The Originals Season 1 Episode 19 Review – Spoilers Episode 20 “A Closer Walk With Thee”

The Originals Season 1 Episode 19 Review - Spoilers Episode 20 “A Closer Walk With Thee”

We have the review of the latest episode of The Originals titled, “An Unblinking Death.”  The episode opened with Father Kieran receiving communion by a Priest. It appears that he has accepted he is going insane thanks to a hex put on him by Bastianna. Speak of the devil when he turns around Bastianna is there. She mocks him and tells him it’s a shame that his faith can’t save him now. Father Kieran than sees his nephew kill himself and since she is so hospitable Bastianna offers him a cup of his nephews blood. Father Kieran slaps it out of Bastianna’s hand and yells at her to be gone demon. All of a sudden we see Cami splashing water on his face. Good news is he was just hallucinating the bad news is he is still dying. Father Kieran falls to the ground in pain, he does have a second where he briefly recognizes Cami but what’s a second when your minutes are clouded by insanity and nightmarish hallucinations. Josh is confident that the crazy is pretty thick. Cami is confident she has come up with a way to make her uncle all better, all he needs is a shock to his system. I totally see where this is going and it’s not a good place.

Meanwhile over at the house that misery built Klaus is taking the library apart shelf by shelf looking for his mothers Grimoire. Elijah comes in and ask in a rather entertained way if he can offer his assistance. Klaus realizes that Elijah is making fun of him. Klaus tells Elijah he assumed that the witches were responsible for the Grimoire missing but he is now sure it was Elijah. Elijah tells Klaus he doesn’t trust him or the way he has been dealing with the Crescent Moon wolves. Elijah goes on to say that he has gone to great measures to hide the powerful tool in a place where naughty little fingers can not pry. Klaus tries to tell Elijah he just wants it to help Haley and protect her. Elijah doesn’t believe a word of it and tells Klaus his meddlesome ways are going to cause further violence and make New Orleans a war zone. Klaus tells Elijah the drums of war were beating long before they returned. Klaus then suggest that Elijah use a little less of this (he points at his mouth) and a lot more of these (Klaus points at his ears).

Marcel who is worried for Cami and her uncle calls her up and offers to help her in anyway that he can. Tough as nails Cami assures Marcel she has the situation handled and under control and he need not risk his life to help her. Cami tells him to stay in hiding. Marcel of course does what Marcel wants and calls up Klaus to ask him for help for Cami. Klaus threatens to kill him and to Marcel’s credit he lets it slide and tells Klaus he is well aware of the fact that he is on Klaus’s who’s been naughty list. Marcel then tells him that Cami needs him and not to make her suffer because he is angry at Marcel.

Back in the attic we see Josh and a doctor…. a very concerned and shocked doctor. Josh notices it but it’s a little too late. Josh understands how the doctor could be taken aback what with the crime scene vibe they have happening up there. Josh ask the doctor too please not freak out. The doctor isn’t interested in what Josh has to say he tells him that he is tied up, dehydrated, and malnourished and he will most definitely have to report this to the authorities. Josh then attempts to get the doctor to see it his way and by his way I mean he compels him or at least tries and fails. Josh actually tells the doctor to be cool, it’s just a priest who got hexed by a witch because of some vampire stuff. So just accept these things are real as then forget them. Cami who has most certainly beginning to crack begs the doctor to either sedate him or shock him back into reality. The doctor explains that electro shock therapy could be dangerous. Cami who is sure it’s her uncles lucky day never minds any of that, she is willing to go the extra mile to get her uncle back be damned the consequences.

In the bayou Eve is with Hayley teaching her Lamaze. Haley ask Eve if she is she just can’t do this in the hospital where all the doctors and drugs are at. Haley then tells Eve she has no idea how to be a mother. Eve tells her she isn’t alone and no sooner has she gotten the words out of her mouth then like magic Elijah is there looking as James Bondish as ever. Elijah would like to talk to Hayley, Ollie, and Jackson. They head out to the barn. Elijah tries to warn them that alliance with Klaus is the type of deed that does not go unpunished. Jackson knows all about Klaus but could honestly careless as long as he gets the ring to control the curse. Elijah tells Jackson that many in the Quarter will consider this as a provocation after all Haley did sign a pledge to peace. Haley tells Elijah she just wants a better life for her pack. Elijah tells her Klaus can not give her that. It’s at this moment they hear a motorcycle engine revving outside. Elijah and company go out to see what’s going on. The guy ask them who is in charge. Elijah uses his vampy senses, knows something is amiss and manages to grab Jackson and pull him out of danger right before the guy and his bike explode.

Elijah looking less like James Bond and more like hung over suit guy is awake and oh so relieved to see Haley holding a wolf kid instead of laying on the ground in pieces. Speaking of pieces, some of the wolves weren’t as lucky as Haley and Elijah. There are injured and dead wolves everywhere you look. Haley gives the child to Jackson and then calls Elijah over. Haley ask him to help her. Elijah notices a blister on one of the victims and says wolfsbane was in the bomb. Haley starts administering first aid. Ollie is throwing a fit, yelling about how vampires can’t even do their own dirty work. Hayley suggest he learn the ways of Jon Cena and STFU. Ollie surprisingly does what Haley says. Haley is pissed, she snaps a branch in half and then decides Marcel is to blame. Haley leaves.

Up in the attic where Kieran is hooked up to a ECT scan and the doctor is prepping Kieran mutters hat there is a special place in hell for your kind. Josh tells Kieran that isn’t the first time he has heard that. Nor will it be the last is my guess. Klaus who must have taken Marcel’s plea of compassion to heart breezes in. Klaus looks around at the gruesome little scene then informs her he is there to do what her boyfriend couldn’t in this crucial time because he is a coward. Cami ignores the dig at Marcel. Klaus tells her she needs to stop this madness. Cami instead tells the doctor to get to shocking. When the doctor hesitates Cami decides she will do it herself. Cami starts charging the machine. Klaus tells her not to make Kieran suffer. Cami tells Klaus it’s his only chance and she starts attaching the pieces to his head. Cami turns the machine on and Kieran feels the volts racing through his body and lets out a terrible scream. Klaus can not believe what he is seeing.

Hayley calls Elijah, she refuses to tell him what she is doing but tells him she will be back soon. Haley assures him that she is fine and she asks him to help with the pack. Elijah passes on what Haley told him to Jackson and lets him know she is okay. Jackson then tells Elijah in a classic case of counting your chickens before they hatch that the bomb could have been worse and it’s a good thing it went off in the forrest instead of where they live. Elijah of course at that very moment notices another bomb under a trailer. Elijah tells Jackson to get everyone out and away from there but it’s too little too late. It’s like a war zone it’s one explosion after another. Some run, some fall, and some die.

When Kieran comes to he knows who Cami is. Kieran is extremely displeased with the fact she Zapped him. His heartbeat is irregular. The doctor does not think Kieran will make it through the night is they continue with the shock treatments. Klaus takes Cami from the room and tells her she needs to prepare herself because he is story does not have a happy ending. Klaus tells her it’s time to let go. Cami refuses. Cami tells Klaus it isn’t his decision.

Elijah is walking and taking in the destruction and injured. Jackson kneels by a dead wolf. Ollie need help lifting a trailer of a wolf. Elijah walks over and picks it up with ease. Eve is the one who was trapped.

Hayley rudely enters a vampire bar, finds Diego’s and slaps him across the face. It’s all fun and games to Diego. Haley tells him to tell her where Marcel is. Haley tells Diego that someone attacked her pack and families died, she has no idea. Haley threatens to stake him if he doesn’t cooperate. Diego caves per usual and hands over the address of where Marcel is staying. Haley heads after Marcel.

Josh thinks the doctor should stay at a reasonable distance from Kieran, like maybe the other side of the room. The doctor would like to have a chat with the witch who did this to Kieran. Josh thinks that is just about the worst idea he has heard today, it’s not the worst mind you but it’s a close second. Kieran than decides to prove he is still a little unstable by biting his own thumb off. Josh wisely yells for help.

Hayley calls Klaus and wants to know where he is. Haley tells him about the bombing back at the camp and that she thinks Marcel was behind it. Klaus is trying his best to have a conversation with Haley but he is trying to help get Kieran sedated at the same time. Klaus tells Haley as soon as he is done helping Cami he will give her his undivided attention. Klaus ask Haley to stay out of trouble. He also tells Josh to compel the doctor to forget everything, yeah we see how well that works. Haley lies to Klaus and tells him he need not worry because Elijah is with her. Haley hangs up the phone and walks into a trashy looking warehouse by the river.
Marcel is doing what he has been most days and is drinking alone when Haley finds him. Marcel tells her he would offer her a drink but….then points at her baby bump. Marcel gets her a seat instead. Haley sarcastically tells him he has a sweet pad. Marcel tells her it’s just temporary. Marcel tells her he still has friends that warn him about things like people accusing him of things he didn’t do. Marcel tells her that they are long overdue for a chat. Marcel tells her she is a lot like her dad, tough. Marcel tells her that he knew her whole family and that they had a lot enemies. Marcel tells haley that the Crescent Moon pack was bloodthirsty back then and they were always killing to gain power. What show is this? True Blood? Marcel had the curse put on them so they would cool their crap so he wouldn’t have to kill them all. Marcel reminds her he has a policy when it comes to kids and she is living proof. Marcel then calls her by her real name Andrea la Bonniere.

Over at the story without a happy ending Kieran is in full cardiac arrest. Klaus tells Cami to look away and then he rams his hand into Kieran’s chest so that he can massage his heart. Cami wants Klaus to turn Kieran into a vampire. Klaus seems to think that the hex will die when Kieran does. Klaus bites his wrist and gives Kieran some of his blood. Kieran flatlines and Klaus watches as Cami cries.

Hayley wants to know how long Marcel has known who she is. Marcel tells her he figures it out after the wolves came out to the old plantation house. Haley wants to know if Marcel is the one who killed her parents. Marcel tells her the wolves were fighting amongst themselves and he doesn’t know who did it. Marcel tells her he got there after they had been killed and found her still in her crib. Marcel tells her she was the la Bonniere and that he face her to Father Kieran to keep her from being a pawn in a power game. Marcel tells her he will give her money to leave and start over. Marcel tells her he is not the one who attacked her pack but that if they don’t calm down that someday he might. Hayley wants to know if his plan is to,get rid of her so Elijah and Klaus will come looking for her. Marcel concedes that would be a positive side effect. Haley ask Marcel why he doesn’t leave. Marcel tells her he was born there. Haley reminds him that she was too. Marcel tells Her to remember he tried to get her away from it all before things go bad again.

Cami is downstairs in the church and she lights a candle for Kieran. Cami is upset that she made the decision to turn him. Cami tells Klaus he is a priest and I turned him into a vampire. Klaus tries to comfort her by telling her that changing him wasn’t the goal, it was just a way to give her a chance to say goodbye. Cami is moved by that and ask Klaus to stay with her a while longer. Klaus agrees.

Elijah walks through all of the dead wolves and goes into the barn. Jackson wants to know from Elijah if this is the peace he promised them. Jackson says he wants to make it safe for Haley and the baby. Elijah although affected by that says nothing.

Kieran finally comes around. Kieran ask Cami what happend that he could feel the hex inside of him but now it is no longer there. Cami gives Kieran a hug. Klaus breaks up the lovely moment by telling Kieran that the hex was broken by him dying. Kieran what’s to know how long he was dead for. Klaus tells him it was only a few hours. Cami makes sure Kieran knows that she made Klaus do it. Kieran tells them them he will be dealing with the devil after all. Klaus tries to explain to him that his hunger will get stronger. Kieran informs Klaus that he knows how it works. Klaus tells him of he doesn’t feed he will die. Kieran tells him then he is pretty much dead already. Kieran wants Klaus to leave so he can have a few private moments with Cami. Cami thanks Klaus for everything he did for them. Klaus walks out and they are alone.

Ollie is with Eve when she wakes up. Ollie tells her if she activates the curse she will heal. Ollie tells her it’s who she is and she needs to except it. Ollie wants to know who is going to lead them. Jackson wants them to give in to the hybrid and Haley is not one of them. Eve sensing something is off with Ollie ask what he has done. Turns out Ollie was the one behind the bombings. He tells her it wasn’t supposed to be like this, he just wanted to make a little noise but they stabbed him in the back. Eve like me wants to know who they are. Eve then calls him stupid and ask him if he knows what is going to happen to him when the pack finds out. Ollie tells her he has no intentions of letting that happen and adds to the death toll by suffocating Eve with a pillow.

Cami comes back to Kieran and lets him know she found everything except the key. Kieran tells her it’s a very important part of their family legacy and she has to find it. Cami promises that she will. Kieran apologizes to her and tells her he never wanted to get her involved on any of this. Cami tells him that this can’t be the way it ends. Kieran tells,her this was the only way it could end and that he made peace with it a long time ago. Kieran gives her a hug and tells her he does not know how bad it will get and tht he does not want her to see it. Kieran tells her he is going to let her go and she has to promise to walk out and never look back. Cami promises. Kieran lets her go. Cami walks out in tears.

Haley comes up and joins Elijah. Haley ask him what is going on? Elijah tells
her that Ollie is making a power grab. Elijah informs her of the attack after she left. Elijah tells her Jackson needs her help. Haley goes to see Eve and cries when she gets there.

Kieran is praying in the attic.

Klaus goes to see Genevieve he ask her about the attack. Genevieve points out that the wolves have a lot of enemies. Klaus reminds her he has seen the depths of her cruelty. Genevieve thinks she must seem ugly compared to the glow of his precious Cami. Genevieve tells him she heard about Kieran. Klaus tells her he is free of the curse. Genevieve corrects him and tells him the hex is too powerful even for that and will return if it hasn’t already.

Kieran is about to take his own life with a knife but Bastianna shows up arms tells him he can’t do that just yet, he has to make penance with those he holds dear.

Genevieve tells Klaus the boundary spell won’t work now that Kieran is dead.

Genevieve is true to her word. Kieran walks out the door with a look that is crazy evil on his face.

Cami is saying a prayer in the church when Kieran comes in. Cami looks up in surprise and wants to know if he has changed his mind. Indeed he has, Kieran pulls the knife on Cami and lunges for her. Kieran slits both her wrist. Cami has no choice but to go over the banisters and then crawl for the doors. Kieran tells her to stop fighting while locking her blood off the knife and getting his fangs. Kieran tells her that in death we are whole again. Kieran grabs her and drags her back to the altar. Sean and Bastianna are both there ordering him to kill Cami. Klaus shows up just in time and snaps Kieran’s neck. Klaus tells him he deserved far better than this and then stakes him. Klaus picks up Cami and carries her out.

Klaus calls Marcel and tells him that Father Kieran has died. Klaus tells him he knows he had nothing to do with the attack on the wolves. Klaus lifts Marcel’s exile for twenty four hours so that Marcel can be there for Father Kieran’s funeral. Marcel is still suspicious though so Klaus comes out with and tells him that Cami woke up alone and in the dark and that she called out Marcel’s name. Klaus tells him if he is the one she needs for comfort the so be it. Marcel rushes there and when Cami sees him she breaks down crying he holds her and kisses her while she cries. Klaus watches but says nothing and then he takes his leave.

Haley tells Eve goodbye and then walks out to see that Ollie is still trying to gain power.

Marcel pays a visit to Diego and tells him Kieran’s dead. Marcel if Josh got it and Josh hands the key Kieran wanted Cami to find. Josh tells Marcel it was around Kieran’s neck just like Marcel said it would be. Josh them tells Marcel he doesn’t feel good about taking it. Marcel tells Josh and Diego that people will be coming after that key and keeping it protects Cami. Marcel tells them that the city has reached the breaking point and they need to be ready.

Elijah is with Klaus. Klaus wants to know if he is ready to give up the peace accord. Elijah hands over the Grimoire to Klaus much to his delight. Elijah tells him he will need it if he wants the treaty with the wolves to work. Klaus wants to know if Haley has anything to do with Elijah’s change of heart. Elijah says if he has to choose a side he chooses them and he and Klaus have a toast to their victory.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of the next  episode which will air April 29th, 2014, “A Closer Walk With Thee” check out the preview of episode 20 below!

A CELEBRATION OF LIFEHayley (Phoebe Tonkin) confronts a surprising enemy as she and her unborn baby fall into peril during a celebratory wake to honor a fallen member of the community. In order to save Hayley, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) enlist the help of Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque) who struggles to maintain control over Davina (Danielle Campbell) and the other young witches. Cami (Leah Pipes) tells Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) that Francesca (guest star Peta Sargent) is determined to find a mysterious key that may unlock a family secret. Meanwhile, as Klaus suffers from nightmares of his father Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roche), he is forced to examine his troubled relationship with his own adoptive son, Marcel. Sylvain White directed the episode written by Carina Adly MacKenzie & Julie Plec (#120).