Blood & Oil Premiere Recap: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

Blood & Oil Premiere Recap: Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Tonight on ABC Blood & Oil the highly anticipated new series starring Don Johnson airs with an all new Sunday September 27, season 1 premiere, called, “Pilot” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode the premiere of the drama about a young couple who lock horns with a tycoon and his wife while trying to cash in on the North Dakota oil boom.

For those of you who don’t know, a young couple run afoul of a tycoon and his wife while trying to cash in on the Bakken oil boom in North Dakota.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “the premiere of the drama about a young couple who lock horns with a tycoon and his wife while trying to cash in on the North Dakota oil boom. First up: Billy and Cody arrive in Rock Springs intent on starting their own business, but when Billy bets big, Cody questions his intentions and their marriage.”

Tonight’s season 1 premiere looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Blood & Oil at 9:00 PM EST!

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Tonight’s premiere of Blood & Oil kicks off with Billy LeFever and his wife Cody LeFever on the road to North Dakota, their family just had a going away party for them, and they raised enough money to open a new laundromat there because “business is booming” there. Their family invested $37K in their washers and driers for their business venture. On the road, Billy and Cody wreck their truck, and the trailer full of washers and driers is destroyed. They don’t want to call their families and let them know that they lost everything, so they hitch hike the rest of the way in to Rock Springs, North Dakota.

When they arrive in town, Cody and Billy head in to a bar to see if there are any hotel vacancies. Outside, there is a huge commotion. A drunk guy named Wick has killed a white moose and tied it to the back of his truck – but the Indians are furious because it is a “spirit animal.” The street is full of 100’s of crazy drunk people, Sherriff Tip arrives and arrests Wick.

There aren’t any hotels, the woman at the bar tells them to go to “Patchwork Motel,” they realize that the “Patchwork” is basically a shantytown full of people camping in dozens of tents. Cody and Billy meet a man names Kess and his wife – they invite them to their tent and barbecue some chicken. They spend the night with Kess and his wife, in the morning Kess promises to take Cody to where the rig jobs are hiring.

Wick is bailed out of jail in the morning, one of his father’s men pick him up and take him home. Wick’s father Hap lectures him about offending the Mandan Indians, he needs to be on good terms with them for the oil deals. Hap says that he is fed up with Wick, and he isn’t inheriting Briggs Oil until he knows how to act, he is sending him to work on the Riggs. Hap heads to the airport to pick up his wife, she warns him that there is a geological report coming out, an it might be bad news, they need to get their hands on it ASAP.

Cody heads out to look for a place to live while Billy goes to look for a job. She is shocked when the only thing available is a dirty, run-down room that costs $2,000 a month. Billy winds up “pushing mud” at an oil site with Hap Briggs. While they are working, Wick rants about his father and says that it’s a waste of his time and storms off. He gets in to a truck and drives it in to a cable on accident, Billy tries to stop him but it is too late, Wick takes out a huge crane and nearly destroys the work site. Hap just happens to see the whole thing happen, he knocks his son down and tells him that he is cut off, he just made a “million dollar mistake” and as far as Hap is concerned Wick is no longer his son. Billy watches the whole thing go down – obviously shocked.

Billy heads back to shanty town – he is surprised to hear that Cody already found a job at the pharmacy and got an advance on her paycheck and used it to buy them a tiny camper. Billy has bad news – he got fired from pushing mud after the fiasco with Wick. Billy is not happy, he reassures her that he will find another job tomorrow.

Hap and his wife head to a fancy dinner, she begins working on the oil commissioner Myron to get the geological reports. She gases him up and tells him that she can help him get a leg in to the governor’s office. Myron hands the report over. The next day Hap and his wife pour over the report – and it turns out that it paid off – now they know what property in North Dakota has the most oil only problem is that it is owned by the Indians that Wick just pissed off.

Cody overhears Briggs’ men talking about buying the McCutching Ranch for the oil drilling, and she tells Billy. The next day Billy heads to the town clerk and looks at the property maps. He learns that an old rancher owns a piece of land between the McCutching Ranch and the road – which Briggs is going to need access to. The man says he will sell the land for $75K, Billy tells him he want the land to open a carwash. Billy leases a bulldozer, and then sells it to an oil driller for $75K. He rushes back to the camper and shows Cody the money, he is thrilled. She’s not – she’s freaking out, she has no idea how they are going to pay back $75K. Cody confesses to him that she is pregnant.

The next day Billy and Cody head to the old man’s house to buy the land for $75K he reveals that Briggs was already there and offered him double. He wants $25K more, and he gives them 24 hours to come up with the rest of the money. Billy and Cody leave devastated, there is no way they can come up with more money than they already have. Cody is having a meltdown, she wants to go home – she is pregnant and they can’t be living in a parking lot. Billy begs her to give him more time, he thinks that they can work it out and are going to hit it big.

Meanwhile, Wick is furious that his dad cut him off. He is determined to make his own money and prove Hap wrong. He recruits a guy to help him syphon oil out of his dad’s rigs so that he can sell it and make money to start his own business. Billy heads to the bar, and learns that the bartender gives out cash loans. While he is negotiating with her, Cody arrives and puts her necklace up for collateral. The bartender agrees to let him borrow the money, with hefty interest. Billy races to Clifton’s ranch with the money, and wrecks the car half way there – he winds up running through the field of cattle with the bag of cash. Billy arrives at Clifton’s house in the knick of time – right before he sells the land to Briggs.

Cody and Billy head to dinner with Hap and his wife, they lease the land they just bought to Briggs for a $1 Million, and they agree to pay 5% on all of the oil that they ship across the land. As soon as their check clears, they head back to shantytown and give Kess a check for $50,000 to invest in the restaurant that he wanted to open. After they put money down on a house, Hap and his wife pick Billy and Cody up to take them to visit the oil rigs. When they arrive, Hap realizes that someone is there in the dark – he tells the women to stay in the car while Hap and Billy investigate. It’s Wick and his partner trying to steal his dad’s oil. Wick has on a ski mask, and Hap doesn’t realize it’s his own son. Billy and Wick wind up wrestling in a pool of oil and sparks start to fall …

To Be Continued…