Castle Recap – The Missing Months Explained: Season 7 Episode 20 “Sleeper”

Castle Recap - The Missing Months Explained: Season 7 Episode 20 "Sleeper"

Tonight on ABC Castle starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday April 20, season 7 episode 20 called “Sleeper” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Castle [Nathan Fillion] has a perplexing recurring dream, which leads him and Beckett [Stana Katic] to investigate the two months he went missing. However, their search has dangerous repercussions.

On the last episode, a larger-than-life personal-injury attorney was found dead, Beckett and Castle investigated the many clients and competitors who had motive to kill him. But the mystery deepened when they discovered a shocking secret that may be linked to Richie’s murder. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per ABC’s synopsis, “a mysterious recurring dream drives Castle and Beckett to seek answers about the two-month period when he went missing. But their search for the truth has deadly consequences.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in to CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of this new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#Castle begins with a thunder storm over the ocean and a boat with Castle on it. This is back when he was missing! Castle sees a bullet, his hand soaks in blood and his face covered in camo grease paint. He wakes from terrible sleep. Martha says he looks bad and asks if he’s sick. She says she’s off to go apartment hunting and leaves. He takes coffee from Kate and she says Alexis left too then tells him he was sleeping restlessly and says he was whimpering in his sleep and has all week.

Castle says it’s just a dream and says it’s from when he went missing. He says he doesn’t want to make a big deal of it. He wants to ignore it and says life is good for all of them and says the dreams will go away but she says he hasn’t written in a week and is exhausted. She wants him to see someone. He goes to see a therapist Kate suggested. He asks about the missing time and Castle says he was driving to the wedding and was forced off the road by a black SUV and then showed up two months later.

He says he found a man named Jenkins who said he couldn’t remember because he didn’t want to. Castle says now he wants to remember because he can’t put it behind him. He says it haunts him and wonders what he did and saw while he was out of time. He asks if his memories could be coming back. The doctor says dreams are usually metaphoric, not memories. He says his mind could be creating a narrative to fill that void. He offers to try and revisit the experience during hypnosis.

Castle agrees. The doctor says he has a pen and paper to take notes in his relaxed state then sends him back into his dream. He says he’s asleep on a boat in the ocean and sees a man who knows him – he says the guy is familiar. He sees a trophy, someone firing a pistol, blood on a bullet and a man who has been shot and is dying. He says he’s trying to help him and says he’s in a storage shed that ‘s moving. He looks and sees that he’s in a truck in the jungle and someone is chasing them.

We see the truck and some guys shooting at them. He says there’s a blond man leading the attack and says it’s a civilian truck with a strange license plate and he draws it out. Then there’s a rocket launcher aimed at them and it looks like Chuck Norris swings into the truck with Castle and starts shooting at them. Castle says it’s not Chuck Norris which would be cool, but says he looked like him. The guy had a distinctive tattoo. He asks to see Dr Burke again tomorrow.

Castle tells Javi, Ryan and Kate that he’s sure there are memories and she reminds him the doctor said they’re likely not memories. They tell him it sounds like a movie. He says Tori is checking on the Arabic license plate. Kate says Yemen or Somalia maybe. Castle says he’s also looking into the military skull tattoo on the Chuck Norris dude. They are all skeptical. Kate says they’ll see where it leads and Tori says the license plate is Thai, not Arabic. She says it’s from Northern Thailand.

Castle asks how he was in Thailand getting shot at with Chuck Norris. Alexis wakes up Kate and she asks what’s wrong. She says her dad has gone off the deep end about Thailand. Kate goes to see he’s made a crime board of sorts about his misadventure. Kate asks if he was up all night. He says he’s researching armed conflicts in Thailand while he was missing. Kate asks if he wants to take a break and eat but he says not until he figures it out.

He says dengue fever is prevalent there and it explains his gunshot wound. She asks why he would be kidnapped on their wedding day and taken to Thailand and he says maybe it’s the worst bachelor party ever. Kate says they should think about the trophy to take a step back and he says it was cheap like you’d give a child. She asks if Alexis won it or he won or something for writing. He thinks back and says it’s his debate trophy. He grabs it out of a box of stuff and says he got it in prep school.

He looks at the box of stuff and says Phillip Bartlett shared it with him at the time and says the man he saw was Phillip. He says that guy is part of it. He asks her to do a background check on Bartlett. She tells Javi and Ryan who are even more skeptical. Ryan asks what if it goes nowhere and she says they need to know that too. Tori says the license plate belonged to a freight company that went out of business in 1987. She says she ran an image search and says it may have been from an action film.

Martha shows up and says Richard is obsessed and says she thought he was at peace about the missing time. She says he must have had a good reason for choosing to forget that time and says it’s a bad idea. Kate says he has to and Martha says what if it’s something awful. Kate says she’ll be there for him and Martha thanks her. Castle hears a high pitched ring tone when he looks at the photo of Phillip then he’s there and meets him at the diner. He says he knew it was a matter of time.

He says he’s there for him and Castle asks about Thailand and he asks what Castle knows. Phillip says he’s not supposed to know and can’t tell anyone. Castle says he’ll keep quiet if Phillip tells his version. He says he was there for an investment conference. He says he thought she was a woman. Castle says what and asks about Chiang Mai. Phillip says he was in Bangkok and Castle says he didn’t see that or a woman/man. Phillip acts angry and he asks why he was expecting his call.

Phillip says he was never a debate geek and says it was lacrosse he was into. Kate says they checked him out and Phillip was only in Thailand a month ago. He says he called his prep school and he didn’t share the debate trophy. Castle wonders if this is Total Recall and he’s had false memories. Gates comes out of her office and calls for Kate. She asks about the use of office resources for Castle’s crazy dreams. Javi found the tattoo and says it’s Delta Force which is a Chuck Norris movie.

He says he checked with a buddy of his in the service and says he has photos of all that would have the tattoo and fit the basic description. Javi says this whole thing doesn’t add up but Castle sees one of them and says it’s the guy. He says he doesn’t look like Chuck Norris – it’s Jeff Powers – he says with a beard he would. Kate and Castle go to Powers’ apartment and he opens the unlocked door. He says he has questions about Thailand. Powers is dead in his chair with a bullet through his head.

Castle says that’s the guy from his dream. Lanie says the guy died at around midnight the night before and she says the guy dies as soon as Castle remembers him. Kate agrees it’s suspicious. Ryan says the guy doesn’t seem to have a next of kin but says he’s working on it. Castle is out in the hall looking worried. He says at least he’s not crazy and Kate says she didn’t think he was but he says he wondered. She says it’s too soon to tell what happened.

Castle wonders if him poking around got Powers killed and says maybe he’s being watched. He says he’s going to see Burke again in 20 minutes to see if he can remember more. Ryan shows Kate a cocktail number from a strip club. Amber, a stripper tells Ryan and Javi that Powers is a regular and says he’s not much for socializing. She says he did have an Army buddy friend who came looking for him three days ago and said he wanted to surprise him.

She asks if something is going on with Jeff. At the therapist, Castle says he can’t come up with anything new. Burke asks if anything might have triggered the memories to start. He says he went to the coffee shop to write and says he got a ringing noise in his ears then remembered something. He says he was stuck on a scene and was people watching. He says he saw something on TV. It was the local news. He and Kate watch that night’s show to see what it was. He gets a twinge and sees the blonde guy.

Tori zooms in on the guy and he says he was the guy chasing them in the truck in Thailand. Javi shows them the sketch from Amber the stripper – it’s the same guy. Castle says that guy is at the center of this.

They start a crime board and Castle says catching a glimpse of the guy on the news triggered all this. He says the guy was speaking English in his dream but had an accent. Javi says he’ll run his photo through Interpol and Kate says he can’t be part of this anymore and says he has to stay safe. She says he may be in danger. Castle says for the record he’s bitter but leaves. Lanie calls Kate to the morgue and she says Powers had dengue fever antibodies like Castle but also had something in this mouth.

Eight of his teeth were pried out before he died. They wonder what he wanted to know from the dead guy. They wonder if the killer left the gloves somewhere and Kate sends out bloodhounds to search for them near the apartment. Ryan thinks the guy is long gone and got the info he wanted from Powers. Javi says a guy like that would die first. Ryan worries the guy may think Castle has the info he wants. Alexis comes home and is upset that he wanted her to stay at a friend’s place.

He says he knows he’s freaking her out and she asks what went on in Thailand. She asks if he has a theory and which scares him the most. She says she’s not a kid anymore and can handle the truth. She asks him to let her in. He says he wanted to forget it all and wonders if he did something terrible. She says he wouldn’t do that. He says he wouldn’t desert her and Kate either but somehow he did. He gets a call and heads out to meet Javi and Ryan and says a bloodhound named Cujo tracked him.

The dog found the gloves in a bag with the teeth and they were able to get an ID. The guy is Russian and his name is Ilya. He was Russian Special Forces then KGB but left his homeland five years ago and is a hitman now. Kate says with this guy involved, this is something big. Castle asks how they track a guy like that and Kate says they called in the FBI and state agencies. He says he needs to see Powers’ file and he says he’s looking for a tie to Jenkins.

Javi says they got an APB alert on Ilya near Powers’ apartment. They head out to follow up. Castle checks Powers’ credit card statements and finds a bunch of hits for Sunil’s cafe. At Powers’ apartment, they see the crime scene seal was cut and they bust inside. Amber the stripper is in Powers’ chair and is also shot dead. Kate says he’s rubbing their faces in it and knows they’re on to him. She says he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Castle leaves the cop shop and goes to the cafe. He shows her a photo of Powers and she says he’s a regular. He asks who he was meeting and she says he was dinging alone. He shows her a photo of Jenkins and she says she doesn’t know him. Then Castle sees a waiter that catches his eye and remembers him as the man who was shot. The guy goes into the kitchen and pulls off his coat to leave. Castle follows him and the guy says he shouldn’t be there and says he’s a dead man now.

He agrees to talk to Castle if he’ll leave with him now. He takes Castle to an apartment and he says they promised he wouldn’t remember. He says Powers is dead and the guy asks if it was the Russian and says this is worse than he thought. He makes a call and says this is Icarus and he’s got a 7-9-1. He tells Castle his name is Bilal and he was a friend at the prep school. They shared the debate trophy. He says Phil Bartlett is a douchebag. He says they replaced his memories with Phil.

He says he consulted with him on his first Derek Storm book. He says Powers came to see him because he was his CIA handler. He says he left the intelligence service then joined Al Qaeda. He says he was and became senior. He says he wanted to leave and gave inside knowledge with the CIA to get a new life. Castle asks why was he in Thailand and Bilal says he needed him. He says his contact was killed at a secret rendezvous point which meant there was a leak.

He says he agreed to meet again only in the company of someone too prominent to be eliminated. He says the Russian was hunting him compliments of Al-Qaeda. A car pulls up and Bilal says he’s sorry for all the upheaval he’s caused in his life. He tells him to be well and gets in the car and it pulls away. Ilya is there behind him and tells Castle to step away from the light. He says he’s not part of this and says he knows nothing. Ilya says it doesn’t matter and points a gun at him.

There’s a silenced gunshot and Ilya crumples. Jenkins is there – he killed him and says he needs to now forget Bilal and all this. Castle asks if he’s going to help him forget and Jenkins says he’d prefer not to. Castle punches him in the face and says that’s for making him miss his wedding day. Jenkins says missing the wedding was unavoidable. He says he can’t give him an explanation and Castle rants and asks what couldn’t wait one more day.

Jenkins says there was a major terrorist strike planned in American for just a day or two later. He says they needed Castle to get Bilal and says they prevented the strike and says that’s all he can tell him and tells Castle he saved tens of thousands of lives by missing his wedding. He says he can’t repeat that ever. Of course he tells Martha and Alexis. He says the bad news is he can’t brag about his heroic exploits and Martha says she hopes he can tell Kate.

Kate comes in and he hugs her. She says she’s glad he’s okay. He says he left out the Russian assassin out when he told his mom and daughter the story. She says Ilya’s body was gone when they got to the alley. He says he’s sorry for missing their wedding but she says he was saving the world. He says he still doesn’t know how he was shot or why he was gone two months. He says he doesn’t know everything but knows enough.