Big Brother 17 Premiere Recap and Spoilers: BB17 Episode 1

Big Brother 17 Premiere Recap and Spoilers: BB17 Episode 1

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 premieres with an all new Wednesday June 24, season 17 premiere called “Episode 1”, on tonight’s episode the house guests enter the house and are surprised by new twists. We have a live detailed recap and spoilers below for you!

On the last Big Brother, in the season 16 finale, the final three were Derrick, Victoria and Cody. In the end, Derrick won but Donny also won for most popular house guest. Did you watch the finale episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 premiere as per the CBS synopsis “strangers living together in a camera-filled house attempt to win $500,000 by being the last one standing after three months of confinement in the 17th installment of the reality series. In the opener, the 14 houseguests meet and move into the compound.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.



#BigBrother begins with Julie Chen talking about twists to keep the house guests scrambling for the next three months. She says there will be more cameras and microphones than ever before. She says this summer will be much more twisted and says tonight they will unleash three twists. One is a fan favorite, one will shake up the game each week called the BB takeover and another only the fans will now about.

First, we get to meet the houseguests. James is from South Carolina. He’s a redneck Asian. He was adopted as a baby and likes to hunt and do backwoods stuff. He’s all about the outdoors. Next up is Meg from NYC and she says she’s always on the move. She lives with her gay BFF and says he’s her gusband (gay husband). She says she’s bubbly and thinks they’ll trust her because she’s fun.

Next is California skater Jace who says he’s inspired by Indian Jones and is all about adrenaline activities. Audrey is from Villa Rica, GA and she’s a media consultant. She says she’s a girly girl and loves her makeup. She says the Georgia peach is coming for them. Austin is a professional wrestler who goes by the name Judas when he wrestles. He says people judge him by his appearance.

He also has a Masters in medieval romance literature. He says he will win Big Brother. Da’Vonne is from Inglewood, CA and she says it’s hard knock university. She’s a freelance poker dealer. She’s a new mom who says she will shed blood if she has to. Clay lives on a farm in Texas. He played football at Texas A&M. He says he will expect the unexpected.

Shelli is from Atlanta and she’s a home stager and decorator. She says she looks like a girl girl but she’s big into DIY. They each panic as they are told they have just one hour to pack. They all say their goodbyes and head to the BB sound stage. They’re there now and Julie greets them and asks if they’re ready to begin the fight for the $500k. They cheer and Julie says it will be 98 days.

She says it will be grueling and outrageous. She asks if they will have a showmance or stab their bestie in the back. Julie says it’s all up to them. She says they will enter in two groups and says the game is on once they go through the door. She sends in Da’Vonne, Shelli, Clay and Austin. The girls squeal and run around looking at rooms. They pick beds and hug each other then introduce each other.

Austin and Clay pick a room and Clay says he looks like a giant magician, like if Andre the Giant and David Copperfield had a baby. Da’Vonne and Shelli both think Clay is hot. Audrey, Meg, Jace and James head in next. They go running and he says he feels like a cow on astroturf. They make introductions and Audrey says she’s going to share her truth with perfect strangers.

They look around the house and go upstairs. They spot the HOH room and it’s cool with a glass floor. Then they go looking for the champagne and pop the bottle. Audrey says they should all make introductions. Jace says he’s from Georgia and lives in California but is a pedi cab driver and trainer. Clay says he’s from a small town in Texas and is a grad student.

He decided not to mention the football and says his mom is a wildlife rehabilitator. Shelli says Clay is going to get her in trouble. She’s 10 years older than him but doesn’t care and sas he’s hot. Shelli says she’s from Atlanta and has a twin brother. Clay is digging Shelli and says she’s the best looking of them. She and Clay spot heart murmur stories.

Da’Vonne says she has a seven month old daughter and she’s a 2nd grade teacher. She lied and says poker dealers are poker players and you have to bluff. She doesn’t want them to know she’s smart. Austin says he’s in the WWE and is a wrestler. He says he got injured and had to have surgery. He says he played up his injuries to seem less threatening. Meg says she’s an NYC waitress.

James thinks she’s hot and looks like Taylor Swift. He introduces himself and says he’s from South Carolina and lives in Texas now. Da’Vonne says when he opens his mouth, it’s like wait a minute. He says he has a three-year-old daughter. Audrey says she’s from a little town outside Atlanta and is the first transgender on Big Brother. The ladies scream and the guys are stunned.

Shelli says she looks amazing and Jace agrees. Clay says he wouldn’t know it. She says she completely transitioned three years ago. James says it threw him for a loop and says he’s used to being judged and thinks she’s cool. She says it’s her first time outing herself in a public forum. Audrey talks to Da’Vonne and Shelli who says it always starts out well. She says she wants the girls to do well.

They agree they don’t want the guys to run the show. Jace, Austin and Clay talk about working out and the cookies in the kitchen. Audrey says they have really strong energy and Da’Vonne says they’re tiptoeing around the word alliance but they mutually agree. Da’Vonne says are they thinking alliance and Audrey says she likes it. Shelli thinks they both look strong and they’re in a day one alliance.

James comes by and chats them up and they talk about ya’ll. They ask about his family. Clay then comes in and asks Audrey how her family handled it and she says they’re really conservative, then a psychologist told her family to send her to a troubled youth program and says she was taken from her bed in the middle of the night and then put her into a program with alcoholics and drug abusers.

Clay says he’s never met a transgender himself. Audrey says her family admitted their mistakes and they’re supportive and close with her. Da’Vonne says that’s nice and says she feels bad for her and is spicing up the story and says she has everyone eating out of the palm of her hand and thinks it’s great for their alliance. Audrey says she wants to stay and asks them to vote against her.

Julie calls them into the living room and asks how it’s going. Shelli yells twist and Julie says tonight there will be two revealed. She says one is a fan favorite and one is something completely new. She says the fan favorite and the players say #BattleoftheBlock. James says that’s crap and he could be HOH and facing going home.

Julie says each week two HOHs will be crowned and each will nominate two people that puts four on the chopping block. The pairs compete in the battle of the block. The winning duo is safe and the HOH who nominated them will lose their HOH protection. Shelli says it’s great because you can save yourself but that’s a lot of nominations and you stand a greater risk of being on the block.

Julie says it’s the first HOH competition. She says before they head outside they have to decide who will sit this one out. She says they have to come to the backyard shortly. Austin says maybe it’s a good idea for him to sit out and Da’Vonne says she’ll do it if they won’t nominate her. The others agree that’s fair and Da’vonne says she hopes it doesn’t mean she’s an automatic nominee.

Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier is doing a red carpet event in the backyard and says the film is UFOh No and says the movie is horrible. The houseguests head outside to the #HOH competition. Austin says he can’t believe how gorgeous Kevin is. Kevin interviews the houseguests on the mock red carpet. Kevin loves James and hassles him and James says he’s never seen a hillbilly Asian before.

Julie says it’s time for the first competition and the first HOH must nominate two people. Julie says the film has horrible reviews and so the competition is called flying tomatoes. They have to try and catch a tomato. The first to catch 10 will be safe. If you fall off the plank, you’re off. Clay and Austin catch one and James catches two. Austin, Clay and Meg are out. James is up to three.

Then they splatter them with tomato juice. Da’Vonne says she’s glad not to have tomatoes up in her weave. Jace says they look like Carrie. Jace grabs a tomato. Shelli and Audrey have zero. James gets another. Audrey gets a couple. Jace is up to three and Audrey to four. There’s a three way tie. Audrey, Jace and James each have five. Shelli has three.

James catches another and pulls ahead to 8. It’s getting more slippery and the board is tilting down. Then it retracts some and all four fall off. Julie says they have to check the replay to see who fell off last on the instant replay. Julie says James was the last to touch the carpet so he’s the first HOH. Jace tells James that he’s a beast. Shelli says it may be good since she didn’t win.

Shelli is wondering what’s going through his head and says she has to kiss his little ammo ass so she doesn’t get nominated. They all towel off and Julie tells them to gather in the living room. She says it’s time for the second twist. She says twists are a staple of BB and change up the game. She says there will be a new twist each week. She says when they hear the takeover theme song, it will happen.

Julie says to expect the unexpected every single week and wishes them luck. Da’Vonne worries they’ll throw in a saboteur. Austin says everyone will be on edge from the start and their true colors will start coming out sooner. She says one is called a Twin Twist. She says one of the houseguests has an identical twin and they will switch out with each other. Julie says can the twins fool them.

She says if they survive the first five evictions, they both get to enter the game. Then we see a quick look at the houseguests that will come tomorrow. We see a poker player, an engineer, and a minimum wage earner among others. Julie says the BB takeover will start tomorrow with a surprise guest.