Caroline Manzo Forced Daughter Lauren To Have Wedding Filmed For ‘Manzo’d With Children’ – Turning into Kris Jenner

Caroline Manzo Forced Daughter Lauren To Have Wedding Filmed For 'Manzo’d With Children' - Turning into Kris Jenner

“Manzo’d With Children” star Caroline Manzo is turning into the Kris Jenner of the Real Housewives franchise. Caroline’s daughter Lauren recently got married and the family’s reality TV show film crew was on hand for the lavish wedding ceremony and nuptials – much to Lauren’s disapproval. Apparently Caroline’s kids: Lauren, Christopher, and Albert are sick of their mom pimping them out on reality TV, and Caroline has become a total fame-hungry monster!

Prior to her wedding Lauren Manzo was spotted at a beauty bar in New Jersey ironing out the final details of her big day with some of her wedding staff – and witnesses overheard her ranting about how horrible her mother Caroline was being, and she was forcing her to let Bravo’s camera crews film the ceremony for “Manzo’d With Children.”

A source dished to Star Magazine, “I heard Caroline and her employees all talking about how awful Caroline has become. Caroline told her, ‘I don’t care if this ruins your wedding, the cameras are coming, it doesn’t matter what you want!’ Lauren seemed pretty upset.”

Of course Caroline wanted film crews at Lauren’s wedding, everyone knows that reality TV stars get paid big bucks for huge events like a wedding. But, Lauren might have been being a bit of a drama queen, because if Bravo was filming her wedding, that means they most likely paid for a good portion of it. Why would Caroline want to foot the bill for the extravagant event, if she could bring a long a few camera guys and have the network pay for it instead?

What do you guys think? Was Lauren over-reacting? Or is Caroline Manzo turning in to Kris Jenner 2.0? How much money do you think Caroline made off the big event, or did she just save money by letting Bravo film it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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