Battle Creek Recap 3/1/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “The Battle Creek Way”

Battle Creek Recap 3/1/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere "The Battle Creek Way"

Tonight on CBS Battle Creek airs with an all new Sunday March 1, season 1 premiere called, “The Battle Creek Way,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, the jaded Det. Russ Agnew [Dean Winters] reluctantly partners with charming FBI agent Milt Chamberlain [Dean Winters] to solve a drug-related double homicide in the premiere of this drama.

Battle Creek is a drama following the rocky relationship between mismatched police detectives who have very different views and tactics when it comes to solving crimes in the down-and-out-streets of Battle Creek, Mich.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the jaded Det. Russ Agnew reluctantly partners with charming FBI agent Milt Chamberlain to solve a drug-related double homicide in the premiere of this drama, which follows their rocky relationship as they employ very different tactics when solving crimes in the down-and-out-streets of Battle Creek, Mich.”

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On #BattleCreek, at a kid’s school play, parents watch while their children perform a bumble bee dance. A man stands at the back of the auditorium then walks down to where a guy is videotaping. Russ flashes his badge and takes the video camera. Russ shows up to where Font is with Teddy, a witness, shooting video on his phone of a meth dealer. He hands him the camera and Fontanelle asks where he gets it. They’re trying to record a buy but the wire they’re going to put on Teddy isn’t working.

Teddy asks if they get their equipment at Goodwill. Russ asks doesn’t his sister leave nearby that just had a baby. They send Teddy into the bar with a baby monitor. Teddy says he’s going to get raped and die. They watch the meth dealer show up. He asks for the money and Teddy hands it over. The guy counts it then they hear a beeping and static. Teddy says he didn’t hear anything and they wonder if their batteries are low. The dealer looks under the table and sees the baby monitor.

He freaks. Font and Russ head inside and Russ tries to tase the guy but the batteries are dead on his taser too. The giant guy punches Russ right in the face. Russ ices his face and writes to Lesley Stahl about a story he thinks she should air. He says he’s a Battle Creek cop and says they’re underfunded heroes. He urges her to bring 60 Minutes crew to Battle Creek to expose how unsafe conditions are there. He heads in with donuts and they tease him about the black eye.

He says he brought eclairs and teases Funkhauser. He dusts off one of his many awards. He asks Holly if they got the requisition for more space and she says no. He heads into the Commander’s office and ten he tries to tase Font and says they need new equipment. Font says he doesn’t mind and they can just start shooting people. She says the good news is they’re getting help. Special Agent Milton Chamberlain (aka Milt) is getting a send off from the FBI.

His boss Kenny wishes him luck then Sandy tells Milt he’s good at everything. Milt says he’s touched by all this and Kenny says their loss is Battle Creek’s gain. He sets down his champagne. Back in his office Kenny says – good riddance you miserable sack of… In Battle Creek, they wonder why the FBI is coming to Battle Creek and why they got a nice office. Mrs Seymour calls Russ and says she wants to make an obscenity complaint.

She’s watching Magnum PI on TV and thinks it’s indecent. Font points out a story about a young girl that OD’d. The Commander introduces Milt to E and Funkhauser, Niblet, Holly, Font and Russ. Holly says he’s really good looking and says it’s a little distracting. He returns the compliment and Russ is irritated. The phone rings and Russ doesn’t want to answer it – he says it’s Mrs Seymour. They let Milt take the call and it’s a double homicide. Russ says Battle Creek doesn’t get double homicides.

It’s not Mrs Seymour – it’s an actual double murder in real life. That means Milt is the lead investigator, not Russ, since they let him answer the phone. Ricky, a pizza delivery guy, says he went to deliver and saw their feet. He says they always paid cash and he didn’t know their names. There are no security cameras around. Ricky says this used to be a decent crappy neighborhood. Milt offers foot baggies to the others and they all comment on shower caps for their feet. No one knows what to make of actual equipment.

Russ says they’re mid 20s and mid 30s. He recreates the shooting and says he thinks it was a first time killer. Milt says that’s a possibility. Russ says one is still warm and Milt says they need CSU and Milt asks for his camera. They see a photo of him playing golf with Obama. Russ tells Font this is not the help they need. He says obviously Milt can’t do his job well or else the FBI wouldn’t have sent him there.

There’s no ID and Russ says they can beat the FBI techs and says they can ID them in an hour using actual police work. Font agrees and they go talk to neighbors. Everyone says their TVs were on. Russ goes back to the crime scene and finds the FBI using all sorts of high tech stuff going on and a room full of CSUs. Russ says he talked to all the tenants. He says this is not about them, it’s about the crime. He says the people are relieved those guys were dead.

He says he thinks they were cooking meth or PCP. Milt says 2CP maybe and it’s a new thing. Russ says he thinks this was a territorial thing. He already had their names. Russ asks how and he says one of the nieghbors told him over coffee cake. Russ had turned down the coffee cake. He says he’s going back to the office since Milt doesn’t need him.

Milt brought eclairs and Funkhauser says these are great even though Holly says Russ brought them the same ones last week. The Commander says the FBI sent over their results. Russ is annoyed. The Commander says Milt sent assignments to all them and asked for someone to pair up with Milt. They all raise their hands and Russ lambasts them. She says Milt requested Russ. He’s shocked and not happy. Later he asks Milt why him and he says they told him he was good.

Russ says no they didn’t, they told him he was a pain in the ass. Milt says he trusts his gut and offers him a list of people who were arrested for drugs or hospitalized for drugs. Russ says they need to talk to the distributor but no one on the list will tell him anything. Milt says that’s not true and says if you trust people they trust you. Russ asks Milt if he’s ever met people. Russ says he pays them and that’s the best way to get info.

Teddy is in the car with them and introduces him to Milt as Teddy the Snitch. Milt says if Teddy isn’t comfortable it’s okay. Teddy says it’s the short Hispanic and they tell him they’re not Hispanic. He points out one named Omar in an Armani shirt. Russ says Milt gets lucky because he’s good looking but then says when people get to know him he gets unlucky and that’s how he ended up in Battle Creek. Omar makes a run for it. Milt and Russ give chase. Milt says he just wants to ask him a question.

Funkhauser clotheslines the guy and takes him down. They tell him they know he works for Dante Peron. He denies it and Russ says he’s dead. Omar asks how and Russ says he had a bad reaction to a bullet in his had. They ask when the last time was he talked to he or Gavin. Omar acts upset and Milt offers him sensitive. Russ says to save it and reminds Milt he’s the drug dealer. Russ asks for names of anyone that supplied him. Russ threatens to make his life miserable.

Milt says they won’t make his life miserable but they will access his cell phone database and will have to call everyone on the list including his mother, sister and grandmother that might not know he’s a drug dealer. Omar says they want Travis Taylor. Russ tells Milt that was an incredible lie but Milt says it wasn’t a lie – he really does have access. Milt says he’s going to get a warrant to search the guy’s place. Russ says it’s not enough evidence but Milt calls a judge.

The guy’s daughter answers and he talks to her then asks for her daddy. They have the warrant in no time and they roll to Taylor’s house with full FBI support. Russ says he thinks nothing bad has ever happened to Milt. He says you can’t be a cop and this naïve. He says he agrees. A voice on the intercom tells them to come in and asks them to please not break his $5k maple door. Taylor tells them he hates Dante and says he’s not very sharp but says he did not kill those men.

He offers them come cake. Russ thinks he’s lying but Milt says he could be telling the truth. Russ says guilty people who kill scrub their lives. Milt says he has a warrant for his office. Russ says they do it the Battle Creek way – we bluff. Russ says we can lie to lawyers all the time. They tell Ricky to ID someone in a line up – the third guy on the left. Ricky is uncomfortable and says he can’t do it. Milt says they need his help and Ricky does the line up.

Milt says he wanted to work with Russ because he’s willing to risk his career to help save his community. Russ says that’s dramatic and says Perlmutter will get the guy. Milt asks what happens if the guy didn’t take the deal and Perlmutter wants to take the case to trial since she has a solid witness except she doesn’t. They see Taylor and his lawyer leaving. Then Perlmutter comes down and says no deal – Taylor insists he’s innocent. Russ curses.

Outside, he straightens his parking space sign. Then he kicks it repeatedly. Milt comes out with Ricky and tells Russ he talked to Perlmutter and the Commander. He says they’re angry but he still has his job because he explained it was all his idea. Russ is shocked the guy lied for him. He asks if Milt thinks he owes him now. Someone drives by and shoots at them. Russ is shot in the shoulder and Milt tells Ricky to stay down. Holly comes to see Russ in the hospital and says the doctor said he’d be okay.

He says Milt put Ricky in a safe house and sent flowers. Russ laughs and says he’s seeing things clearly. He says he’s a small town cop and Milt is a winner. He says everything this guy does is naïve, simplistic yet it works. He says maybe that makes him wrong and wonders if he should try and learn from him. Russ says he just hates the guy so much. He asks her why he’s do desperate to prove he’s better than Milt. Holly says he is and tells him to solve the case and he’ll feel better.

Russ checks himself out of the hospital and meets Funkhauser. He opens a brick wall with a remote. Russ asks if this is the safe house then is stunned at the size of the safe house. He says that Taylor’s lawyer would have called Taylor and wonders why they would bother trying to shoot Ricky. The pizza guy is upset and says he can never go home because they’ll ever solve it. Milt reassures him. Russ says it’s not true but says they know they screwed him and will try to make it right.

He says crimes go unsolved every day. Milt gets a call and is excited. He says they found the gun. Russ is stunned and annoyed. A homeless guy found it in a trash bin. Milt shows Russ there’s some flesh behind the hammer. Russ looks at it then puts his mouth on it. He says it’s anchovy. Russ calls Funkhauser and warns him that Ricky is the shooter. He finds an open window and call them. Font calls and says the girl that OD’d and her half-brother is Ricky.

Russ say sit is personal. Ricky has Taylor at gun point and says his sister had been clean for a long time. Taylor says he sold drugs to a guy who sold it to another guy and says you never know what they’re going to cut it with. Milt and Russ bust in and tell Ricky to put the gun down. Milt says Ricky is not a killer but Russ reminds him that he’s already killed. Milt says your actions don’t define you but Russ says it’s exactly what does.

Milt says he could have killed Taylor before the got there but he didn’t. He says it was Taylor’s fault and his sister’s fault and his own fault but says Ricky made a terrible mistake. Ricky says he has no choice now and is going to jail and the only question is whether Taylor also dies. Milt says you can’t be defined and over-powered by our mistakes. He tells Ricky it’s his choice and asks if he’s a killer. Russ asks Milt if this ever works for him and he says yes.

Milt tells Russ that people want to do the right thing. Russ says Ricky doesn’t have to go to jail, he can shoot Taylor and he’ll shoot him and it will all be over. Milt reaches for the gun. The kid sighs and looks at Milt. He looks at Taylor and then hands the gun over to Milt. Russ lowers his gun. He tells Milt later that all the second chance stuff seemed very personal. Milt says it was a bluff. Milt tells Russ that he thinks he’s a good person. Russ tells Milt that he thinks he’s the devil.

Later, Milt makes a speech about the arrest and gives credit to all the other cops and even pulls Russ up with him into the limelight and calls him one hell of a cop. The press eats it up. Holly hides the newspaper from Russ so he won’t see that they cropped him out of the photo.