Bobbi Kristina Brown Drowning All Nick Gordon’s Fault Claims Leolah Brown – Slams Nick To Promote Family’s Reality TV Show?

Bobbi Kristina Brown Drowning All Nick Gordon's Fault Claims Leolah Brown – Slams Nick To Promote Family’s Reality TV Show?

Bobbi Kristina Brown is still on life-support at a Georgia hospital, where she has remained since January 31st. According to Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Leolah Brown, Nick Gordon is responsible for her niece’s tragic drowning, and is the subject of an attempted murder investigation. Although the police have not taken any legal actions against Bobbi’s boyfriend Nick Gordon, Leolah maintains that he is going to pay for the crime.

According to the March 30th edition of OK! Magazine, “Bobbi Brown’s aunt Leolah has been vocal about her suspicions of Nick, saying early on that she believes he ‘will be charged with this,’ and claiming on March 7th that Nick Gordon was under investigation for the attempted murder of her niece.” On March 11th, an exclusive interview between Dr. Phil and Nick Gordon aired on national television, and Leolah Brown once again spoke out against Nick Gordon. According to OK!, “Leolah Brown took Dr. Phil to task on Facebook for giving airtime to Nick, saying there is strongly ‘evidence’ of foul play and that Nick needs to be talking to Bobby or the police, not him.”

When news of Bobbi Kristina’s drowning first broke, Nick Gordon was considered a prime suspect in the incident. Police were reportedly investigating bruising on Bobbi’s face that was not from drowning or CPR, and his friend Max Lomas told the police that Nick was racing around the bathroom cleaning up old blood stains before the paramedics arrived on January 31st. But seven weeks have passed and the police still have not made any moves to arrest Nick Gordon or charge him with anything.

Leolah Brown is not the only person suspicious of Nick Gordon and blaming him for Bobbi Kristina’s drowning – but you may want to take what Bobby Brown’s sister says with a grain of salt, she may just be hyping up the situation for her own personal gain. According to OK!, rumor has it that Leolah Brown and her family are currently filming video footage of the entire behind-the-scenes family drama and shopping around a reality TV show to showcase how Bobbi Kristina’s drowning has affected them.

We’re not huge fans of Nick Gordon – but it is clear that Leolah Brown loves all of the spotlight she has received since Bobbi Kristina’s drowning, and it is clear she will say anything to keep the cameras rolling on her. Do you think that Nick Gordon will be arrested or charged with a crime? What do you think of Leolah Brown’s campaign against him? Would you watch a reality TV show about Leolah’s family coping with Bobbi Kristina’s drowning? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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