Better Call Saul Recap 3/16/15: Season 1 Episode 7 “Bingo”

Better Call Saul Recap 3/16/15: Season 1 Episode 7 "Bingo"

Better Call Saul airs on AMC tonight with an all new Monday March 16, season 1 episode 7 called “Bingo” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Jimmy [Bob Odenkirk] meets with potential new clients. Then, when given the opportunity to do the right thing, he cashes in a favor from an unlikely ally.

On the last episode, Mike’s tragic past came back to haunt him, and he was forced to seek help from an unusual source. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s moral compass was put to the test. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Jimmy meets with potential new clients. When given the opportunity to do the right thing, Jimmy cashes in a favor from an unlikely ally.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the seventh episode of season one live right here for you at 9pm. Hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from this spin-off. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#BetterCallSaul starts with Jimmy sitting on a bench near Mike at the police station. He tells Mike to let him do all the talking. Abbasi demands the notebook and Jimmy says he has it. Abbasi tells him they’re going to take them both into custody. Jimmy says he got a call from Mike about threatening voice mails accusing him of threat. Jimmy says they found the notepad in the parking lot where he must have dropped it accidentally. Jimmy says that’s all they know.

Abbasi says he’s going to take him back to Philly. Jimmy says he can’t believe they can extradite them for returning lost property. Abbasi tells Mike maybe his daughter in law has something to say. He says they’re going to talk to Stacey then walks off. Mike thanks him and tells Jimmy he can go. Mike tells him again that he can go. Sanders sits and asks what Stacey will tell them. He tells Mike if she has nothing to say, it will end there. Mike says she likely won’t tell them much but says it’s up to her.

Sanders says the dirty cops likely got what was coming to them and says the old precinct was a cesspool. He leaves Mike in peace and goes. Outside later, Jimmy approaches Mike and asks what he told them. He says to tell him while it’s fresh. Mike says he was talking to a friend but Mike says he’s clearly the prime suspect in a double murder. Mike says he knows he’s trying to help. Jimmy says they’re after him too but Mike says he’s safe and says he doesn’t need his services anymore.

Mike says he appreciates it but says to go home and send him a bill. Jimmy says he will. Jimmy heads to Chuck’s place with ice. His brother isn’t answering. He goes upstairs looking for him. Chuck says he’s out here and Jimmy finds him in the yard. He’s in the yard counting and makes it to 120. Then he runs back inside. Jimmy asks what that was and Chuck says it’s an experiment to build up a tolerance to the electromagnetic field. He says like taking small doses of poison to build up immunity.

Chuck says there’s a transformer 200 yards away and he’s up two minutes. He says his goal is five minutes by next week. Jimmy asks why now and Chuck says with the police and the hospital, he has to find a way to get better and get back to work. He says he’s rotting away and it’s not kind of life. He says he needs to be useful. Jimmy tells him he’s proud of him. Chuck says he’s committed but it will be a long process.

Jimmy brings in some case files that he says he has no room for in his office or car and says it won’t be for long. Chuck asks how business is and Jimmy says it’s booming. Jimmy says he has to file 413s and Chuck corrects him and says they’re 513s. He says he’ll see him tomorrow and takes off. Chuck goes over and pulls a file out of the box. Jimmy peeks through the window and sees it. Looks like he said the wrong thing to entice Chuck into helping him work.

Jimmy brings Kim along with him to look at some office space. She asks if he can afford it and he says the seniors have been good to him. She asks won’t he miss the nail salon. He says he can visit and get a nail salon. The office is huge. Kim says there are a lot of offices. He says it’s not a closet that smells like acetone and says there’s room to grow. She says he should make it look like the front of a Cracker Barrell. He says you have to look successful to be successful.

She tells Jimmy he deserves it. He shows her a corner office and she says this is even better. He says that one is for her and asks her to be his partner. She says she has a lot invested at HHM and is close to partner. He says it was just a thought. She reminds him that HHM put her through law school so she literally owes them. He’s bummed. Back at HHM, Kim meets with Betsy and Craig and says they don’t stand a good chance to win at trial.

Betsy says they came to them because they heard they win cases. Kim says they’ve done well just keeping them from being arrested after their “camping trip.” Kim says they have a very favorable deal and Betsy says that’s the word they used for OJ. Kim says Craig is looking at 30 years once they file. She says the DA worked with them and came to 16 months in a county facility if he plead guilty. Kim says they have to pay back the $1.6 million.

Betsy says they have no money since Craig is innocent. Betsy says drug dealers are walking the streets and they’re coming after her husband. Betsy says they have to go to trial since there is no money. Kim says she knows this is painful but 30 years is no choice at all. She says they will lose at trial and their children will grow up seeing him through bars on visiting day. Kim says to take the deal and they can be starting over in two years.

Betsy tells Kim she’s fired. Hamlin says they can talk but Betsy and Craig say they are fired and tells him to quit following them. Hamlin looks at Kim. Jimmy is calling BINGO at the home. The BINGO cards have his law firm logo on them. Need a Will? Call McGill! A woman calls BINGO and Jimmy announces she’s won a cat notebook. She’s thrilled. Jimmy gets a call from Betsy and Craig and goes to meet them.

Betsy says they want to hire him and have certain conditions. They want zero jail time and want him to guarantee that. Jimmy asks about HHM. Betsy says they parted ways and he asks why. She says they didn’t like their defense strategy because they treated them like they were guilty. They tell him they believe he’s the lawyer for them. Jimmy says he no longer does criminal cases. Betsy says he promised a not-guilty verdict. Jimmy says times change.

Betsy says they already paid him a retainer. He says right. Betsy says that’s the language he used. He says he needs to go to the bathroom. He does and calls Kim and says he found something that belongs to him. He says the cuckoo bananas tried to hire him. He asks what she did to piss them off. He says they treated them like they’re guilty. Kim says he needs to send them back to HHM. She says it’s important. She says they think they can win but they can’t.

She says she scraped a best deal for them and says to make them understand they need to come back. He asks about the deal. Jimmy goes back to the table. Jimmy says he can’t take their case and says they should go back to HHM. Betsy says they’re not going back there. Jimmy says Kim is a fine attorney and has a great relationship with the DA and he can’t get a better deal. Betsy says they don’t want a deal, they want him exonerated. She says there is no money.

Jimmy says they all know there is money. He says he saw it. He tells them they will not be able to hide it or spend it. Betsy says if there were any money, there would have to be a full accounting – every penny. That means what they gave him too. She says they’re in this together come what may. She asks where they begin. Jimmy goes to see Hamlin. He shows him the room of files. He asks where Kim is and he says she’s in the East Wing. He asks why she’s in the corn field.

Hamlin says he’s not going to discuss Kim and tells him to take the files. Jimmy struggles down with the mound of files. He finds Kim smoking in the parking deck. He asks if the prick is firing her. She says her two year plan to make partner is now a ten year plan. He says the Kettelmans are crazy. She says she hopes he didn’t promise them too much and says it’s a loser case. She says she worked her ass off finagling the DA. She says Kettelman did a terrible job covering his tracks.

She says he’s guilty as sin. Jimmy says there must be a loophole and she says not without the money and they refuse to play it. Jimmy reads through the files. He consults a law book on embezzlement. Jimmy gets the box of cash down from above the ceiling tiles. Mike sprays a stack of cash with something and puts it onto a remote control car. He’s outside the Kettelmans. He lurks eating apples off a tree at the edge of their property and listening to a ball game on the radio.

Later, Craig finds the cash on the car by the trash cans. He says no and runs back inside. Mike watches this go down. Betsy and Craig talk to the kids while Mike spies. Betsy goes upstairs and then all the lights go out. Later, Mike creeps up to the house. He goes upstairs and picks the lock to the upstairs door and heads inside. He turns on a black light to see the pack of money he sprayed. Sure enough he finds glowing fingerprints on a wall switch then on some rolls of TP in the bathroom.

He then sees another hand print and moves the base of the sink and finds the cash. He brings all of it to Jimmy who thanks him for not heading to the Bahamas with all of it. Jimmy adds his stack of cash to the pile. Mike asks what he’s doing and Jimmy says – the right thing. He asks if Mike knows where he’s going. He asks Jimmy if they’re square now and Jimmy agrees. Jimmy comes to see Betsy and Craig and she asks if he has news about the case.

Jimmy says they need to talk about the deal. Betsy says no deal. Jimmy says circumstances have changed. He tells her to go check on the money they said they didn’t have. He says in the bathroom under the sink. They go running in a panic. She screams no, no, no, no. Craig freaks too. Jimmy waits patiently. Betsy asks where it is and Jimmy says it’s on the way to the DA’s desk. She calls him a thief and he says takes on to know one.

She says he stole from them and they’re going to have him arrested. He says she and logic are not friends and says criminals have no recourse and says they’re criminals. She says he’s fired. He says he quits. He tells her to go back to Kim and take the deal. Betsy says she’ll tell about the bribe he took. Jimmy says the bribe implicates her and says the theft was only her husband but he’ll make sure the bribe is tied to her too. Jimmy tells them he’s got nothing to lose.

He tells them they should see his office. Betsy says it’s not over and they’ll find another lawyer. She says she will not be treated this way but Craig says to think about the kids. He says they have to do this for the kids so they don’t lose them both. She cries and says no. Jimmy waits in the parking deck for Kim. She comes downstairs and he walks out with her. He has Betsy and Craig in the back of his car. She brings them back inside with her and they head upstairs.

Kim mouths “thank you” to Jimmy. He goes to take another look at the spacious office that he now can’t afford. He sighs and then goes nuts kicking one of the doors violently. He sits on the floor and cries. His phone rings and he takes the call.