The Taste Recap Season 3 Premiere – Episode 1 “Audition & Childhood”

The Taste Recap Season 3 Premiere - Episode 1 "Audition & Childhood"

On ABC tonight The Taste returns tonight with another new Thursday, December 4 season 3 premiere episode called “Audition & Childhood,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s show episode in the Season 3 episode 1 premiere, contestants are in the pressure cooker of auditions, for which 16 spots will be filled.

On last week’s episode with only four cooks remaining in “The Taste” kitchen, the mentors gave their teams their final group challenge; creating Rich & Poor dishes inspired by various ingredients including tripe, liver, wagyu beef, scallops and foie gras. In the finale the finalists had the added pressure of cooking for a culinary legend, the one and only, Chef Jacques Pepin. As a surprise, the final three who made it through the group challenge were be tasked with creating breakfast, lunch and dinner – all within two hours – and in front of a live studio audience that includes some familiar faces from this season. Did you watch the season 2 finale? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “In the two-hour series premiere, home cooks and professional chefs from across the country will battle it out in “The Taste” kitchen by creating their most delicious dishes for culinary superstars Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Marcus Samuelsson to taste. Every dish is always judged blind. At the end of the night, 16 cooks will be given a place on the mentors’ teams.”

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 8:00pm when The Taste Season 3 premiere returns to ABC. While you wait for the recap, let us know what you think of The Taste?

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First up today is Dan Brosford and he is a firefighter, he chose to be one because a friend of his in high school died from a house fire when he was young; now he can be there for those who need help. He is making crab cake right now, though he cuts his finger while preparing it. Dan comes in and he talks about what he made tonight, though Ludo asks Dan to be in his kitchen and so does Nigella; though Dan decides he’s going to join Ludo’s team.

Next up is Mika Johnson and she is making Oxtail with greens, her grandmother was a huge inspiration and she passed a year ago;she is trying to cook something that would take 6 hours in 1, she is very concerned and only made three spoons. Mika comes in and mentions that everything went wrong for her; she practised it at home and it went well but things didn’t go her way when trying. Sadly nobody decided to take Mika into their kitchen.

Next up is Jen Royle and she loves to cook, she learned a lot from her mother and she is her biggest inspiration; Jen is very competitive and only wants to win. Jen is cooking a clam chowder, she is making some mistakes but is really rushing to get her spoons finished; though forgets her panchetta. Jen walks in and explains that they were missing the panchetta, Nigella thought the flavor was good and would like to have her in her kitchen. Ludo also said yes, because the flavors were all there.

Jen says she is going to join Ludo

Next up is Gabe Kennedy and he is making a succotash, he is a musician and a loves music a lot; though hopes that he can impress the judges with his spoonful of food. He just wants to be in the kitchen; Nigella, Ludo, Anthony and even Marcus wants him on their team. Gabe has decided he’s going to join team Marcus.

Next up is Art Gil and he is a little person, he wants them to all know how great he is as a chef; he’s glad they are just basing it all on the taste and knows he can make a yummy dish with his sausage slider. Ludo says the dish was beyond dry and it was disgusting, Anthony says it isn’t really good and isn’t enjoying it.

Next up is Tarik Abdullah and he feels like he is the next undiscovered chef; he really believes the’s going to make something the judges are going to like. He wants the judges and really wanting to try his food again. Anthony decides he wants him on his team.

Next up is Joe Arvin, he is making shrimp and crab; he got into cooking with pure heart. He made his own restaurant yet lost it all, this is his second chance in life to cook and he is ready to make a comeback. Marcus really liked it and would like to have him in his kitchen and Ludo loves his risk taking; wanting him in his kitchen. Joe decides he’d like to join Marcus.

Next up is Vanessa Lauren and is a private chef, she is making a Turkish Kofta and believes she has her flavors spot on; she got her passion from her mother who loved to cook. Though she got cancer and passed which really made her upset, she even worked as a stripper because of her depression; though wants to make a difference with her life.The judges take a taste and they are very impressed. Nigella wants her in her kitchen, Ludo loves her surprise and wants her too, Marcus says it has a lot of originality and would love to have her in his kitchen, Anthony says her dish is remarkable and would love to have her on his team. Vanessa decides she is going to join Anthony.

Next up is Jake Gilber making a pork tenderloin, he is competing with his girlfriend and wants to surely make it and prove he’s just as good a chef. Nigella loves his dish and wants him on her team, Marcus as well wants him on his team; Jake decides he’s going with Marcus.

Next is Tristan Epps and worked in McDonalds as a kid; it really made him learn how to be organized and to manage time properly. Now he works in one of the best hotels in Texas. He made a hamachi crudo, Ludo said no but he is a great chef. Nigella would love to have him cook in her kitchen and Anthony also would like him to join his team. Marcus as well loves his potential and would like him to join his team, Tristan decides he is going to join Marcus.

Next up is Nigella to complete her team while everyone else already has got there’s full. The next chef is Mia Chiarella, she cooks in her own restaurant; her sister who passed motivated her to go for her dream. Mia is making chicken for her dish and hopes Nigella loves her food. Nigella never grew up with this food yet felt that Mia could really cook; she’d love to have her in her kitchen.

The teams are set and they have to do their first challenge, the losing team has someone going home without a doubt; their first challenge is capturing the joys of childhood. They have chef Stephanie Izard coming in to mentor on them today, she is looking for great flavors and textures. Nigella wants them to make Macaroni and cheese, Anthony has chosen ragout, Marcus is doing curry chicken and Ludo wants them to make an omelette.

The chefs are cooking their meals, though the mentors are letting everyone taste each others dishes; they are going to have to decide who is going represent their team in the end. Ludo goes with Ben, Nigella thinks Mia’s is best, Marcus decides he’s going to go with Tristan and Anthony chooses Vanessa.

Stephanie the guest judge tries the dishes one at a time, she decides that her favorite dish was from team Marcus, the second best is team Ludo, the worst taste today comes from team Nigella; she must choose someone to go home. Nigella decides she is going to kick off Renee, she couldn’t cope under the pressure.

The End!