Blue Bloods Recap ‘Occupational Hazards’: Season 5 Episode 17

Blue Bloods Recap 'Occupational Hazards': Season 5 Episode 17

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday March 6, season 5 episode 17 called, “Occupational Hazards” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Erin [Bridget Moynahan] is rattled when an unknown assailant breaks into her apartment and also attacks her co-worker.

On the last episode, an emotionally distraught man holds Baez hostage at gunpoint in an interrogation room after she served him with a restraining order, Danny must try to meet his demands before he harms her. Meanwhile, Frank is faced with a personal and moral dilemma when Garrett asks for help in dropping charges filed against his son.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Erin is rattled when an unknown assailant breaks into her apartment and also attacks her co-worker. Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie discover a pipe bomb in an elderly woman’s apartment, and Frank looks into a charity that is soliciting money for the NYPD.”

Blue Bloods “Occupational Hazards” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!


#BlueBloods starts with Erin telling Nicky to hurry so she’s not late for grandpa. Erin sees the table has been moved and asks Nicky if she moved it. She says she didn’t. Then Erin notices a picture frame is upside down. She calls 911 and says someone has broken into her home. Frank and Nicky eat breakfast and talk about college. Nicky says she wants to go out into the world without cynicism. He says that’s a tough call to make a living if she assumes the best in people.

Nicky says she admires what he and her mom do but says she can’t let it wear her down. He says the Reagans have given enough public service. A kid comes by scamming saying he’s collecting for fallen heroes. Frank says that’s the NYPD logo and says to take him to the nice people who are collecting. He’s shocked when Nicky says her grandpa is the police chief. Eddie and Jamie bring a lost dog home to a kid. They hand off the dog and go to leave.

A woman runs out and calls Eddie by the name Meg and she says she’s Meg’s Aunt Beth. She says one of her boarders left behind a big box of fireworks. She asks her to take the fireworks so no one gets hurt. Jamie plays along and says they can help. The woman says the man’s name is JJ and was staying in her old room. Maria, a woman, comes out and says JJ saw them out the window and ran out the back window. She shows them to a room and they look around,

Beth says to look in the box on the bed and Eddie says it’s a pipe bomb. There are seconds left. They send the women running then they go running to. There were only moments left on the timer and they barely escape with their lives. Later Detective Lee Baldikosko tells them what they found. Eddie points out Beth and Maria. Jamie says that Beth is delicate but Lee says it’s not his first rodeo. They go talk to Maria while Lee talks to Beth.

They ask Maria about JJ. She says people like us don’t ask questions. They see track marks and ask if JJ was an addict too. She says he talked about blowing up who fired him and says he was always on about minorities taking his job. Beth screams for Meg then asks who all these people are. Eddie tells Lee he’s not with her but the woman is agitated. Jamie tells Beth they’re taking a ride and they all leave.

Erin talks to Morgan but is distracted. She finds Danny lurking in her office and he asks when she was going to tell him about the break in. Erin says someone was in her apartment. She says this is the third time and she’s noticed definite things. Danny things she’s being paranoid. Erin asks if he remembers the book Helter Skelter and says she thinks this person is creepy crawling like in the book. She says it could be any of the nut cases she’s put away.

Danny says he and Maria will go check the security tapes at her building to see if anything turns up. He tells her to call him first next time. Frank is taken to the charity and the woman admits she doesn’t have a license because she says the fees are too steep. She says they sell energy efficient light bulbs and all the money goes to families. She says her late husband Keith worked in the North Tower on 9/11. She says she saw first hand what the NYPD was doing and swore she’d give back.

Frank thanks Lauren and says he can’t have the NYPD logo used for a cause that’s not worthy. She says all the money goes directly to families. Frank tells her to get her paperwork in today. He thanks her for her service. He and Nicky leave. Nicky says she’s proud of him for not busting her and believing that Lauren was really doing good. They head out. Eddie brings Beth some coffee and she and Eddie sit down with her to talk about JJ. Beth says the boarders just pay in cash so there are no papers.

She tells Eddie that she abandoned her and hasn’t called once in five years. Eddie sits down and says JJ must has told her his last name when they first met. Beth thinks hard and says it’s on the tip of her tongue. Lee comes in and sits down. Lee shows her photos of men named JJ and she chooses one and says that’s him. They step outside. Lee says to get her out of here now. He says she ID’d the one guy who’s dead. Eddie says Beth won’t remember JJ’s last name but Jamie says she almost had it.

Lee says they can beat that dead horse while he goes to stop that bastard. Turns out the guy planted another bomb in a car he slept in and it hurt more people. Morgan brings Erin some files and asks why she’s so distracted. Morgan leaves for the night. Danny calls Erin and says a woman was in her apartment. Danny looks and says she looks about 5’8” with blond hair. Erin says it may be Rita Osterman, a woman convicted of stalking who did three months last year.

Danny says he’ll check it out. The elevator dings and Erin realizes she’s alone in the office. She goes to see who’s there. She calls out for Morgan. The elevator keeps dinging. She goes and makes a call and pulls out her gun. She calls security for an assist then cocks her gun and goes to see what’s going on. The elevator keeps chiming. Erin calls out that security is on their way up. She gets closer to the elevator and peeks around the corner. She sees Morgan lying half in the elevator and half out bleeding.

Erin calls for security and an ambulance. She sees a patch on the floor near Morgan. Danny comes back to her office as Morgan is taken away by EMTs. She seems to be okay. Danny says he has a security detail to put on her and she says she knows it’s the Fathers of Doom. She says she got the leader for conspiracy. Erin wonders what Rita had to do with the FOD. Maria says it was a white male 5’11” who got into the garage by saying he was going to jump a car then he came up in an elevator.

Maria shows a video of the guy hitting Morgan with a lug wrench. Danny says maybe it’s one of Vitale’s henchmen. Danny says they’re going to go rev his engine and tells Erin to be careful. Eddie talks to Beth at her house and asks if JJ mentioned his job that he was fired from. She asks if had visitors or got calls. Beth says she raised Meg after her mother passed away. She says she grew up into a fine young woman. Beth says she needs her help to find JJ.

Beth says she broke her heart when she left her there all alone. Jamie calls “Meg” over and he says he can’t find anyone named Meg Behar. She asks why Jamie is pushing her so hard. Jamie says he thinks Beth knows. Beth comes out and says John Johannson was his name. Beth says he threw the shirt in the garbage the other day and she shows them a shirt for union local 242. Eddie says she did good and Beth hugs her hard.

Gormley tells Frank they did find a record of Lauren’s husband who died in 9/11. He says they have nothing on NCIC and no photo. He asks about the light bulbs and Gormley says they’re legitimately donated. Abigail says so far they haven’t found any funds given to the families. Abigail says she made calls and the families wanted to know if they got money from them would they have to give it back. Frank tells Abigail another place to look to see if Lauren is legit.

Out at Rikers, Danny and Maria talk to Vitale about the creepy crawling. He insists he doesn’t kill people no matter what Erin says. Danny says the guy who attacked last night threw down a patch. Vitale says anyone can buy that patch and tells them to prove it. Danny says he will. Danny heads to a biker bar where the FOD hangs. He flips off the music and flashes the badge. One guy says they know nothing about the lawyer that got attacked. He says Vitale texted Sully from a stash phone after he left.

They tell him Sully went riding. One guy gives him the eye on the sly and Danny walks through them A guy pops out of the bathroom and tries to run but Maria waits outside gun drawn. They cuff him and haul him away. They have Sully in interrogation and show him the phone proving he got a text from Vitale. The text says keep up the good work. Sully says he doesn’t know what that means and says he didn’t hurt anyone. Maria says they know he’s Vitale’s right hand.

Sully says he’s glad that Vitale got locked up and says he sucked as a boss and would get overloaded on crank and go nuts. Sully says he was with his old lady Liz and says she didn’t do anything either when they accuse him of her breaking into Erin’s place. Nicky tells the others how optimistic and great Frank was and Danny asks Frank if she was pretty. Linda says you usually know if someone is putting one over on them. Linda says she pretends to believe people in the ER to try and get more info.

Frank says there’s a difference between being cynical and naïve. He says he checked out Lauren and so far it aligns to what she told them. Nicky says if you give someone the benefit of the doubt and it turns out well, it’s a good thing. Eddie tells Jamie she found Beth’s niece. She says she was a postal carrier who died of cancer two years ago. Lee comes up and says he found Johannson and the guy was a pipe fitter. He says he’s got the alert out.

Lee tells them to come along to help since they broke the case. Danny comes to the hospital because Morgan called to talk. He goes to see her and tells her he’s Erin’s brother. He shows her a photo and Morgan says that’s not him. She says the guy had a neck tattoo for Sixth Street Death Corps. Danny calls Erin and tells her it’s the gang. She says their leader was the one Vitale was trying to take them out. Erin says some bikers are following her.

Danny says to tell the driver to take evasive action and get to the 54. Eddie, Jamie and Lee run into a union meeting where they think the next bomb is planted. They clear out as many as they can. They spot Johannson who has a backpack bomb with a trigger. He rants that women and blacks are taking his job. He says they deserve it. Jamie puts a bullet in his head. Lee tells him nice shooting and Jamie says he may not be one of you people but knows crap when he hears it.

The Death Corps bikers followed Erin all the way to the station. They have the ID’s of the biker and his GF that attacked Morgan and broke into Erin’s place. They go storm the biker bar. Danny and Maria wait in their car and when a bike bursts out of a garage, they give chase. The woman fires on them and then they speed off. Danny pulls out in front of them from an alley and their bike hits the car and they go flying. Beth asks Eddie if she’s okay.

Eddie says they need to talk. She says they need to talk about her niece. Beth says all that matters is that she’s back home. Eddie says she wants to make sure she has her phone number so she can call her anytime she wants. Beth says she’ll get the phone and then make them something to eat. Sirens wail as Lauren is packing expensive luggage into her BMW. Frank gets out and calls her Elise Whitfield. He reads off a list of her aliases.

He says she’s under arrest for fraud, corruption and criminal impersonation. He says she knows she has warrants in three different cities. He says New York has to get in line since the others plan to extradite her. Frank says he thinks he’s seen everything then he comes across someone like her and thinks he hasn’t seen the worse yet. He is disgusted she was using 9/11 to scam money.