Video: Meryl Davis and Charlie White Dance On DWTS #DWTSFinale

Video: Meryl Davis and Charlie White Dance On DWTS #DWTSFinale

Well, we knew that this moment was coming, right? Of course I’m talking about how in the finale of this season of Dancing With the Stars Meryl Davis and Charlie White will finally dance together!  These two have spent 16 years at early morning practices and sweating it out together in the dance studio but this will be the first time that they will actually perform together in front of an audience without skates.

What should we expect? Well, my guess is that they are going to be amazing in the ballroom because every single dance that we have ever seen them execute on the ice first began on the floor barefoot. They know each other extremely well and I’m betting that no matter what rhythm they choose it’s going to look like they are a top professional ballroom team that has already won a slew of trophies and medals.

What do you guys think about Charlie not making the finals of DWTS? Does that even make sense? I mean this guy is a trained ballroom dancer so how on earth were the judges so against him pretty much from the start? Were you one of the many crying foul each week as Charlie was raked over the coals? Some have felt that this season was handed to Meryl before the competition even began. Do you think she will win regardless of how anyone else does?  Will you be tuning in to see the magic that is Meryl and Charlie together tonight? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit: Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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