The Originals Recap – Esther Gets Her Comeuppance: Season 2 Episode 9 Fall Finale “The Map of Moments”

The Originals Recap - Esther Gets Her Comeuppance: Season 2 Episode 9 Fall Finale "The Map of Moments"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Monday December 8, season 2 episode 9 Fall Finale called “The Map of Moments,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. Tonight Rebekah [Claire Holt] notices an unusual change in Elijah’s [Daniel Gillies] behavior, and meets Klaus [Joseph Morgan] and Haley at a safe house where they are reunited with baby Hope. Meanwhile, Kaleb sheds light on a spell he created in 1914; Cami learns Esther’s plan will put her life in danger; and Esther makes an unlikely alliance that could prove to be dangerous for Klaus.

On the last episode, Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt), who had spent months away living a normal life with baby Hope, found herself on the run when she realized Esther (guest star Sonja Sohn) had uncovered her whereabouts. Convinced that Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood) and Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) would be powerful allies in his fight to take down Esther, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) set a plan in motion to turn his brothers against their mother. Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) was conflicted when she and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) stumbled upon an ancient ritual that would get their werewolf packs out from under Esther’s control, but would require her to make a tremendous sacrifice. Elsewhere, Rebekah was concerned when she noticed something was off with Elijah (Daniel Gillies). Finally, Davina (Danielle Campbell) took matters into her own hands by turning to dark magic, and Cami (Leah Pipes) found herself at the center of Esther’s dangerous plan. Charles Michael Davis also stars.Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “when Rebekah (Claire Holt) notices an unusual change in Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) behavior, she asks Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) to meet her at their safe house, reuniting them with baby Hope. After reliving memories of being the odd man out, Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) opens up to Davina (Danielle Campbell) about his resentment towards his siblings and sheds some light on a spell he created in 1914. Meanwhile, when Cami (Leah Pipes) discovers Esther’s (guest star Sonia Sohn) plan will put her life in danger, she demands answers from Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood), who remains steadfast in his convictions. Elsewhere, Esther makes an unlikely alliance that could prove dangerous for Klaus, and Hayley makes a decision that could change her relationship with Elijah forever. Lastly, while Elijah continues to struggle with the lingering effects of being captured, Rebekah and Klaus devise a plan to take their mother down once and for all. Leslie Libman directed the episode written by Marguerite MacIntyre & Julie Plec.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explore their complexities and character quirks.

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Christmas, New Orleans, 1914. A doll head is on an iron fence post. Three people come into a house looking for something. There are dolls everywhere. They tear apart cabinets, turn out drawers and make a mess in their search. Kol is one of them – he finds a crystal decanter lid that’s actually a diamond. He tells one of the woman to clean up and meet him at the cemetery.

Outside, Klaus and Marcel are waiting for the man. Klaus says the Mayor wanted them to investigate a rash of thefts and Marcel followed him there. Klaus says the house had the Paragon Diamond in it. He tells him to hand it over. The women are trapped in the house and Klaus tells Kol they will never leave it again. It’s some of the witches he used to hang out with back in the day.

Now, Rebekah hangs a Christmas wreath on a door – she and Elijah are in a house they’ve purloined by compelling the owner. Elijah is annoyed at her and thinks she’s handling him. He asks why she broke his neck and she asks about the slaughter in the diner. He says he doesn’t know, he was just trying to keep Hope safe. Davina and Kol work a spell together to protect Cami’s body from Esther’s spell. Marcel comes in and tells them to take it seriously or he’ll lock Kol in a coffin.

Kol tells Marcel to chill out and says Rebekah is nowhere near so Esther can’t try the body swap. Kol says it’s strange to think about his one ex taking over the body of his most recent next. Marcel threatens him and Cami comes in to intervene. Davina asks what’s the issue between them and Kol says he was odd man out between Klaus and Marcel and they were more like brothers than he and Klaus.

He then tells Davina they need the large Paragon Diamond to work the dagger spell. He says he had it a long time ago but Klaus took it. They decide to go snooping to see if they can turn it up. Mikael is killing a werewolf when Esther shows up in the woods. He tells her he missed her and calls her wife. He’s annoyed she brought her lover back from the dead.

Mikael says he’s going to kill wolves until she gives over Ansel. She tells him Klaus already killed him and Mikael says not to mention the bastard to him. She tells him to strike her if he’s so mad. He goes to but she’s just an apparition. She tells him they need to talk about their children. Elijah and Rebekah sit outside with Hope. Rebekah is working on a bonfire – a family tradition.

He holds his niece and asks why their family is always at war. She says being away with Hope made her see things differently. She says they’re not the monsters their parents think they are. She kisses her niece and they hear a car pull up. Hayley gets out and runs for her daughter. She stares at her in Elijah’s arms and then walks closer.

He hands her over to her mommy and she holds the baby close. She breathes her in and sighs. She turns to Klaus and walks their daughter over to him. He takes Hope and holds her close. They both smile at the child and then at Rebekah. The baby coos and Klaus kisses her. He looks so happy and at peace for once in his tumultuous life.

Klaus tells them about the curse of the first born and their sister Freya. Elijah says it’s what Finn told them. Elijah says Aunt Dahlia is long dead and Hayley asks – like Esther. Klaus tells Rebekah there is enough wood on the bonfire. She wants to do what they did as kids and write down their wishes for each other and burn them for luck. Klaus says no, Hayley says yes, so that’s it.

Marcel finds Cami and she says she’s enjoying her final hours. He tells her not to think about it. She says she could be gone in a few hours and wants to talk to Finn. Marcel tells her no. Cami says he needs to stop trying to control her right before she loses everything. She wants Finn out to try and get him to stop his mom.

Klaus says he can’t write anything down because he’s holding his daughter. Hayley nags him and he says she’s going to be a bullying wife. He writes down a note that says he wishes she would tell Elijah she’s marrying her werewolf BF and that he dodged a bullet. She tears up the paper. Cami tells him to let her talk to Finn alone. He finally agrees and they pull Finn out.

They sit him down – he’s weak and not looking good. Cami hands Finn a grilled cheese sandwich. Finn tells her that her compassion will be her fatal downfall. Finn says he won’t be blinded by her beauty or tempted by her empathy. He tells her that her morality is a moving target since she was banging Marcel while half in love with Klaus.

He tells her his morality isn’t movable and says he believes in good and evil. He says he’s trying to help her. Then he rants about ridding New Orleans of all vampires and says he won’t show mercy to her or anyone that stands in his way. She’s had enough. Cami stomps out and tells Marcel to lock Flinn back up. She keeps on walking.

Elijah thinks about all the people he’s killed with his hands. Rebekah comes out then and hands him a cloth to wipe his hands. She asks him what he’s seeing and he says – things I’ve done, images of who he was. He says it’s a lovely gift from their mother to try and get him to take her deal and start over a new life as a mortal.

He says he can have a child and she reminds him about the first child curse but he says in a new body he wouldn’t be of Mikaelson blood. Elijah wonders if they can get Esther to leave them alone if she gets a majority of her children and says she already has Kol and Finn so she just needs one more. Davina finds an old photo of the Mikaelsons and asks Kol if that was him.

She asks him about Rebekah and he says she was always Klaus and Elijah’s girl but did him a solid back in 1914. We see her find Kol rifling Nic’s things and telling her Klaus took something from him. He says he’s almost perfected a dagger that would work on Klaus so they could put him in a box for a while and buy them some piece and get her time with Marcel. She helps him.

Now, Rebekah finds a Polaroid and makes Klaus snap a selfie of them with the baby. Klaus says they’ll have to burn the photo. He tells Rebekah his wish is that it doesn’t have to be like this. He says they can’t risk the photo falling into the wrong hands. Hayley takes it, looks at it and then tosses it on the bonfire and they all watch it go up in flames.

Rebekah says she doesn’t want to let this slip away from them. She says she is going to take Esther’s deal and will take their mother down with her. Elijah tells her no.

Hayley feeds her daughter while the others talk. Rebekah says their mother will be distracted during the spell on her and they can kill her. She says to use Kol and Davina to keep her from body jumping. She tells Elijah he was ready to do this himself. She says they may be able to stop the spell before she body jumps. She says she’s willing to lose her immortality.

Elijah says if she was human they’d lose her. She says when she’s old and wrinkly, they can dump her back in her body they can keep in storage. They contact Kol who says he can find a new body for Rebekah – on the condition he gets back the Paragon Diamond they took from him back in 1914. He says he will use it to make a weapon of self defense in case Klaus comes at him.

He says the dagger he’ll make won’t kill Klaus. Rebekah tells Klaus that he’s crazy to give Kol the diamond. He says Kol’s plan never works. She asks Klaus to take care of her body in case it doesn’t work right. He agrees and says the key is to take Esther out before she body jumps. She says it must be Christmas if the two of them are on the same team. They drive back to New Orleans.

Hayley and Elijah look over a sleeping Hope. She offers to tell him her bonfire wish. She says she figured out a way to release her wolves from the witches. She says they can control their turning without the rings and then Hope could return with them. She says there’s a catch – she has to marry Jackson. She says it’s a mystical ceremony of alpha bonding.

She tells Elijah they haven’t been close recently, but wants him to know she doesn’t love Jackson but can’t be involved with him any more if she marries Jackson. Elijah grabs her and kisses her hard. He tells her to marry Jackson. He says the only way Hope can return is if he unifies the vamps and witches and she unifies the wolves. He tells her to do what she needs to bring her daughter home.

He says this is his wish for Hayley. She looks at him and they kiss again. He lifts her against the wall. They pull each others clothes off and he takes her there on a table. Kol comes back and says he found a body for Rebekah to replace Cami. Kol says his mother is a vindictive woman but he says he also needs his mother’s hour glass. He says he needs the white oak stake to get back into the Lycee.

He says bringing it is the only way she’ll trust him. He says she won’t use it to kill Klaus, she wants to turn him. Marcel says deal’s off but Klaus tells Marcel to back down. Klaus asks Kol for his word that he won’t hurt the family. Kol swears on the family and Klaus agrees to get him the stake. Kol heads to the Lycee with the stake. He says he wooed and won Davina.

She says she was worried when she didn’t hear from him. He asks where Finn is and she says she thinks he’s fallen to the enemy. Esther says she has a plan to deal with that while she searches for Rebekah. He says – speak of the devil and the devil will come, hello sister. Esther turns, surprised, that Rebekah is there. She says she heard she’s offering a deal.

Davina gets ready on their end to block Esther from body jumping while they take her out. Esther makes tea and Rebekah says she can’t talk about giving up her immortality over tea and asks about red wine. She asks for the sales pitch and Esther says she doesn’t need to give her one. She says that Rebekah is the only one of her children capable of joy and is happiest among humans.

Kol asks Esther when she thinks he’s happiest and she says – when you’re doing as you’re told. Esther tells Rebekah she’s ready to free her from her curse. Rebekah says she’s trading a lot choosing to be human. Esther says the choice is a handful of years having what she wants or a thousand years not ever having it. Rebekah says it’s the end of an era and agrees.

Esther says – let us begin – and turns her hourglass. Kol does some magic that links that hourglass to the one Davina has. Esther has the stake and says she has to destroy her vampire body. Rebekah says to stop the spell but Esther says the spell is already locked in and was the moment she turned the hour glass. Rebekah tells her she gave birth to that body and can’t destroy it.

Esther says it’s just flesh. Klaus is there and tells her to stop the spell. Kol says to Klaus he didn’t know. Esther says it’s impossible to stop it. Klaus says to take himself instead. Esther says she can’t because she made a deal with Mikael. She says when Finn and Kol went missing she needed and ally and all he wanted was the right to kill Klaus.

Esther says she’s already chosen another body. Klaus stabs her. Davina starts chanting. Rebekah has a little seizure and collapses and Klaus grabs her. The hourglass explodes and Marcel asks Davina if it worked. She says she has no idea. Elijah brings Rebekah back to their home. Marcel sees that Finn has broken out of the coffin. Cami is also knocked out.

Marcel tells them someone busted Finn out and Klaus says it was likely Mikael. Cami wakes and looks around. She laughs and says it’s still her. Marcel sits by Rebekah. Klaus says he couldn’t stop the spell. Marcel asks if Esther is dead and Klaus says they took extra precautions and Esther is exactly where she needs to be.

Davina and Kol walk and he tells her about back in 1914 some more. We see Rebekah talking to a witch and she tells her to give up on Kol and says she can do better. They are at a Christmas party. Klaus makes a toast and invites everyone to burn a wish for luck in their holiday bonfire. He then speaks of treachery and toasts Rebekah.

Kol tries to run out but Elijah stops him and yanks his jacket off. Klaus apologizes for the drama and says every Mikaelson party has some. He daggers his brother. Now, Kol tells Davina he had to get a little revenge on Rebekah for ratting him out to Klaus back then. He says he didn’t prepare the body for Rebekah that he says he did. He tells Davina that Klaus punished his witch friends as well.

He says Klaus created a prison of that house we saw earlier – the Fauline College – and he’s confined many of Kol’s witches there over the years. Kol says he wouldn’t hurt his own sister though. He says he has sent her to that cottage. He says with Rebekah missing, Klaus will be preoccupied and they can focus on the dagger. She makes him promise Rebekah is safe. He does.

He also tells her he made a wish for her tonight. He tells her to close her eyes and then he kisses her. She pulls him back down for another kiss. Esther wakes and sees Klaus there. She asks what he’s done. He tells her she sold him to Mikael like a butcher sells meat. He says he’s done as he was taught. He’s made her a vampire. She says – no and that it’s not possible.

He tells her that it is. He says he and Rebekah were ahead of her. We see Rebekah bite her finger and drip it into her mother’s wine glass. He tells her when he killed her, she died with vampire blood in her system so she’s transitioning. This means she’s lost all her witchy powers. He tells her she can either be what she hates most in this world or she can be dead.

He tells her it’s her choice and says that’s more than she ever gave them. It’s ironic, right? She made all of them vamps without asking her. We see they’ve laid Rebekah’s body out in a nice coffin. Marcel, Klaus and Kol stand around her. Kol hands Klaus back the white oak stake and says – a promise is a promise.

Rebekah wakes in the cottage in someone else’s body. She stares in the mirror at her new form and then hears screams and cackles. She goes to investigate and find the front doors are locked. She beats on them and calls out. She yells that she’s Rebekah Mikaelson but there’s no one outside to answer her and the house is sealed up for good.