American Odyssey Recap 4/19/15: Season 1 Episode 3 “Drop King”

American Odyssey Recap 4/19/15: Season 1 Episode 3 "Drop King"

Tonight on NBC American Odyssey continues with an all new Sunday April 19, season 1 episode 3 called, “Drop King” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a captive Odelle [Anna Friel] tries to prove her value to an interrogator. Meanwhile, Harrison [Jake Robinson] reluctantly reaches out to his journalist father for help after discovering he has ties to Col. Glen; and Peter uncovers evidence against Societel Mining, putting him in danger.

On the last episode, Odelle tried to avoid detection while traveling through the desert with her Malian companion. Meanwhile, hacker Bob was reluctant to reveal evidence that Odelle was still alive, and Peter took his suspicions about Societel to the Department of Justice. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “now captive in Bamako, Odelle (Anna Friel) must prove her value to an Ansar Dine interrogator. Meanwhile, in New York, Harrison (Jake Robinson) reluctantly turns to his famous journalist father for help when he learns he has a connection to Colonel Glen (Treat Williams). Peter (Peter Facinelli) finds himself in danger after uncovering new evidence against Societel Mining. Under pressure, he takes a meeting with Sophia Tsaladari (Orla Brady), the leading candidate for Greek Prime Minister – which leads to an unexpected breakthrough. Jim True-Frost, Sadie Sink, Omar Ghazaoui, Nate Mooney, Elena Kampouris, Daniella Pineda and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje also star.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s American Odyssey at 9:00 PM EST!

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#AmericanOdyssey starts in North Africa with Odelle being driven away from her near stoning. She begs for water and is given a drink. One of the soldiers loses his balance and drops a flash drive. Aslam looks at it and Odelle nods to him and he quickly scoops it up. One of the other men shoots Aslam and he falls out of the truck. He says to keep driving that the boy is dead – she calls out Aslam’s name.

Ron finds his daughter Suzanne in the park. She went to the protest and she says they said they had proof that her mom was alive and he says people make things up. She says it could be the truth and Ron says they need to go home but she wants to stay since they’re talking about mom. He says they can spend the night in the city. Maya asks Peter who the guy was outside the house that he was yelling at. She asks if he told mom and she asks what’s going on. He says his arrest was a mistake.

Harrison is arraigned and Roger Birnham shows up and says he’s his lawyer and he pleads no contest and will pay the fine. Roger says his dad says to say – you’re welcome. Ruby is in court and says she was worried about him and says the email from Odelle never existed and Bob made it up. Harrison asks why he’d do that and she says he’s nuts and wasted their time. In Mali, North Africa, Majors finds the son of the man who died and shows him the photo of Odelle. He says she killed his father.

Majors asks where she is. At a safe house, Odelle is video taped and told she will die. It looks like there’s an Isis flag there. A man shows up and tells them to stop and turn off the camera and says he was promised time with him. He tells Hamid he can leave one man but says he needs to go. Odelle is untied and the man says she’s welcome. She says she knows nothing but he says he disagrees. He says she has information of value to him.

She compliments his English and he says he spent three years in college in Michigan and quotes his college motto. Peter’s boss asks to talk to him and says he heard he was arrested. Peter says it was a mistake and says Baker wants his meeting. Peter says he called the Greek ambassador. His boss pretty much threatens his job and Peter acts surprised then leaves. Harrison goes to confront Bob and he says to please not hurt his mother.

Harrison asks why he thinks he would hurt her. Harrison says hello to her and Bob tells his mom not to get involved. He asks why Bob lied and why he’s afraid of him. Bob says he knows who he is and shows him an article about military contractors and says Colonel Glenn is quoted. He shows him the byline and it’s Randall Walters. Harrison is shocked that his father knows Glenn. Bob swears the email was real and asks Harrison who told him it was a fake.

Odelle’s interrogator says she doesn’t want to bore him and says Hamid and the al Quaeda just want vengeance. He says he wants his country liberated and says she can help him. She says she can’t help terrorists and he says Muslims were heroes to the US 30 years ago when they fought Russia. He asks why she can’t see him as a patriot. He says her government betrayed her then shows her the newspaper headlines about her unit being wiped out by forces that are local, not a drone.

He says the US is lying about her being dead and asks why. She says no one else knows she survived. He shows her a paper and says the world knows and shows her other foreign newspapers and then shows her other US papers that says this is a terrorist stunt and that she’s dead. He says her husband and daughter were told this lie and are planning her funeral right now. He says no one is coming for her and he’s her only friend in the world. He asks why the Americans would kill their own.

Aslam is not dead. He was only shot in the arm. He wakes when a camel nibbles his sleeve. He gets up and climbs up on one of the camels to ride even though he’s in bad shape. Peter asks Joe if he talked to the colonel about Odelle and he says she’s dead and her body is being flown back home now. Peter is upset to hear Ms Gentry didn’t get the flowers and he tells the receptionist to call their house. He talks to Denise the babysitter and says he’s running late for a meeting and asks for the hotel name.

She tells him which Ramada Inn she’s at and Joe says he should work that hard at his real job. Odelle is given food and asks if Hamid allowed it. Her captor is surprised she speaks Arabic. He tells her that Hamid is his guest at the safe house and she says Hamid left a man behind and says he must not trust him. The man tells her to speak English and he says she can’t come between he and Hamid. She says Hamid is in bed with Americans. She says he doesn’t want the truth out.

Odelle says al Quaeda took millions from American corporations. She says her unit captured Abbas and they found wired finds from a US corporations. She says Abbas is being funded by the same people they’re fighting. He asks if she can prove it and she says yes. He says if she can’t, he’ll slit her throat. Turns out Aslam is on cocaine camels. He’s spotted and pulled off. Harrison’s mom greets him and says his dad is in his office working. He goes to chat with Randall.

She says they were just talking about him coming home for a while. Randall says they could pitch a tent and he could occupy their backyard but his wife doesn’t think it’s funny. Harrison says he needs his help and asks about the article he wrote about contractors where he quoted Stephen Glenn. He tells his dad there’s a cover up and says Odelle is alive and the military is lying. He says he wants to know why and wants his dad’s help. He says please. His wife bugs him to say yes.

Peter meets Mrs Gentry at a coffee shop and asks how she’s holding up. She asks what he wants and he says he knows she blames him for what happened to Danny but he says he’s trying to get justice for him. He asks for her help but she says she’s not allowed. He asks what happened and Janine says she got a letter from the Air Force saying he was dismissed due to conduct and she would lose all his benefits. She says her daughter has asthma. She says the company offered to take care of them.

She says she knows it’s blood money but has to take care of her daughter. Janine stops and says she’ll get him a copy of the agreement. Odelle’s interrogator slaps her and she says there’s a flash drive that the boy she was traveling with was holding. She says his men shot him. She says they told Hamid when they brought her in. He asks who the boy is and she says he was her friend. Aslam’s arm is treated and he wakes on the sofa. The man says he’s in the middle of the Sahara desert.

He tells Aslam he cost him a lot of product when he made the bag leak. Aslam says they killed his family and he asks why they didn’t take the flash drive and asks what’s on it. He says it belongs to a friend of his and he has to return it. Alsam says he has a rich uncle who will pay him for his trouble. He tells Aslam his computer is busted, but the first computer they find, he’s looking at the files and if it’s worthless, he’ll put a bullet back into the boy.

Peter tells Joe about the confidentiality agreement that Societele signed with Janine. The receptionist brings Peter a package and he opens it. It’s Gentry’s notebook. Looks like Gentry kept logs of drone attacks and flight logs. Joe says they can’t use it because they can’t prove it. Peter says he has to call Ed Dixon and grabs the stuff up and leaves the office. Randall brings Harrison to see Colonel Glenn. Harrison asks if there’s any truth to the rumor that Odelle is alive.

Randall says his son has conspiracy theories and he wanted him to get the truth straight from Glenn. He tells Harrison that she died serving her country. Harrison says they have a copy of an email she sent to him and Glenn goes off on him and says he’s pissing on her service and memory and she deserves his respect. Randall tells his son to apologize. Aslam and the guy drive toward his uncle’s place and he says it’s the Ansar Dine. He tells Aslam he’ll handle this.

The guy gets out of the car and shakes hands with the guy who says he’s looking for a kid with a gunshot wound who’s about 14. The guy sees the kid is gone and took the flash drive. Randall tells Harrison he’s right and says he’s never seen the Colonel lose his cool like that and says he was lying. Harrison asks what’s next and Randall says to do nothing. His dad says he has a source. Maya asks Peter why he’s in such a good mood and he says he made a good deal at work.

Maya tells him about doing well in debate class. A car stops in front of them and then backs up into them. They panic and the guy breaks their window and steals the notebook. Peter tells Sarah he’s going to get these guys but she says the police and FBI aren’t his friends and he can’t protect them anymore. She says he can’t even protect himself and has to stop now. He says he’ll give notice tomorrow. In Mali, Aslam shows up at his uncle’s club and asks for him.

He’s looking for his Uncle Diallo – the guy is in drag and totally shocks him. Aslam flinches away. Randall meets his contact who says this whole thing is too hot and goes too high. The guy says it will all go away soon enough and tells him not to be stupid. Peter tells Joe that Gentry’s stuff was stolen. Joe asks how it happened and Peter confronts him angrily and says his daughter was in the car. He says only three people knew he had it – he, Janine and Joe.

Joe tries to cover but Peter gets irate. The Greek ambassador is on the line and that saves Joe from further accusations. He kicks him out of his office. Peter takes the call and hears that Tsaldari agreed to meet with just Peter, not Societele. He goes to see her and says this isn’t a social call. She asks to speak to him alone and her bodyguard leaves. She says she first saw Peter on TV 12 years ago when her father was dying of cancer and Peter was leading the charge against big tobacco.

She says she has something to show him that she finds disturbing about Societele. She gives him a folder of financial information and says she’ll be in touch. It’s the $30 million cable to the terrorists. Odelle is dragged in front of the camera and she tells her captor that he’ll never know the truth unless he stops this. Hadim goes to knife her and her other captor cuts his hand off then his men coolly kill Hadim’s men.

He says she convinced him of her value and asks her to make a video. He has her hold a current newspaper and asks her to speak her name. She does and reads off her social security number. She reads off the current date then says she’s alive and she loves her family very much. He cuts off the camera and she asks what he’s doing. He says it’s going to Al Jazeera and will be on the news by tomorrow evening. He asks if her husband watches the news.

He says this is good for Ansar Dine, bad for the US government. He sends a messenger off with the video but Majors sees the guy leave. Ron and Suzanne are at the park and she runs up to Harrison and says he believes him that her mother is alive and wants him to show her dad the email. Ron asks why he’s torturing them and Suzanne asks if he believes she’s alive and he says yes. She says she does too. Randall meets with his mistress and beds her.

He’s breathing heavy but insists he’s fine when they’re done. He goes to get in the shower and she orders room service. Suddenly, a shot goes through the shower door and kills him. His mistress is shot too. They put the gun in her hand to make it look like a murder suicide. It’s the “reporter” Ruby that did it. Majors watches the video showing that Odelle is alive. The question is, did he steal the video tape or is it on the news? I think he killed Omar’s guy and stole it.