Catfish The TV Show Recap Catfished by a Crazy: Season 4 Episode 12 “Falesha & Jacqueline”

Catfish The TV Show Recap Catfished by a Crazy: Season 4 Episode 12 "Falesha & Jacqueline"

Tonight on MTV their series about online dating, CATFISH airs with an all new Wednesday July 15 season 4 episode 12 called “Falesha & Jacqueline.” On tonight’s season a woman whose name and pictures were used in a fake profile four years earlier finds that her troubles are not behind her.

On the last episode Rather than plan for college, a young man wanted to move to California to support his online love. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “after her name and pictures were stolen, nearly ruining her life, a young woman is haunted by her past.”

Tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show airs on MTV at 10 PM EST and is going to be exciting, don’t forget to come right back to this spot and watch the show with us.

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#Catfish begins with Nev reading an email from Falesha, a 19 year old girl. She says five years ago she had a fake profile with photos of her by a girl named Jacqueline. The girl was cyber bullying under her name and with her photos and was harassing people at her high school saying they should kill themselves. Max says that’s a weird one. Falesha says that made high school so much harder. Then Jacqueline disappeared and she thought it was done. After four years, Jacqueline is back and is taunting her. She asks Max and Nev to get to the bottom of this.

It’s a #DigitalDoppelganger. They call Falesha. She says someone made a fake profile and she was 14 or 15 when she noticed it. She says the posts were sexual and vulgar and then she changed it from Jacqueline to her name then started adding friends and parents from her school. She says she destroyed her reputation and couldn’t get people to believe it wasn’t her. She says it went on for about two years. She says she would come home and cry every day. She says the person would call her so she knows it’s a girl but other than that doesn’t know who it is.

She says her mom tracked the number to somewhere in Maryland. She says eventually it just stopped then she got a message a few weeks ago saying, hey bitch it’s me. Max and Nev tell her they are on the way to try and catch the imposter. Max wonders how many other fake accounts this person may have made and worries that someone this mystery person cyber bullied hurt themselves. The guys make it to Falesha’s house and meet her mom Christy. Max says this is not their usual story and calls it a copy catfish. She says she would post things about having STDs and having sex with a lot of guys.

She says she would invite guys over to have sex with her. Falesha says she started asking people what was going on and she says they told her that she was cursing them out online. She says people called her the attention whore. Her mom says she didn’t want to get out of bed or do anything because she was so upset and it scared her. Falesha says she even had suicidal thoughts. Her mom says this whole thing broke her heart and says her daughter is so nice and shouldn’t have to go through this. She says then it went away out of nowhere.

She says then she reported the profile and was able to get it taken down very quickly. She says she doesn’t know how far this person will push it. Max asks what she would say to this person and she says she wants to know why and why her. Nev says cyber bullying is a terrible thing and they may be able to stop her before something terrible happens. She shows them some posts of comments of other people that made comments about terrible things to other people. One said the Jacqueline used to date a guy from her high school and then drove him out of school with her harassment.

Nev says they have to stop this person once and for all. Max and Nev get to work. They start looking at all the message Falesha got from other people that Jacqueline was terrorizing. They start with Danielle, the girl who mentioned that she dated a guy at her school. Then they find another girl Jennifer who had some contact. They get a Face Time call from Danielle. She says she has a friend named Koree and he was dating this girl online named Jacqueline Linkwood.

She says he was using Koree to start shit with a lot of people at their school and then Koree ended up dropping out because of all the harassment by the girl. Now they get a call from Jennifer in North Carolina. She says she got a friend request from Jacqueline and says she would go through and make nasty comments on her photos. She says then people started telling her she was fake. She says she wanted to trap her and made a fake guy profile and started flirting with her.

She says she asked her for her log in and she gave it to her. She says she got into her account and figured out her real name is Tracey. She says she changed all the settings on the account then closed it. They call Jennifer a cyber vigilante for catfishing the catfish. Then they Google Tracey Barbie and see it’s in Maryland like where the phone number is from. They also get a phone number. They agree to meet with Falesha to fill her in tomorrow.

The guys call Falesha and make a plan to meet up with her and some of her friends. They meet Randi and Tori who were around when this all went down. Her friends said it was horrible the way people were treating her for things she hadn’t done. Tori says she found her in the bathroom bawling her eyes out. Tori says they’re almost 20 and this has been going on since 8th grade. Nev tells them about Jennifer and Danielle that they talked to yesterday. They tell her she wasn’t the only target.

None of them recognize Tracey’s photo on the website. Nev says they need to make contact with her. Nev goes to call Tracey. She answers and she admits she’s Jacqueline Linkwood then laughs. She says she’s been pretending to be her for a long time. Nev asks to meet up with her. He says her profile has affected a lot of people. She says it’s fun being Jacqueline. He asks if he can meet her. She says she’s in Maryland and asks who she will meet. He says it will be him, Max and Falesha.

She asks if Falesha will jump her and he says no. She agrees and says tomorrow is her birthday. She seems very giggly and doesn’t seem to give a damn about what she’s done. He comes back inside and Nev says that Tracey is very cheerful and admitted right away that she was Jacqueline and was laughing and carefree. Falesha says the idea of meeting her in person is scary since she’s so repulsive online. She says she doesn’t know what to say to her, but is ready to go.

They decide to take a road trip and pick up Falesha at her place. Nev asks if she avoids confrontation. She says yes and especially because of all the drama tied to her name because of this person.

Tracey texts Nev her address and they head out to her house. Max says Tracey needs to understand how many people she hurt. Falesha asks if they’ll hold her back if she tries to fight her. They head to Tracey’s house and Nev says he’ll go up first. He peeks in the window and sees her then knocks on the door. She answers the door and he introduces Falesha. She says she doesn’t like her because she stole all of Jacqueline Linkwood’s friends.

They head inside. Tracey greets them then giggles insanely. She seems unhinged. She says this is so cool. Nev asks why she’s so chipper. She says she’s always cheerful. Max asks if she’s putting on an act. She says she works with kids and they love her. Nev asks why she created the profile. She says she was bored with her life and it was like Miley and Hannah. She says she came home from school and was Jacqueline instead of Tracey.

Max asks what she did as Jacqueline instead of Tracey. She says she got revenge for the people who bullied her. She says she thinks Falesha deserves this for thinking she was hot and model. She says Jacqueline was a real person and then Falesha ruined it. Max asks if she’s on drugs. She says she’s naturally high and hyper. Falesha asks why she’s so proud of this. She says bullying people online helped her. Max asks what if someone she bullied killed themselves.

She says that would be their fault and she wouldn’t cry. She says she didn’t hold a gun to someone’s head. Max says this seems pointless. Nev says they’re all done for now. She asks if Falesha will say happy birthday to her as they leave. She asks why there’s a camera still on her and the producer asks if they can leave a camera with her. Nev says she seems to be a mirror like the Miley and Hanna thing. Falesha says it’s the saddest thing she’s seen.

We see Tracey using the camera they left and talking crazy. Nev says there has to be a more real version of her they’re not seeing that they need to get through to. Max wakes Nev and tells him he has morning face. Max says he sleeps on his stomach and Nev says he sleeps curled up with a pillow and Max asks if it’s because he doesn’t have a GF. Nev says – meh.

Tracey texted Nev and says she’s home with her mom and they can come over. Max says she’s the farthest gone of anyone they’ve seen. Nev says she has turned off her real emotions. They wonder if they will have more luck with her mom. They go talk to Falesha about what they can do and to try and get her mom to help get through with her. She says it’s a good idea. They agree to go over and give it a try. They wonder how the mother will be.

Tracey lets them inside and they meet Dorcus, her mom, who is from Ghana. Tracey says she didn’t want her mom to come and says it’s awkward. Dorcus says she likes attention. Dorcus says her son is in the hospital and collapsed at school. He’s 17. She says she can’t stay long. Nev asks if she knows why they’re there. Nev introduces Falesha and says that Jacqueline was taking her photos and Falesha says she was telling people to kill themselves. Doruc tells her daughter not to talk to people like that.

Falesha says people thought it was her, not Jacqueline and she doesn’t understand she’s hurting people. Dorcus tells her to says sorry and her daughter laughs and says no. Nev says her daughter is out of control. Dorcus says she doesn’t listen and then her husband got sick when she was eleven. She says he had a stroke and never got better. She says he can’t really talk anymore. Nev asks Tracey if she created Jacqueline when her dad got sick.

Nev says he’d like to talk to Dorcus outside before she goes to the hospital. Dorcus tells Falesha she’s sorry about what happened and hugs her. Tracey says what the heck. Outside, Dorcus tells Nev she doesn’t listen. Nev says she needs help and what she’s doing is dangerous. She says okay. Nev hugs her and goes back inside. Tracey says she doesn’t like her mom and then giggles psychotically. Nev tells Tracey he’s concerned and says this is real life. He says to try and talk like a normal person.

She says this is her normal voice then says he’s mean. Nev says she could go to jail for cyber bullying if someone she talked ugly to hurt her. She says nothing bad ever happens to her. Falesha says she could get her fired for harassment and she would never be able to work with kids again. She says they’re scaring her and they tell her she should be. Nev says she’s making everything a joke. Tracey says she likes who she is and Max asks if that’s what she will tell the police.

Falesha says she will have to change or will face the police. She says it’s a real life thing that’s going to happen to her. Tracey says she thinks of it sometimes and Max says to think about it some more. Nev says they came back to see if there was a real person who feels things. Tracey says she’s a good person. Nev says she needs to show people that. He asks to see the real her. She tells Falesha she’s sorry for stealing her photos and says she just wanted to escape.

Falesha says what she did was not okay but she forgives her. Falesha says maybe her dad getting sick triggered this and she numbed out not to feel anything. Falesha says trying to feel things will allow her to be truly happy one day. Nev says they’re ready to go. They walk out. Nev says he can see Tracey looking a little different and says he thinks she wants to change. She insists she’s a good person. He says she needs to make other people believe it. Max says she needs to do things she doesn’t want to do.

She says she wants some help but is scared. Nev says there is help if she just asks. Nev says he thinks they made an impact. Nev says she would be easy to write off as a monster yet she’s not a bad person but has been acting like one for a really long time. Falesha says she’s hopeful that she’ll change. Two months later, they talk to Falesha for an update. She says things are good and she’s going to college. She says she hasn’t heard for Tracey and there are no other Jacqueline profiles showing up.

She thanks the. Then they call Tracey and she tells Nev he’s so hot. She says she met a guy recently and they’ve been on a few dates. She says she’s been nicer online and let people in and says she’s been telling this guy the truth about her life. Nev says maybe things will keep going well for her.