American Odyssey Recap 5/31/15: Season 1 Episode 9 “Figmo”

American Odyssey Recap 5/31/15: Season 1 Episode 9 "Figmo"

Tonight on NBC American Odyssey continues with an all new Sunday May 31, season 1 episode 9 called, “Figmo” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Luc rescues Odelle and Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) as Odelle  (Anna Friel) discovers the mysteries of the Frenchman’s past. In New York, Peter (Peter Facinelli) inches closer to Yusuf Qasim. Meanwhile, Bob divulges the truth about Ruby; Suzanne and Julia continue to bond, raising questions in the process.

On the last episode, Peter (Peter Facinelli) broke into an Societel Mining warehouse to uncover more evidence on the Odelle (Anna Friel) and Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) were hit hard by Frank Majors’ (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) attacked on Shakir Khan (Yousef Sweid). Meanwhile, a desperate Peter (Peter Facinelli) made a deal with Societel Mining CEO Alex Baker (Jay Sanders), as his marriage reached a breaking point. Bob (Nate Mooney) got closer to discovering Ruby’s (Daniella Pineda) true identity, though what he discovered might not be enough to stop her relationship with Harrison (Jake Robinson). Also, Suzanne (Sadie Sink) made a new friend (Allison Mack). Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “Luc (Gregory Fitoussi) comes to Odelle (Anna Friel) and Aslam’s (Omar Ghazaoui) rescue, and Odelle learns about the mysterious Frenchman’s past. Back in New York, Sophia Tsaldari (Orla Brady) helps Peter (Peter Facinelli) get closer to Yusuf Qasim (Anthony Azizi) and further exacerbates the rift with his family. Bob (Nate Mooney) tells Harrison (Jake Robinson) the truth about Ruby (Daniella Pineda), which has unintended consequences. Suzanne (Sadie Sink) and Julia (Allison Mack) continue to bond, raising questions for both Ron (Jim True-Frost) and Col.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s American Odyssey at 9:00 PM EST!

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#AmericanOdyssey begins with Aslam and Odelle being pursued by the armed men in the desert. He tells them that Odelle is his sister. They punch Aslam in the stomach and she fights back against the men hard. They get the better of her eventually. Then a truck pulls up and it’s Luc. He knows the men and pulls out a gun. He says she belongs to him but the man says no. Luc says he’ll shoot him and then they’ll kill him and says each of them will be strung up by their testicles.

He tells them to put Odelle in the car but the men says she’s worth money. Luc hands them some drugs and takes Odelle. The man says it’s not over but Aslam and Odelle get in with Luc and drive away. Peter waits on Sophia as she arrives in NYC via helicopter. They talk. She says her servant disappeared and was with Khulus. She says once they have a lead, they’ll run it down. Peter says Yusuf is still the Jack of Spades and she can’t be seen with him. He says he needs her to meet Alex Baker.

Peter says if he means something to her and what they had meant anything, she’ll do this. Peter says Alex will use the photo of her with Yusuf to torch her campaign and says it will buy them all some time. Sophia says she’s loyal to Peter and would never hurt him. Harrison waits outside a mosque. Khulus asks if anyone knows he’s there. He says no. Then Harrison asks about Yusuf and says he wants to finish what his father was writing.

The imam says Yusuf trusts the guy and Harrison says he can and will do this. The imam writes on a notepad and says to wait outside that address and tells him what time. Harrison takes off. Suzanne is at the book store and her grown up stalker is there chatting with her about books. Suzanne says she has to go but the woman says she has something. She says she can talk to her and says she can help if something is bothering her.

Suzanne tells her that her mom’s wedding ring isn’t hers. She says it’s the right date but it’s the wrong date but says her dad won’t see it. Suzanne says the Army is lying and she’s not crazy. The woman, Julia, says she’s not crazy and says she’ll know the truth when she feels it in her heart. Odelle asks Luc where they are going and Aslam notices a lump in the back of the truck. They get out and check it and see it’s Majors’ body. Luc says the SOB came to his house. He says he’s not dead.

He says they killed Serena and are now trying to kill him. Majors opens his eyes and sees Odelle. She calls him an SOB and says now she decides who lives and who dies. Odelle asks how long he’s had him and he says three to four hours. She says Oselas wear trackers then pulls it out and stomps it. She says the man needs medical attention and he says they can go to his place in Tumbuktu where he has supplies. They load back up and Aslam says he will sit and watch him. He rides in the back.

Odelle says to pound on the window if Majors even blinks. He agrees. They head out. Peter comes home and finds Maya there. She says she’s sorry about Cameron but then begs them not to get a divorce. Peter says this has nothing to do with her and there’s no divorce. He says this is all work stuff and she shouldn’t be worried. He says it’s never her or her bozo brother. She asks why her mom doesn’t say that and Peter says her mom is trying to protect her.

He gets a call then and sees it’s from Sophia. He says he has to take it but Maya is suspicious. Sophia says they found Yusuf’s contact and tells him the mosque name. He says he’ll be there as soon as he can and she says to hurry. Maya says her mom talks about Sophia and doesn’t like her. Peter hugs her and says he lover her. He says to head back to her grandmother’s. The imam walks down the street and Peter tags him at a corner. He says he knows he’s being watched but is being careful.

Peter says he needs to talk to Yusuf but the imam denies knowing him. Peter says he knows Yusuf is innocent and says Sophia asked him to come and is in NYC. He says she’s offering her power and help. Peter says if they can get him to Greece, he can tell his story safely. Peter offers his credentials. Peter says he’s a friend and wants to help and says to call him. He leaves his number and goes. Harrison comes to see Bob and Bob says Ruby is lying about who she is.

He shows him some proof. He says Ruby Simms died at 16 and was murdered. He says they were at camp. He says she has lied to them time and again. He says she’s lying about who she is and says her explanations are all too neat. Bob says Harrison needed to know it and says she’s dangerous and he can’t get too close to her. Bob tells him he cares about him and wants him to know that. Harrison says he cares about him too but Bob takes it the wrong way.

He tries to kiss him but Harrison shuts it down then says it’s okay. He says he’ll talk to him later and leaves. Ruby waits outside the imam’s home and says she wants to talk to the women who comes out with the trash. She asks Ruby what she wants. She says her husband already talked to Homeland Security then Ruby brings up Yusuf. She says she knows the imam met with Harrison. She says she can set her world on fire or she can tell her what she wants to know. She asks when Harrison is meeting Yusuf.

Ron makes dinner with Suzanne comes home. She says she was at the bookstore. He asks her to set the table and she does. He asks if that woman was there and asks how many time she’s seen her. She says three times but they just talk about books. Ron says he needs her number to find out who she is and says maybe they can have her over. Colonel Glenn is there. He tells Suzanne that the bodies are stripped of valuables before they can be recovered. He says they sometimes replace items.

Suzanne says he’s a liar. She says Julia is the only one who will listen to him. She runs upstairs. Glenn says it’s a lot for her to take in. He asks Glenn to go so he can talk to her. Glenn asks who’s Julia. Luc asks Odelle why they told her to download it. She says they didn’t ask her to and he says this is happening because she defied an order. He says if she followed orders, no one would be there and her unit would be alive. She says she knew something was off about it.

He says he had a good life before her. She asks when he got out of the French Foreign Legion. He says nothing and she asks if he went AWOL. She says that explains a lot. Alex calls a meeting together and Sophia is there with them. She says he can thank Peter for her presence. Alex thanks her for coming during her busy campaign time. He says he heard the campaign is going well then asks about what to do about the Greek debt problem. She promises debt reform and to root out corruption.

She says there will be no default but will follow the law. Alex says SOC hasn’t broken any laws so it will be fine. He asks Peter to present their offer. Peter says they will accept 50 cents on the dollar. He says if Greece defaults, their price of credit will sky rocket and the problems will increase. He says it will make her a strong leader right out of the gate. She asks Alex what he thinks her husband Kristof would say about this deal. Alex asks to speak to her alone and everyone goes.

Peter gets a call from the imam Khulus and says he needs to get Yusuf to Greece and protect him. He says he’ll be at the barber shop in an hour and says someone was there and threatened his wife and she told them everything. Peter says he’s leaving now. Harrison finds a protest in front of the barber shop about drones and death. A masked guy approaches him and says Yusuf is close. Ruby is up ont eh rof with her sniper rifle. Peter shows up then too.

The guy Harrison is talking to goes down with a bullet to the head. She is ready to shoot again when Peter runs over and she can’t get a good shot. She has to back off. Harrison is in shock. He looks up and seems to be having a panic attack. Someone calls his name – it’s Ruby. She asks what happened and he asks why she’s there. She says she came to write a story about the protest. He says he was supposed to met Yusuf but it was someone else and his head blew up.

Ruby tells him to come on and says – let’s go home. He lets her lead him away. Luc drives them on and Majors starts to move. He looks at Aslam. He coughs and begs Alsam not to alert them. He says he knows he’s the kid who took her and asks if he wants to hear how his father died. He says to come closer and he’ll tell him how he died. He gets the drop on Aslam and Odelle says to stop the car. Majors knocked them both out and Luc goes after Majors who is crawling away.

Luc kicks him hard and then says there’s only one person who wants him alive and it’s him. He says to push it and he’ll kill him but Majors says he’ll kill him instead. Luc says he keeps failing to kill Odelle but he delivered her on a silver platter. He says he and Osela can take her away but he never wants to see them again. Majors nods in understanding.

Suzanne is at the book store chatting with Julia who says her dad doesn’t like them talking. She says her dad wants her to come over for dinner to meet her. Julia says her dad is in a lot of pain about her mom. Suzanne says she hates him and he’s frozen. Suzanne ate some of a cookie and then starts to have an allergic reaction. Julia tells them to call for an ambulance. Harrison sits in shock. Ruby asks how he is. He asks who she is. He says to tell the truth and asks who she really is.

Ruby says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but Harrison says Bob found proof she’s not Ruby Simms. Ruby moves to sit farther away and says her real name is Rikki Castillo. She says it’s complicated. She says she was abused when she was little and to get away from her parents, she went to sleepaway camp for troubled kids. She says it was for juvenile delinquents and her best friend was Ruby Simms. She says Ruby told her that her dad touched her and it was awful.

Ruby says she told her it happened to her too and then her BF says she told her she needed to tell a counselor. Ruby says she was sent to foster homes, got kicked out of schools and says when you bring a life into this world, it’s a promise and all the promises to her were broken. She says when an Army recruiter came to her school, she signed up. Harrison asks about her BF Ruby and she says her advice ruined her life – or so she thought.

She comes to sit by him. She says Ruby used to write her long letters about her life and didn’t care that she was mad at her. She says she told her she still loved her. She says then the letters stopped coming and says social services sent her back home because they decided it was safe, but it wasn’t. She says her BF stood up to her dad and he beat her to death while her mother was at work. She says she gave up her military benefits, was discharged at 22 and took Ruby’s name to try and make a new life.

Harrison asks if she’s hiding from her dad. She says taking her BF’s name made it true. Ruby says she didn’t tell him because most people can’t handle your darkest thing. He takes her hand and says not to be afraid of him. He kisses her cheek. She kisses him on the mouth. He pulls her onto his lap. They undress. He stops her and says to slow down. He says to look at him, to stay with him. She slows up. Ron comes to the ER where Suzanne was treated for her allergic attack.

Julia is with her but steps out. He asks what happened and says she’s usually careful. Suzanne says she Julia was going to stop being her friend – she ate the nuts on purpose. Her dad freaks and says he can’t handle it if something happened to her. She tells him she’s sorry and they hug. Ron goes out to hug Julia. He says he knows she means a lot to Suzanne and she says they just talk about Lord of the Rings. He says she’s important to Suzanne but he needs to be part of it and know who she is.

Ron asks her to coffee sometime and Julia agrees and says it’s important they talk. She says there are some things he needs to hear but then he cuts her off and sets a date for Thursday. Sophia comes to check on Peter at his house. He lets her in. She says she gave her security the night off for once. He offers her some wine and she looks at the photos on the mantel. She asks him what he thinks happened. He says it wasn’t Homeland Security. He asks about Baker.

She says she told Alex she would think about the offer. He says he had to make Baker believe he changed sides and the threat to his family worked. Sophia asks if it’s true. Peter says he’s lost his family, his career is over and Yusuf is a shadow. He says he needs a fall back. She comforts him and says it’s terrifying but she has him. She gets closer and they nearly kiss. He stops her and says he can’t. He says he just wants his family back and she says she understands. Sophia says she should go.

They hear a noise and he tells her to stay put. He goes to get a gun. It’s Maya who screams when he points a gun at her. He asks what the hell she’s doing. He says next time to call him. She says she got in a fight with her mom and just wanted her room and stuff. Sophia creeps into the room and Maya asks what’s going on. Peter says it’s not what she thinks. She walks right back out the door. Ruby and Harrison lie in bed later. He says it’s not a burden to know her. She says it really is. Bob goes to check on his mom who looks asleep. He gets closer and touches her – she’s dead. He freaks.