Beauty and The Beast Recap 6/11/15: Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere “The Beast of Wall Street”

Beauty and The Beast Recap 6/11/15: Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere "The Beast of Wall Street"

Tonight on the CW their hit fantasy drama BEAUTY AND THE BEAST airs with an all new Thursday June 11 season 3 premiere episode called, “The Beast of Wall Street.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode with the happy couple seeming to be enjoying an ordinary life, Vincent (Jay Ryan) thinks the timing might finally be right to pop the question until Cat (Kristin Kreuk) stumbles on an extraordinary case with the FBI involving somebody who goes on a superhuman rampage.

On the last episode, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) searched for a way to thwart Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and found her answer in an unexpected place: the journal of her ancestor, which made Cat fear the only way to stop Gabe was by killing Vincent (Jay Ryan). Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Stuart Gillard directed the episode written by Brad Kern and Roger Grant. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the CW synopsis “with the happy couple seeming to be enjoying an ordinary life, Vincent (Jay Ryan) thinks the timing might finally be right to pop the question until Cat (Kristin Kreuk) stumbles on an extraordinary case with the FBI involving somebody who goes on a superhuman rampage. Though reluctant to engage with the case for fear of losing the normality he has found, Vincent finds himself with no other options when Cat is injured after discovering that someone is drugging innocent victims and transforming them into super-humans. Meanwhile, Tess (Nina Lisandrello) accuses JT (Austin Basis) of stalling his recovery as he tries to understand how he’s still alive.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Beauty and The Beast at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited or the finale! Also, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Vincent races across rooftops and growls as he leaps. He pulls himself back to human as Cat gets out of her car and looks around. He’s there and she tells him he’s late. He says it’s been a while since he beasted out and he almost forgot how. She says it’s only been two months. He kisses her and says it’s too bad they have to do this to see each other. She says to blame work and traffic.

They kiss and he grabs her up and she wraps her legs around him. They strip out of their clothes. The alarm wakes him and he clicks if off. He kisses her cheek and wakes her. They get up and fix breakfast together. He checks himself out in the mirror and she puts a stethoscope around his neck and says it’s a gift to remind him not to use his beast senses so he doesn’t out himself on his first day back to work as a doctor. She says he worked hard to be reinstated and he deserves to have his life back.

Cat says she keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop but he says it’s been two months since Gabe. He says if what the agents said was true, they would have known by now. He says they don’t have to sacrifice anymore and can have a normal future. Vincent tells her to stop worrying and kisses her goodbye. He tells her to meet him for dinner at 9. She says to tell JT she’s thinking about him. We see JT walking with his cane as he heads to a lectern. He drops his notes and apologizes.

Someone calls out a welcome back to him. He says thanks then stammers a bit. He says it’s good to be back. He sweats and they stare then he says sorry and walks off the dais. He calls Tess and she says it’s only been a couple of months and he needs to be patient with himself. Cat talks to Agent Thomas and says not to call if he doesn’t have anything concrete. They each end their call as Cat tells him to keep Vincent out of this. She asks about JT and Tess says he’s better than he thinks he is.

Cat reminds her that JT almost died and Tess says he didn’t and should be better by now. She says she doesn’t know what’s holding him back. Cat says the DHS agents keep calling and Tess says she keeps getting involved when she says she doesn’t want to be. She asks if Cat misses fighting beasts. Cat says in a way she does miss being part of something big and important and Tess says Vincent will hit the roof if he finds out she’s doing this. Cat says she doesn’t want to risk Vincent’s life.

But Cat says she still thinks they’re supposed to be part of something bigger. Cat meets the agents and says she’s not telling Vincent unless they have something to show her. Agent Barnett says they didn’t save JT as a favor and they owe them. Cat says they’ve risked enough and paid their dues. Barnett says innocent people are dying all over the city. Thomas says only the Deputy Secretary knows this and their careers are on the line if anyone finds out.

They show her a video of a construction worker falling 10 stories and just breaking his arm. They show her other videos of incredible feats. She says it could be a street drug but Thomas says innocent people are being experimented on like guinea pigs and they don’t know why. Thomas says the pattern is increasing. Cat asks what they want her to say and they tell her to say that she and Vincent will help. She says she needs proof before she takes it to Vincent because she’s the only one in the room who cares about his life.

Vincent come to see JT and asks about the box of things he asked him to hang on to before he went o Afghanistan. Vincent asks why he still needs the cane but JT says he’ll fall without it. Vincent asks about class and JT ignores the question. He gets him the box. Vincent digs through the box and says he’s looking for his mom’s engagement ring. He says he’s going to ask Cat to marry him. Cat meets Heather at a bridal shop – Heather is trying on wedding dresses.

She shushes Heather when she mentions Vincent being a beast and says at least she doesn’t have to keep the secret but Cat says it’s a secret from everyone, even her fiance. She says eventually she’ll have to tell him. She can’t wait for Cat to meet her fiance. Cat gets a text from agent Thomas telling her to come to DHS now. She says she has to go and Heather hugs her. Cat rushes out. At the ER, Vincent shows up for his shift. He looks around and then talks to a nurse.

She asks if he’s the guy who was wanted by the cops and he says he was exonerated. She tells him to get to work then he asks if shifts end on time here and says he’s proposing to his GF. She says not to do it and calls him hero then says relationships don’t last there. Tess meets TJ and gives him a kiss. She tells him to breathe when he acts nutty. She says baby steps but he says it’s hard. He says he shouldn’t be there alive. He says it doesn’t make sense and he should be did.

He says the DHS agents must have given him crazy medicine. Tess says he’s spinning and she says to get off the pity pot and grow a pair. She says it’s a blessing and he’s wasting it. She says she’s had it. She says no more and says he has to get over it. She says God doesn’t make mistakes and he needs to figure out why he’s there. Cat texts her and Tess groans and walks out on him. A woman tells Barnett and Thomas that no one beats Tyler. She says he changed and became more aggressive and ambitious.

She says he was always driven but it’s like he was a different person. Cat and Tess are there too. She says he started fighting then was arrested for threatening to blow up his office building then he broke out of jail. She says that’s not him then asks what’s happening. Tyler hangs from the balcony outside listening. Cat says they have no proof. Thomas says Tyler jumped 60 feet to get out of jail. Thomas says someone did this to Tyler. He says to help them find Tyler and who’s behind it.

They hear a noise and Tyler is there. He leaps and they all pull guns. He knocks car down and attacks the agents. Then he scales the side of the building rapidly. Vincent is at the restaurant where everything is perfect. He asks the waiter about how to put the ring into her champagne then he gets a text and says he has to get back to the ER. He asks them to hold the table. Cat calls and he says he has to go back to work for an emergency. She says she knows and thinks it’s her.

Vincent comes back to the ER and Cat is there talking to a cop when he comes in and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s a little sore. Vincent asks the cop to hold off on the questions and he says Cat was lucky. Agent Thomas is in bad shape and Vincent asks why she was with him. He looks at her neck and she says they’ve been calling her since they saved JT but she didn’t want to bother him. He asks about Barnett and she says he’s dead. She says they were attacked by something fast and violent.

She says it was unlike anything they’ve seen before. He says she’s going to get herself killed. She says she wanted to protect him. Thomas starts to code then Vincent goes in and says he can help. He says he can’t figure out why. Vincent gives instructions then says everyone needs to be very quiet. He uses his special sense to listen and says he’s got an aortic puncture. He says to prep the OR and move him up there fast. The other doctor asks how the hell he knew that. Cat saw him do it.

Cat says something is making these people do things they shouldn’t be able to. She says this guy is an adrenaline charged psychopath. She says they went to interview the guy’s wife and then this happened. He says they agreed not to risk losing what they have. She says it doesn’t have to and he says it is. Cat says she’s sorry and Vincent says it’s a lot to process and he thought they were past all this. Cat says she loves what they have and their future but says they are part of something bigger.

She says it’s just like Alistair and Rebecca before them. She asks if he can walk away and he says they’ve been through hell for two years. He says every time he transforms he risks losing his humanity and says he won’t do it anymore. He says he can’t believe that she would risk it either. He walks away upset and goes to see TJ. He asks if Cat likes the ring but he says he didn’t ask. He lays down the ring and walks away. Heather comes to see Cat at work.

She says she was looking for and wanted to say goodbye before she went back to Miami. She sees a video of Cat getting hurt and she clicks it off and Heather asks if it’s a beast case and Cat says it’s complicated. Heather asks how and says she can talk to her. Cat says she doesn’t know what to do. She says she loves Vincent and would do anything but they’re fighting. She says he wants them to have a normal life but she can’t put up blinders.

She says if she gets involved, he’ll get involved and it will put Vincent’s life at risk. She says it’s scary but she feels like they’re supposed to do something. Heather says it’s a couple problems and they have to get in sync about it. She says they need to talk and tells Cat to go find Vincent and finish the fight. TJ pounds on Vincent’s door and he tells TJ he doesn’t want a pep talk. TJ says too bad. Vincent says there’s nothing to talk about. TJ asks about the engagement that didn’t happen.

Vincent says they don’t see eye to eye and TJ asks since when. He says Cat is hunting beasts again and DHS is trying to recruit them. He says one agent is dead, another is critical and Cat is lucky she wasn’t hurt. He says he can’t believe she’d put herself in the position and TJ says she can’t just ignore things that go bump in the night. TJ says to get real and says you’re not normal, you’re a beast. TJ says it’s more than that and says Vincent has done a lot of good.

He says Vincent is part of something bigger and he can’t wish it all away. Vincent says he’d be risking his life, Cat’s and TJ’s too. He says who says they have to keep doing it and TJ says destiny. He says the agents saved his life because they knew they needed his and Cat’s help to stop it. TJ says he’s not thrilled about it but says the real question is what are they going to do about it. Vincent goes back to the hospital and asks where Thomas is. They tell him he’s in ICU, critical but stable.

He goes to see Thomas and finds Tyler there attacking him. He shouts at him and Tyler jumps through and out the window. Thomas asks Vincent if he doesn’t stop it, who will. Vincent gets his oxygen mask back on and calls for a nurse. He leaps out the window and Cat sees him beasting out. She calls to him but he just growls and runs off. Tess and Cat park at Tyler’s place. Cat says they need to try and save him, not kill him. Tess says she’ll look for bombs while Cat looks for Vincent.

They split up. Vincent is looking around and using his beast sense. He sniffs where Tyler scaled the wall. We see Tyler planting C4 with a timer. Vincent finds him and they brawl. He’s faster and stronger than Vincent. It’s like he can anticipate and dodge his moves. He throws him off the roof and Vincent hangs off by his nails. Tess evacuates the building then checks security. She calls Cat and tells her to get to the roof in a hurry. Vincent pulls himself back up and strikes Tyler.

He then grabs him and crushes him. Cat tells Vincent no. She tells him he can’t kill Tyler and says he’s an innocent and someone experimented on him. She says if he does this, they will lose each other. He stops short of killing the guy. He growls at the guy then lets him go. He comes back to himself. Cat is relieved. Vincent is at the houseboat when Cat shows up. She asks if he wants her to leave but he says no then he doesn’t know what he wants anymore.

He says he’s sorry and he wants her there and that won’t change. He asks about Tyler Zane and she says he’s alive. She says Thomas got him into a secure medical facility to figure out if they can help him. She says Thomas said whoever did this is trying to push the limits and is using New York as its own private petri dish. He asks if he’s supposed to stop them and she says they are supposed to then asks what choice they have. He asks about their future and Cat says she loves him more than anything.

She says they can overcome anything and says they saved many lives today. She says they are there for a reason and together for a reason and it’s not just to love each other. Tess comes to see TJ and says she needs a drink. She asks for a cosmo and he says he can’t do that so she asks for double Scotch. He’s walking without his cane. She says she should have known the beast hiatus was too good to be true. She notices the cane is gone and says it’s about time.

She asks if he got rid of the medical supplies. He says he’s still a hypochondriac and she says he made her day suck less. She asks what changed and he says she kicked his ass and he heard her. He says he found the reason he’s still around. He says she saved all those people today and it wouldn’t have happened without him. He says he helped Vincent realize he needed to help. She say Batman needs a Robin and he says something like that.

He tells her to come on and says they’re going out where someone can make her a real cosmo. They head out even though she whines about leaving. Cat sits on her roof when Vincent shows up. She’s surprised to see him. She says she didn’t know when she would see him again she says she was hoping he’d jump across the street and sweep her off her feet again. She asks if he’s okay and he says his head is still spinning. He says it’s been a rough couple of days.

He steps closer then sits and says she’s right that he can’t have a normal life even though he doesn’t like it and has no choice. She says he’s been given a gift and it might not have started that way but has become that. She says it’s the same reason he wanted to become a soldier or doctor. She says they’re in this for a reason more than love but he says without love he’d be lost. He stands her up then drops to one knee and she gets teary immediately. He asks her to marry him. She smiles and says yes. They both laugh and he slips the ring on her finger. They kiss, laugh and embrace.