Bones Recap – Crispy Yoga Dude: Season 10 Episode 21 “The Life in the Light”

Bones Recap - Crispy Yoga Dude: Season 10 Episode 21 "The Life in the Light"

Tonight on FOX Bones returns with an all new Thursday June 4,  season 10 episode 21 called, “The Life in the Light,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode the remains of an ex-con and biker who became a yoga instructor are found in the ruins of a forest fire, and the investigation casts a wide net in both worlds to find the killer. Meanwhile, Booth continues to fight his gambling addiction; and Angela and Hodgins make an important decision about their future at the Jeffersonian.

On the last episode, when the body of a well-known cookie jar collector was found in a riverbank, the Jeffersonian team had to submerge themselves into the victim’s collector community in order to catch the murderer. Meanwhile, Booth struggled to come to terms with Brennan’s decision that he moved out of their house due to his gambling addiction and Aubrey had his eye on one of the “squinterns”. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed mid-season finale recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “when the remains of an ex-con and biker gang member-turned-yoga instructor is found in the aftermath of a forest fire, the team must navigate both worlds from the victim’s past to find the killer. Meanwhile, Booth continues working hard to beat his gambling addiction and regain Brennan’s trust, and Angela and Hodgins make a big decision that will impact their future at the Jeffersonian.”

Tune in at 8PM EST on FOX to watch season 10 episode 20 of BONES. We’ll also be updating fans right here as the show airs so be sure to check back in with us. Brennan and Booth have had a long television run. Do you like that their characters mix up business with home life? Hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about their tangled relationship!

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#Bones starts with Booth looking around his house. He doesn’t see anyone. Then Christina jumps out at him. He roars at her and gives chase. She says the monster can’t catch her at the castle. She hugs him and they roll around. Bones comes in and says Daddy was dying because he needed a hug. Bones says she’s sorry she’s late then Christina asks if her daddy can stay. Booth says he has to get to an important meeting and tells Bones that he left her coconut ice cream in the freezer.

She asks how he is and he says he’s determined. She gets a call and says they have a body at the lab. Booth offers to stay but she says she’ll call Max and he should go to his meeting. Booth kisses his daughter then leaves. At the lab, Cam says volunteers found the body cleaning up after a fire. The body is red from the slurry that was used to fight the fire. Hodgins and Cam wonder how hard it must be on them since they’re separated.

Wendell says Booth is doing fine then says the injuries to the bones are post mortem. Booth pours coffee after his meeting and thanks his sponsor for his help. He says his 30 day chip is on the way. Booth doesn’t want a fuss made and says he has a long way to go. His sponsor says it’s important to celebrate the victories and asks to keep Bones out of it. At the lab, Bones says it’s a male in his 30s. Wendell says likely white and then they talk about metal plates in the body.

Angela starts facial reconstruction. Bones thinks that the injuries look like a motorcycle accident. Hodgins reads off a list of trace elements and Wendell says that means he was doused in gasoline. They think his murder may have been the source of the forest fire. Aubrey says the victim is Micah Stanbough, an ex-con. He was in a biker gang called The Damned and has a car theft and assault record. Aubrey says their leader was busted five years ago and they’ve been laying low.

Aubrey says he’s proud of Booth but he doesn’t want to hear the kudos. He tells him to focus on the case. Aubrey asks about his 30 day chip. Dale Brock, the leader of the gang, is out of jail and may be their killer. They ask him about Micah and he says he hasn’t seen him since he went to the pen. He asks what they did to him and Booth says he was set on fire four days ago. Aubrey says they heard he was trying to quit the gang. Dale says he’s walking his big ass out and then goes.

Hodgins found something wrapped around the victim’s wrist. Angela checks it out and then Hodgins asks why she has her passport out. She tries to stop him and he sees her real name. It’s Pookie Noodlin. She says it’s a pet name for an animal you hate. He asks why she didn’t have it changed legally and she says her dad begged her to leave it be. She tells him to stop saying it out loud. He says – I love you Pookie Noodlin.

They got a match on the bracelet and it had the Sanskrit word for warrior on it. They discover he was a yoga instructor to soccer moms. Booth and Bones talk about Micah and the pressures of gang life. He had his own yoga studio for a year and Bones says he may have used yoga as rehab after his accident. He thanks her for coming along on the ride. They go to Mikah’s studio and talk to Mikah’s girl friend. They tell her that Mikah’s remains were just found in a forest.

She says she saw him four days ago and is shocked to hear that he was in the fire. She says he was on a meditative retreat in the woods. Bones asks about the former closed yoga studio. They wonder if that guy was after Mikah for costing him business. Hodgins shows Angela some Paris real estate listings and asks which one she likes. She points out the one she likes and says he’s checking out one of the viccim’s sandal to look for particulates.

Cam comes and says evidence indicates the Micah was dragged out there. They bring in the owner of the other yoga studio – Ramesh – who claims that Micah was a friend of his. He says four days ago he was meditating at home alone. Aubrey points out he has no alibi. Ramesh says their lives have many karmic entanglements and says he’ll call his attorney to sort them out. Cam comes to see Wendell who says the bones are messed up and he’s overwhelmed.

Cam tells him to calm down and says maybe they could both use a yoga class. Then he finds something that indicates Micah was hit in the face by a rounded object. He says it wasn’t a killing blow, though. At the diner, Booth tells Bones about Ramesh not having an alibi. He says he doesn’t think he’s the killer. Bones gets a call from Max who tells her she’s late. They lost track of time chatting. Booth says you can’t eat pie fast or you’ll cramp.

Angela tells Aubrey that Micah used a site that sends photos to people then deletes them. She says she recovered meta data and they’re all of a woman Elizabeth Collins who is not his girlfriend. Aubrey says Ramesh told them that Micah took a hands on approach with his clients.

They bring in Elizabeth and tell her that Micah is dead and know about the affair. She says Micah was different and Aubrey asks about her assaulting her ex Dennis with a baseball bat. Aubrey says it looks like Micah was beaten with a bat. Aubrey says she has anger issues but she says not any more. He asks if Micah dumped her and she says Nan knew about them and was cool with it. She says Micah and Nan had an open relationship.

Bones says they found a bunch of peri mortem fractures. Bones thinks Micah had defensive wounds and she says Booth should look for evidence of a fight. Bones talks about Booth hitting the 30 day mark. She says his sponsor called for the celebration. Bones says she wasn’t invited to it and asks Cam if she should have been. Cam says the first month is a significant hurdle and Bones wonders why he doesn’t want her there. Hodgins comes in and says he found aluminum.

He thinks it was a bat or pipe that hit Micah. Nan tells Aubrey she knew about Elizabeth and doesn’t think she would hurt Micah. Booth says Elizabeth had an alibi. Nan says her last paramour was Donato Vicarro and she broke it off with him a few months ago because he was too possessive. Booth wants to talk to the guy. Hodgins found watermelon gum, dog poop and oil paint. Angela says the GF’s lover was an artist. Angela says based on the cure time of the paint, he stepped in it the day he died.

Hodgins checks the paint out and they discuss how forensics and art work together. He hands her the photos of the Paris house and says he bought the house. She’s shocked. She asks why and he says she seemed ready. He says they’ve been there 10 years and deserve a new life. He says they’re moving to Paris and she agrees. Aubrey and Booth head to Donato’s place. Sure enough Donato looks like he was in a fight recently.

Aubrey accuses him of killing Micah. Donato says they were friends and he would never hurt Micah even though he loved Nan. Aubrey says they know Micah was there the day he died. Donato says Micah came by to show him some yoga poses to help after the spill he took when he left a bar. Donato says Micah never got to show him the poses but left after he got a call and said he would be to meet the person in just a couple of minutes. Donato says he wants justice for Micah.

Angela comes to talk to Bones and says she has good news, bad news. Angela says they’re moving to Paris but she can hold off if Bones needs her. Bones says they’re going to be fine and asks why she wants to leave. Angela says it’s Paris and she’s always wanted to live there. Angela says working there was always a temporary thing and not a career for her. Bones says all her friends are there and Angela says that’s the tough part.

Angela says she wants some surprise in her life. She asks if Bones is mad and she says no. She comes around the desk and hugs her and says she’s happy for her. Angela says she’s just a plane ride away if she misses her and tells Bones she’s going to miss her. Cam comes in and Wendell says he thinks he found cause of death. He found a nick on the femur and it would have cut the femoral artery. He says it was a wide v-shaped incision and also found nicks on the ribs and right humerus.

The victim could actually have been stabbed with three separate blades. Aubrey tells Angela that Micah got the call from a burner cell and they look to see where he could go in two to three minutes. Angela says the neighborhoods are surrounded by young people using social media and runs facial recognition. They see Micah going into a place called Nat’s Place. Booth gets his 30 day chip in front of a crowd. Bones shows up and he’s surprised to see her there.

The meeting breaks up and Booth asks why she’s there. She tells him that Hodgins found glass in the wounds and says Micah was most likely pushed through a window. Then she asks why he doesn’t want her there. He says it’s not a big deal but she says it is. Booth says he has a long way to go and she says they have a long way to go which means she shares the challenge with him and would like to share in his victory as well.

He gets a call from Aubrey. He says he called the bartender at Nat’s Place. He was meeting a big bald biker that sounded like Dale. They bring Dale back in and tell him they know he was lying. Booth threatens to throw him back in jail and Dale says he lied because he didn’t want to say he met a felon because that meant he would violate parole. Dale says he asked Micah to help him catch up his child support. He says Micah told him he could get some money and then never came back.

Booth thinks that Dale did it but he says no. Angela, Cam and Bones talk about Micah’s injuries and wonder how they could have happen. Angela says the window would be small and then Bones says she thinks he was holding the back of his head when he went through the glass. They look at the skull and spot a depression fracture and Wendell says it’s like the corner of a blunt object. Aubrey says Micah had $20k but that was all of his and Nan’s savings.

Aubrey gets a text about Tibetan bamboo in Micah’s skull. Booth says the tablets at the studio. Booth says there was glass lawn furniture out back of the yoga studio. There was a missing coffee table now that they think about it. Booth and Bones talk to Nan and they tell her they think she hit Micah with the tablet and smashed him into the coffee table. She says her tablet started recording when she hit him. We see her hit him and knock him into the coffee table killing him.

Nan says they worked so hard for that money and he was just going to give it away to some criminal. Bones says he was helping a friend rebuild his life. Booth thinks about her words. Hodgins and Angela drink some nice wine out of beakers. He calls her Pookie and she says no more wine for him. He says he’ll do it rarely. They look out over the lab and he says he’s going to miss the place. She says Paris isn’t going anywhere if he’s not ready but Hodgins says it’s a big change, but not bad.

They toast to change. Cam shows up and asks what they wanted to talk to her about. Hodgins offers her a beaker of wine. Angela says they’re moving to Paris and Cam looks so sad. At home, Booth reads a story to Christina. She asks her dad to come play with her tomorrow. He tells her to run to bed and he’ll give her a kiss. Booth asks Bones if he can come by and take her to school a couple of mornings next week. She says she knows him being out of the house is motivating him.

But she asks what will keep him going if he comes back and Booth says knowing he won’t get a second chance if he screws up. Bones says she wants to believe that but life is uncertain. Booth agrees there are no guarantees. Bones says if they wait for certainty before acting, they’ll never act. She says she has faith in him and thinks he should stay the night. He agrees that he should too and steps closer for a kiss.