Bobbi Kristina Brown Going Home: Pat Houston Wants Niece in House Shared With Nick Gordon – Will Bobby Brown Allow It?

Bobbi Kristina Brown Going Home: Pat Houston Wants Niece in House Shared With Nick Gordon – Will Bobby Brown Allow It?

Bobbi Kristina Brown might be going home! The daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found face down in her bath tub on January 31, and has been in the hospital ever since – although Bobby Brown is optimistic about his daughter’s recovery – Cissy Houston has confirmed that Bobbi Kristina has irreversible brain damage and will never live a normal life. According to a new report, Pat Houston is cleaning up Bobbi Kristina’s townhouse (where she lived with Nick Gordon and drowned), so that Bobbi Kristina can be moved home and surrounded by her things and pictures of her mother Whitney.

Radar Online is reporting, “her aunt and uncle, Pat and Gary Houston, are lovingly preparing the home that she once shared with long-time boyfriend Nick Gordon for her return and doing everything they can to transform it from the dingy drug den it once was to a place she can call home sweet home.” Radar’s inside sources go on to say that the family has a dumpster parked outside of the house, and they have been working tirelessly to clean it up and prepare for Bobbi’s homecoming.

Last week Bobby Brown and the Houston Family went to court, and Bobby and Pat Houston were named co-guardians over Bobbi Kristina – which means they have to agree on every medical decision they make for her, including whether or not to move her home to the house she shared with Nick Gordon. The Houston Family gave up on Bobbi Kristina Brown weeks ago and were reportedly pressuring Bobby Brown to take his daughter off from life-support, so it’s hard to imagine that they really have Bobbi Kristina’s best interests at heart. Do they really want Bobbi Kristina to come home, or do they just want to stop spending huge amounts of dollars on her rehab stay at DeKalb Medical. And, considering the bad blood between Nick Gordon and Bobby Brown – it’s nearly impossible to imagine Bobby Brown agreeing to move her daughter in to the drug den that she was sharing with Nick Gordon before her accident.

When Bobby Brown and Pat Houston went to court, the judge assigned a conservator – Bedelia Hargrove to oversee Bobbi Kristina’s assets while she is alive. In the event of her death, her $20 Million inheritance will still be willed to Cissy Houston, Pat Houston and Whitney Houston’s brothers. The fact that the woman who will receive $20 Million if Bobbi Kristina passes away wants to take her out of the hospital and move her in to a townhouse – is not a good look.

Do you think that Bobbi Kristina Brown should go home? Will Bobby Brown really agree to take her out of the rehab facility, when he clearly believes that she is making progress? Does Pat Houston really have her niece’s best interests in mind? Will she still receive the same quality medical services she is getting at DeKalb? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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