The Originals Season 1 Episode 11 Review – Spoilers Episode 12 “Dance Back from the Grave”

The Originals Season 1 Episode 11 Review – Spoilers Episode 12 "Dance Back from the Grave"

Haley is listening to Elijah explain the vampire and witch legacy through the centuries. Elijah tells her there has never been a all powerful witch until Davina. Klaus comes prancing in and reminds them that Davina is tucked away safe and sound. Klaus tells him his Celeste was very beautiful and to hear Davina tell the portent of evil. Elijah thinks perhaps Davina is mistaking powerful for evil, he doesn’t understand why all the sketches now. Klaus ask why does a witch do anything.

Marcel comes in with food for Davina. Davina tells him to,go,away and uses her powers to fling up againt the wall, Marcel pops back up like it was nothing but a little push. Marcel tries to tell,Davina he is sorry for what happened, Davina says oh you mean when your best friend killed my best friend (well played Davina.) Marcel assures Davina Klaus will pay for what he did one way or another and all he wants to do right now is make piece with her. Davina ask him why. Davina flings some knick knacks at him. Klaus is irritated by it. Elijah tells him that if he wanted to win her trust killing her one true love probably wasn’t the way to go about it. Klaus would like to know if there are any more inopportune deaths Elijah would like to wave in his face. Elijah tells Klaus to give him a month and he will get him a list. Elijah is all about the witty comebacks tonight. Klaus snickers, Davina flings something else, klaus then offers these words of wisdom “young, old, dead or alive witches are pain in the ass.” With that he gets up and leaves.

Davina is having a blast making Marcel jump around when all of a sudden she starts coughing. Marcel rushes to her, Klaus comes running in and when he sees what is going on he says bloody hell. It’s about that time the dirt starts coming out of Davina’s mouth.

Haley tries to tell Elijah what she did but before she can the house starts shaking. Books flying off shelves, candles falling. Rebekah wants to know what in the hell is going on. Klaus tells her it’s Davina.

Davina is laying in bed when Rebekah comes in, Rebekah wants to know what kind of game she is playing she told her to disrupt the household not destroy the whole city. Davina tells her she didn’t do it, or at least she doesn’t think she did it. Klaus ask Marcel how he controlled her when she was in the attic. Marcel tells him he didn’t have to because he never killed her boyfriend. Klaus tells him yes, yes, we’ve been over this part already, point is in her present state she is useless as a tool against the witches. Marcel tells Klaus she isn’t a tool and something is working with her. Elijah wants to know why Davina’s power is manifesting itself in such a aggressive manner. Klaus ask Elijah where he is going. Elijah tells him it’s witch business so lets go ask a witch.

Haley is outside and knows that Elijah is going to meet Sophie. Elijah tells her she doesn’t have to eavesdrop, he keeps nothing from her. Haley tells Elijah she doesn’t want to keep things from him either and since he is going to see Sophie she has a funny story to tell him and it goes like this Sophie called Haley and asked her for a favor in exchange she would help Haley save her people all she had to do was tell her where Celeste was buried. Haley begs Elijah to say something. Elijah tells,Haley she made him break his promise to Celeste. Haley tells him she thought they were just bones. Elijah tells her if she believed that she would have just asked him. Elijah walks away. Haley sadly watches him go.

Over in the cemetery Sabine is putting her Voodoo doll in a hot tub when Sophie comes in. Sabine ask her where she has been. Sophie tells her she dug up Celeste and therefore she can now become a elder. Sabine is shocked and so am I, I mean she out her bones in her bag pack for pity’s sake. Sabine wants to know how she found her. Sophie tells her she bribed Haley to read Elijah’s journals then she dug her ass up. Sabine says that’s not disrespectful….truer words. Elijah walks in and tells Sophie she is coming with him.

Back at the house Elijah tells her she dug up the very person that Davina has been drawing for months. Sophie says she can’t and before she can elaborate Davina screams and the house starts to shake, Klaus not bothered at all by this takes a drink of liquor from his glass. When it subsides Sophie ask if that’s Davina. Klaus tells her it’s a charming little habit she has developed. Rebekah adds that she is also vomiting dirt. Sophie says that they have a huge problem and that they need to finish the harvest, that Davina wasn’t supposed to have all that power and when it destroys her it will finish them off. There are three stages wind, water, and fire.

Rebekah tells her they have to finish the harvest. Davina cries and says no. Rebekah says they promised they will bring her back. Rebekah goes to inject her and the wind begins to blow, as Davina cries it gets stronger, Rebekah gives her the shot and as Davina calms down the wind stops. Sophie ask Elijah if he is convinced now.

Marcel goes in Davina’s room to see her. He hears Klaus telling Elijah that she will be sacrificed. Marcel informs Klaus he isn’t touching her and punches him in the face. Elijah says she has to die. Marcel said according to Sophie who screwed everyone over. Klaus says that if Davina doesn’t die they will be consumed by water and fire.

Elijah tells Klaus he isn’t a people person. Klaus says nonsense that he loves people. Elijah tells him he is going to pay his respects to Celeste. Haley comes in and ask if he has a minute, Elijah tells her he is on his way out. Klaus stops in the doorway and ask Elijah which one of them is the people person again. Lol.

Rebekah is visiting with Sophie. Rebekah wants to know if after she is done burying her witchy bits if she is ready for the harvest and slitting the throat of a very sweet girl as it turns out. Sophie tells her if she gets her niece back she is ready for anything. Rebakah then makes a alliance with Sophie against Marcel and Klaus.
Marcel is watching Davina sleep and remembering all the times he has saved her. Marcel thinks for a minute but then does what he feels is the right thing to do. Marcel tells the two guards at Davina’s door he is done caring what Klaus says and rips the IV out of Davina’s arm, he snaps both guards necks and then carries Davina out.

Elijah goes to the cemetery for the consecration. Sabine tells him it will take time. Elijah tells her he has it, he owes it to her. Sabine ask her if he cares to elaborate. Elijah tells her that when you love someone and they love you they love you in return your uniquely vulnerable and they have a power to hurt you that’s like nothing else.

Rebekah calls Elijah to tell him Marcel took Davina. Klaus reminds her she wanted to run off and have a life with the traitor. Rebekah reminds him he was shacking up with him two seconds before this all went down. Rebekah says they need to divide and conquer. Elijah says he can get Sabine to do a locator spell, Klaus brings up the church and Rebekah says she will go everywhere else.

Haley is crying and getting canned goods ready to go, surprisingly Klaus helps her.

Sabine can’t get the locator spell to work, she says Davina is hemorrhaging magic and they have less time than they thought. Elijah asks her to please concentrate and try again.

Marcel has her in the warehouse at the docks and when Davina wakes up she throws him across the room. Marcel tells her he isn’t going to hurt her. Davina doesn’t believe him. Marcel tells her he is the one who put the protection spell on her. He tells her he messed up but that’s all over all he wants to do is keep her alive. Davina tells him she is scared. Marcel promises he isn’t going to let anyone touch her. Davina hugs him.

Klaus tells Father Kieran that Davina and Marcel are gone. Haley realizes there are werewolves being sheltered at the church, but not Haley’s family. Haley tells him this family gets more complicated by the second. Klaus gives her a word of a advice when it comes to Elijah not do as Klaus does but to just apologize, that Elijah is accomplished in many things but he is a master at forgiveness. Klaus smiles and walks away.

Sabine locates where Davina is she is near the river. Sophie comes in saying she couldn’t absorb Celeste’s power. You know why? Because Sabine already has I guarantee it, it all,goes back to that earlier conversation with Elijah right before Rebekah called, the way she acted and looked at him. Elijah doesn’t understand. Sophie says there is no other way. Elijah says there is actually his mother.

Rebekah tells Elijah it’s taken a thousand years but he has finally gone mad. Elijah tells Rebekah that Klaus has mother right there in a coffin and she isn’t daggered but still quite dead. Elijah says that they should put her to use and put her to rest. Elijah and Sophie explain the plan and it goes like this after burying their mother they will channel all their magic to Sophie the only hitch is they will have to take part in the harvest. As for owning the property Haley owns the plantation and she is having Klaus baby. Rebekah thinks it’s a bad idea because their mom was the most powerful witch ever. Elijah and Klaus are on board but they all have to agree to it. It starts raining. Rebekah says they count her in. Klaus runs to fetch mother.

Rebekah is down in the tombs talking to Thierry she wants to know where his place is that Marcel might have taken Davina, he refuses but then she reminds him that fire kills vampires and he gives in and tells her about his place on the docks.

Marcel is taking care of Davina. Davina tells Marcel about. A dream she had, that Tim was there and he played a song he wrote and that they kissed and they were just normal. Rebekah says it sounds beautiful but it was just a dream. Marcel tells her to get out. Davina starts throwing up water. Rebekah tells Marcel that this is killing her and his stubbornness will be the death of her. Rebekah tells Marcel he is the kinky family Davina’s got and he owes to her to fight for her to live.

Father Kieran is helping them bury their mother. Rebekah assures Klaus that Marcel will bring Davina. Elijah, Rebekah, Klaus, and Haley all cut their hand. Kieran throws in the knife and says it is done.

Sophie and Sabine are getting ready for the harvest.

Davina tells Marcel she is ok with this, that this is all she had then she had a lot she had Monique, she had Tim, and she had someone who fought for her from the moment they met her and that most people don’t even get that if they live to be a hundred. She tells Marcel she is ready, he kisses on her head and holds her and cries.

A line of fire follows Marcel into the cemetery as he carries Davina. Davina stands amongst the other three dead girls. Rebekah is crying, Sophie takes the knife puts it in fire ask Davina if she believes in the harvest. Davina says she believes, Sophie cuts her throat, Haley looks a way, Rebekah cries some more, and Marcel catches her as she falls. When she finally takes her last breath the rain stops, and the magic leaves her body.

All four of the girls are lying together on the ground. Sophie calls the elders to resurrect their chosen ones. She even says it twice and adds please. Nothing happens all four girls are dead, dead.

Marcel goes back to the house and starts tearing it up. Klaus tries to talk Marcel isn’t interested, not about the vampires not anything because Davina is dead. Klaus holds Marcel and tells him he knows of his grief because he did the same when he thought Marcel had died. Klaus holds Marcel while he breaks down and cries.

Haley and Elijah are walking down the street and Haley ask if he is ever going to forgive her. Elijah says it isn’t that easy. Elijah ask Haley if she knows how rare love is. Haley tells him she lives in the now and that she is sorry. Haley goes to walk away and Elijah grabs her but of course he doesn’t kiss her as usual. This show is so infuriating they are going to drag it out to the point that by the time they do kiss no one cares.

Klaus and Rebekah are drinking. Rebekah tells him he thought it would work, Klaus agrees he was sure Davina would survive there was so much life in her. Rebekah wants to know what happened to all the power ,the four girls were suppose to rise and none did.

A voodoo doll gets pricked after being dipped in blood, a woman is walking down the alley, Sabine is chanting, a man is walking in a cemetery and opens a gate, Sabine drinks blood from a cup and another woman is seen walking, all three meet up and wonder what they are doing there. Sabine meets them. One of the women calls her Sabine, she says she has been called that for over a year and she would appreciate it if they called her by her real name CELESTE. Told ya.


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FLASHBACKS TO 1919 – Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), still angered by recent events, refuses to help Klaus (Joseph Morgan) when a gruesome discovery is made in the Cauldron. Rebekah (Claire Holt) is on alert when she uncovers the remnants of a sacrifice down by the docks and immediately realizes that it’s the work of a dangerous warlock from their past. Meanwhile, when Elijah (Daniel Gillies) gets some information that Rebekah may be in trouble, he and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) set off to find her. At Rousseau’s, Cami (Leah Pipes) comforts Marcel, who opens up and shares some details of his past with her, but things quickly spiral out of control when an unexpected visitor shows up. Finally, a violent confrontation ensues when Klaus faces off against a powerful force with an unmatched advantage over him. Daniella Pineda also stars. Rob Hardy directed the episode written by Michael Russo and Michael Narducci (#112).