The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Fired as Adam Newman: Fans Outraged at Jill Farren Phelps and CBS

The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Fired as Adam Newman: Fans Outraged at Jill Farren Phelps and CBS

Here we go again, another key actor on the canvas of The Young and the Restless has been fired. Michael Muhney has portrayed the character of Adam Newman since 2009 and has enjoyed tons of screen time. His dark love story with Sharon Case has been a viewer favorite and his firing has left fans in an uproar with fellow cast mates weighing in on both sides. Executive producer Jill Farren Phelps is taking a ton of heat for axing Muhney but a few veteran actors such as Doug Davidson are speaking out in her defense, claiming the move was CBS Network dictated.

Muhney himself told HuffPost that he knew he was up for contract negotiations at the end of 2013 so he knew he could be let go, but he didn’t think it would actually happen because he has breathed life into a popular character for the last 4 years. He is now heartbroken to learn that Adam will be shelved for about 6 months and then recast with another actor.  After the fact Muhney has been left to ponder and second guess the whole situation. He has wondered if maybe Adam had too much screen time and should be shelved for awhile.

That is something that Y&R fans are totally against. They are looking at this as yet another Jill-induced firing of a beloved character. The fan favorites are dropping like flies and it seems like none of the long time characters are really safe. God only knows who will get fired next! Do you think that Adam needed a breather and if so do you support him being recast once he returns to the Y&R canvas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Michaelynn

    Jill Farren Phelps PLEASE give in your resignation for the good of the show. Or because of you it will be cancelled.
    Y&R needs Michael Muhney .

  • mina

    Maybe CBS needs to fire Jill Farren. I am so upset that Billy Miller and Michael Muhney won’t be on Y&R!!! And why was Delia killed off the show??
    CBS, should fire Jill before she fires the rest of the cast. They should have let Sharon Case go and bring back Michelle Stafford.. I may not watch Y&R after the end of January. .

  • Seabreeze

    He, his character, and his story line are the ONLY reason I still watched the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just lost a lifetime viewer!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maggie

      I’m with you 100%!

  • Suzdelia

    Yes, I agree, Fire this Jill Faren Phelps….she is a soap killer and Cindy I believe you are so right when you say, they want to get rid of all the soaps and keep those talk shows on which sometimes are just so demeaning to people’s minds, for they want to control our minds to think like some of these actors and yes they are acting. No imagination or the escape into others people lives for a time….yes this is therapy….sometimes the reality needs to be left behind for awhile…Well let us hope this Jill Phelps leaves or is fired and someone with quality writing and respect for the actors and respect for the fans is hired.

  • Amy

    CBS and Sony – You have ruined this show, allowed two human beings to be slandered in the press, and are behaving so horribly, it is disgusting if not criminal. Hire the actor who plays Adam back. Apologize to the actors and to the fans. The person who is the executive who had her husband leak info to the TMZ should be fired immediately. The main reason most of us are even sticking with the pathetic writing is Michael Muhney’s acting. You are making the behind -the -scenes more of a soap opera than the real show. Please act respectable and responsible. Admit your mistakes and apologize and re-hire Mr. Muhney. Thank you. (I have been watching since the very first episode and like many fans know the story lines better than your current and under-preforming writers.

  • Don

    Maybe Adam needs a break form the show but if they decide to bring him back it is either Michael or the original Adam (Chris Engen) back to the show. Seriously I do not see a recast possible unless they bring back CHRIS back otherwise the character is dead.

  • don

    Deborah, the character of Billy Abbott is not gone it’s just that there will be another actor playing Billy (David Tom) who by the way had already played Billy 1999-2002. As for the character of Adam Newman, they will give him a break for about 7 months and then will be back with a new face (not Michael Muhney) recasting Adam and in my opinion it will be difficult to replace MM in the role of Adam unless they bring the original Adam (Chris Engen) to the show.

  • Maggie

    I’ll say it again……….No one will every play Adam the way Michael Muhney does! The banter between him and Eric Braeden (Victor) is superb – Great Acting!!! I have been watching Y&R for over 25 years. I can honestly say, I will never be as connected to the show as I once was. I’m done – this is an outrage!!!

  • Kalli

    Bad move firing Adam he is one of the star characters these days. You take Adam and we are still waiting for Phillis to reappear. I’m going to give up on this show.

  • Meranda Pilipchuk

    i personally have been waiting and hoping to see a news outbreak reading, Michael Muhney is returning to the show, but it is a horrible boat all of the fans are on , and with NO WORD whatsoever from the (fireers and hireers) of the show, its true that soping watching the show is realistic at this point. But 1 other things is that in the new year they apparantl reeached the highest or best point of viewrs or whatever , im not sure if they just won an award for that but, clearly it Michael Muhney was a main* part of that, i have been watching all of 2013 and sometimes twice a day , because Y & R airs on two different channels..there should be rules and more solid contracts , he is part of that award and this is outragous he is getting fired. or “let off the show” or “not being given another contract” whatever you want to call it for having a main star dissapearing from the show And i watched the last 2 shows and they wer LAME… something is in the air ,he is leaving the show

  • lissy

    What annoys me is both Billy & MM have the most intriguing storylines right now and they are the ones that are leaving. It sucks watching Chelsea get excited about her future with Adam when we all know he’s done at the end of the month….who else on that show has a good storyline right now. Everything else is tired & dragged out for no reason. Im done Jan 30… GH will be the only one I watch

  • Karen Freeman Orosz

    I am SO disappointed to hear Michael is being let go!!!!!! It wasn’t bad enough losing Jeanne Cooper and Michele Stafford, now Michael Muhney? I’ve watched this show since day 1 and I think the fan base should have a say. After all, if not for us, what would you have? NO Young & the Restless that’s what!!!! I don’t know what the differences are, and it doesn’t really matter. Michael Muhney is very pivotal in the show and him leaving would be a GREAT MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neil and Lilly and Cane and Devon ALL have boring story lines and it wouldn’t much matter if they left. But please don’t let Michael Muhney go. A new Adam wouldn’t compare!!!!!! Thank you for listening……….

  • Stephanie

    This is terrible, he’s one if the best actors. Not sure I’m going to be watching once he’s gone. They need to cut boring Cane and Lilly.

  • Audrey Clark

    Thats is really bad you finally got good actors and you’re going to let them go Michael and Billy’s character fit in perfect and you are really making a mistake one wrong decision can have major consequences so if you are taking these comments into consideration you need to read each and every one of them and thank about the consequences in the decision that you’re making will cost to the ratings of The Young and the Restless :(

  • donika

    Believe oe not i think that the youmg and the restless will be the next to go. I have loved this show for a very long time, however with all the recast new cast and such have basically ruinded the show. The one thing that has always remained was consistency, until now. Letting Michael Muhney go is a mistake. Billy Miller leaving is an even bigger mistake. The sharon and nick storyline is boring. So sad its falling apart.

  • Galgirl

    Y & R are loosing a terrific actor! I have not watched the show in years but started back because of Adam and Chelsea!!!

  • Rob

    THIS Adam has breathed life into Y&R! ! What the hell are they thinking! Stupidity!

  • Geminismom4u

    All Victor EVER does is scowl, smooth his hair, threat en people, say “um kay?” Or “kindly this, kindly that” in EVERY scene and check his Blackberry. Wash, Rinse & Repeat. Stick a fork in him… he’s done.

  • Ron Parsons

    We are done wasting our time on this show! Keeping the old stars for continuity’s sake is understandable. The use of new story lines and new actors, brilliant. However you should poll the audience to identify those story lines and actors your viewers have identified with. Removing story lines and actors like this should and has driven a core group of your viewers away. Congratulations for destroying a great show. Enough is Enough!!!

  • Maria Oihcrepmoc

    I think they NEED to fire Jill Farren as you can see she said up a lot of crap if I too perfectly good actors I think she should rethink her decision she’s going to lose a lot of viewers he’s making a big mistake I love watching Young and the Restless so many years but she’s making some bad choices I think if she keeps this up there will be no more show for sure and I hope she’s reading all these to see how many people Love these two actors

  • Teen

    I cant believe Adam will be leaving the show….he is the
    show.. Get Nick out of there, its always the same old boring story with him. Casting someone else in his place will not be the same….he better be one damn good actor….i will not be watching Y&R anymore….i am so pissed off. First DD and now Adam…come on wake up people…I will definitely miss you Adam…wish you all the best.

  • Robert

    I don’t know how many men watch the show. I am not a soap fan but did begin to watch the show and liked the characters Billy and Adam and the edge they brought to the show. Now that they are gone I have no excuse but to move on to more productive pursuits. Someone e-mail me if either comes back.

    PS. I’ve seen their replacements, seriously someone in charge thinks they can carry those roles?

  • Jh

    Adam is so great not because of his lines but how he delivers his lines. He is Victor jr–just like him but a much better actor. Victor cannot do it anymore–boring!!!!!!! The show will not be interesting without MM. He made the show. No one can replace his acting.

  • Ellie

    Anyone that has been watching this show as I have, since the beginning, has to feel as I…SHOCKED to be reading that Adam (MM) would be let go. I feel like crying with joy when I see him interact with Connor!!! He has a natural sweetness and the baby is the BEST EVER!!!! THEY ARE BOTH dolls. His character has evolved into a very likable person and it will ONLY work with MM playing the part!!! I’m very busy, so I tape the shows to watch later in the evening. I’m happy to see Sharon and Nick back together, Dylan and Avery were naturals and should have had a more dynamic storyline to be reunited!! IF THIS IS TRUE, THEY’VE LOST A VERY FAITHFUL FAN…BRING MM BACK OR I’LL BE WATCHING WHATEVER SHOW HAS THE GOOD SENSE TO HIRE HIM. KEEP SMILING MICHAEL, YOU’RE AWESOME!!!!!

  • P. Noire

    HELLS NO!!!!!!! His character has grown on me and I am not pleased to find out that he is gone. Then to make matters worse you want to recast him. I have watched Y & R for years, even remember it as a youngster from my Grandma and great Aunts having viewed this program. Not looking good as a future fan if things like this continue. Even the show that has aired today 2/03/2014 has or will be changing “my Billy” back to the “teenaged Billy”. ????????????????????

  • Weezy

    Any chance Mr.Bell would want to return and CBS can fire Jill?

  • latesa

    It was a stupid move on Jill’s part Micheal will be missed

  • josephine

    If they don’t bring the Adam character back with Michael Muhney, I’ll cease watching the show. I don’t know if the Adam script had a different writer or not that set it apart, but the show is dead in the water without Adam.

  • serious

    Adam definitely made the show interesting. He added that needed drama for an hour long show. The other characters are boring without him. Personally after 19yrs of watching the Y&R.. my friends and family, as well as I have tuned into other options.

  • janet

    I agree Adam and Billy and red where the best,back to being boring.I think we will loose this show as well,I am a grandma and really gave me something to look foward to in between my chores but I guess I will just have to do more chores at that time. And yes Victor is so old school same old stuff for years from him.

  • Selena

    The old Adam and the old billy need to be brought back!

  • TRD

    I’ve been watching for a long time. Personally I think the whole show should just go off the air. If you look at it Jill is killing charaters from young to old. She is just KILLING the show

  • Bolink

    Jill Phelps needs to be axed and bring back Adam, Billy and Phylis etc. Phelps ego is ruining and terrible for the show. It isn’t worth watching anymore since Victor wins every fight and rules everybodys lives. Really great actors are being let go and nobody can sees Phelps is the biggest problem at Y&R?

  • Natasha Fisher

    I think the whole thing is ridiculous!! We all fell in love with Adam, Michael did an awesome job portraying him. He reminded me of JR, the man we loved to hate. Michael made Adam’s character come alive and had a little bit of smart ass smirk to his character. How date they get loyal audiences to fall in love with this person and yank his character out like yesterday’s news! I never liked Adam before Michael. It shows how much they care about usviewers. I don’t want another Adam, and no one else does either! Stop playing with the audiences feelings like we do not matter! When we all stop watching The Young And Restless then I guess they’ll understand the saying: Without your customers you will make no money. Please don’t make us go to another soap, because I promise where Michael Muhney goes his fans will too!

  • Rhonda Proctor

    I don’t like the new billy,he stinks as an actor,and fireing mickal the actor for Adam I think was really stupied what did the other actor do to cause it a man just dosent grab your breast for no reason she should have gotton fired to,as for nick and Sharon that bridge has been burnt,one time two many,tired of that Seen as for victor they need to find a new roll ,I’ve watched the young and the restless sence it first aired ,time to get a new writer,the bold and the beautiful has been boring like forever I’m tired of seeing hope every day,don’t even care if they would do away with the bold and the beautiful

  • Nancy

    Bring Michael back. His chemistry is great with the actress who plays Chellsea. My mom and I are so disappointed you want to recast him. And for heaven”s sake do not put nick back with Sharon. The next thing you know you will try to recast Victor.

  • Shas

    You just crushed me!! Michael Muhney FIRED?!?!? I loved him as Adam and I’ve been hoping he’s not dead, waiting for his return on the show. Now I don’t care. Leave him dead especially if they replace him with the likes of David Tom! I may have to just give up on Y&R if this keeps up. The story lines are becoming BORING again. Adam was an interesting character & Michael played him so well! Michael, I will watch u when I find you somewhere else! I’ve been watching since a kid with my grandmother, won’t say just how long that is but it’s long but I’m sick of Lily & Cane, bored with Nick & Sharon, even Phyllis is gone! I’m very dishearten to hear this news. How sad. Some BAD decisions I say!

  • giggles23

    Get rid of Phelps!!!! why not get another producer and summer can go too. she is not that great and actress. we want adam back and Phyllis and billy and get rid of these boring people like Neil and Devon and Lily and Jill!!!! those people need to go!!!! Victor, Nikki, Billy, Adam and Phyllis make the soap!!!! I know the ratings have to be down. I am not going to watch until my peeps come back!!!!

  • kshea

    I’m hoping that phyllis comes back to be with nick after nick finds out sharon’s secret. I loved their chemistry!!