Bobbi Kristina Brown Criminal Case: Nick Gordon Hiding From Police – Cops Trying to Question Suspect

Bobbi Kristina Brown Criminal Case: Nick Gordon Hiding From Police - Cops Trying to Question Suspect

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s case is being treated as criminal investigation, Nick Gordon is the authorities’ number one suspect and police are trying to question him – is he hiding from police? Except it turns out that Nick Gordon hasn’t even formally sat down for an interview yet. Clearly, Nick Gordon has something to hide, but the question now is – how deep does the rabbit hole go? Is Nick Gordon responsible for giving Bobbi drugs? Did he beat her up and then drown her in the bathtub? Did he cover up crucial evidence that might have pointed authorities in the right direction? Did he delay saving Bobbi until it was too late?

Thus far, we know that Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon allegedly had a violent physical altercation an hour before she drowned, and we’ve heard that Nick cleaned up the blood and other tell-tale signs of the fight before anybody got there. We also know that Bobbi showed some signs of a fight on her body, and she had some defensive wounds that definitely raised the eyebrows of the authorities. But the minute the police started treating this like a criminal investigation, Nick Gordon’s attitude changed. At first, he tried his best to sneak into the hospital to see Bobbi [even though his team claims he never did that], but now, he’s completely AWOL. Bobbi’s family might have banned Nick from visiting the hospital and visiting their shared townhouse in Atlanta, but they probably didn’t need to. Right now, Nick Gordon’s main priority seems to be avoiding the police at all costs, even though his sit-down interview is one of the most crucial steps to proving his innocence. Unless, of course, he’s not innocent.

A source tells Radar Online that the Roswell Police Department is still trying to find Nick Gordon to get him to cooperate with the investigation, explaining, “They want to know if the couple had argued in the time leading up to the incident. Building a timeline of Bobbi Kristina’s movements and actions are very much part of the investigation. There are holes, and it would be helpful if Nick could try and fill those gaps. At this point, however, Nick hasn’t been interviewed, and is under no obligation to do so.”

He’s technically under no obligation, but if the police find even a whiff of evidence that ties him concretely to Bobbi’s drowning, he better hope that his lawyer is up to the task.

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  3. Linda says:

    He was nit protecting her and should kit have been near her. There was an order of protection. Why was he fighting with us young lady . What an error to have taken him into her home.