Unforgettable Recap 6/29/14: Season 3 Premiere “New Hundred”

Unforgettable Recap 6/29/14: Season 3 Premiere “New Hundred”

Tonight on CBS UNFORGETTABLE continues with a new episode called, “New Hundred” and on this new episode season 3 begins with Carrie and Al working with the Secret Service on a murder investigation. The probe uncovers a counterfeiting ring that is run by an assassin.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, Unforgettable stars Poppy Montgomery as a police detective with a rare condition that allows her to remember and readily access the details of every moment in her life, and Dylan Walsh as her ex-boyfriend and partner. It also stars Jane Curtin, Dallas Roberts, James Hiroyuki Liao and Tawny Cypress.

On tonight’s episode The Secret Service enlists Carrie and Al’s help when a murder investigation leads them to uncover a counterfeiting ring run by an assassin, on the third season premiere of UNFORGETTABLE.

Tonight’s premiere looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Unforgettable premiere— tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap let us know how much you are enjoying this season of Unforgettable?


It’s time for #Unforgettable. We see Carrie working at a cash counterfeiting operation overseeing it and coaching them on how to make the bills seem more real. Two thugs come in and says they caught a guy trying to crash the party. They pull off his hood – it’s Al. Later, Carrie sits in the diner watching two kids play concentration. The little girl is losing and her brother is hassling her. When he looks away, Carrie flips two cards over to help her.

She tells Joanne there’s no harm in using her perfect memory to help people. Joanne rattles off of a list of tormented younger sisters that turned out fine. She asks Carrie if she’s ovulating and that’s why she’s acting maternal. She says she bets Al wants kids and wants to know why they’re not together. Joanne says the tension between them is hot.

Just then, Carrie gets a call from Al and says something is going on with Jay. She has to leave but first flips over some more cards for the girl and tells Joanne she’s not ovulating. Jay thanks Al for helping and says his sister’s ex hubby is missing. He missed his custody visitation with their dog. He says Natalie is freaked and she’s normally level headed. Carrie is mad that Al brought her down to use her super powers on a dog.

Natalie shows them a pic of of Evan and says he’s never late to see Derek Jeter – their Pomeranian. She says the divorce was rough on him and his personality has shifted and he’s trying to win her back. He was a struggling musician who is trying to work real jobs. They come into his room and Al sees the guy is face down on the bed. He’s dead. He calls in the gun shot crime to CSU while Natalie screams in anguish.

Jay comforts his sister. Al tells Carrie the body is still warm so the shooting was recent. She sniffs lingerie and says it hasn’t been worn and thinks this was staged. Al says a guy checks into a hotel this time of day for just one reason. Al thinks it may have been a hooker that killed him. Natalie tells Al that Evan was free to do what he wanted since they were divorced but says this doesn’t make sense.

She says he liked girls and they liked him back but he never needed to pay for it plus he was broke. Carrie asks her about the lanyard Evan wore. She says it was her lanyard that she gave him to keep his work ID in and he wore it to prove to her that he was responsible. Carries comes to see Joanne and she says that her leg is hurting from yoga training she’s been doing to help her bed skills. Carrie is icked out.

Joanne say the bullet is a unique caliber from an Indonesian assault pistol. Carrie thinks to the crime scene and says she saw a flag from Indonesia outside the hotel. Joanne is impressed, then annoyed with her recall. The round was armor piercing but it came from nowhere near them. They agree a prostitute wouldn’t be carrying ammo like that.

Jay studies evidence on his ex brother-in-law. He says the hotel room shows no one else entered with a key card except Evan. There is one entrance with no security camera at the back. He mentions the Indonesian angle and Jay is working his credit card. Eliot tells Carrie and Al that he’s giving the case away because of Jay’s involvement. He says he’ll make sure the 17th keeps it a priority and says it has to go to homicide.

Carrie says that Evan’s truck might be missing and his ID and keys are gone. Francis comes in and says he has the truck. He introduces himself to Carrie – Special Agent Frank Simms – Secret Service. He says he’s taking over the case. He says it’s part of an ongoing counterfeiting investigation. Eliot says he’s going to make a call but then caves in.

Frank says that it takes three holy grails of counterfeiting the new hundred dollar bills. Carrie rattles them all off and says she read his memo. He says it’s nice that someone reads and remembers them but Al says not to be flattered since she’s a freak of nature. Frank says no one has ever stolen one sheet of US currency paper until today.

He shows them some photos and Carrie says she thinks the magnetic ink is also missing. Frank won’t tell them about the security numbers and he says he’s done with inter-departmental cooperation until Carrie says she has an Indonesian link but won’t tell him until he agrees to keep them involved. She walks out with his hundred and Al tells him he’ll never see his money again. Frank nods in agreement.

Cherie tells Al that Jay found a credit card charge on Evan’s record at the Indonesian place. She says she heard that Frank was the biggest player in DC since Clinton. Al thanks her and goes. Al finds Frank has plopped down at a desk. Jennie Shaw, a graphic designer, the paper maker. Kristin Green, engraver. Olivia Waring, electroplater. Sophie Dietrich, the printer. They’re all art school grads and they all went off the grid four months ago.

Al says they seem too hot to be killers. Frank says Carrie looks too hot to be a cop and asks about her. Al tells him to focus. He asks why those four girls would do this and Frank says if they pull it off, it’s worth $72 million. They think one of the girls was with Evan at the Indonesian restaurant. Franks meets her there and she points out the camera. She tells him to give up his evidence.

Frank says he thinks there’s an Indonesian trader heading to the US to buy the money from the girls. She says that means they’re on a ticking clock. Jay looks at security footage and Carrie tells Al that she brought him sesame balls. He says to give them to her new partner Frank. They can’t see the girl’s face and Carrie says she saw that tattoo in the hotel today.

Carrie says she didn’t see her face. She thinks hard and says she did see it. She’s with a group called Red Door that kills people and does bad things. Carrie picks her out from an Interpol file. Her name is Padma and she’s an assassin. They wonder what she needs counterfeit money for. Jay says he has an idea. He works on it.

Frank is aggravated with their lack of progress. Jay says he made contact by posing as someone with serial numbers. Frank says even a blind pig finds a truffle and Al is pissed off. Frank says they give them a legit serial number to get the nibble. Carrie says she’ll go undercover and both Al and Frank say no. She says they have only one shot.

Frank says she’s brilliant but she doesn’t have enough time to learn enough about counterfeiting to go undercover. She tells Frank to try her. He does and she’s a super quick study. She catches all the fakes and then he gives her something harder to discern. She snags that one as a fake too. He asks if she took an online memory course and she says she’s a walking online memory course.

She tells him she has HSAMS. He’s heard of it. She tells him to give her a date and she rattles off facts. He tells her she has some mind on her and she says it can be a curse. She says she thinks she’s ready and he agrees. She leaves and he realizes she again took his legit $100s. Al rants to Frank about putting Carrie in danger and he says they will need her alive to get the rest.

Frank wants to put a tracking device on her but Al says no way. He says the Mata Hari group and Indonesians will sniff it out. They argue over jurisdiction and who will handle what. Natalie talks to Jay and he says they will find out who did it. Natalie says she was going to tell him she wanted him back but then it’s too late.

Jay tells her that Evan called him and told him that he was working hard to be the man she wanted him to be. He says that he was hopeful. Natalie tells him to promise to get the guy and he does. Frank, Al and Carrie go over the plans. She says she’ll give one serial number and then arrange the payment and future meeting. The two guys argue over who she should call if she needs help.

She heads off to the meet. They watch her on security cams. Her tracker is offline and Al isn’t surprised. Carrie gets on the elevator and recognizes a guy from the hotel. There are several of them and they throw a bag on her hand, break her cell phone and shove her into a van. Al, Frank and Jay go running in a panic. Jay says they have something. There was a van that left right after she was taken.

Al and Frank are angry and blaming each other. Carrie is driven away in the back of the van but can see some stuff through the window from where she worked her hood off. She notices the sound of planes, feel of a rough road, sounds of ships. Then she’s at a warehouse and is pulled out. She’s taken into the counterfeiting operation and Padma tanks her hood off.

She says this is not a nice way to start a relationship and says it may affect her Yelp review. They tells Padma she had no trackers on her, but a tail and Carrie says it’s her associate. She says to untie her then she’ll give the serial number. She asks for a pen and writes it on Padma’s hand. She scrawls it there. They go to check it. It clears on the database.

Carrie says they should have more faith and Padma says to give her all the numbers now and live. Carrie says to wire the money and she’ll get them because she knows they have to have the numbers to operate. Padma says if the serial numbers don’t show up when they wire it, she’ll kill her. She asks to use a phone to call her associate to transfer the numbers to the website they want.

She tells Carrie to hurry. She calls Al and they tell Jay to run a trace. She calls Roy and asks if Carl or Darcy are around or he can talk. She says he needs to send the items they talk about in an hour or else. She says then he’ll be on a first class flight to Barbados. They hang up the phone on her and Padma crushes it. She gave some codes to help. Al says that Carl was his old partner and Darcy was his wife.

They live in a specific part of town and then they realize where she is in Bayonne. There are 28 minutes left and Padma says she hopes her associate comes through. Carrie says he always does. Padma checks the proofs and then puts a gun to one of her partners. She says she thought the Red Door helps oppressors instead of oppressing people. Carrie tells her that killing the woman won’t help her cause.

They drive to figure out why he called her Roy. He says there was a fireman who lived near him that had a corrugated garage. He sends Jay to look for that. They roll up and he tells everyone to fan out and look for the garage. Padma tells them to get rid of the girls. Carrie says she wouldn’t since she needs them to fix it. She says the bills need fixing so they don’t get pinched. She asks where the dryer is.

Padma tells the girls to do what she says and Carries says, let’s get to work. Al spots an orange corrugated door. He walks towards it and says Roy was a Syracuse fan who painted his door orange. He says to track his phone and Jay says to wait for backup. He leaves his phone under a dumpster, throws away his gun and badge and pounds on the door.

Carrie gives directions on adding pumice to the dryer and says any Seven Eleven clerk could tell. They haul Al in and unbag him. Padma says to kill him but Carrie says it’s her associate Roy. Padma slaps the guy who let him follow him. Carrie says she’s not better than the people that murdered her parents. Carrie recalls some from the sheet that Frank has and rattles off 5,000 numbers.

She tells Padma to lower her weapons and she’ll give her 3,000 more numbers. Frank and the backup are at the warehouse. She hands over thousands more when they hear that an alarm has been breached. They collect up Carrie and the others and she says there was a card on the board that’s missing now. She rattles it off and says it’s a tail number.

Sure enough, Padma pulls up on a motorcycle to a hangar. She’s got cash and a cache of weapons. The Indonesian buyer is there and he trades her the weapons for the cash. She plans to use them against the US. The guy doesn’t care about her cause so she shoots him too. The police are there then and a gun battle breaks out. Carrie shoots Padma in the shoulder and they have them all subdued.

Carrie tells Frank that New York gets her first and Frank says there are enough charges to go around. They tell Jay to have at her and he arrests her for Evan’s murder. Carrie asks Frank what happens to all the money and he starts a money bonfire. He asks her to dinner and hands over his number. She says he’s confident that he’ll call and he says she owes him money.

She asks if he trusts her and he says not one bit. Al comes over and says he doesn’t like Frank. Then he tells her that he’s a player. Al tells Carrie to throw the stack she swiped from the hangar onto the bonfire or he’ll arrest her. She asks if he wants to run off to Mexico but then tosses it into the blaze.