The Originals RECAP 1/14/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “The Casket Girls”

The Originals RECAP 1/14/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “The Casket Girls”

Tonight on the CW their new fantasy drama, THE ORIGINALS continues with a new episode called “The Casket Girls.”  On tonight’s show Rebekah sets her own plan in motion when she enlists the help of someone from Marcel’s past.  Did you watch the last episode before the hiatus?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On the last episode Marcel, deeply conflicted by recent events, was surprised when Klaus opened up to him about some of his past indiscretions. Cami tried to make sense of cryptic messages she’s come across and was disturbed when she gained some insight into Klaus’ past. Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, the human faction took matters into their own hands, resulting in a violent confrontation. Elsewhere, when Hayley learned of a plan to harm the werewolves in the bayou, she turned to Elijah and Rebekah for help. After heading to the bayou, they ran into a werewolf named Eve, who had information that leads them to a shocking discovery.

On tonight’s show as the French Quarter prepares for its annual celebration of the Casket Girls Festival, Cami suffers through as Davina attempts to free her of Klaus’ mind compulsion. Elijah and Marcel form an unlikely alliance as Klaus sets his plan in motion to get Davina back. Once it’s known that Davina is missing, Sophie gets in on the hunt to track her down. Meanwhile, Hayley is forced to make a tough decision after receiving an unexpected phone call, and Rebekah sets her own plan in motion when she enlists the help of someone from Marcel’s past. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Charlie Charbonneau and Michelle Paradise.

We hope you stop by for this epic show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks.  Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap.

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Louisiana 1751. Rebekah talks about society women flooding to Louisiana to look for proper husbands. She says that many of the men there were not proper or gentle. A carriage of three girls headed for the governor’s mansion is waylaid by ruffians. But then there are screams and silence. The girls cower in the carriage until the footman looks out and sees them all lying dead and bloody. Then he too is grabbed and killed. Rebekah walks up with her bloody mouth and tells them that the bad men have all gone away. She says girls have to stick together and escorts them to safety. The casket girls legend (that story) is celebrated every year.

Cammie screams in pain as Klaus’ compulsion is stripped away. Josh tells her he’s been through it all herself. Davina asks if she wants her to stop but Cammie tells her to carry on.

Hayley tries to struggle into a gown for the celebration and Elijah comes to her rescue and zips her up. She thanks him and says there aren’t too many pregnant casket girls. He reminds her to keep her birthmark covered and he say most people wouldn’t recognize it. She laments that she’s all knocked up and has nowhere to go and he offers to take her out. She says they shouldn’t rock the boat with Klaus and asks him to unzip her again. He does so slowly as she watches him in the mirror. He leaves reluctantly.

Rebekah shops and complains and tells Marcel to bugger off. She says he made the choice of Klaus over her and so has lost the right to touch her. His phone rings and she asks who it could be. It’s Klaus calling to tell him Davina is gone.

Cammie yells in pain and Davina says it should be getting better. Josh hands her the notes she made and says they should make more sense now. He’s burned in the light and Davina promises him a daylight ring soon. She says Klaus compelled her to go out with Marcel. Davina tells her to think back further and touches her and Cammie starts to cry. She recalls Klaus telling her to leave and forget him.

Klaus tells Marcel that their secret weapon escaped and Elijah tells them her violin is gone so he thinks she went on her own volition. Marcel demands to know what Elijah said to her. He tells Marcel to back off and that he wouldn’t want to see Davina harmed. Klaus reminds him that she’s the most powerful witch in New Orleans and if she isn’t a friend she’s an enemy. Marcel says she’s a friend. Elijah tells Marcel that they need to find Davina before Klaus hurts her. They agree to protect her.

Rebekah asks Hayley if she knows where Davina is and Hayley says he told her the witch elders were dead. Rebekah says it’s her fault but then she relents and says she doesn’t like the boys’ club. Rebekah says Davina is like a modern day casket girl – lied to and manipulated by men. She tells Hayley that the girls have to stick together.

Sophie is making out with a hot guy when Sabine interrupts to tell her she thinks Davina is on the loose. Sophie says if they can get her back they can fix things but they only have until sundown when the vamps come out in force. Sabine is ready to work a locator spell to find her.

Davina gives Cammie vervain so she can’t be compelled again and Josh is thirsty and Davina offers him her arm but then sense the locator spell. She says they’re trying to find her and Cammie says they need to run. Davina says there is no way to sneak her out of the quarter and Cammie says her uncle Kieran can help. She’s shocked when Davina tells her that Kieran knows everything and is a pal of Marcel’s. Cammie is floored when Josh confirms it for her.

Josh tells them they need to go now and offers them his car. He says it’s at the docks and gives his keys. He can’t go because the sun is still up but tells Davina no tears. She hugs him and asks him to meet them once the sun is down.

Klaus’ goons follow Hayley to the bathroom and she tells them to leave her. Her phone rings and it’s Sophie calling to tell her that Davina is on the loose. Hayley asks why she should care and why she would help them. Sophie says if they don’t complete the harvest they will lose their magic and her wolf family will be in trouble. She says they are stuck in wolf form because of a curse from her bloodline and offers to undo the curse.

She says Hayley needs to get her the remains of Celeste DuBois (Elijah’s old lover) that he buried in a secret spot. Sophie tells Hayley to find out where.

The casket girls party is in full force as the girls walk down the street. Davina has a mask on but they see Klaus out looking for them. They decide to get off the street. Elijah and Marcel are looking around too. Rebekah joins them and Klaus asks if she’s come to help round up the stray. Klaus says they are moments away from reeling her in. He spots Timothy (Davina’s BF) and compels him.

Josh calls Cammie and asks where they are so he can meet them before the sun comes up. He gets a call from Timothy but it’s Klaus. He tells him he just moved to Turkey and Klaus says he’s lying and likely still in town and in the company of Davina. He says she isn’t there and Klaus says if Davina doesn’t show up to the compound soon he’s going to hurt Timothy.

Cammie and Davina are hiding out in a church for a few minutes. Josh calls Cammie and he gives her the 411 on Tim’s situation. She tells him to head to the quarter and wait for them. But then she sense magic and the witches are there. They knock out Cammie with magic and then Sophie goes postal and lifts up all the witches and knocks them out. She storms out of the church mad.

Hayley is followed back to the plantation by her escorts and tells them she just needs to grab clothes. She heads upstairs and pulls out Elijah’s journal. She leafs through until she finds his writings on Celeste. She finds the part where she dies and he says he would bury her far away from it all. Hayley says a soft “i’m sorry Elijah.”

Davina stomps down the street when Josh stops her. She says she’ll kill all of them and he tells her that the Originals can’t be killed. She says that she is strong enough and has so much power that’s growing. He starts to tell her that if she kills them he’ll die but then stops himself and tells her if she’s going to do it, to go all in and give them all she’s got. Rebekah steps out and tells him he was noble but that Klaus will kill her and that it’s unnecessary. She tells Josh to help her help Davina.

Elijah asks Klaus how he can be sure Davina will come. He shows him Timothy who is strung up and fiddling. Marcel comes in and tells him he spread the word. He also tells Klaus that he should let him talk to Davina. Klaus cuts Tim’s playing off and she demands he let him down. Marcel ask her why she ran and tells her he can make it right.

Klaus apologizes for stringing up Tim but tells her his ways get results. She tells Klaus everyone is afraid they can all see what he is – an animal and a beast. She knocks Klaus down with a spell and tells him to show them his real face. He contorts into a partial werewolf and she knocks him aside. She goes for Elijah next and tells him he’s a killer just like Klaus and tells him to choke on blood and he starts to and then keels over.

She turns on Marcel next and tells him she trusted and loved him but he was just using her and handed her over to Klaus like a trophy. He says he loved her but then he gets staked from behind. It’s Rebekah and she tells Davina she couldn’t have been buying his lies and says the girls need to have a talk.
[12:41:51 AM] Rachel Rowan: Rebekah tells Davina that her magic is impressive and the punishments were well deserved. She tells her she has a surprise for her and Josh comes in. Rebekah grabs him by the neck and says if she were Klaus she would rip his head off but it’s such a boy thing to do. Rebekah tells Tim he can come down and he says he’s scared. She tells him to jump and she catches him. He cries and then hugs Davina. He asks how she did all that. They hold each other. Josh watches with quite a bit of jealousy.

Davina asks Rebekah why she’s doing it and she says that Davina has all the cards but needs to know who to trust. She says she has something to show her and to bring her friends and come and they head out.

Hayley calls Sophie and tells her that Celeste is buried between two oaks. Sophie says it’s not enough info and Hayley tells her to use her witch mojo to figure it out. She begins to cast a spell and akss for help from the spirits. The wind whorls up and she’s led to two giant trees.

Rebekah brings Davina down to the catacombs below the house. Josh tells them the vampires bricked in are just hungry. Rebekah explains Marcel put them all there and points out Thierry who was once Marcel’s bestie. Davina asks why she’s telling her this and Rebekah says she needs to know who she’s dealing with.

Tim tells her she’ll be all right and hands her something to drink. Rebekah tells her they have both been lied to and taken advantage of by Klaus and Marcel. Tim starts choking and tells Davina he’s sorry and that Klaus made him give her the poisoned water. Tim collapses and then Davina starts to turn a bad shade.

Kieran comforts Cammie who has finally come to. She tells him that the witches knocked her out. She asks where Davina is and confronts him with all the truths she now knows. He says it’s complicated and she’s angry that he let her think her brother was crazy. He says he was protecting her. She says he’s as bad as the rest of the monsters in the city and storms out.

Marcel comes to and Elijah helps him up. Rebekah calls Klaus and demands to know how to cure Davina. He says the potion is strong and that vampire blood won’t help. Klaus refuses to help and hangs up on Rebekah saying that’s what traitors get. Klaus glares at Marcel and Elijah and say she did what had to be done. Elijah is annoyed that he poisoned her without consulting them. Marcel says Klaus is so predictable that he had to make a side deal with Elijah whom he doesn’t even like.

Marcel tells Klaus that he got a call earlier from Kieran after the witches almost got hold of Davina that afternoon. We see a flashback of him with Sabine. He tells her she broke a rule and the protection spell was probably a one time deal. He tells her she can die or do the same spell for Davina.

Klaus glares at him. He says that Marcel was colluding with a witch and calls him clever. Marcel said he needed a failsafe in case Klaus went off the rails. Klaus said he had to protect the family and Elijah says that she is Marcel’s family. Elijah orders Klaus to call Rebekah and tell her that Davina will be okay but Tim will not. Davina comes to and cries and begs for Tim to wake up and not leave her alone.

Rebekah carries an exhausted Davina upstairs. Marcel takes her gently and says he’ll put her in her .
room. She reluctantly hands her over as Klaus glares at her. Rebekah looks at him with scorn and then turns away.

Marcel watches Davina sleep. Elijah comes in too. He tells Elijah she’ll never trust him again and he tells Marcel not to give up trying to earn it back. He sees her drawings and asks what they are. Marcel says she calls them evil

Cammie sees Klaus on the street and marches right up to him. She asks if he’s surprised to see him and tells him decompulsion hurts like hell but is worth it. She tells him if he hurts Davina or Josh in any way she’ll expose him to the world and says he can kiss the Quarter goodbye.

Rebekah ruminates on the casket girls and that she’s tired of letting Klaus get away with his antics and that Marcel and Elijah seems ready to go along with it. She’s straw feeding Thierry some blood and asks for his help to take New Orleans right out from under them. She thinks she’s got her own secret weapon in a woman. As soon as Marcel leaves, Davina opens her eyes.

Hayley finds Elijah and he asks about her day. She says it was killer. She asks about the artwork and he  says it’s a premonition that something is coming – something sinister.

Sophie is out digging in the woods and finds the casket with Celeste’s photo on it.

Elijah arranges the sketches and it’s a face. Hayley asks if it’s Celeste and he realizes that it is. He’s in shock. Hayley calls Sophie but her phone is too far away to hear.