Bachelor In Paradise Finale Recap – Who Got Engaged, Heartbreaking Break-Up: Season 2 Episode 6B

Bachelor In Paradise Finale Recap - Who Got Engaged, Heartbreaking Break-Up: Season 2  Episode 6B

Bachelor In Paradise airs tonight on ABC with an all new Monday September 7 season 2 finale. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Ashley I. whisks Jared away to a luxurious hotel; Mikey decides to end his relationship with Juelia.

On the last episode, Ashley I. whisked Jared away to a luxurious hotel; Mikey decided to end his relationship with Juelia; two new bachelorettes, Jaclyn and Cassandra, arrived and they both wanted to take Justin on a date; Samantha and Nick visit an elegant resort; eight people are eliminated at the rose ceremony. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the ABC synopsis “Ashley I. whisks Jared away to a luxurious hotel; Mikey decides to end his relationship with Juelia; two new bachelorettes, Jaclyn and Cassandra, arrive and they both want to take Justin on a date; Samantha and Nick visit an elegant resort; eight people are eliminated at the rose ceremony.”

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute of it. Bachelor In Paradise airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap!

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#BachelorInParadise promises an engagement tonight on the season finale. The women talk about their dates but then they find out Kirk just broke up with Carly. Tenley says the vibe in the house is strange because of this. Tenley says Carly thought she was going to marry this guy – we see Carly crying and saying that Kirk tricked her. Jade says Kirk ruined this for everyone.

Joshua and Tanner talk about the girls being upset about Kirk and Carly but say if the girls are that worked up, they may not be into their relationships. Jade says Kirk and Carly makes her wonder about she and Tanner. She says it’s scary. Tanner wants to get their dates started. Joshua says this is one final date and then maybe an overnight stay in the fantasy suite.

He says all the couples have things to figure out about their relationships. Justin is nervous and says he doesn’t want to lose Cassandra. He hopes she’ll do the fantasy suite with him. Cassandra isn’t ready to go to fast and isn’t sure if they will part as friends or more and says she wants to pump the brakes a bit. Everyone gets ready for the dates.

Nick says he knows he wants to spend more time with Samantha and says he just stares at her but worries she will flip-flop on him. Joshua is certain about Tenley. Tenley isn’t sure but says she doesn’t want to end this with Joshua but also doesn’t want to lead him on. Nick and Samantha go out to dinner and he wonders where her mind is at and she worries what will happen if she says no to the suite.

Tenley says she and Joshua will decide tonight if they say goodbye or if they’re going to try this in the real world. She says she’s a little wary after Carly’s break up. Nick tells Samantha that they have a leg up because they’ve been talking for months and he hopes she’s there for the right thing. Samantha says she has sincere intentions for him. Nick says this is a dream come true. He and Samantha make out.

Justin and Cassandra talk and he says he wants to hang out with her more and he hopes she goes to the Fantasy Suite. She says she wants to be open but she has to think about her son and other things before she says yes. She tells Justin there’s chemistry, she feels like doing a Fantasy Suite would be inappropriate because she’s a mom and says they need to take things slow.

Justin is disappointed and wonders what this means. She says she has to take things slower and set a good example for her son. She heads back to her room and says she hopes Justin understands. Tenley tells Joshua she’s concerned what would happen outside of paradise. She says her mind is very protective of both their hearts. He says he’s willing to see what happens after this.

Tenley says she’s older now so it scares her – he says he’s freaked out too but doesn’t want what’s between them to end. Tenley says he’s a sweet man and says he has restored hope to her that someone can genuinely care about her. She says she sees potential for their relationship and has to give it a chance. They head to the Fantasy Suite.

Tanner and Jade talk seriously and he says things are real for him and he loves her 100%. He says it’s crazy to think about because he hasn’t known her that long but says his feelings are real. She smiles and he says he hasn’t said that a lot in his life. Jade says she feels misunderstood a lot and he feels like he totally gets her. She says that blows her mind and hasn’t felt like that and says she loves him too.

They kiss and Jade says she’s happy because she knows where he stands and she can tell him how she feels. She says that they have something different than she’s ever experienced. They also head to the Fantasy Suite. Jade and Tanner wake happy and she says this was a turning point for her and says Paradise has been an amazing dream.

She still worries about Carly and Kirk. Jade says it’s their last day and she worries about what will happen. She says Tenley and Joshua have lifestyle and distance issues. She says Samantha and Nick have potential but he may not trust her. She says Cassandra and Justin just met so she’s not sure how it will send. Chris Harrison is there and greets them all.

He says there was one break up yesterday and says it was a shock. He says the next step. He says it’s the final rose ceremony but it will be different. He says a rose today is the most important commitment and it means a life together outside of paradise including life, kids, etc. He says they need some time to think before they decide. He advises them all to be honest and says empty promises are the worst.

Justin likes Cassandra but says he knows she has reservations and may not accept his rose because she’s not as into him. Cassandra says she doesn’t know if it will work for them in the future. Nick says this rose will show if Sam is as serious as he is or just sees him as a summer fling. Jade says she and Tanner are solid but she’s had trust issues in the past. She says a lot is riding on this.

Joshua tells Tenley he wants to give her a rose but she says they’re so far apart and they talk about when they could see each other. She says it’s not a good way to start a relationship. He says he wants to try. Tenley cries and says she has to be honest with herself. She says she wants it badly because he’s a good man with a kind heart and says she didn’t think she would like him this much.

Justin heads down for the last rose ceremony. Chris Harrison tells Cassandra that Justin is waiting. He wonders if she’ll take the rose and he wants to make it work with her. He tells her he thinks they have a strong foundation for the future – he say she’s pure, good and beautiful inside and out. He says he wants to see what comes next. She says yes and they kiss.

Cassandra says she wants someone honest and that she can truest and she offers him a rose too. She says she’s been waiting her whole life to meet someone like him. They head off together and she says she feels so lucky. Next up is Nick and he says he planned to meet, date and leave with Sam and he hopes that’s how it goes. Chris sends Samantha down to him. He worries she won’t commit.

He says she takes his breath every second and says he has prayed to meet a woman like her. He says he wants to know if she will leave paradise with him. Sam says he’s her Prince Charming and she sees something coming for them. She says yes and they kiss. She offers him a rose too and he pulls her in for a kiss – he says he’s happy to leave with her. They head out happily.

She says Nick is a real man and Joe didn’t treat people with respect. She says it just took her some time to see that Nick was the one. Next is Joshua who is feeling good because of the talk he and Tenley had. He says the big problem is the distance between them. Chris sends Tenley down to talk to Joshua. She’s still conflicted and says her heart wants to kep him in her life.

She says her head is telling her that it might not work and she’s not sure what to do. He tells her he didn’t come expecting to find anything and then she found him. Joshua says he wonders what she might be thinking and says he thinks they could work after paradise and he would love to try it. She sighs and says she likes him and says he’s amazing. She says her heart is beating so fast.

She says he restored hope for her to be able to have a great love and find a caring man. She says he has all the qualities she needs but says he lives so far away. She says it’s such a big piece of him and says she needs busyness and things happening. She says it would be so hard if they tried and says she can see where it would go and they would lose a piece of themselves.

She says it’s not fair to either of them. She says she knows how hard it would be so they shouldn’t try. She says she’s conflicted and says it’s the right thing to do no matter how she feels. Tenley cries on him and he holds her. She says she loves the way she feels with him and thanks him for that and for everything. They walk off together but won’t be leaving together. She’s still crying when they say bye.

Tenley says he’s such a good man as she leaves and says it was so hard saying goodbye. She says he still comforted her and that was one of the reasons she liked him so much. He’s upset and leaves separately. She says a piece of her was thinking she was a fool if she can’t find a guy that good again. She seems regretful.

Tanner and Jade are next. She says he makes her feel lovable. Chris greets Jade then sends her down to see Tanner. She says she loves him but it’s scary. She says after what Kirk pulled on Carly, she doesn’t know what could happen. He greets her with a hug then says it’s the last day. She says she didn’t have any expectations when she came there and didn’t think she would fall in love.

She says this has been wonderful and says she loves so many things about him. She say she makes her feel beautiful and worthy and understood. She says this is ending but she has a sense of peace about it because she thinks they can have a future. She gives him a rose and kisses him. He says he came there expecting free drinks and a good time then met her.

He says that changed when he met her. He says it’s been perfect but when he thinks about the real world, it’s different. He says he can’t give her the rose. She gets teary and he says it’s worth more than a rose. He says it’s worth more than a million roses. He says he wants to love her for the rest of his life and he drops to one knee and proposes. She says yes.

He puts the ring on her finger and she is thrilled. They kiss. The others cheer them. Tanner then hands her the rose and asks her to accept it and Jade says yes. He says he’s a nervous wreck and is thrilled she said yes. They greet the other two couples who stayed. Samantha and Cassandra agree they are happy for them and say anything can happen in paradise. They bring champagne down to toast them. Tanner carries her off the beach and says he’s taking his fiancee out of here.

JJ didn’t win his love and is available on Tinder. Months later, Ashley is still obsessed with Jared who is still obsesses with Kaitlyn. Clare is still talking to animals. Joe is still unhappy. Kirk is in the Witness Protection program (kidding). That’s it for this season. We see flashback to Jade asking Tanner out the first time up to their engagement. They are planning on moving in together and getting married next summer in Mexico.