The Originals Recap 11/17/14: Season 2 Episode 7 “Chasing the Devil’s Tail”

The Originals Recap 11/17/14: Season 2 Episode 7 "Chasing the Devil's Tail"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Monday November 17, season 2 episode 7 called “Chasing the Devil’s Tail”. Tonight Klaus [Joseph Morgan] searches for an antidote when he discovers Elijah has been afflicted by Esther’s magic; Hayley [Phoebe Tonkin] teams up with Klaus, Marcel [Charles Michael Davis] , Cami and Josh in an attempt to take down Vincent; Vincent and Kaleb reconsider their strategies; Kaleb lets Davina in on some secrets from his past and brings her to a place he frequented in 1914.

On the last episode,fed up with her antics, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) became agitated and demanded that Esther (guest star Sonja Sohn) release Elijah (Daniel Gillies), whom she had captured. However, Esther revealed a few dark secrets from Klaus’ past in an attempt to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Meanwhile, Oliver (guest star Chase Coleman) ended up in a dangerous situation, prompting Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) to reconnect with Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons), who had been living a new life out in the bayou. Elsewhere, Cami (Leah Pipes), who still believed baby Hope’s death was her fault, teamed up with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Gia (guest star Nishi Munshi) after she became suspicious of her faculty advisor Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood). Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) discovers that Elijah (Daniel Gillies) has been afflicted by Esther’s (Sonja Sohn) magic, he heads to the bayou in search of an antidote, but quickly realizes he’s not alone. Armed with intel gathered by Aiden (guest star Colin Woodell), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) teams up with him, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Cami (Leah Pipes) and Josh (guest star Steven Kruger) and launches a plan to take down Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood) by exploiting his one weakness. Meanwhile, with Esther determined to carry out her plan, Vincent and Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) are forced to reconsider their own strategies. Intrigued by Davina’s (Danielle Campbell) unwavering attempts to create an unlinking spell, Kaleb lets her in on some secrets from his past and brings her to a place he frequented in 1914.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explore their complexities and character quirks.

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Klaus and Elijah play in the woods as children. Elijah chases his younger brother. Then there’s a grown Klaus with blood on his face and shirt saying – there you are. He approaches his younger self and tells him that only a monster shall remain of him one day. His younger self pulls an ax and chops at his older self. He lies in a feverish state in bed.

Klaus tries to get him to wake up by whispering to him and telling him he’s not alone. He asks Elijah to let him into his dreams. Klaus gets a bloody nose and Hayley yanks him back and asks what he’s doing. He says he’s trying to get into his thoughts to wake him but says Esther has blocked him. Hayley sees a rash on Elijah and asks what it is. Klaus says it was an herb his mom used on them as children.

Klaus says that it might grow in the bayou and if he can get it, he can wake Elijah. He tells her to stay put with the wolves. She promises she won’t go after Esther even if she wants to. Hayley tells the sleeping Elijah she’s learned some things about his mother. She says she won’t go after her, she’ll go after everything she loves.

Jackson lays Ollie to rest out in the bayou and drinks while he says his goodbyes. He puts him out on a bier into the water and lights it like a Viking funeral. Come dawn, it’s still smoldering and he’s still drinking. Hayley shows up then and tells him she’s sorry. He says it’s bull that no one came to Ollie’s funeral. He say the loyalty is gone. She says there’s a war to be fought.

She says their people need their alpha. She takes the bottle and walks away from him. Marcel asks Hayley where the Alpha is and says she brought Junior Varsity. She says Jack is unavailable and that they were going to take down Finn today and thought he might want in on the bloodbath. Aiden says he’s guarded by juiced up wolves. Marcel says he has a thing for Cami and he can get her to help.

Hayley says Klaus won’t like that but Marcel says Klaus isn’t there. Cami tells Finn that Klaus hasn’t called because he wants to protect her and says she thinks she doesn’t want to be around her at all. He asks what else is on her mind. She asks for a new adviser and he asks why she wants to leave him. She says he’s good and getting to know her but she wants to get to know him too.

She makes it clear she’s a little hot for him and then acts embarrassed and says she’s going to go. He stops her and asks if she likes jazz. She smiles. Davina works on a spell when Kol comes in – she’s healing a cracked mirror. He interrupts her and she gets mad at him. She says she’s only there with him because of his witchy knowledge.

He says she needs to get some rest and she says it’s not easy with a 1,000 year old creeper in the next bed. He pretends to take offense then calls her darling. She tells him to stop that too. She says he’s not funny and tells him to stop all the charm. He says most girls like this and she tells him to stop messing around. He says her resistance to him is impressive and baffling.

He says they have to trust each other for him to share secrets. He says if she wants to take down her friends without Klaus dying, she needs to listen. He collapses in pain and runes appear on his arm. He says it’s his mother calling him home. Finn is there with Esther and she says he’s the obedient child but she’s expecting Kol back soon and then Elijah will awake and come to her.

She tells him he needs to bring in Cami and hands him a spelled object to subdue her and bring her to him without harming her. He says he thought they had more time but she says once Klaus’ bio dad influences him, they will need to act quickly. Finn says he can bring her in without the charm and tells her no to the spelled object.

Klaus is out in the bayou looking for the herb. Ansel lurks nearby with a knife. Klaus hears a sound and speeds to him. He tells Ansel to stop following him. He tells him he will not take Esther’s bargain and tells him to piss off while he gets back to his family. Ansel says he knows he’s looking for the orchid and says he used to find it for his mother to help Elijah sleep. He offers his help.

Klaus says he doesn’t think his mother raised him from the dead to play hide and seek in the woods with him. Ansel tells him to look towards the West. Davina drives while Kol rides in pain from the magical welt on his arm. She switches off the radio and he asks if she has fun with magic. He says he was a witch before he was a vampire and loved it.

He says he lost it all when he turned and it made him a little dark. He says he turned to murder and mayhem as a result. He says he was always trying to get back what his mother stole from him. He says he’s lucky he has the job to flirt with the prettiest witch in town. He says he was sent to follow her but the flirting part was his idea.

Aiden shows Marcel that Finn is meeting Cam but will be guarded by Victor. She comes in with a box of dark objects that can be used against witches. Marcel picks out a set of manacles and says he remembers these. He says if they can slap these on him, Finn won’t be able to do magic. Hayley reminds Cami it’s dangerous to be bait. Cami tells them to make it look convincing and say Finn is smart.

Ansel walks with Klaus and asks if he wants to ask him anything. Klaus asks if he can cure Elijah without the ramblings of an old man. Ansel says the conversation is part of the price. He says Esther forbade him from seeing him and says he waited around knowing he’d need him when his wolf curse triggered. He says when it did, Mikael got to Ansel first and they fought.

Ansel says he fought for him. He tells Klaus he’s watched him for a millennium. He says all the joy in Klaus’ life has been from simple pleasures like when he felt his baby kick, cared for his horses and taught Marcel Shakespeare. Klaus tells him he’s also murdered countless people and asks if that made him proud as a father. He walks away from Ansel.

Kol shows up and tells his mother she needs to learn how to text. She tells him they need the white oak stake and says she knows Mikael is alive. He says Davina won’t trust him if he she thinks he’s a flying monkey to the wicked witch but says he has it handled. She tells him to bring her the stake no matter what he has to do to get it. She stomps out and he picks up a knife and caresses it.

Ansel takes Klaus to the orchids but Klaus sees it’s surrounded by vervain. Ansel says he will get it for him and Klaus asks what price it comes at. Ansel tells him he’s a coward and challenges him to look in his mind and see his motivations. Klaus refuses and tells his dad to just get the orchids he needs. Davina meets back up with Kol and asks what his mom wants.

He says she wants the white oak stake so Davina can’t kill Klaus. Kol says he’s not his mom’s puppet. He says he wants Davina’s blood but is asking nicely and won’t take it. He shows her a tomb and says it was is playhouse and that he made fun there with witches. He says the witch Mary Alice Claire, got pissed at him and that only one of her bloodline can reopen it. He hands her the knife.

She opens it up and sees that it’s a treasure trove of the arcane. He says he was a vampire and taught the witches Kemiya, an Arabian sort of magic. He taught the witches to make dark objects for him. He says most are lost in the city and he doesn’t know where but says he has one important one left. It’s a dagger. He says he wants to drive a dagger into Klaus’ heart like he’s done to him so many times.

She says it won’t work on Klaus but he says they can charge this one up so it will trap Klaus and he’ll be stuck in a box not quite dead, but enough to keep her friends safe. Cami and Finn are at a jazz club drinking beer. She says she drinks beer to defy her mom who said it wasn’t ladylike. He says his mom is close to him and he does anything she wants because she’s made so many sacrifices for them.
[9:44:28 PM] Rachel Rowan: Her phone rings and she says she has to take it then steps to the side. He watches her closely while watching the band. Someone walks between them and she’s gone. He follows. We see her down and screaming, attacked by a wolf. He goes to check on her and the wolf runs. He hears another and then looks away and Cami is suddenly gone.

Ansel has a long knife and uses it to carve a piece of wood. Klaus says blades have different uses for him. He says Mikael showed him that but says Klaus was born to create. He asks if he thinks he should accept his mom’s offer and sacrifice the life he has. Ansel says he would still be king but would be at peace and could be a good father. Klaus says he’s no longer a father.

Ansel says when you’re a wolf, you feel emotions more strongly. He says he used to lurk close to Klaus when he was a child and he turned. Ansel says he knows the call of his own blood. He says when he turns, he wakes farther each time from New Orleans because he hears it and knows the child is still alive. Klaus just glares at him.

Finn calls the wolves and demands to know who bit Cami. He’s doing a locator spell and tells Aiden to come alone because the other wolves can’t be trusted. Aiden says he bought it and the locator spell will send Finn there soon. Hayley bites her wrist to pour some blood in a cup to heal Cami who tells her she thought it would be more erotic to have a woman’s mouth on her neck.

They joke then lower the lights in preparation for Finn’s arrival. Aiden says they’re going to hell for doing this in a church. Josh flirts with him and Aiden says it’s not so bad of a night. Cami and Hayley review the plan – Cami is supposed to slap the shackles on Finn while the others distract him. Cami asks where Marcel is and Hayley says he’s trying to find Davina and get her away from Kol.

In the crypt, Kol snaps his fingers and a record starts playing. He says when people crafted daggers, they didn’t know Klaus was immune to silver. He says Kemiya allows you to change one thing from another. He tells her it’s about chemistry. He shows her a giant diamond called a paragon and tells her to hold his hand so they can channel their power.

She asks if they have to hold hands and Kol says they can make out, but that might distract him. They join hands and he tells her to close her eyes. They have the diamond and the dagger. He chants and she repeats it. He strokes her arm while they chant. The rope they hold lights on fire and it burns her. She gasps and drops it and is distracted from his touch.

Kol picks it up and shows her what they made. It’s a bracelet and he puts it on her arm and says it’s to replace the one they broke. The rope is now metal. She says – you changed it – and he tells her that Davina is going to change everything. Ansel finishes up with the orchids and hands it to Klaus. He says it will help Elijah. Klaus tells him he would have liked to be his son, but he’s on a different path.

He says he’s been Mikael’s son for too long. He says he need his paranoia and vengeance to protect his daughter. Ansel says he would help protect her but Klaus says Esther would use that to get to his little girl. He tells Ansel that he waited too long before he came to rescue him.

He says he won’t make the same mistake with hope. Klaus makes a move to kill his father and Ansel says he doesn’t believe he’s capable of this. Klaus says – that’s the first lie you’ve told me. Klaus cuts him deeply across the chest then holds his father while he dies. He cries but is then resolute again. He’s ready to do what he has to do and had to protect Hope’s secret.

Davina tells Kol she need to get going. He asks if she’s going back to Marcel’s but she says she’s going back to her attic. He says she must have been lonely and says a witch needs a colony, even if it’s just two. She asks when they can work on the dagger and he says they have more work to do together first. He says she’s going to like him and he’s going to let her pretend a while she doesn’t already.

Aiden tells Finn that Cami is tied up near the altar and it’s wolves wanting vengeance for Ollie. Finn says he knows Aiden’s brother was one of those Oliver rescued. He throws Aiden into the church and Josh runs to him. Finn is there and calls thunder. He snaps Josh’ neck with a flick of his hand and calls for Cami. Hayley tackles him and says she’s going to kick his ass and then take her pack back.

He says her pack follows him and she asks how his mom’s boots taste. He tells her he’s going to take her heart and works a spell to pull it out of her but then he’s shot with an arrow. It’s Jackson. He puts another in Finn and Finn collapses in pain. Cami slaps the shackles on him and he realizes quickly his magic is blocked. Hayley tells Jackson his timing was awesome.

Klaus comes back to Elijah’s side. He presses the herbs to Elijah’s neck and tells him they were innocent once. Elijah is still in his childhood dream. He says the blood lust was forced on them by their parents and turned them from prey to predator. We see adult Klaus talking to childhood Elijah and telling him we are the demons, the savage villains told to children in fairy tales.

He says in Hope’s story they are the knights in shining armor and tells Elijah he needs him by his side with her. He says the monster in him is only checked by the monster in Elijah. He says together they can defeat the monsters and save their family. Child Elijah rises up and puts a dagger into adult Elijah in the dream and Elijah wakes panting and sweaty.

Jackson lights candles at the church and Hayley asks how he knew how to find them. He says he spent a lot of time tracking in the war and says it’s animal instinct. He says Ollie gave him so much hell for waiting so long on Hayley to come. He says their parents were so sure that she and he could change things for the better. She says Andrea was the girl he was waiting on, not Hayley, a knocked up tomboy with a bad attitude.

He says she’s not the girl he waited for, she’s better. He walks out on that note. Klaus finds Elijah dressing. He’s neat and tidy again. Elijah asks what is it and Klaus says he spent the day with his real father. He says Esther brought him back from the dead to get him to turn against being a vampire. He says the thought of what he could have been if he’d been raised by him was incredible.

He shows Elijah a sketch Ansel made of him as a child. He says he knew about Hope and he wanted to trust him but he couldn’t be sure and couldn’t let anything happen to her because of his selfish desire for a father. He says he killed his father without hesitation. Elijah asks who he killed him for and says they have to protect what innocence remains at any cost.

Esther cries as she sees Ansel strung up in her crypt. She falls to her knees sobbing to see the man she loves dead again. Kol carries a sleeping Davina up to her bed in the attic. Elijah dresses and thinks about the memories his mother released – of him killing the woman he loved. Davina wakes and looks at the bracelet she and Kol made. She sees the stake is gone from her bag and assumes Kol betrayed her.

Cami drinks when Esther shows up at her bar. She asks for a drink and says her sons have taken quite the liking to her. She chants and Cami is pinned by magic. Elijah says he thinks the worst is over but he still has some nightmares. They agree they need to move now and take her off guard. Marcel and Hayley are there and Marcel says they made moves while he was sleeping.

Hayley tells Elijah it’s good to see him vertical. She says they each left a gift for them in the ballroom and says – you’re welcome. The brothers go to see. They find Finn and Kol shackled. Kol says it’s an unpleasant way to begin a family reunion. Klaus smiles wickedly and says – wait til you see how we end it.