Turn RECAP 5/25/14: Season 1 Episode 8 “Challenge”


AMC’s brand new series Turn returns tonight, this episode is called “Challenge” and in this evening’s episode, against Abe’s wishes, Anna searches for enemy intelligence at an exclusive gentleman’s party hosted by British spymaster John Andre.

On last week’s episode Abe risked everything to protect Anna when an old threat returned to Setauket. Meanwhile, Rogers traveled to a prison ship seeking a mysterious man.

On tonight’s episode Anna goes against what Abe wants and she decides to go search for enemy intelligence at an exclusive gentleman’s part, which is being hosted by John Andre the British spymaster.

Tonight’s Turn Season 1 episode 8 is going to be another great episode, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Turn — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new series, Turn. Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Anna stands naked staring out the window at ships in the harbor. She looks at the pretty dress she’s to wear. Abe washes his face. She dons her gown and pins up her hair. Abe comes in and tells her he’s off to see Cook and wishes her luck. He tells her she missed a button on her dress and fastens it. She says the moment after she shows her husband his pardon and that his assets have all been siezed, he won’t be happy. She says she hopes their lives will be better in Connecticut. She says they will go there so Selah can recover.

Abe says that Hewlett had to make an example of him and Anna says that Abe breaking their engagement is what caused all this. He says he had to do it for his father and she says there were clear signs he should have broken it off with his father. She tells him to tell her the truth and he says some things just aren’t meant to be.

Anna waits at the docks. There is a prisoner exchange going on – Selah is released and Caleb asks him where Samuel is and Selah tells him that he’s dead. Anna is shown a ledger that says that Selah is dead. She drops the pardon in shock. The mercenary Robert Rodgers watches from the tree line and takes aim. Caleb sees the sniper and pulls Selah down. The redcoats go to confront Rodgers for firing on an exchange under a white flag and he says he was searching from a spy.

Rodgers tells his people they are going to hunt down Selah and Caleb. They protest that they can’t go onto those lands but Rodgers says those are all his lands. Cooke tells Abe that he’s meeting with Andre and gives away from valuable info.

Caleb is told that he can’t bring Selah to camp. He sends a message back to camp and tell him he’ll be at the Genevive and tells Selah to stick with him until they find friendly territory. Rodgers complains to Jordan about his heavy fooststeps in the wood. He calls him boy and he says his name is Jordan. He asks his true name and he says it’s Akim Bode and Rodgers tells him he’s the one who will give him his name back as soon as he stops hearing him breathe and stomp.

Anna waits. Abe comes back and asks why she’s still there. She asks how it went with Cooke. Anna asks what happened and he says it’s done and he gained an invite to Andre’s house. She insists that she’s going with him and tells him that Selah has been dead for two months. He tells her he’s sorry but she says to hell with sorry, she wants revenge. Abe says he can’t take her because she will give everything away in her anger. He tells her to promise that she’ll wait there for him to come back and she nods.

Selah tells Caleb he has to rest and he says it can only be for a moment. Rodgers as caught up and takes a shot at them. They realize it’s Rodger that’s after them. A soldier rides at a brisk pace and asks Henry about the prisoner exchange. He says that they sent another prisoner saying it was Talmadge and he refused to let Caleb bring him along – he tells him Genevive.

Anna finds Abigail at the market and asks why she’s in New York. She says she’s there on business. Abby asks if she got the news about Simcoe. She asks Abby to help her get in and she tells Anna that it’s dangerous for both of them. Anna reminds her that she took in her son and says she’ll get her into the party or else. A white dude asks Anna if Abigail is bothering her and she says it was just a misunderstanding that has been made clear but gives Abigail a look to let her know she can make trouble for her.

Robson sits with Simcoe and asks about Talmadge and Brewster. Robson says Talmadge’s dad was the preacher. Simcoe asks about Abe. Robson says if he’s looking for rebel sympathizers, he tells him to check the petition. Abe comes in with Cooke to the party. The redcoat leaders are singing highly innapropriate songs. Cooke introduces Abe to Andre. Abe tells him it’s an honor to meet him and they shake.

Cooke tells him the rules are that their glasses must always be full. Cooke is asked by Gracely who he would kill if he could get away with it – Gracely says Washington so the war would be over. Another soldier says there are profits to be made so he hopes the war isn’t over too soon. He asks Abe to provide some rebel names and they will manufacture the evidence. Abe starts to drink and then has to spit it out because it’s a violation of the drinking game rules.

Selah and Caleb have to get aggressive with Rodgers. And they are barely saved by his buddy who’s angry he met them there instead of at the tavern. Two women are let into the party and Abigail asked if a woman in a coral dress has come in and she tells the corporal she’s late and the Colonel won’t be happy. Andre says they are expecting a delivery of “flowers” soon and the men all drink to it.

Anna shows up to the house and is asked for her pass. She says she must have dropped it and the soldier sees the color of her dress and says it’s all right – that she’s expected. She comes in and the other ladies look askance at her. One approaches her and says to ignore the whispers – she says there are plenty of eligible officers to go around. She gives Anna advise to be amenable, invisible and flexible.

Abe sings and drinks but loses his concentration when the women come in and he sees Anna among them. The men chant at him and they all join in to finish the ditty. The men greet the women and Abe goes for Anna but another woman grabs him and Anna is set down on the lap of one of the redcoats. The men dance with the ladies and Abe whispers to Anna that he told her to stay behind.

Abe says she needs to go before she does something reckless and she refuses. She says she’s done waiting. Someone asks to speak to Andre in private – he is told about Rodgers faux pas and is told that he’s arrogant and does a disservice to them all. The man says he can be back in neutral territory in two hours and Andre writes up an order to detain Rodgers or kill him if he doesn’t come quietly.

Rodgers is treating his Indian friend and tells Jordan that he needs a squirrel – he goes. Ben asks about Samuel and Selah tells him that he died of dysentary and he carried him above deck, said a prayer and put his body into the sea. Caleb tells Ben that his brother is at peace and Ben says there is no peace since he died like a dog and in death, Rodgers has stolen his brother’s name to set a trap for Ben. Ben says Rodgers will die tonight.

Jordan tells Rodgers that his name means Red One and Warrior. He asks what name means quiet. Rodgers says it’s Ben’s right to avenge his brother and his right to avenge his own brother.

Anna asks the redcoat to go somewhere private and less formal with her. She says this is just the first course and leans close. Abe glares then goes to see Abigail who tells him that Anna is planning on stealing into the major’s bedroom to steal information. She tells the man to meet her in the bedroom and slips out. Abe gulps his drinks down and follows.

Caleb holds up a stick to test Rodgers and it’s shot down. He takes careful aim. Ben tells him that he has a plan and Caleb asks him to fill him in. He says it will be victory or death and Caleb says he won’t let him go out as a decoy. Rodgers is sneaking up on them unseen. Caleb says he can help him get out of the woods.

Rodgers is almost upon them when soldiers ride up. It’s the redcoat and he calls out to Rodgers. He says the stand off is off by order of Major Andre. He says both sides must put down their arms and come down. Rodgers is furious.

Anna goes intot he major’s room and pulls out the journal where she was told it would be. She flips through it and hears footsteps. She hides it back and turns as Abe comes in. She tells him to get out of there and he grabs her up and kisses her. She asks if he’s doing this out of jealousy. She calls hima coward and he kisses her again. The guy comes in and says he didn’t expect him to get him back so soon.

Abe tells him he can have a taste of her now that he’s buttered her and the guy says he won’t be played for a fool and stomps out. He goes down and tells Cooke to get his backwater scamp out of there. Abe copies some stuff down from the journal and hides it again. Cooke comes in and asks Anna if he’s bothering her – Abe says she crossed the line and complains that she’s dry as dust.

Cooke tells the others that Abe is leaving but they demand that he answer the – who would you kill – question before he goes. He takes a moment then pours a glass of claret and says he would kill the man who killed his brother. They ask him to explain. He asks if they remember the Sons of Liberty riots three years ago.

Abe says he was a law student back then and that a drunken fool climbed a pole and put a Fresian cap up top. He says the cap – the ancient Roman symbol of freedom – was an insult to the king and that it turned a game into a riot and that his brother Thomas came down to quell the riot – he was in the king’s militia and says he was outnumbered.

Abe says he doesn’t want the man who ran him through or the one who trampled him, but the coward who put the hat on the pole and started it all. He says without him, none of it would have happened. He says this last to Anna. Andre tells him it was bleak and Cooke pulls him out. Abigail dumps soup on Anna’s dress and tells her to come clean it. Andre tells Abigail not to think twice about it. Anna walks out of the house and looks around for Abe but doesn’t see him.

Abe, Caleb, Rodgers and his men are lectured by the redcoat. Rodgers says Selah is not who he pretends to be. He asks if he’s Samuel Talmadge and Selah says yes. Ben says that he is his brother and has been confined to the Jersey. The redcoat says Caleb, Selah and Ben are under his protection and tells Rodgers to head back to the Major’s. Rodgers tells Ben that there’s nowhere he can hide from him and Ben says he won’t hide.

Simcoe tells Hewlett about the petition and Hewlett says they need more hard evidence than just the petition and tells Simcoe to see to it quietly.

Anna finds Abe back at the inn and she asks who else knows that he was the one that started the riots. She asks who else knows and he tells her that it’s just her. She kneels before him and lifts his chin. She kisses him. Abe kisses her back. She pulls him to his feet and they embrace and continue kissing. He kisses her neck and she pulls down her hair for him. He unlaces her dress. She undresses him and he her.