The Young and the Restless Cynthia Watros Quits as Kelly Andrews

The Young and the Restless Cynthia Watros Quits as Kelly Andrews

MTV television pilot > regular gig on The Young and the Restless? At least, according to actress Cynthia Watros, who has reportedly dropped out of starring as Kelly in her daytime job to take a shot at network stardom. Granted, MTV isn’t CBS, NBC, ABC, or Fox, but it’s still launched the television careers of everyone on Teen Wolf, another hit show that started out as a pilot.

Watrose has a lead role in the MTV pilot Finding Carter, and since the pilot’s been picked up, it looks like Watros’s priorities lie there. That leaves the Young and the Restless scrambling to replace one of its main characters, although replacing actors and characters at the drop of a hat is nothing new for producers of this show. It is a daytime soap, after all.

It’s still not a hundred percent confirmed that a casting call went out for Watros’s character, Kelly. According to Soap Opera Digest, a casting call went out for a blonde in her mid-30s to 40s age range, and one who “has been down a difficult path in life, but is beginning to live again.” The character does sound suspiciously enough like Kelly, and the fact that Finding Carter got picked up does lead us to believe that they’re re-casting for Kelly.

Well, hopefully it works out for Watros. Maybe Finding Carter will be a big hit, and she won’t regret leaving her daytime gig. However, if the show fails and she’s once again stuck without a job, I doubt the new Kelly will be so obliging.

What do you guys think about Kelly getting re-cast? Should Watros stay with the Young and the Restless or is she making the right call in deciding to go with the MTV pilot pickup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Sharae Myers

    She is smart jumping from a sinking ship, but they really should of recast the Courtney role she can’t act and recast Summer since she is center of controversially of scandal. I’m glad I’m done watching show. I remember CW from Guiding Light days. She is good actress but wrong in the part too old for the role.

  • lucy2010

    I think they were intending to make her the person who killed Delia, so they should just write her out altogether. On the list of people with black SUV’s, the name right above Adam’s was Kelly White. I thought that would turn out to be a maiden name, an alias or something, and she would end up being the killer. Who knows, maybe it will turn out she killed her own son.

  • Missy

    Kelly hit Delia not Adam, I, believe Kelly framed him.
    Love Adam Chelsea romance storyline in a different country of Paris or some where.else where chloe can’t.find them. Lets bring justice to Kelly. What shedid to billy;s child please thanks

  • Adam and Phyllis Fan

    When they got rid of Michelle stafford I couldn’t believe it. Now Michael muhney. They are trying to kill the show. Why else would they get rid of the only two interesting characters they had?! There couldn’t be more boring characters and the people who play them than: Michael, Lauren, Jill and her new loser husband, Ally Courtney the new and old billy Victoria Kelly Lilly Cane. Paul Christine are the worst. Then there is Fen Tracey Ashley the stupid maid. What happened to Chavez? God! Who is the demographic they are trying to appeal to? Now that I think about how bad all the characters and actors are I guess I really will stop watching it too