American Odyssey Recap 4/5/15: Season 1 Premiere “Gone Elvis”


Tonight on NBC American Odyssey premieres with an all new Sunday April 5, season 1 premiere called, “Gone Elvis” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Sgt. Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) stumbles upon incriminating computer files, only to become the sole survivor of an attack on her unit.

American Odyssey is from writer-director Peter Horton and writers Adam Armus & Kay Foster a complex journey through global politics, corporate espionage, and military secrets involving three strangers who only have one thing in common … the truth. In this “Traffic”-like action drama, an international conspiracy explodes when the lives of a female Special Forces soldier, a disillusioned corporate lawyer and a political activist from a privileged family unexpectedly collide.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “Sgt. Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) stumbles upon incriminating computer files, only to become the sole survivor of an attack on her unit, in the series premiere of this drama centering on an international conspiracy and its impact on three strangers.”

Tonight’s season 1 premiere looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s American Odyssey at 9:00 PM EST!

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#AmericanOdyssey starts with a firefight in Mali. American soldiers are taking over a village. They killed Abdul Abbas and one of the soldiers says they’re going to be famous like Team Six. They call Odelle Ballard over to look at some computer files. She spots a computer transfer file in English and they wonder if it’s American. Worthington calls and Colonel Glen congratulates them. He says no casualties but they need to gather and get out. He says intel is on the way.

Worthington says they have to wait. In Kuwait, cargo containers with the same logo as the wire transfer are loaded on a ship that takes to the sea. Peter Drucker explains to his family about how you can tell if a ship gave an accurate list of its contents by how low it sits in the water. Peter’s office is on the news because they’re being protested. Harrison Walters is being interviewed on the news about the protest and they asks if he’s Randall Walters. They say he’s not middle class exactly.

Then there’s breaking news that Abdul Abbas was killed by a JSOC unit in Mali. Odelle looks at the wire transfer info. A chopper lands outside the village. Odelle sees it’s OSELA, private military. Worthington calls Glen to ask why they’re there. Odelle is downloading the files to a flash drive. It finishes just as OSELA rushes in and takes all the files then sits down at the computer. Frank Majors is leading the unit and speaks to Worthington.

He says they have orders to take cameras and any souvenirs they took and snatches a camera from the guy. They also take Abbas’ body with them. Peter finds a colleague Don outside the office. He says he’s investigating Societele Mining (SOC) and Peter asks if he’s going after Alex Baker. Don says something may come down the pike. Harrison meets with his GF at the protest then she takes off. Ruby from Time magazine asks to talk to him.

Bob chases down Harrison and asks if he remembers him from Occupy. He spouts crazy and wants to show him some charts. He gives Bob some advice then takes off. The JSOC team rides off on their horses then stops for the night to avoid trouble. Odelle tells the guys that she has a flash drive and Worthington asks if she defied a direct order by keeping it. She says she’ll give the intel to Glen and goes to pee. She watches a video from her daughter while she’s tinkling then hears a noise.

A missile blast takes out her unit. Because she was off tinkling, she is not directly hit. She comes to and is bleeding lying back in the sand. She hears a noise and goes to look. One soldier is alive bu burned and screaming. A chopper lands and she calls for help. A soldier puts a bullet in his head. She hides. It’s the OSELA guys. Peter gets the IRS investigation file on Alex Baker. They ask Joe to step out. Alex is there and says the IRS is dropping all of the charges against him and SOC.

Peter asks about the slush fund they were looking into and he says it was nothing. Peter asks about the man in Delaware, Gentry. Alex stops but says nothing. His boss says if the IRS is satisfied, so are they. Odelle wakes in the daylight and sees locals scavenging the explosion site. She crawls over and gets her phone. She sends a text that says she’s alive and at coordinates then help. They men find her and kick her unconscious then bash her phone.

At Odelle’s house, her husband Ron answers the door. It’s Colonel Glen there to deliver the news of Odelle’s death. Odelle is locked in a floor cell in a village in Mali. Bob, the conspiracy theorist, takes care of his mom then goes to work on one of his projects. She tells him he sounds crazy and he says he has to keep the message simple. He says he ran into Harrison Walters and says he has access to the media. News breaks that Task Force 24 was ambushed by Islamic extremists.

Bob says that’s not a coincidence that they were heroes and now they’re dead. He thinks the government did this. Drucker is looking into the guy he asked Alex about – turns out he’s a drone pilot. Maya reminds him he’s not a US Attorney anymore. Aslam, a kid, comes to talk to Odelle. He shows her he’s reading Harry Potter. She asks the kid for water. Harrison’s GF isn’t happy about him inviting Ruby from Time over.

The news is on about the protest and they talk about Odelle’s death and her being the only female on the team. A woman is badly burned and Odelle says she can help but they won’t let her out. She talks the kid through finding stuff in her pack. Aslam says she’s good now and thanks Odelle. Bob crosses names of the team off a list. He hacks Odelle’s email and sees she sent a message to Glen that she was alive. Harrison walks the reporter home and then he gets a call from unknown.

It’s Bob. He says they need to meet to talk about the Special Ops thing. He says it’s a cover up and he has proof. He tells him about Odelle’s email that was sent 14 hours after she was supposed to have died. They agree to meet in the park in the morning. He tells the Time reporter about it and he invites her to tag along.

Peter and Joe go to see Gentry. They ask why he wouldn’t let SOC pay off his mortgage. They offer to help but he slams the door on him. Peter leaves a card in the door. A man sits in a car nearby and sees them leave. Gentry’s daughter comes outside to play and the mom goes back in to get her coat. The guy drives off but leaves a note on the little girl that says “keep your mouth shut.” Aslam’s father slaps him for doing what Odelle said to help the burned woman.

Odelle hears gunfire and the boy is told to watch Odelle and to shoot her if she tries to run. She asks Aslam who it is. He says it’s Americans. She begs him to let him out. She asks what color are their uniforms. He says black and she begs him to let her out. She says if he tries to fight them, he’ll die. She says they need to go now. It’s the OSELA guys. They find the room where she was hidden but she’s gone. Frank is furious to see she’s alive. Aslam has Odelle in hiding.

He has someone bring her native clothes and says he’ll get her food and water. He says those are Tuareg, tribal people, and says he can hide among the pilgramage. She begs him not to leave her and she says she has to keep moving. He says he can’t help her and says only men can go. She says she’ll tell them that he helped her escape and where he went. He aims his gun at her and says he’ll kill her and be a hero. Odelle steps closer and tells him to do it.

She says if he leaves her there alone, he may as well pull the trigger. He doesn’t do it. Bob is in the park telling people that Odelle is still alive. The Time reporter looks at him. Gentry calls Peter and Joe and tells him that they had never flown missiles into Mali. He says there was no intel analyst but his CO told him to fire on American soldiers. He says after the news came out, there was nothing. He says he went to his CO’s office and he says he wouldn’t keep silent so they put him on paid leave.

He says then the bank called and paid off his mortgage and he knew it was blood money so he told them to refuse it. Gentry says he heard about him and hopes he can help expose this. Odelle gets changed into the native clothes and cuts off her hair. She wraps her hair into a native headdress and hides the flash drive. Aslam tells her if she’s caught, she’ll be stoned. He tells her to talk as little as possible then adjusts her outfit. He tells her she can make one call and hands her a cell phone.

She tries to call her husband but the call isn’t going through to the house. Aslam takes a photo of her and says he sent it to Al Jazeera and the whole world will know. Aslam’s father was captured by Frank and they have tortured him to try and get him to say where his son would have taken Odelle. Frank gets a call and shoots the man in the head. He says Odelle tried to call home so they have the coordinates. Peter meets Gentry at the courthouse but he’s run down by a runaway van.

He runs over and tells people to call 911 but the guy bleeds out almost immediately. He goes to meet Bob in the park but he’s nowhere to be found. But soon everyone’s phones are chiming with the photo of Odelle alive and well. Harrison calls Bob and leaves a message telling him he’s right and they need to talk. Harrison then calls Time to ask for Ruby but he’s told no one by that name works there. Ron talks to Colonel Glen who tells him it’s Al Jazeera propaganda.

The news says Al Jazeera refuses to reveal the source of the photo and the Pentagon is denying that it’s real. Peter’s kids tell him about the story about the soldier that survived but everyone else is saying it’s propaganda. Peter gets up from the table. Odelle and Aslam join the pilgrimage. Peter calls Joe and says if she’s alive, she’s the only one that knows the truth and they have to find her. Alex Baker gets word that Peter is still digging and he says he’ll take care of it. Odelle marches among the male pilgrims looking wary.