Total Divas Live Recap: Season 3 Premiere “Eggs Over Freezing”

Total Divas Live Recap: Season 3 Premiere “Eggs Over Freezing”

Tonight on E! TOTAL DIVAS returns with it’s premiere episode of season 3 called, “Eggs Over Freezing.” On tonight’s show season 3 begins with Nikki planning her future without her current boyfriend John Cena.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, Bunim-Murray Productions continue their unprecedented look inside the lives of the women of the WWE Divas Divison in season three of hit series “Total Divas.” Cameras once again showcase the professional and personal lives of the WWE Divas: Nikki and Brie Bella (WWE Divas “The Bella Twins(TM)”), Nattie (WWE Diva “Natalya(TM)”), Trinity (WWE Diva “Naomi(TM)”), Ariane (WWE Diva “Cameron(TM)”), WWE Diva, Eva Marie(TM), and WWE Diva Summer Rae.

On tonight’s episode, season 3 begins with Nikki planning her future without her current boyfriend John Cena; at the same time, life turns topsy-turvy for Eva when she’s forced to choose between family and her husband; and tensions are high when a former diva returns to the roster, revealing a dark secret.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with lots of guaranteed drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the this season of Total Divas!

RECAP: Tonight’s episode of Total Divas begins with Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan going to a photo shoot. They recently eloped, but now they have decided to have a ceremony, and are having their photos taken for their announcements and save the date cards. Eva and Jonathan decide to do a risqué photo for the save the date cards and he poses shirtless and she wears a bikini. She knows her parents will freak when they see the pictures, but when she is 80 years old she wants to be able to look at them and remember how hot they are.

Eva heads to work and shows the pictures she took to Trinity and Titus and asks them to help her pick out which one she should use for her save the date cards. They tell her that she is nuts, and Titus tells her to put on a t-shirt and jeans and go to the beach and retake the pictures.

The Bella Twins Brie and Nicole head out to lunch, and Nicole reveals that she and John had another talk about marriage. John always told her from the beginning that he wasn’t going to have children or marry her, and Nicole wants both of those things. John recently asked Nicole that if he marries her she will let the kid thing go? Brie thinks it is a trap and John is trying to pacify her with marriage, but no kids. Brie tells her she should freeze her eggs, so that if she winds up 40 and alone after John won’t have kids with her, she still has a chance to have a family.

The WWE Divas meet with director Mark Carrano before Friday Night Smackdown, he announces that Rose Mendez is returning after her one year hiatus. The other girls aren’t exactly welcoming to Rosa. After the meeting Mark tells Natalya to stay behind so he can talk to her, he wants her to take Rosa under her wing since she is a veteran and he wants her to share a hotel room with her while they are on the road and keep an eye on her. Nattie argues, and finally caves and agrees to keep an eye on Rosa.
Afterwards Nattie takes Rosa aside and tells her that Mark doesn’t trust her and he has put Nattie in charge of her. Rosa left WWE because she was battling demons after a bad break-up and had to go to rehab and therapy. Rosa is determined to not let everyone down.

Jonathan and Eva head to her parents’ house to visit her family. En route in the car Jonathan reminds Eva that they have to be a united front and he can’t throw her under the bus and go cry to her mom like she usually does.

Brie and Nicole head out to dinner with Bryan and their brother and his girlfriend. The topic of babies comes up, and they all have baby fever. Nikki announces that she is going to freeze her eggs in case it doesn’t pan out with her and John. She says that she isn’t going to tell John about the surgery until after the fact. Bryan volunteers to donate sperm, but Brie says that would be too weird.

Eva and Jonathan arrive at her parents’ house. They sit down with her parents and her brother and announce that they are going to have a real wedding ceremony, her Dad can’t wait to walk her down the aisle. Eva shows them the pictures from their photo shoot, and her parents think that it is a joke. Her brother tells her to be “classy, not trashy.” Her mom argues that she can’t show them to her grandchildren.

Nicole and Brie head to the fertility clinic for Nicole’s consultation. They sit down with the doctor to discuss freezing her eggs. Brie fully supports her and wants to make sure her sister is covered in case one day she wakes up and decides that she wants to have children. The doctor informs Nicole that she can’t drink, smoke, or have sex before they harvest her eggs.

Eva and Jonathan sit down for dinner with her family, and they begin discussing the wedding. Her family is a traditional Catholic family, and Jonathan isn’t Catholic. Her parents are fuming when they realize that Eva’s wedding won’t be at the Catholic church. They try to convince Jonathan to convert to Catholicism, but he says that is not an option.

It’s day three of Nicole’s period and a nurse is headed over to her house to draw her blood so that they can freeze her eggs. Nicole totally forgets and the nurse shows up and she sneaks her in the back door while John is distracted and has her blood drawn. She manages to get the nurse in and out with John noticing.

Eva and her mom head out to get breakfast with Jonathan. In the car her mom casually drops a bomb on Eva and reveals that her dad is getting chemo shots because his colon cancer came back and now it has spread throughout his body. Eva is shocked and had no idea there was anything wrong with her dad. Eva is upset that her family hid her dad’s health problems from her.

Nicole and Brie head to the fertility clinic so that Nikki can have an ultrasound and the doctor can see how healthy her ovaries are. The doctor shows Nikki all of her eggs on the screen, and she is thrilled to see all of potential babies. They give Nikki her medication for the harvesting process and tell her she has to pick a ten day time period that she won’t drink, have sex, or wrestle.

Eva sits down with Jonathan, and confesses that now that she knows how sick her dad is she wants to have a Catholic wedding to make him happy. Jonathan is adamant that he is not converting to Catholicism, regardless of how sick her Dad is. She cries that she wants to do this for her dad, but Jonathan says he can’t compromise his religion and he won’t. Eva heads outside to talk to her dad where he is gardening, and promises him she will do whatever she can to change Jonathan’s mind so they can have a Catholic wedding.

Rosa and Nattie head to Friday Night Smackdown, and Rosa is panicking about her first night back in the ring since rehab. She overhears some of the other wrestlers making fun of her and is in tears by the time she heads out to wrestle Natalya. Nattie pins her within minutes and she is forced to tap out. Afterwards Nattie reassures her that she did okay, but Rosa cries that she sucked. She gives Rosa a pep talk, and tells her not to worry about what the girls think, and they hug it out.
John finds Nicole’s fertility medicine in her purse and demands to know “what the hell it is?”
To Be Continued…