American Ninja Warrior Recap – Kansas City Qualifying: Season 7 Episode 2

American Ninja Warrior Recap - Kansas City Qualifying: Season 7 Episode 2

American Ninja Warrior, NBC’s obstacle course competition airs tonight with an all new Monday, June 1 season 7 episode 2 called “Kansas City Qualifying.” On tonight’s episode a qualifying round in Kansas City, Mo., features such obstacles as the Big Dipper, Floating Tiles and Stretch Hold. Competitors include Meagan Martin and Brian Arnold.

For those of you who don’t know, the action-packed series follows competitors as they tackle a series of challenging obstacle courses in both qualifying and finals rounds across the country.

On the last episode in the first Qualifying Round from Venice Beach, California, competitors had to tackle six obstacles, including three brand new ones: the Mini Silk Slider, Spin Cycle and Hourglass Drop. “American Ninja Warrior” veterans Kevin Bull and David Campbell returned for another shot at completing the course, while former Baltimore Raven & Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo and current NFL player Jon Ryan of the Seattle Seahawks took on the course for the first time. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the NBC synopsis, “American Ninja Warrior” travels to Kansas City, Missouri where competitors face new obstacles the Big Dipper, Floating tiles and Stretch Hold. “American Ninja Warrior” veteran, and first woman ever to complete the Jumping Spider in last season’s National Finals, Meagan Martin returns, while Brian Arnold and the Denver rock climbing team dubbed the “Wolfpack” will also be making a comeback. Competitors in this rigorous obstacle course competition series vie for a chance to win a cash prize of $1,000,000 and the title “American Ninja Warrior.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the show so far.

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#AmericanNinjaWarrior is in Kansas City, Missouri at Union Station. Matt and Akbar are ready to watch tonight’s trials. We also have Kristine down in the pit talking about the course. This course has the big five angled step then the big dipper, a sliding roller coaster like track then they have to grab a rope. The floating tiles are suspended over water then they have to pull up, scale the wall and slap the button.

First up is 21 year old Lars Hanson, a youth sports coach. He’s been training for this for years and has the support of the kids he coaches – there are 200 of his kids there to cheer. He hops the steps easily. Now it’s the roller coaster and he makes it. Now it’s the floating tiles and he clears those then it’s the modified ring toss. The crowd cheers. You have to move the circles from peg to peg and loses momentum. He finally goes down and out.

Next up is ex-NFL player Tyler Brayton who’s a really big guy. He hops the steps easy – this guy is 6’6” and 250. He puts a foot down in the water when his weight just pulled him down on the rope. He’s out fast and early. Next up is Annie Dudek, a mom and PE teacher from nearby. She’s also got screaming students there. She passes the steps and makes the ladder easily. She’s onto the floating tiles and easily hops those too.

Now she’s onto the ring toss and is scooting along. She gets hung up but is able to clear it. Now it’s the bungee row. It’s four rows of hanging bungees to get to a log. She does well but finally falls and makes it further than any of the first two men. Andrew Rowland fell, Paul Karchtner failed in his jammies and David Mytyk fell off the landing after the floating tiles. Next is Franklin Bain from nearby MO. He’s a goat farmer. The #CountryStrong guy hops the steps, clears the coaster then bounces the tiles.

He moves onto the ring toss and moves easily through it. Next is the bungee obstacle. He falls right off the bat. That one is evil. Next up is Steven Moul who is autistic and a super fan of the show. He takes off and pounces from step to step. The crowd chants his name and his mom is crying with joy. He’s been watching it since he was 13 and now he’s 21. He falls off the coaster ladder but was an inspiration to the crowd. His mom and dad run to hug him.

We see Meagan Martin, the woman who made it farther than any other woman in Las Vegas. Next up is rookie Cassie Craig, the second woman of the night and a former pole vaulter. She hops step to step quickly then makes a great hop onto the ladder. She’s short so the tiles could be trouble but she clears those too. Now it’s the ring course. She works side to side and then does an artsy dismount. Now it’s the bungee row.

She takes a running start and hits high. She struggles but keeps going. She grabs the log but can’t hold on and falls. That was incredible for a tiny girl – so strong! Next u is a firefighter Dennis Lappin from Michigan. He was badly injured last year. He had a double ruptured Achilles that kept him out of work five months. He’s back to good and says he’s only worried about the warped wall. He starts it up with his wife cheering.

Akbar says Achilles injuries are tough. The #FireFitghterNinja moves on and also clears the ladder. He hops the floating tiles easily. Now it’s the circles and he’s easy peasy on those. It’s bungee row next. He lands a little low but then makes it up. He’s on the last spot, grabs the log and is down. He’s up against the warp wall now. He runs and grabs it and he makes it! Dennis is through to the next stage and the first finisher of the night!

Robyn Fog fell hard on the steps. Kristy Welch bought it on the big dipper. And gymnast Trent Jarrett bought it big on the bungees. Kristine talks to Brian, Noah, Isaac and Ian – the Wolf Pack – a group of four guys who train together. Tavares Chambliss from Chicago is next. He calls himself the Neon Ninja. He hits the steps then goes to the coaster and clears it beautifully. He’s on the floating tiles and does a hop and roll. Now he’s on the discs.

He’s just 5’5” and very solid. He moves through the ring toss course and clears it. Now it’s the bungee. He leaps high and moves fast. He makes the leap and shimmies down. He clears it and now it’s the warped wall. He runs and easily leaps it. He hangs sideways then slaps the button. He moves on to the finals.

Doctor Noah Kaufman of the Wolf Pack cleared the course. Ian Dory also of the Wolf Pack also finished. Walk on Alan Adams also cleared the wall to crowd cheers and dedicated his triumph to his dad. Next up is “the Machine” Kirsti Meyer who is a rookie. She grew up around boys and loved to beat them. She passes the steps but falls hard on the big dipper when she misses the ladder. That was a shock given her strength and skills. Too bad…

Isaac Caldiero is a rock climber from Colorado. He’s one of the best rock climbers in the world and is another of the Wolf Pack. He competes in jeans and even clicks his heel on the last step. He runs through the coaster and floating tiles like he’s skipping in the park. He goes through the ring toss like it’s nothing.

Now it’s the bungee row. He skips part of the bungees then grabs the log one handed and shows off. It’s incredible. He runs up the wall and grabs it one handed and has a great time. Isaac then dances around the stand and it’s another #Wolfpack victory. He did one arm poses throughout. That guy is an incredible athlete.

Rookie James Fenby had a great run and tapped the buzzer. Nicole Martinez wore a pink tutu but fell off the coaster. Brendan Couvreaux took three tries to make it up the warp wall. Next up is the #CowboyNinja, Lance Pekus, an Idaho rancher. He hops the steps fast and flips off his cowboy hat. He kills the coaster, bounces over the tiles then moves fast along the rows of loops. Now it’s the bungees. He does that fast too and now it’s just the warp wall. He lands the fastest time of the night so far!

William Adams is next up – and he’s from riot-torn Ferguson, MO. He trains people who can’t afford to go to the gym or train otherwise. He clears the steps fast then the coaster. He hops the tiles then heads to the ring toss where his size could be a problem. He’s over 210 pounds and is very tall to boot. He moves along and then gets stuck. He ducks one foot in the water as he dismounts. Akbar says he just needs more experience on obstacles.

Amy Pajcic went out on the coaster when she had a strong showing last time. Show off Isaac’s girlfriend Laura Kisana also fell on the coaster. The next woman up is Caitlie Shukwit who has both OCD and Tourette’s Syndrome. She’s ticking before she starts. She clears the steps then the coaster. She ticks before each stage. She moves onto the tiles and hops them easily. The rings will be hard since she’s short at just 5’3”. She knocked a ring loose and now has no choice but to fall or leap. She falls.

Donovan Metoyer fell through the floating tiles. Lutalo Sephers made it to the end to finish and then did a black flip. Mark Pierson fell on the bunjees. Next up is Jon Stewart, the oldest athlete to complete a city finals last year at 52. He’s now 53 and a father of five. He had a bad mountain biking accident last year and broke his collarbone and now has a plate in his shoulder and had a long recovery. He wasn’t sure he would be back.

Jon rushes the steps, clears the coaster then moves on to the tiles. He hops those fast then moves on to the loops. He moves along pretty fast and makes quick work of that obstacle. Next is the bunjee. He uses just one side and easily skitters down it. Last year, he struggled with the wall. He winds up his arms and will be the oldest man ever to clear it if he can. And he does it! He’s the oldest athlete to clear the warp wall and slaps the buzzer.

There are 10 that have finished already tonight. Brian Arnold is up next. He’s been a real shower in the last three seasons and was a two time team USA member. He does the steps and coaster fast then moves on to the tiles. He’s the last of the Wolf Pack members to run tonight. The ring toss looks like child’s play to this guy.

He hops past that obstacle and is on to the bunjees. He’s up high and looking good. He grabs the log then hustles right down. He smiles and moves on to the wall. He makes it and becomes the last of the Wolf Pack. That training group had four of four clear the course. That’s incredible. They all made it look so easy.

Next up is Michael Stanger a walk on who has a wife with a terminal illness. She has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – the collagen in her body is falling apart. Within six months she was in a wheelchair and she likely won’t live much longer. He was a pudgy guy when she got sick and he started getting in shape to lift her up the stairs and take better care of her. He dropped 30 pounds and started building muscle. He saw American Ninja Warrior and thought he might try it.

Michael says they live every day like it’s their last. It’s time for his run. He makes the steps then moves on to the coaster. He makes that too. It’s on to the tiles and he hops those too. Now it’s the ring toss. He clears that too. Now it’s the bungee and he’s bouncing. He makes it to the end then grabs the log. He makes it down and it’s incredible. Now it’s just the wall. He grabs the edge and is up and over the wall. The crowd goes wild. Even Matt and Akbar are near tears. He dedicates the run to his wife.

Michael says he had to wait in line to do it this year since he didn’t know if his wife would be here next year to see it. High school teacher Brandon Berrett made it through. Tax accountant Kevin Hogan also finished. Concrete worker Zac Eddington also made it through. Now up is Paul Kasemir, a software engineer, a veteran of the event. It’s his sixth appearance. He speeds through the course. Kasemir was also on Team USA. He clears the obstacles in just over a minute. That’s now the fastest time!

Next up is Lorin Ball and he’s a former competitor who is known for speed. His mom is there and it’s the first time in five seasons she’s come to watch. He ran across three steps on one side and skipped the other two – WOW! Then he cleared the coaster, hops the tiles and the Parkour guy runs through the rings readily. His mom cheers loud. He skips the last section and leaps to the end. He works the bungees fast then runs for wall and slaps the button at just over 58 seconds.

There are 30 finishers tonight so far with just one run left. It’s Meagan Martin. Last year she was the third woman to ever clear the warped wall. Meagan clears the steps quickly then moves on to the coaster. She makes a high jump and clears it. She hops the tiles then moves to the ring toss. She has great momentum on the wall and then gets stuck for a moment. She makes her move and recovers. She leaps loose and does a little spin at the end.

She now has the bunjees to defeat. She makes a high leap and moves along with a lot of control. She grabs the log and then dangles and shimmies down. She lands and does it. She made history again. Now it’s just the warped wall. She shakes it out and the crowd chants “beat that wall.” She runs and grabs it. She hits it and is the first woman to complete a city qualifier and make it up the wall this season. She yells out to her girl fans that they can do it. A guy shouts out a proposal to her. Meagan says girls should do what they love and go for it.