The Originals Season 1 Episode 15 Review – Spoilers Episode 16 “Farewell to Storyville”

The Originals Season 1 Episode 15 Review – Spoilers Episode 16 “Farewell to Storyville”

We have your weekly review of last night THE ORIGINALS episode 15 called, “Le Grand Guigno.”  It’s New Orleans in 1919 and we are treated to some jazz music inside a jazz club. People are dancing and having a good time. Klaus is standing with Elijah and the Queen of the werewolves. Klaus says that it’s a first they have werewolves, vampires, witches, and dirty cops drunk as clams and happy as stotes. The Queen says you’ve got to love this city. Elijah says to a new era, calibration in the face of prohibition. He hands out shots. The Queen says to your darts, their booze, and our theaters to hide it under, your welcome boys. They clink the glasses and do the shots. Klaus tells her he has to think of a way to thank her personally. She walks away touching him as she goes. Elijah tells Klaus he never would have thought it possible the unification of New Orleans. Klaus tells him they did it. Elijah tells him that the vision was all his.

In the present Klaus is laying in bed with the dagger still in him. Elijah comments that this was all Klaus. Cammie shows up and runs to Elijah when he calls her. Cammie ask if he found a way to help her uncle. Elijah tells her he can try but forts he needs her help. Cammie tells,him she doesn’t have time for games her uncles curse gets worse everyday. Elijah takes her bet and raises it, he tells her his brother has a mystical torture device buried in his chest, and the mother of his child is missing so he can assure her he has no time for games either. Cammie ask what Elijah needs her to do.

Cammie is with Elijah and they are in the bedroom with Klaus. Cammie seems surprised that the dagger the witch gave her is in him. Elijah tells her every second it is in Klaus it causes him untold suffering. Cammie ask who stabbed him. Elijah tells her he did. Cammie looks at him incredulously. Elijah tells her he is now going to remove it and she might want to step back. Cammie ask why she is there. Elijah tells her it’s because of all the people there she is the only one he wouldn’t immediately slaughter. Bet that makes her feel special, how could it not. Elijah cuts Klaus open, rams his hand in and takes the dagger out while Cammie watches in what can only be described as sickening awe. Elijah tells her that Klaus speaks of her with a rare degree of respect. Elijah tells her he needs her to watch over Klaus and feed him, from her wrist. Cammie points out they have bags of blood. Elijah tells her he wants him to drink blood with vervain so it will burn and he will drink it slower. Elijah tells her perhaps she could use the time to talk him out of killing his baby sister. Elijah tells Klaus it was not his desire to bring him pain but he will not see him hurt Rebekah, he fears that Sabine is making a final move against them, he intends to,find her and end this. Klaus tells Elijah he will pay for this.

Celeste gets the tape ripped off her mouth by Haley who has her tied to a tree. Celeste Ask if it’s payback and the tells her she is sorry she tricked her she wants after them. Eve ask Celeste if they were just collateral damage that she almost burned Haley and Jackson to death in that fire. Celeste starts moving and Haley fires a shot next to her. Haley tells her to be careful that sudden movements make her jumpy, she cocks the gun, and homicidal. Celeste ask Haley if she is going to kill her. Haley tells her no that she knows better and she knows all about her. She knows she likes to off herself and then jump into other peoples bodies, and that’s not going to happen there. Haley knows she can’t kill her. Celeste ask her what she wants. Haley tells her back in the nineties she inhabited a witch named Brynn Devereaux, Marcel had her put a curse on a pack of werewolves so they could only be human on a full moon. Celeste admits that was her and thinks Haley wants revenge. Haley wants her to undo the curse.

Klaus is laying in bed. Cammie is sitting on the bed she says she never thought she would be feeding a vampire and that her sixteen year old self would think she is really cool right now. She puts her wrist up to Klaus’s mouth. He bites. Cammie tells him to slow down, she ask if the vervain burns. Klaus tells her as she may have yet to realize the line between what brings them pain and what sustains them is far thinner than one imagines. Cammie ask if he is talking about her blood or his need to hunt down the people he loves the most. Klaus tells her he is to weak for one of her talks right now. Cammie says Rebekah is his sister how can he hate her so much. Klaus tells her it’s because she has managed to do to him what no one has for a thousand years, rip his heart out.

Back in 1919 we see Rebekah walking in the club. Klaus and Elijah are watching from a distance. Klaus tells him to look at them pretending to be a part when they are so clearly a pair. Klaus gets up to talk he brings attention to two people who have been sneaking around behind his back, he says with this new era we require more progressive attitudes to match. With that he gives Marcel and Rebekah is blessing to be together. Klaus tells,the band to begin to play again. Klaus walks over to Rebekah and tells her over the years she has thwarted her loves to protect her, but they don’t have to run anymore they found a home. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her to be happy.

Back in the present Klaus is sitting on the bed getting dressed. He tells Cammie that he let his guard down, NAND gave into happiness. He tells her it turns out they had already betrayed him, and brought to town the one thing he had been running from for centuries, his father (played by Sebastian Roche who is better known as Jerry Jax on General Hospital.) Cammie tells,him he is consumed by revenge he will never achieve, Elijah implied that Rebekah and Marcel could be anywhere in the works by now. Klaus tells her he isn’t so sure about that.

Marcel and Rebekah are siting in a car at a stop sign. Rebekah flashes back to sometime in 1919 and she is talking to Marcel about Genevieve having summoned her father over six months ago and nothing, the spell must have failed. Marcel tells her they dodged a bullet. Rebekah tells,him she is on her way to a meeting. She kisses him on the lips and leaves. Marcel watches her leave and so does her father.

Back in the car Rebekah tells Marcel that Klaus will chase them to the ends of the earth and he will find them that no one can run forever. Marcel tells her that have to go with their plan then.
Klaus explains they will need a cloaking spell and they will need a witch for that.

Marcel tells Rebekah they need Davina, they will bring her back them take her with them out of town and she can hide them from Klaus so he can never find them. Rebekah tells him they don’t even know which witch to kill. Marcel tells her then they will kill all of them.

Klaus says there is only one place they can go. Marcel turns the car around. Klaus says home.

Monique is laying in a crypt and gets upset when Elijah shows up. Monique tells him one day his kind will not be allowed in there. Elijah tells her that day isn’t today and he needs her help to find Celeste she has taken someone very important to him. Monique can’t understand why he thought she would help, she tells him Celeste is their to help them. Elijah tells her all she wants to do is destroy his family. Monique ask why that would be a bad thing. Elijah tells her that his mother was a powerful worth and because of her power now flows through Monique’s veins, he tells her once Celeste has done what she has always down she will jump into another body and disappear leaving the witches powerless. Monique tells him he is wrong. Elijah gives her a page out of his mothers Grimoire and tells her Celeste used a similar spell for the body jump, if what she says is true when she sacrifices herself all of her power will flow back into the earth however if she has lied and tries to take another body that spell will deliver her to a very different destination. Elijah ask her to please locate Celeste. Monique gives sigh of one that is about to give in.

Rebekah is talking to Thierry. Her and Marcel want his help to kill the witches. At first Thierry isn’t to keen on the idea. It’s Marcel’s turn to have a flashback.

Marcel is sitting at the bar talking to Rebekah’s father but doesn’t realize it. In around and about way he realizes that the man he is talking to is Rebekah’s father. Rebekah’s father says until this afternoon he didn’t understand why Marcel had sent for him, but now he does, he did it for love. Marcel tells him he better not lay a hand on Rebekah. Her father tells Marcel that he won’t hurt Rebekah, truth to be told she was always his favorite, and that Marcel can have the town but one condition he has to tell him where his sons are.

Klaus is trying to get up off his bed. Cammie rushes to help him before he falls in the floor. Klaus tells her there is a fresh blood supply in the kitchen. Cammie tells him he won’t make it that far so to be a good little boy and get back in bed. Klaus tells,her if he had a quid for everytime a woman uses that line on him. Cammie says the you would have no money. Klaus begs to differ and tells her some woman find him naturally quite charming.

Klaus flashes back to sex with the werewolf Queen. Elijah just comes strolling in like nothing. Elijah says sleeping with the enemy I see. The Queen pops up and says the ally now. Klaus tells,Elijah that she gave them tickets to the opera later that night. Klaus tells Elijah to invite Marcel and Rebekah to attend with them, to go fond her now in fact he has some business to go over with their new partner. He smacks the Queen on her fanny. Cammie looks a little uncomfortable and tells Klaus she isn’t surprised that he likes opera. Klaus tells Cammie about one opera in particular that he likes, it’s about a forbidden love and on the wedding day there is a huge massacre and in the final act the father even kill his son. Klaus says he can almost appreciate the irony. Cammie is looking at Klaus. Whether she wants to admit it or not she does care for him.

Celeste stirs up some kind of potion for Haley to give to her people on the next full moon that will make them human again. Haley says it’s a great way to poison them all. Celeste tells her she knows haley has no reason to trust her but that she actually likes Haley. Celeste tells her she is doing for Haley what she couldn’t so for herself, free her from the originals. A wolf growls and Elijah appears. Elijah tells Haley whatever Celeste promised her is a lie. Haley tells Elijah she is ok. Elijah says she can’t be trusted. Haley tells him she is the only one that can help her pack. Haley tells Elijah she knows he wants revenge and come the next full moon as soon as she knows the cure worked Celeste is all his. Elijah ask Haley is she is suggesting that they hold her captive for a entire month. Elijah tells her it would take a army. Haley tells him she has one and right on cue the werewolves howl. Haley tells him to help her or get out of the way. Elijah grabs the potion and Celeste and zooms off.

Elijah slams Celeste up against a tree and he accuses her of tricking Haley. Celeste tells him it’s not a trick and that he is holding the cure in he hands. Elijah ask her why she is helping Haley. Celeste tells because is the best thing she can do for Haley and the worst thing she could do to him. That no matter what Elijah does he will lose Haley and she will get her revenge.

Thierry is meeting with two of three witches. The older witch is trying to take down Thierry when Marcel comes up from behind and takes her down and the rips her head off. Genevieve gets away. Rebekah tells Marcel all they had was the element of surprise and they just lost it. Marcel tells her he let Davina down once he want going to do it again.

Klaus is pouring a drink and Cammie says she isn’t sure if they will help. Klaus tells and and he isn’t sure that it won’t. Cammie tells Klaus better scotch than her blood no matter what Elijah says. Klaus gets upset and tells her not to say Elijah’s name. Cammie tells him that Elijah loves him. Klaus agrees and tells her he proves it time and again even when their father enlisted Elijah to help kill him.

Elijah is getting ready for the opera when their dad walks in. Elijah is not pleased to see him at all. His father tells him that he came to offer Elijah the chance to help get rid of Klaus for good. Elijah refuses by slamming his father into a wall. His father picks him up and throws him. Elijah tells him if he thought he would ever betray his own brother for him he is a fool without equal. His father tells him he will forgive his sentimental affection for that thing he calls brother, but that he needs to realize that Klaus is a abomination, and that you erase them. So for the last time he is asking Elijah to help him kill Klaus. Cammie interrupts and says he keeps saying killed but a original can’t be killed. Klaus assures her they can be with a white oak stake that his father fashioned. Their father is about to stake Elijah with it, but instead stabs him with a piece of wood instead. Klaus tells Cammie Elijah has always felt guilty that he couldn’t stop their father that night. Klaus tells her he has always told Elijah it wasn’t his fault when you’re father wants to kill you he wants to kill you. Klaus gets a text and informs Cammie that Rebekah and Marcel have been spotted in town and story time is over. He knocks a statue into the floor and pulls out a stake. Cammie ask him what it is. Klaus tells her it’s his own white oak stake and unlike his fathers it can’t be destroyed. Klaus zooms off. Cammie is left standing there.

Cammie finds Klaus drinking the blood out of some guy. Cammi ask him what he is doing. Klaus tells,her if she has to ask she hasn’t been paying attention, he is going to kill his sister, but first he needed some blood without vervain in it, no offense. Cammi tells him when she found what he had done to her she wanted to kill him,she even thought about doing but she didn’t because the good in him outweighed the horrible and she would have been filled with regret. Cammi tells him he will be to if he hurts his sister. Klaus tells her he almost didn’t survive Rebekah bringing his father down upon him. Cammi tells him no to do what was done to him and become his father. Klaus tells her he has been called every shade of monster but that is new, he tells his father was the monster monsters were afraid of. Klaus grabs her arm and says he will show her.

Elijah and Celeste are walking through the woods. Haley sees Elijah and says he came back. Elijah tells her he always comes back. Elijah tells her to take the potion and that it will work. Haley tells him come a full moon she can finally free her family. Haley puts her arms around him and gives him a hug. Elijah says her name and she moves, he runs his hands through her hair, but does he kiss her like he should, like he wants to, of course not this is Elijah after all. Elijah kisses her on the head instead. Haley walks away. Celeste tells him the Elijah she knew was never so meek. Elijah tells her the Celeste he knew was never so cruel. Elijah ask her what the end game is. Celeste tells him there is no end game that they both are immortal. Elijah ask her what the point is if she can’t win. Celeste tells him she has won, he just lost the girl he never made a move on because he was desperate to save his family and now his family lies in ruins. Elijah tells her his family will heal in time. Celeste tells him if he had the time maybe but Rebekah didn’t run far and fast she is with Marcel who is with Davina. She tells him if he hadn’t been so concerned with Haley he would have thought about it, just like Klaus did. Elijah gets mad goes all vampy and bites her neck.

Klaus ask Cammie of she knows her cities history. Does she know about the night the opera house burnt to the ground, that was his father at his very worst.

Opera house 1919. Klaus and Rebekah are discussing the fact that Marcel is late. Rebekah leaves to look in the lobby for Marcel. Klaus tells her to look for Elijah while she is there. When Rebekah is out of sight their father comes up behind Klaus and sticks the oak stake to his back. He tells Klaus not to move that death will come but they are going to have a little chat before he shuffles on the mortal coil. Klaus tells him he is no longer the animal begging for scraps of his affection, that he will doe knowing his hatred of him was just, he will fall proud of all he has achieved, he tells him if he is going to kill him then get on with it. His father tells him that he plans on killing everyone who knows Klaus so he will just disappear. The opera gets ready to start and his father tells him he made some alterations but that Klaus will love it. The curtain goes up and Marcel is tied up on stage with a bunch of dead people among them is the Queen. His father compelled the audience to watch it all to applaud like it was a comedy and then to leave and celebrate a great night at the opera. Klaus is on the stage trying to get Marcel she his father comes up with the oak stake. Klaus tells Cammi his father had other ideas. Rebekah attempted to help him. But her father threw Klaus onto a metal post that went through him, he then took a piece of the set and stabs Rebekah and Marcel in the gut with it. Elijah showed up and told Klaus that they needed to run, and so he did like the dog his father thought him to be. Klaus tells her father then set it on fire, they thought Marcel died but he survived. Klaus tells her that the last shred of anything human in him went down in flames with the opera house. Klaus tells Cammi that he will not torture and terrorize her lover for centuries, or torment, dehumanize or humiliate them, there will be none of that, he just will simply and quickly end them. Cammi tells Klaus to wait, but he is already gone.

Celeste wakes up in a crypt with Elijah. Celeste tells him he didn’t have to bite her to get her there she wanted front row sits to this show. Elijah ask what show that might be. Celeste tells him to see his always and forever pact come crashing down around him. The same one she died for. Elijah says and yet here you stand alive, for now. Celeste ask him if that’s a threat. That there will always be a pretty young body for her to jump into and every time he feels a connection to a woman he will be forced to wonder if it’s her, that he will trust no one and spend the rest of eternity alone. Elijah realizes he is trapped. Celeste laughs and tells him it’s a boundary spell, the originals can enter the cemetery but can’t leave it.

Marcel gets Davina’s body and walks out the gate. Rebekah also is trapped inside the cemetery and can’t get out. Rebekah tells Marcel to go, at first she refuses but she tells him to get Davina somewhere safe and she will join him as soon as she can. Marcel leaves.

Celeste tells Elijah that he will be free by the next moon rise but her guess is Rebekah won’t last that long. Celeste grabs a candle and breaks it, then tells him she is tires of the body she is in and stabs herself in the neck. Celeste falls in a heap on the ground. Monique appears and says he was right, she the points a crypt behind her. You see in a flash that Monique did a spell with Celeste remains so that she would be in her own body. Elijah heads that direction. Celeste comes to life under the sheet. Elijah walks in and says hello to her. Celeste ask him how this is possible. Elijah tells her he and Monique had a little water and that he won. Elijah backs her into the wall and the stabs her with the bone dagger. Celeste is dead dead.

Because she is dead there was enough power for Davina to come back. Davina is gasping and is terrified. Marcel tells her she is safe and he won’t let anyone hurt her.

Klaus goes into the cemetery screaming for Rebekah. One last flashback of klaus giving Rebekah blood. Elijah tells Klaus and Rebekah to leave. Rebekah tells Elijah he can’t and then tells Klaus this is all her fault. Klaus misunderstands and tells her it’s all his fault and that he is sorry. Elijah demands that they leave.

Back in the present Elijah sees Rebekah and ask what she is don’t there. Klaus sees her next and tells Elijah to get away from here, she is mine. The all go all vampy and red eyed, they are ready to fight.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Farewell to Storyville” check out the preview of episode 16 below!

“Despite Klaus’ rage, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) will be determined to protect Rebekah (Claire Holt) while the three of them are trapped in the City of the Dead cemetery by a witch’s boundary spell. Klaus and Rebekah are going to trade bitter accusations until Elijah steps in to reveal a long-held secret from the family’s past.

Meanwhile, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) will race to free Rebekah, ultimately finding himself forced to make a deal with Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque). Finally, Rebekah and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) are going to connect over their shared concern for Hayley’s unborn baby.” Jesse Warn directed the episode,and it was written by Michael Narducci.