The Originals Season 1 Episode 14 Review – Spoilers Episode 15 “Le Grand Guignol”

The Originals Season 1 Episode 14 Review – Spoilers Episode 15 “Le Grand Guignol”

We have your weekly review of last night THE ORIGINALS episode 12 called, “Long Way Back from Hell.”  Last night’s episode opened with Rebekah starting to wake up. She is laying on a bed in a deserted and rundown hospital. Her arm is really messed up. She has a flashback of the hospital,when it was being used and there are nurses running around and men screaming. Rebekah practically jumps off the bed, she looks around, her face is all sweaty and she looks terrified. For a minute Rebekah imagines the people are actually there with her. She sees a puddle of blood and a bloody rag falls on it, a guy coughing up blood, and them some nurses moving a dead from a bed over on a gurney, the dead guy looks at her.

Rebekah snaps out of it, she jumps off the bed and starts running, she really doesn’t look good. Rebekah looks up and sees a door heading outside. She runs out it and there is a sign that reads “Fleur-De-Lis Sanitarium, Rebekah looks around and wonders how in the hell she got there. Rebekah goes to head down the stairs but a stake comes right through her, she falls and when she looks up she sees Genevieve standing above her. Genevieve tells Rebekah please don’t tell me your leaving already I thought we might reminisce. Genevieve looks up and smiles at Sabine who has Klaus strapped to a bed somewhere else in that place.

Elijah shows up at a cemetery demanding to know where his siblings are. Monique tells him he is interrupting her at Sophie’s funeral. Elijah is shocked and asked how it happened. Monique tells him that she was a causality of war. Elijah threatens to level the cemetery. Monique tells him that won’t be necessary that she has a message for him from Celeste. Monique is marking Elijah with names. Monique tells him to find What he is looking for he must follow the path she left behind.

Back over in the hospital that nightmares built Genevieve is singing while she grinds some herbs. Genevieve rips the stake out of her from the front. She tells her she is full of werewolf venom. Genevieve is pouring the blood dripping from the stake into the herbs. Genevieve tells her that she always takes care of her friends. Flashback: New Orleans 1919 Rebekah is dressed as a nurse helping to care of the sick, when he coughs blood up all over her she calls Genevieve over to help her. Genevieve gives him something to drink and the coughing stops, Rebekah is on to the fact she is a witch. Rebekah ask her for some pointers and Genevieve tells of course but that it is strange a vampire is helping. Rebekah tells her she is a Original and of her city is under attack it is her duty to help, besides if they all died what would be left to eat. Genevieve laughs and tells her she is wicked. Rebekah tells her she thinks they will become fast friends, she invites her and another girl to a jazz club later that night. In real time Rebekah once again jumps off the bed.

Elijah comes back to see what Marcel has found out. Marcel has got everyone on it and anybody who finds out anything gets a lifetime of favor from him. Elijah tells him good and then tells him he needs a pen and paper. Marcel ask if they are in this together. Elijah mist says pen and paper now. Marcel tells him he wants them both back just as much as he does. Marcel starts looking for the pen and paper. Elijah calls Haley. Haley walks in and sees all the names that have appeared on Elijah, he tells her to write them all down. Marcel explains that it’s a riddle and once they figure it out the names will go away. Marcel notices the name of a witch Annie La Fleur he tells Elijah she was shunned by her coven just over a year ago he never knew why but he can find out.

Klaus is strapped to the bed still and Genevieve comes in. Genevieve refers to klaus as you poor thing and then picks up a a scalpel. She cuts him right up the middle of his chest and rams her hand in him to get the bone dagger back. Klaus screams in agony.

Marcel and Elijah are with the father of the witch who was shunned they thought she was doing dark magic. The father tells them that she quit. Elijah calls Haley and tells her that the Annie killed herself and that Celeste took her body when she jumped from the bridge. Elijah goes on to say she did this at the very place they shared their first kiss. Haley says that is creepy. Elijah tells Haley he has to go. Haley tells him to wait and then ask him to find out from Marcel if he knows anything about another name on that list Bryn Devereaux, that Sophie said she was the one who out the spell on the wolves and Sophie said she was the only one who could break it and if Celeste killed her than maybe Celeste can break it. Elijah tells her he will find out what Marcel knows. Haley tells him she is sorry for what he is going through and if she had known he had to choose, Elijah cuts her off and tells,her she was going to burn in that fire and so was her brothers child there was no choice.

Genevieve has bandaged Klaus up and helped him put a shirt on. Klaus tells Genevieve he isn’t healing. She tells him with the amount of black magic in the dagger it will take sometime. Klaus tells her he knows she is one of the witches back from the dead and ask why she is showing him kindness. Genevieve tells him he never did anything to her and seeing him like that makes her pity him. Genevieve tells him they need to have a talk about his sister. Klaus tells her Rebekah is none of her concern. Genevieve says the protective brother it’s a shame that isn’t returned but then she is no stranger to Rebekah’s treachery it’s something they have in common. Genevieve tells him to drink the blood that is in the bowl she had earlier with Rebekah. Klaus drinks it. He goes to spit it out. Genevieve covers his mouth and explains that it’s his sisters blood and that it was the only way she could make him see what he needs to see.

Rebekah is running down the hall looking for a way out. Genevieve tells Klaus in Rebekah’s weakened state she will be able to guide her down memory lane, that’s how she is going to have her revenge, by showing Klaus her betrayal. Genevieve puts her hand over Klaus and we see a flash. Rebekah thinks her sees him down the hallway, she heads that direction on the way she looks in some rooms, she sees a little boy coughing, a woman in a tub covered in blood, and a old man coughing up blood. Rebekah freaks out and opens a door and goes in. Flashback, she is kissing Marcel in a morgue. Marcel ask her if she asked Genevieve about doing the spell. Rebekah says she will when the time is right. Marcel tells,her she has been hanging around that vampire for weeks waiting for the time to be right. Marcel says just one spell and they could be together what is she waiting for. Rebekah tells him she is a sweet girl and she feels badly for using her. Marcel tells,her to find another witch then, one she won’t have to fake a friendship with. Marcel wonders if she changed her mind. Rebekah tells him she wants to wake up in bed with him in the house they share. She wants to walk down the street with him side by side so everyone will know she is his and he is hers. She doesn’t want to be afraid of what her brother will do to her for loving him, if this is the only way then no her mind doesn’t change. They start kissing again and he starts to undress her but Genevieve walks in, she apologizes and leaves, Rebekah follows her. Back in the present Rebekah is running after Genevieve, she disappears and Rebekah says I’m sorry.

Klaus tells Genevieve that was her big betrayal, Marcel and his sister have been sneaking around behind his back for the better part of two centuries. Genevieve tells him yes against your orders and that she understands he had punished them harshly for it before. Klaus tells her he has his reasons, Genevieve tells him he doesn’t have to convince her, as far as she is concerned he only needed one. Genevieve ask him if he has ever read the Old Testament, she tells him God wasn’t powerful because he was right, he was right because he was powerful. Klaus tells her he doesn’t know what she is playing at, I do I mean her hand is running up his leg. Klaus tells her if this was her plan to turn him against his sister it is a totally ineffective endeavor. Genevieve tells,him she wishes that was the sun total of their treachery but unfortunately it’s not.

Marcel throws some guy threw a bar door and then sits him in a chair. The man ask Elijah what he wants. Marcel tells the man they know he works in the records office for city hall and they also know that they have a ledger that kept track of all the supernatural community of the witches, werewolves, and vampires specifically the death records, they need it. The man tells them he doesn’t know what they are talking about. Elijah tells him they both know that’s a fib and when he threatens to let the vampires snack on him the guy tells,them they are at St. Anne’s. Elijah straightens his tie and tells them that wasn’t so hard now was it.

Rebekah is running through halls still. She sees two twin boys and they scream at her causing her to jump back. Genevieve is there and tells her bites aren’t looking good. Rebekah ask her why she is making her see the past they both know how it ends. Genevieve tells her that they do but she thought her brother mohr want to know their story so linked her mind to his. Rebekah is going to show him everything. Rebekah begs her not to and tells her she will do anything. Genevieve tells her it’s to late friend. Rebekah lunges at her and Genevieve puts out her hand causing Rebekah to grab her head and scream in pain, Rebekah finally passes out from it and Genevieve walks away.

Elijah and Marcel are going through the records. Elijah brings up Bryn. Elijah finds out that Marcel i had her curse a family of wolves because they pissed him off. Marcel ask Elijah what’s going to happen when Klaus finds out he picked Haley over him. Elijah tells him to mind his own business. Marcel wants to know what she was doing with the crescent moon wolves. Elijah threatens to end Marcel if he even so much as lays a hand on Haley. Before it can get to heated they find the name of a witch they didn’t die by her own hand Clara Summerlin. Elijah tells him she died from the flu of 1919, all the names on him start to disappear. Elijah tells Marcel they have their answer but he has no idea what it means.

Genevieve is starting up a record that brings another memory to Rebekah. Rebekah gets up and starts running.

Genevieve tells Klaus that Rebekah’s tryst was just the beginning. She tells Klaus that after awhile his greatest fear came true, that their love for each other would over shadow their love of him. Genevieve tells him it turned to hate and the conspired to rid themselves of him for good.

Rebekah finds the record and breaks it, but not in enough time the memory still comes flooding back. Genevieve and Clara are both with Rebekah. Genevieve tells Rebekah she is nothing like she thought she would be that her whole family is elegant. Genevieve tells her she has a thing for Klaus. Rebekah can’t believe it and tells Genevieve she knew she was destined to be a friend. Back at he bar Clara’s drink gets spilled on her and Elijah gives her his handkerchief. Klaus is standing in the memory watching. Rebekah tells Genevieve that she was thinking of reaching out to someone they haven’t seen in a very long time but it would have to be a secret. Genevieve tells her of course and ask who. Rebekah tells her their father. Klaus snaps us back into the present telling Genevieve he has had enough of her lies. Genevieve tells him part of him must of known or suspected at least, that his father came to New Orleans in 1919 to kill Klaus did he not, and as the city burned he nearly succeeded. Klaus tells Genevieve that Rebekah would not call his father. Genevieve tells him it’s sweet of him to believe that to believe in Rebekah but by the time they are done Klaus will know just how wrong he is.

Elijah and Marcel come back to the house. Elijah tells her she was right about the Devereaux woman. Marcel walks in and ask if she has found out anything about Clara. Elijah says he doesn’t. Marcel on the other hand knows they are at the hospital. Elijah wants to know how he knows. Marcel tells Elijah if he is right the. Elijah needs to know something, that he and Rebekah did something and he thinks the witches are trying to use it against her. Marcel tells Elijah it’s something he is not going to like.

Genevieve ask Klaus if he is ready to see more proof. Klaus and Genevieve both close their eyes. They flash to a cemetery. Genevieve is their with Rebekah and Marcel. Just like last time Klaus is watching it all. Rebekah knows what memory he is seeing. Genevieve wads up a picture of Klaus from the newspaper and wads it up, then she burns the end of a blade on a candle. Genevieve ask Klaus what he sees, Klaus tells her his fathers blade, it went missing when he was boy and that he beat him half to death because he thought Klaus had taken it. Back in the memory Genevieve is chanting and the wadded newspaper catches fire and burns away in her hand. Rebekah screams no and says Klaus and takes off running. Klaus starts screaming Rebekah.

Elijah is telling Marcel he had wondered for years how their father had tracked them down. He tells him for a time he blamed himself. He grabs Marcel by the throat and slams him into a wall. Haley runs after him yelling Elijah. Elijah tells Marcel that Klaus loved him like a son. Marcel tells Elijah he loved Rebekah and that he still does but as long as Klaus was around they could never be together. Marcel them tells him he guesses Elijah wouldn’t know anything about that would he. Elijah drops him. Elijah tells Marcel he will not let Rebekah suffer Klaus wrath when he finds out. Marcel tells,them them they need to get to them before he finds out the truth.

Rebekah finally gets to the door that would lead her to freedom but it’s locked. Celeste tells Rebekah to just give it up. Rebekah turns around and says Sabine, she tells,her she prefers Celeste actually, maybe it’s because of the way Elijah said it like it was a declaration of love. Celeste tells Rebekah Elijah was such a good liar, all of them are. Rebekah says she can say whatever she wants about her but Elijah is a good man. Celeste tells her she is counting on that familia love. Klaus will kill Marcel, do something horrible to Rebekah, Elijah will never forgive him, and that her betrayal will pit brother against brother. Rebekah tells her she will kill her. Celeste tells her she already did but at the time she wore a different face.

Back in 1919 they point out the obvious which was of course that Celeste was Clara. Apparently Genevieve was helping take care of this man and Rebekah called her away so Clara took over the duty of helping him. In the present Rebekah figures out she was Clara and tells her she should have minded her own business. Celeste tells,her she thought her friend was being exploited and that it was her business. 1919 again. Rebekah is telling Genevieve she wants to call it off. Rebekah begs her not to bring her father, Rebekah tells her to undo it. Genevieve tells her she can’t undo it. Genevieve tells her she will not suffer for Rebekah’s mistake, Rebekah falls over with a bad headache and notices the rag covered in blood in Genevieve’s pocket, Rebekah grabs it and puts it in her face to infect her, Clara walks in and she does the same to her. Celeste is telling Rebekah how she even manages to compel to orderlies to keep them in quarantine until they died. Klaus sees the whole thing. Celeste tells Rebekah she just took another body.

Genevieve tells Klaus she is sorry but that he needed to know and he needed to see it and now that he has he can take his revenge her revenge, she gives him her wrist and he drinks. Genevieve gets the bone dagger and undoes his straps. Klaus jumps up arms puts the knife at Genevieve but then lowers it and takes off after Rebekah. Genevieve smiles.

Elijah and Marcel finally get to the building. Elijah tells him they need to split up and that each can take one end. Rebekah is running down the hall when she see Klaus. Rebekah tells him it isn’t true. Klaus tells her he won’t believe her, that her face tells a different story. Rebekah turns around and starts to try and hurry down the hallway, klaus in pursuit tells,her she can’t hide from him nor can she run, and that this ends now.

Celeste is heading down the stairs of the hospital, Haley comes up from behind and knocks her out. Haley call her a witch bitch and tells her they are going to have a little chat.

Back inside Klaus is still screaming for Rebekah and she is still trying to get away. Rebekah heads down some stairs and runs to a door only to find its a dead end, she is tired and out of breath. Klaus comes down the stairs and ask her if she is tired of running. Klaus tells her that once he plunges the knife into her she will be unable to move, and that it’s like a living hell which is what she deserves for her treachery. Rebekah tells him to go ahead and do it then if that’s what he really wants. Klaus ask her if they are skipping the part where she begs for forgiveness because he was really looking forward to that. Rebekah tells him she will pass. Klaus tells her so she concedes, what would her father think of her now, she runs towards him but he easily throws her off and she flies though a wall. Klaus walks towards her. Rebekah gets up and brings a hammer with her she gets three good hits in his face but he still takes her down. Marcel comes up from behind and he takes him down as well. Klaus tells,him he is just the man he wanted to see that Rebekah’s punishment won’t be complete until she sees Marcel die. Rebekah tells Klaus it was her idea. Klaus tells her such loyalty to her beloved, he leans down in front of her, Klaus tells her if he had offered him even half as much he wouldn’t have to do this. Klaus raises the dagger above her, but before he can ram it in her Elijah comes zipping in and rams it in Klaus. Klaus screams in agony as Elijah shoves it deeper in. Klaus looks at him, Elijah tells Rebekah and Marcel to get out of New Orleans as fast as they can. Elijah holds Klaus as he falls.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Le Grand Guignol” check out the preview of episode 15 below!

“In a series of flashbacks to 1919, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) opens up to Cami (Leah Pipes) and reveals details of the devastating secret Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) were trying to keep from him. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) forms an unlikely alliance with Monique (guest star Yasmine Al Bustami) and asks for her help in locating Sabine (guest star Shannon Kane.) Elsewhere, Thierry (guest star Callard Harris) is reluctant to get involved when Marcel and Rebekah approach him with a plan to take down the witches. Meanwhile, in the bayou, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is at her wits’ end and holds Sabine hostage in an attempt to get information that will reverse the curse on Phoebe’s werewolf clan. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Declan de Barra and Diane Ademu-John (#115).”