America’s Got Talent 2015 Premiere Recap Amazing Talent and Two Heartbreakers: Season 10 Episode 1 “Audition 1”

America’s Got Talent 2015 Premiere Recap Amazing Talent and Two Heartbreakers: Season 10 Episode 1 "Audition 1"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent returns with an all new Wednesday May 26, season 10 premiere called “Audition 1,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 10 of the talent contest kicks off with auditions.

America’s Got Talent’s new seasonwill include an enhanced Golden Buzzer, bigger and more extreme acts, new elements in the boot camp round of auditions and a two-hour series retrospective. To accommodate acts that are simply too big for the theater, “AGT” will bring the show outdoors to showcase some of the biggest and most dangerous acts to ever audition.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the summer’s hottest reality competition show, “America’s Got Talent,” returns for its 10th anniversary season starring judges Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel, and hosted by Nick Cannon. In the 10th season premiere, variety acts of all types and contestants of all ages audition for the chance to win the $1 million prize. This season, the Golden Buzzer allows four lucky acts the chance to go directly to the live performance rounds at Radio City Music Hall to compete for America’s vote.”

We will be live blogging America’s Got Talent. So make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info! While you wait for the episode let us know what you think of the show!

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#AGT10 starts with the red carpet with judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howard Stern along with host Nick Cannon. The show starts in New Jersey. This year they have a golden buzzer that sends an act straight to the live show. It can only be used once.

The first act is a kid dancing duo and Howard asks their names – they are just 7 and 8. Howard says he could never tell them no because they’re cute. He asks if they’ll cry. They tell him they can handle it. Elin and Noah dance to Can’t Touch This. Those kids are amazing! The crowd loves them. They are adorable and talented. Mel B says she has a seven year old that can’t move like that.

Heidi says she knows her kids will like them and are watching now. They comment on Elin’s intense face. Heidi and Mel B vote yes then Howie and Howard give thumbs up. The kids are through to the next stage. Nick comes out and high five them and says they can teach him some moves. Nick dances with them and kills it. He dances them right off the stage then talks to them backstage.

Will, Caleb and Taylor are Triple Threat – singing pals from high school. They do not look like your typical sexy boy band. Two are pudgy, one is on crutches and only one is passing cute. They’re all three 21 and nervous and shy. The music starts and they do MKTO’s Classic and they are great. Very impressive. All four judges are on their feet for #TripleThreat.

Mel B says who knew and says she loves it. Howie says you can’t judge them by their looks. Heidi says it’s cool to hear Classic done that way. Howard says when you think boy band, you think better looking guys and then says they’re beautifully nerdy and he loves them. They get four yeses. Howard says finally a boy band that looks like him and says an emphatic yes.

Next up is a puppet! He says his name is Ira Fenelbaum. His mother’s name is Miriam and he says he’s a singer and he loves Melanie Brown. Ira says he does mother’s feet and they watch the show together. Ira dedicates the song to Mel B then calls for the music. He sings Joe Cocker’s You Are So Beautiful. But instead of saying “to me” he says “Mel B.”

His singing is really good. He mom puppet cries on Nick while he sings. He even gives it a wavery Cockeresque finish. Howie says it moved him and he got a standing ovation. He says he loved it. Howard says he’d like to see him win the money and move out from his mom’s apartment. Howard says they love romance. Howard tells Mel to give him a kiss.

She goes up to the stage and Ira calls out to his mother and says it’s happening. It’s #IraAndMelB. She gives him a little smooch then goes back to her chair laughing. Heidi says she feels like chopped liver. Ira says it’s Mel B’s time right now. Howard says yes, Heidi says yes, Mel B says it was a lovely kiss but she votes no! The crowd boos. Howie votes yes and sends him through.

Next up is Chris Jones from Chicago. He’s a hypnotist. Chris asks to use Howie for his example. Nick says if you don’t want to be hypnotized, leave your seat. They cut away from the actual hypnosis process. One woman in the audience seems to be knocked out. Howard buzzed him out. Chris tells Howie to shake his hand and pretend he’s wearing gloves. Howie shakes his hand.

Heidi is stunned that he did it. He brings him out of it. Mel B asks if he knows what he just did. Howard tells him that for the first time, he shook his hand without a glove. Chris says he wasn’t wearing gloves. Heidi asks if he can fix him for the future. Howie is stunned at what he did. He hands Howie a note that says go to sleep and he stuns. He tells Chris that everyone is wearing gloves.

Howie shakes with Heidi then Mel B then Howard. The crowd goes wild. #HowieShakesHands then asks why everyone is laughing. Howard says it’s because he’s the greatest comedian. The crowd cheers. Howard jokes that he forgot to wash over the bathroom. Chris then pulls him out of his hypnosis. Howard says he’s sorry he hit x. Howie says he doesn’t know.

Mel B says she has to say yes and Heidi says it was incredible. Howard tells Howie he’s going to want to kill Chris when he watches this later. The others try to get a high five but he won’t do it now. We see a guy named Adonis Crash Boom doing some incredible tumbling. Mel B says it was great. He gets voted through. There’s also a group of four gymnasts in a group.

Two are from the Czech republic and two from Austria and Germany. They hope to get a Las Vegas show one day. They go by Show Project. They strip their shirts and the crowd goes wild. They are hot and very flippy. All the judges are on their feet by the end. It was really cool. Mel B says wowza. The ladies are all whistling and hooting.

Mel B says it was all great. Heidi says it’s very unique and she loves it. Howard says they are ready for prime time television. Howie says yes, Heidi gives a yes as does Howard and Mel B. A huge group is next – they dance and have a very Asian feel to their troupe. The get through then a girl named Sasha and her dad do a contortion routine. He spun her on his head at one point. The get through too. Next is Extreme Tumbling that have only been working together for two days. They also get through.

Next up is singer Johnny Shelton from Knoxville, Tennessee. He’s been playing guitar since he was six and is playing an original song he wrote for his son who died from cancer when he was just five. He’s got a nice Eddie Vedder type quiver to his voice. The song is really sweet. He gets four votes to go on through. Next up is Piff the Magic Dragon – it’s a guy in a dragon suit that does magic. He’s very funny. He says it was either this or Game of Thrones but he’s not ready to die yet.

Piff calls Heidi up on stage. He has her choose a card and write her name on it. He then changes the card she chose to another. It was pretty cool. He gives her the card but says it costs $12. The crowd is on their feet. He was funny and impressive. Howie gives him a standing ovation and says it was surprising. He eats a banana then comes to sip from Heidi’s cup and says it’s booze. Piff says he can perform at Howie’s house for $8.

Mel B says he has her stupid sense of humor that she loves. Heidi says she likes how friendly he is. She gives him a thumbs up. Howard says he’s the first guy to come eat lunch on stage and says yes. They all vote yes and the joking dragon is through. He’s very good. He swaggers offstage and Nick says they loved him. Howard says Piff is phenomenal. He asks a security guy for $8 on the way out. The guy is just hilarious.

Howard and Nick take a lie detector test to debunk a tabloid rumor that they don’t like each other. They each answer fart questions then Howard is asked if Heidi’s accent annoys him. It does but Mel B’s doesn’t. Howard asks if Nick likes to look at himself nude in the mirror and he says yes and it’s true. Howard says yes but it’s not enjoyable.

Next is a family of parents and two kids with a giant whoopee cushion of doom. They get buzzed out and it’s a no. Nick has to try the big whoopee cushion though and Howie tells Nick to just pull Howard’s finger. Next is a couple that does a circus style act. The guy balances on a tight rope and throws knives at his wife. Heidi calls it a hot mess and they’re voted off. Then there’s someone in the terrifying baby mask dancing who also gets buzzed out.

The next act is a dance number called Siro-A. It combines electronics with dance. The crowd roars the whole time. It is a really cool blend of technology and artistry. Howie has to get to his feet for it and the audience is on their feet. There are five Japanese guys in the troupe. Howard says they see lots of dancers with mixed media but there’s was seamless. Mel B says they trick the eye to look like many more people on stage. She says it was big and exciting. They all vote yes.

Next is Samantha Hess who says she’s a professional cuddler. Howard asks how you get into that and she says it started when she got divorced and her ex husband didn’t like to cuddle. She says that’s why she divorced him. The crowd chants for her to hug Nick since he’s single. The crowd cheers and Nick heads out onto the stage. Samantha says he’s had a tough year and she can show him some techniques to help him relax.

She sits on the sofa onstage and has him put his head and back on her. She sits in the corner of the sofa and he pulls his jacket off. He lies back against her and he says it’s nice. Then she has him stand out. Then she has Nick spoon her and he does. She gets buzzed by Howard. Then she Nick sit in her lap and turn sidewise and she holds him like a baby. Howard says he may be interested in this and would like to hug Nick. Howard heads to the stage.

Samantha has Nick lie down on his stomach then Howard climbs up and lies on top of him. The other judges come up and Heidi lies on top of Howard. Howie climbs on her and then Mel B gets on top. Nick says he’s going to die. Howard tells them to get off because Nick is in trouble. He says that was nice and he feels loved. He hugs Samantha then goes offstage. Mel B says she loves a hug and says yes. Howard says Nick smells good up close and says it’s not for them.

He says at least Nick got something he needed. Heidi says she will say yes for today. She got her three yeses because Howie also said yes. Nick comes out to hug her again. The next guy is Drew who has a stutter and says he’s a comedian. He says he had a sports injury and that’s why he talks like this. He was hit in his throat by a ground ball and says it messed up his voice box. He says he was frustrated and his GF encouraged him to talk about it on stage so he started doing comedy to cope.

He says the person he was before would never hang out with the person he is today and says he was a jerk. Howard wishes him luck and Drew starts his stand up routine. He talks about struggling at a drive thru. He jokes about working there. He says he wants people to use his voice as GPS. He makes a cute GPS joke. Howie is on his feet and so is the crowd – cheering for him. The crowd chants to put him through. Howard says the stage is hard even when you have things going for you.

He says this is almost impossible to pull this off and applauds him. Mel B says he took his situation and turned it to a positive. She says she was laughing at him laughing at his own jokes. Howie says this was emotional for him and says comedy comes from a dark place. Howie says he looked for the light and that’s his comedy and says he’s never been moved like this by an act. He slaps the button to put him through to the live show. Drew is stunned. He falls to the floor crying. It’s the #GoldenBuzzer.

Nick comes out and says Drew is going straight to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. Howie is on his feet applauding. Howie says he’s worth a million dollars. The crowd cheers and stands as he heads offstage. Nick gives him a huge hug as he cries. Howie says he can’t wait and says he really thinks he has a shot at the million. Drew’s GF is there to hug him and they’re both crying. Awww!