. He tells her there are some real vibrant moments and the rest will fade away just as her pain will. She says not until she can hold her baby in her arms. He says she will but first they need control of the city.

He asks for her help to unite the wolves. He says they waged a just war and they will answer to and respect her. He tells her she’s their queen. She asks about their other enemies. He says they stood united and defeated his mother. He sits near her and says that’s how they need to face all their enemies – as a family. He takes her hand. He gifts her with a small smile.

Finn meets with Cammie – he calls himself . She’s working with him on her education. Kaleb shows up and says he likes his new body and says Davina does too. She says his brothers did her a favor by killing the wolves and says she’ll control them now. She tells her boys they have a family reunion to plan.