The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 Review “500 Years of Solitude”

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11 Review “500 Years of Solitude”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES episode 11 “500 Years of Solitude” opened in Bulgaria 1490, we see a pregnant Katherine who goes into labor. Present we see her flatlining. Back in 1490 she has just given birth to her baby girl. In the present Nadia walks into the hospital and see Stefan sitting and waiting. In 1490 her mother goes to hand her daughter to her but her father puts a stop to that and her mother gives him the baby, he leaves with her. Nadia and Stefan are talking, Nadia says she doesn’t understand that she was talking to her and she sounded just fine. Stefan tells her the doctors think it was a heart attack. Nadia tells him Katherine Pierce is not going to doe from a heart attack. It seems Nadia would be right because just as it seems there is no hope Katherine’s heart starts beating again. Stefan tells Nadia her mother is dying and that every single organ in her body is failing, vampire blood won’t save her, Stefan tells,her he compelled the doctors into letting him take her home so she is more comfortable, she is dying and the doctors don’t think she will survive the rest of the day.

Elena is laying in bed listening to the clock tick, Damon is passed out drunk. Jeremy and Matt walk in and see Damon, Matt ask what the hell. Caroline and Bonnie walk in to Elena’s room and tell her to get up and they rip the covers off of her. Jeremy tells Matt Damon dumped Elena, Matt ask why, Jeremy says he has no idea. Matt ask Jeremy who spends two years pining over a girl and then dumps her. Damon interrupts and tells Matt he can hear him and that he is a dumbass. Damon sits up and pours another shot. Bonnie ask Elena if that’s it and she is just giving up, Elena shrugs. Caroline tells her it’s for the best because Damon wanted to let her go then she hands her a glass of champagne to drink. Matt ask Damon if he is sure it was just a fight. Before he can answer Matt his phone rings and it’s Stefan, he ignores the call. Elena says she has to face that when Damon says something it’s done. Caroline agrees. Elena’s phone rings and it’s Stefan. Caroline answers it and tells him Elena doesn’t feel like talking. Stefan says she will want to talk about this.

Damon. Matt, and Jeremy are sitting in the study and Damon is pouring a tray full of shots. Damon has devised a drinking game and it goes like this, rule number one think of the worst thing Katherine Pierce has ever done to you, rule number two toast to the glory of her impending death, rule number three if you come across something that is worse, and you will repeat rules one and two. Without skipping a beat Damon tells them she pretended to be buried in a tomb for 145 years while he waiting for her lying ass. Damon takes his shot. Then he ask Jeremy if that bears her pretending to be Elena and kissing him on their back porch beats that, Jeremy tells him he doesn’t think so. Damon takes another shot. Damon picks a shot up hands to Matt and says go,quarterback, when Matt can’t come up with anything he tells him to think on it and hands the shot to Jeremy. Jeremy says Katherine fed him to Silas and he died. Damon says doozy and Jeremy takes his shot. Jeremy isn’t done yet he tells them how she made him wreck his car into a pole and left him for dead again. Damon calls double doozy and tells him to drink. Jeremy does just that. Matt finally gets one his sister is dead because of her. Damon hands him the shot and Matt takes it. Damon says he wouldn’t have been in town to turn Vicki in to a murderous vampire if he hadn’t been trying to get Katherine out of a tomb she wasn’t even in. Damon calls group shot. Elena walks in with Bonnie and Caroline. Elena says if anyone is going to drink to Katherine’s last days it’s her, she picks up a glass. Elena tells them that Katherine has impersonated her repeatedly. Elena takes the shot. Pretty soon they are all drinking. They tell story and do shit after shot. Matt tells them they are going to need more booze and gets up to get it.

Upstairs Katherine knows they are talking about her. Stefan calls it reminiscing. Katherine says it’s fine she is sure she deserves everything they are saying. Katherine tells Stefan that if she starts to sag anywhere to take a knife and jam it in her immediately. Stefan says okay. Stefan tells her even on her death bed she is vain. Stefan takes her hand and holds it. Katherine tells him he is being to nice to her, and she wants to know why. Stefan tells her she is dying and so he can muster up a little bit of compassion.

Matts getting more liquor bottles when Nadia shows up behind him. Matt says her name. Nadia gets close to him puts her finger to his lips and says shhhhh and then back hands up. Matt hits the floor.

Back in the study Damon tells the there is rumor she burned the entire city of Atlanta down once. Jeremy says that might win. Stefan walks in and tells them to knock it off that they are being insensitive. Stefan calls her a survivor. Damon tells him that after one night of hot sex Katherine has him brain washed. There are collective what’s all around. Caroline remembers she was supposed to tell Elena but forgot to after she found out she had been kidnapped. Damon gets up to go get another bottle of liquor. Damon sees Nadia and says it’s the devils spawn he the. Ask Caroline of she remembered to tell Elena that. Caroline smacks her own head. So I’m guessing no. Elena says her mind just exploded, does another shot, and tells Nadia that Katherine is upstairs. Nadia says she is there to Se all of them. Nadia tells them she found a way to save her mother and she needs some help. Damon tells her no way. Nadia says she figured that was the response she would get so she buried Matt somewhere on the property in the safe Stefan was in, without his daylight ring. Nadia and Damon have a stare down.

Nadia, Stefan and Elena get out of Nadia’s truck. Elena says they volunteered now tell them where Matt is. Nadia says he will be freed once they help her get what she needs. Nadia needs a traveler. Katherine is born of the traveler bloodline and can become one as long as another one teaches her how to do it. They come upon a little building. Nadia tells them they are there. Elena says they are just supposed to help her make Katherine a traveler in someone’s body. Nadia says not someone’s, hers.

Back at the house Caroline, Bonnie, and Jeremy are walking around looking for Matt. Caroline wants to talk about Stefan sleeping with Katherine. Jeremy slips up and Caroline finds out that he and Bonnie have been together. Caroline ask of Elena knows. She doesn’t. Caroline wonders why she is the only one not having scandalous sex. Day isn’t over yet Caroline. Jeremy says they should split up and think,about that, him and Bonnie take off like Fred and Daphne, and leave Caroline standing alone like she is Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.

Katherine is dreaming. It’s about that one time back in 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, oh and also Klaus killed her entire family. Damon pops in her dream for a minute and tells her that he will be the one to say it he misses Klaus and the way he use to torture her, sword in the daddy, nice touch. Elena tells Damon to get out of her head. Damon wants her to remind him how the slaughter went down again, he remembers and says oh that’s right Klaus was going to kill her in a blood sacrifice, and Katherine being her ran for the hills. When she returned she found her entire family massacred. Damon tells her if he is adding this up right her entire family’s was all her fault. Back in the real works Damon is holding a pillow over her head ready to suffocate Katherine but Liz walks in and stops him. Liz tells him it would be murder, she would have to take him in, lock him up, then there is all that paperwork. Damon tells Liz every awful thing he has ever done is linked to Katherine, shE taught him how to kill and enjoy it. Liz tells him to prove her wrong by not letting her control him anymore.

Caroline is off in the woods calling for Matt. She come up on Klaus who says hello Caroline. Caroline says Klaus and he smiles.

Nadia enters the building with Stefan and Elena. Stefan says it isn’t the Ritz. Nadia says she found one who named the right price, out walks the traveler. The traveler ask if Nadia is ready to make the deal. Elena ask her what is going on. Nadia says she is sorry but they asked for doppelgänger’s and she has no idea why. Nadia and the traveler zoom out the window. Elena goes to follow,but when she gets in the sun her hand begins to burn. Elena tells Stefan they messed with their rings. All of a sudden travelers are everywhere and they are chanting. They get closer and closer until Elena and Stefan are backed in a corner.

Caroline tells Klaus that Matt is buried alive and there is no time to chat she zooms off and he follows. Klaus ask her if she isn’t just the least bit curious as to why he is there. Caroline tells him no. Klaus tells her he is there because Katherine is dying. Caroline tells him he is there to gloat. Caroline zooms away again. Klaus says the perhaps she would like to talk about Tyler. Caroline implies she wants to know if Klaus killed him. Klaus tells her no that he just sent him away with a bruised ego. Klaus hears they the two of them broke up. Caroline tells him it’s because she made him choose between her or his stupid revenge. Tyler chose revenge. Caroline zooms away again. Klaus just stands there this time and sighs.

Liz has some pain killers for Katherine. Katherine tells her she doesn’t want them because they make her week and when she is weak Damon can get in her head. Liz tells her to suit herself. Liz ask if there is any word on Matt and if he has heard from Elena. Damon tells her that they are not on a speaking basis. Katherine tells Liz that it’s all her fault oops. Damon gets made grabs a shot and rams it in her arm. Damon tells Liz that will shut her up for awhile. Liz leaves and Katherine knocks out. Katherine is dreaming again. Mystic Falls 1864. Her carriage stops because one is broken down in front of it. Katherine starts to complain but stops when she see Stefan. Katherine ask her servant who is and says he is handsome. Present day Damon ask what in the hell was that. Katherine tells him he never heard the real story of how she met his brother. Katherine tells,Damon she wants to believe that the prophecy about bringing all the doppelgänger’s together is absurd, but the minute she saw Stefan and the broken down carriage it seems like fate to her. Katherine knocks back out.

The travelers are still chanting around Stefan and Elena. Stefan tells Elena they picked the wrong day to be in a fight. Elena says she is sorry and it isn’t her place to judge. One of the travelers walks up to them and places a bucket in front of each of them, he takes out a knife, puts to Elena’s wrist and slices it open. The guy does the same to Stefan. They realize that they are not healing.

Caroline is still out in the woods yelling for Matt. Klaus appears and ask Caroline if he would offer her the same choice. Caroline turns to him and says what. Klaus ask her again if he were to abandon his revenge against Katherine he would she give him the same choice as Tyler. Caroline says she doesn’t know what he means. Klaus tells her she does. Caroline says he can’t just show up and distract her while her friend is missing. Klaus tells her that the whole time she has been vamping off in all,the wrong directions he heard Matt and he has it covered and he will be quite happy with his rescuer.

Matt opens the safe door and climbs out, he sees Rebekah and gets huge smile on his face. Rebekah tells him she isn’t gone three months and look at the trouble he hasn’t gotten himself into. Rebekah smiles back at him.

Katherine tells Damon to just go away and that he has made his point. Jenna ask what point and then stabs Katherine. It goes back to being Damon and he reaches for a syringe, Katherine says no more drugs and reaches for them. Next its John Gilbert standing there and he cuts her fingers off. Elijah appears and says enough, he comes and sits on her bed she touches his face and he turns into Damon. Damon tells her sorry none of that was real, that no one is coming because no one cares. Nadia snaps his neck and says she does. Nadia tells the traveler to lets get on with this.

Elena and Stefan are still dripping blood in the buckets. Elena realizes that Katherine helped Stefan get over his claustrophobia. Elena tells Stefan she wants to hate Katherine anyway. Stefan tells her she can but that he doesn’t and for some reason he is rooting for her to find peace. Stefan tells Elena Damon keeps pushing her away because he hates himself, Stefan tells Elena she has never given up on Damon and to let Damon give up on her. The travelers stop chanting, their arms heal and they leave.

Nadia wants Katherine to say the spell so she will go into her body. Katherine won’t do it. Katherine tells her she fought for everything and she had a full life and got to know her daughter. Katherine tells Nadia not to waste another minute on her it’s Nadia’s turn to live. Nadia tells her fine but she will not sit there and watch her die. Nadia walks out, Katherine gives her self a shot and drifts off.

Caroline and Klaus are walking through the woods. Klaus tells her the quarterback has been saved so now what. Caroline ask him if he doesn’t have a dying girl to go punish. Klaus tells Caroline he does but he won’t for her. Klaus tells her he will leave Mystic Falls if she will give him one small thing. Caroline ask what, Klaus tells,her he wants her confession. Caroline says her confession about what, Klaus says me, that as soon as they are done he is leaving and never coming back and she will never have to loathe the parts of her that care for him despite what he has done. He will be gone and she will be free. He just wants her to be honest with him. Caroline tells him if he promises to walk away and never come back she will be honest with him. Klaus promises. Caroline says good and kisses him, pretty soon he has her up against a tree ripping her clothes. Caroline can now check scandalous sex off her to do list right along with Klaus, nothing like killing to birds with one stone.

Damon wakes up on the floor grabbing his neck. Stefan walks in and ask what happened to him. Damon tells him Nadia is what happened. Damon tells Stefan Katherine is all his he had fun messing her mind all day. Stefan sits down on the bed next to her. Stefan tells her to close her eyes, that he came to say good bye. Stefan changes her vision if her families death so they are no longer in it. Stefan tells her she deserves to be at peace that she was a seventeen year old girl and none of it was her fault. Katherine hears a baby crying and she goes over to the crib and it lights are all around her. Stefan kisses her on the head and tells her goodbye. Elena walks in and ask if she is dead. Stefan tells her not yet but the drugs will keep her from waking up again.

Damon and Stefan are sitting on the roof drinking. Stefan tells him whatever happened with Elena he needs to fix it.

Caroline walks in pulling leaves from her hair. Matt , Bonnie and Jeremy are waiting for Katherine to die. Matt ask Bonnie of she will feel it seeing how she is the anchor. Bonnie thinks she will because Katherine is human. Matt ask her who all she sees over there. Bonnie tells him she sees lots of people including Vicki. Vicki shows up and tells Bonnie to tell Matt she loves him and is always watching over him and to stop knocking around with that Original. Matt ask Bonnie what he is missing, Tyler walks in and says me, Rebekah told him to tell Matt he is his parting gift. Matt and Tyler hug. Stefan can’t believe they went through four bottles of booze. A voice from behind says to tell,these idiots to lay off the booze, it’s Alaric. Everybody can see him but Damon. Damon wants to know what he is saying. Jeremy tells Damon he said he was a dick. Damon says cheers body and Alaric says cheers. Bonnie sees Katherine. Katherine tells her it’s to soon and she doesn’t want to die, she pulls herself out of it.

Katherine wakes up with a gasp upstairs. Elena tells her she could swear she heard her heart stop. Katherine ask Elena where she is. Elena tells her she is still alive. Elena tells her she had a whole speech. Katherine is pretty sure it involves loathe, hate and die bitch, ect, ect. Elena tells her yes but it also includes one more thing she forgives her. Katherine says you what, Elena tells her again that she forgives her that she wasn’t born evil. Katherine wants Elena to give her a shot. Elma gets it. Katherine tells her thank you for her forgiveness, she gives her the shot. Katherine grabs her and says the chant Elena’s eyes go black and she falls to the ground. Katherine drifts off. A phone starts to ring and Elena answers it. Her eyes go black. Nadia ask if it worked. Katherine touches Elma to check a pulse and she says of course it worked I’m Katherine Pierce I survive. She hangs up the phone. She walks over to a mirror and looks in it as she says hi I’m Elena Gilbert.